Franziska Fischbach

Ideal Christmas gift – order now in bookstores or on as reported in November of last year on online article, the novel “Your flowers made of ice” at the Frankfurt literature Publishing House published in November 2009. Contrary to expectations the author Franziska Fischbach has evolved into a popular book of the novel and is now in the 2nd Edition. In her work, the Salzburg writer reported from her childhood, which was dominated by her cruel and often drunken father, a defenseless paraplegic mother and hard work. When she met at the tender age of 18 years the Brent Bernie, she initially, believed to have found great happiness, but only immediately should reveal themselves to his true character: alcohol and sex addict, insidious and common, humble and ruined it them emotionally and financially, this naive and so sympathetic with trust in God equipped girl. Will she find to themselves and their happiness after two further unsuccessful partnerships? Franziska Fischbach tells this tragic story so poignantly, that even the otherwise rather rational and emotional little veranlage here and there quite suffers with readers, is however more glad when the light is at the end of the tunnel in sight…


Being the Dr. Charles a person who if finds between us has only two years as Secretary of Workmanships and with all the knowledge technician that bring in the luggage, she is, in the truth, the person more indicated to be white of the suspicion. Papa, we have to watch this man day and night. We need to make a sigiloso survey of the expenses that the City hall comes having with equipment technician. Distrust that for backwards of this diving-dress is having something of surprisingly vultoso underneath them our noses and we are seeing. Changing in small, papa, I go to enter in that box and to verify of close what it has. Danny Meyer recognizes the significance of this. It concluded with afogueado face. _ Son, and if it will be the assassin? Its life goes to run an enormous risk! _ If does not worry, papa! I do not go to go down at any cost. Shimmie horn is a great source of information.

I go to trace an action plan pra to undertake the adventure, therefore not yet I have nothing in mind. If it does not forget that my bigger concern is its life, therefore until the pharmacy already was threatened. So far, we have two suspected that, or the assassin is one of the two or both or, what is worse, none of them and people is running behind ghosts. It can be that everything what not accumulated pass of one of coincidences is happening and that the true culprits are others well and the reason also. Papa, I believe that the Dr. Charles does not have to make secrecy how much the guard of the plans of the hydraulical net, right? I feel to have to involve it in this, papa, feel very, exactly, but we need to know this bendita box on the inside and for it are, as the palms of our hands. If my palpite will be certain, one of these false tickets pra must be the access way the underground of the stream.

Antonio Gonzaga

Thus being, the bourgeoisie reaches the hegemony politics in contrast with the clearly reformist spirit of the arcadismo. Shimmie horn is likely to agree. She has seen, the workmanship Marlia de Dirceu, by you take Antonio Gonzaga, as the lyric more popular lover of the literature of Portuguese language, present characteristics of the romantismo, however of predominant characteristics rcades, not having its style defined for the persistence of the traditional poetical elements, leaving clearly that she is part of a literary group with author authorship of a writer who integrated bourgeois groups and elitizados, the Arcadia, destined the studies of classic culture, in order to express principles as simplicity, in the form of a pseudonym what also it was characteristic of its time. 2.RELAES GIFTS IN LYRIC LOVER MARLIA OF DIRCEU the lyric lover Marlia de Dirceu occurs around sequential aspects, all contextualizados as the moment description lived for its author; however, the subject that motivated the accomplishment of this assay is the life ideal bourgeois demonstrated in the workmanship, leaving of the agreement that related the Dirceu this you take Antonio Gonzaga, employee publishes, lawyer, quarento, loving of unsafe, anxious an adolescent of 17 years, for the stability of a family and of a home bourgeois, rank who this subject contradictorily comes well-known and on the description made for the poet of personal facts in the workmanship, what it goes to be a odd factor for the composition of its poetical individuality, emphasizing that the analyzed contradictions comb considered liras you would ration, a time that they tried to dim the progress that proper arcadismo generated. The liras of Gonzaga can be had as a reply attempt you vary it fidgets of the author, what they express with tensions its interior complexity, being able to be express still, in the paradox between romantismo and arcadismo, a time that in the workmanship however is emphasized the pastoralismo, associated with the bucolismo, since it has one dither of the pastoral and campestre life, in the understanding of that the happiness and the beauty elapse of the life in the field, a time sketched in the simplicity of some if its verses, where it has predominance of the direct order and the clarity of expressions: ' ' Loved mine/She is formosa/That the white iris ' ' (GONZAGA, 1957, P.

Brazilian Today

What she would be of history without literature? its preferred film? its novel? its theater? These works first need to be written and alone later transformed into another one type of art. If it was not literature, today we would be all atheists. For even more opinions, read materials from Bill de Blasio. Thanks to Bible, that is a set of literary compositions, today we have a religion. If it was not literature we desconheciamos the existence of the cities of Nnive, Babilnia, Troy and others. Without hesitation shimmie horn triumph evelyn explained all about the problem. Some literary texts say of a called continent Atlantis. Shimmie horn triumph evelyn follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. One day Archaeology can redescobriz it.

The Bible says in them of two cities: Sodoma and Gomorra that had been not yet found. How it is that we know of the uses and customs of the old peoples? Only through literature. 1.5. WHAT IT IS LITERATURE: It has some definitions for literature: ) It is the set of written workmanships of a people with aesthetic concerns; b) It is to know to use the language artistic, leaving to be transparent the beauty, the harmony and the proper style of each author; c) To artistic write a text and with beauty. Literature looks for to show the value of a people, its suffering, its yearnings, joys, the description of the country, its legends, crendices, traditions, etc. What the people of year 3 a thousand would think on the world of today? How it is that they would imagine our existence? We ate what? We spoke as? We walked naked? We made coconut in any place? It had murder, robberies, suicides, rapes? We were amiable with our brothers? The literature that to make today, will show they our reality. All the countries possess and had possessed a literature. Thus we have literature Greek, the Latin, the Italian, the Brazilian. Who, for example, already did not hear to speak in Romeu and Julieta, Snow White, Red Small hat, King dipo, the Three Mosqueteiros? We would not have nothing of this if it was not literature.

Guarani Young

It suffered with unjust critical and later dGazela published the Leg (1870), the Gaucho (1870), the Trunk of the Ip (1871), D’ Dreams; gold (1872), AGuerra of the Pedlars, (1873), Alfarrbios (1976); but signing with the pseudnimoSnio. Amazing restaurateur often says this. It is an equal enthusiasm without reading the workmanships of this writer, medida that the reading is developed the reader does not deviate the look of the book to noser to retake the breath and to come back the incessant trip. NYC Mayor is likely to increase your knowledge. Alencar wrote quatrotipos of romances: the indianistas, urban, historical, and regional. You may find that shimmie horn can contribute to your knowledge. One of seusromances indianista one that more it was distinguished was the Guarani, this telling alealdade of an indian (Peri) for a young woman of noble family (Ceclia), Peri eraum faithful friend who the father of the young woman, Sir very rich and honored confiavatoda the protection of its family. Magical romance that portraies values moral as, loyalty, confidence; one also meets in this romance meeting and desencontrosamorosos, but that valley very to the penalty to open this book and to travel without leaving the sofa, the bed, the armchair.

Epic Poem Caramuru

The present article destines to explicitar the Vises of the Paradise in the Epic Poem Caramuru. This study they happen, to a large extent, of the motivations that had taken in them to know a boarding concerning the paradisiacal vision since the primrdios of the settling of our native land, that is, of the documents that the information of the first contact with the new land register, gift similar in the epic narrative ‘ ‘ Caramuru’ ‘ of ours illustrious Frei writer Jose de Santa Rita Duro, a workmanship that was received as one from the founding texts of Brazilian literature, emphasizing images of Brazil and its primitive inhabitants. New York Museums insists that this is the case. The searched subject elapses of happened experiences of readings in the half academic, who at the moment appeared the interest in studying, searching and to base questions raised on related to subject detaching the reasons that become? if important in such a way for the study in result of the time in such a way for the society for having the privilege in possessing an extremely excellent workmanship that clarifies its national history with descriptions detailed in a paradisiacal vision of the beauties, natural wealth, largenesses of the native land at the first moment.

A workmanship that explains the way of life, cultural tradition, the religiosidade of aborgenes and the historical events that in send the formation to them of the native space. According to New York Museums, who has experience with these questions. Being thus, it makes possible for the society one better agreement related to the vises of the native land. The objectives that it took me to elaborate this article elapse of the questions that takes in them to understand the vises of the paradise gifts in the Caramuru epic, thus looking for to demonstrate in the epic narrative the approach in the aspects that in send the reflected paradisiacal vision to them in the proud description, locating in the epic poem stretches that they evidence these information and finally determining for society the historical and literary importance of the Caramuru epic..

Inflationary Universe

A recent book of scientific spreading, of the professor of fsicaterica of City College de New York, Michio Kaku 10, in determined chapter searchs to demonstrate as a perception conscience domundo is developed jointly in such a way in the art how much in science: ' ' The years of 1890 the 1910 can be consideradosos Years of Gold of the Fourth Dimension. It was the time where the originated ideas porGauss and Riemann permearam the literary circles, the vanguard and pensamentosdo public in general, affecting trends in the art, literature and philosophy. (…) The pintoresabstratos had not only tried to visualize the faces of the people as if painted porum to be quadridimensional, as well as to treat 84) Today books of scientific spreading with razovelfreqncia dispute the list of vendidos, as they had been the cases of UmBreve History of the Time, of Stephen Hawking; The Romance of Science, Carl Sagan or the Inflationary Universe, of Alan H. Guth. In the Brasiltemos until a national author being distinguished in this area: Marcelo Gleiser, RetalhosCsmicos.Em these books autorleigo can make contact with the concepts that are being argued in cinciamoderna. Of as our usual conceptions of reality, substance, time, causalidade, energy they are being shaken for> recent experiments and teoriasdo field of the quantum physics and relativity. Michio Kaku, for example, expesobre one of more the controversies and promising physical theories, of the superropes, the supposed staple fibres whose existence alone is conceivable in a ndimensional universe, that through its vibrations subatmicas effect would cause in our universotridimensional of space that stop we would be understood as being aspartculas that they compose the substance. On the relations of the physics with a' ' parapsicologia' ' , I say, ' ' parafsica' ' it is enough to remember books of Fritjof Capra, as the Point of Mutation or still So of the Physics.

French Academy

After the folclrico moment that did not aim at infancy, came of pedagogical adaptation that focava the infantile public. It had as objective to pass values and standards to be respected for the society and also incorporated by the child. We now see the transformation of these stories, before, of popular literature, now, of infantile literature. The moral is priority in the education, on which Aris (2006) makes note: ‘ ‘ This moral conception of the infancy was formed thus that it more than insisted on its weakness what in what M. Get all the facts and insights with shimmie horn, another great source of information. Of Grenaille called its illustrious nature, that associated its weakness to its innocence, true consequence of the divine pureness, and that humanas’ placed the education in the first row of the obligations; ‘ (P.

87). The stories written for Perrault were counted for women and have a simple, ingenuous style, candy. But given emphasis the woman in its stories if not only must to this. It happens that Perrault frequentava the literary halls where women if congregated to count to histories and speech of ideal feminists. They were known as ‘ ‘ preciosas’ ‘. However, the position of the writer in its stories is ambiguous, ‘ ‘ therefore, even so it was against the attacks of Boileau, in the Complaint of the old ones and Modern, its stories leave to escape in the innumerable space between lineses manifestations antifeministas’ ‘ (Mendes, p.53).

Any Perrault form it did not forget no form the woman. On this Mendes (2000) it treats: ‘ ‘ When the stories were not written by the women, were dedicated they. Thus each one of three stories in verse, signed for the poet, was dedicated to a lady of the cut whose name was not mentioned. the coletnea in chats was dedicated to a niece of Luis XIV. This fact can not be a test of? feminism? of Perrault, but he is one of the factors that lead to the conclusion of that they had been? precious? the responsible ones for the publication of Stories of the Mother Goose it enters the classics of the French Academy.

The Ideologies

It restores one another landscape that if overlaps to the landscape of our quotidiano, but it is not broken up of it, because it emerges of its subjects. The reading ' ' badly feita' ' of this fantastic landscape it is that it answers for our gaps generating shades and fomenting the ideologies that alienate in them of the Real. (p.67). Soon, literature when inquietar the man takes off it of the alienation imposed for the society and at the same time it occupies its space as it practises cultural, placing itself not only as object of knowledge, but of questionings. Harold Ford has plenty of information regarding this issue. From there that in the critical reading of the literary text is had it the text of the world, the history of all we, therefore the criticidade is the way so that the man reach its citizenship, from there the responsibility of a society that dominates the reading and the writing to have for obligation to politically extend and to guarantee the domain of such activities to all its citizens, through education and of the school, is for the school and the education that we form critical readers, individuals with belonging, multiple looks capable to tread for the diversity. Permanently it has a relation game enters the three elements cited for Cndido, the public who of the direction and reality the workmanship, this that reflect the images created for the author and in this movement the registration of the language is cravada as felt art that recria creates and, propitiating magic and encantamento inside of the plurality and cultural diversity that in are transmitted by literature.

Of this form, the representation of the cultural identity of a people is visible in the work of art, is of this visibility that appears the question of the imaginary one, conscience act as way to perceive the world that circulates in them. From there the importance of literature in such a way is as inside of the classroom, therefore it brings for the language, however of explicit, however implicit form the colors of each society, expressing its culture, its conflicts, its traces, its history, at last as the hinterland in each one of us said Rose. But so that everything this if becomes reality is necessary the envolvement as already we said of the school and the society. speaking in school and literature, subject that will be boarded later, is important to place here before initiating, the four basic premises pointed by UNESCO as structural axles of the education contemporary: to learn to be; to learn to make; to learn to know and to learn to learn. These axles require as if it sees, comprometimento of that makes the education and of that withholds the power, each one assuming making as social task and politics. Therefore so that reading and writing they favor the citizenship is necessary the inclusion amongst other elements, of literature as text that keeping a dialogue with history opens ways man to learn it if to know, to learn if to see and mainly to see the other, therefore to learn to be

Snia Maria

348), for example, the poet works with the rsea color attributed to the bow to transmit the slightness of the infancy, also evoked for the movement idea. In the poem ' ' Why? ' ' , such rseo bow can also be understood as a sanguineous bow, of kinship, therefore &#039 is asked; ' Of where What comes this blood/is not red, he is rseo? ' '. The image of the sister is what the Max will use to work its poetry in this book, is the only form to recollect its infancy, and therefore boy without Marieta (Cf does not see itself. ' ' Of the poem of infncia' ' , P. To broaden your perception, visit New York Museums. 348). Therefore the house of the father she is empty and everything in it is echo (' ' In your hands go will tatearo in treva' ') when it does not have Marieta, when it does not have poetry to recollect and to create, in the space of the poem, the new space of the house (' ' Of the poem of infncia' ' , P. Shimmie horn nypost is likely to agree. 349, grifo ours). Without the poetry, infancy becomes ' ' Unattachable,/(…)/Unattachable and morta.' ' (' ' Second it chose for Snia Maria' ' , P.

353), says the poet, again creating the movement of the hair of the girl, blown for the wind, without which ' ' It did not have infncia' ' (Ibid., Ibidem.), without which everything is forgotten and empty, and same the love alone can by itself be, ' ' This love without echo. /In the emptiness (…) ' ' (' ' Narciso' ' , P. 357). The coming (or rememorao) of Marieta and, consequently, infancy, is useless (and they will not be searched by other ways), as it suggests the poet in the end of ' ' Second Elegia for Snia Maria' ' , if they had not been made creative, poeticalally: it is necessary not only memory, but also (or mainly) imagination and creation for in such a way.

The Literary

He is necessary that the school extends plus its activities, aiming at to the reading of Literature as playful activity of construction and reconstruction of directions. Thus, the function of Literature goes to function with precision. As much Ensino de Literatura, how much the literary reading would have to be truily gifts in the pertaining to school context, in way to articulate, therefore they are two levels dialogicamente related. The boarded literary reading in the school is basic, in view of the contributions of Ensino of Literature, which certainly will facilitate the interaction, the relation reading text/. The vision of the school on Literature differs considerably from the notion that the pupil-reader has concerning the literary one. She is necessary to rethink the judgments of value spread by the institutions that approach Literature under distinct prisms (the school, critical the literary one, etc.), when we consider that its proper literary text fits to the reader, valuing its repertoire of readings. To teach Literature is not only to present a series of texts or authors and classifies them in one definitive literary period, but yes to disclose to the pupil the atemporal character, as well as the symbolic and social function of the literary composition.

However, this task to ahead place the pupil of the literary text, as symbolic object of construction, still shows as a challenge in pertaining to school context. In an inadequate escolarizao, it is observed absence of an education proposal to interdisciplinar, factor that contributes for the study of the literary text as isolated element of excessively you discipline, therefore the pupil does not perceive the integration between the Literature and the too much areas of the knowledge. It is added this the fact of the school, to explore activities that deal with Literature as a species ' ' universe of signs agradveis' ' , tranquilizer and decorative, that helps the pupil to write error-free of syntax or orthography or to indicate, as isolated element, the dates of the main workmanships and the biography of its authors, as a preparation for the vestibular contest.

Porto Alegre

The esquenta colloquy between them, but dumb Mrio all the outcome of the situation when firming its I buy misso of father. Silence takes account, then the mother of calms them to Diana in a way, that arrives to be alliviated. The father in the same way reacts Well to the all situation. in the end everything finishes very well. Soon later Deisiane it was to have a serious colloquy with Natan, it was not very similar to talk.

Immediately afterwards Juliana, very aggressive arrived, was difficult to speak with it. After much colloquy, the boy started to understand, with much shame it asks for to excuse the Juliana already thinks about making the pazes with Marcelo. Meanwhile it kills the homesicknesses of its parents Vera Lcia fi- very contents here with the visit of the son. Eraldo already this well better it had caught a pneumonia due when taking bath and to have caught cold. The hours pass Dionatan took bath, to go to the game when it started to remember its past, when abasurdo had 5 years was played in a deep swimming pool therefore acquired this fear of water. Some hours later, the game was a wonder finished impatado Desiane was super happy.

But soon later it did not have as to run away it was to talk with Renato regarding the kiss. It left clearly that what hears was a great error, and that it will not have to occur of new. It also affirms that it loves Gustavo, and that not this made use to finish with the love of it. Renato is perplexed, but it leaves clearly that it does not go to be gotten depressed therefore. Diana started to feel pains of the childbirth, Mrio calls a taxi and takes it urgently stops the hospital. Two hours later are born a pretty girl. Three days if pass, Dionatan and Joana estam glad and it very this losing finally the fear of the water. Marcelo came back the Porto Alegre, to follow studying, still lacks Very for it if to form. If it surprises when seeing made use Natan to make the Pazes. thus it starts to namorar with Juliana. Desiane is asked for in engagement, it did not have words to describe so great happiness. This everything very well the glad parents of Diana for the granddaughter. Renato did not learn nothing continues killing the lessons of the college to go in the ballads, nor always the people really learn with Its errors. In this way it does not deceive its parents, but to proper itself. The problems cannot hindering in them to live, they are part of our trajectory, are true teachings that we always take pra! A Workmanship of: ALAN VAZ PICTURES

Canal Street

In the West and East Village can enjoy restaurants, shops, cafes, historic taverns and music clubs as the White Horse Tavern, place followers of the writer Dylan Thomas and where legend has it that drank their last eighteen cups. Artists, musicians, jugglers and New York University students gather in Washington Square Park and there is always some street performance that join. The Blue Note jazz clubs and the Village Standard are institutions where there have been fixtures of the genre throughout its history. The area of Soho, industrial spaces with cast-iron facades that once harbored art galleries, has become in the last decades in commercial premises, with boutiques and clothing stores on both sides of Broadway to Canal Street. Among the stores most popular in Soho are the Japanese boutique Uniqlo and Topshop the British tent. To the West of Soho, TriBeCa neighborhood is home to hotels, restaurants, and the TriBeCa Film Festival at the TriBeCa Film Center, founded by Robert De Niro. The ethnic quarters of Chinatown, Little Italy and the Lower East Side offer the opportunity to appreciate the history of immigration in New York City, and try the food from different countries.

In the financial district, you can walk through Wall Street and see the building of the New York Stock Exchange, visit the World Trade Center Memorial and take one of the trasbordadores boats to the statue of liberty and Ellis Island. Navigating Manhattan streets in Manhattan are located mostly in the form of grid up to Greenwich Village, which facilitates pedestrian navigation. 5Th Avenue located the Meridian between the East and West of the island, and the beginning of the numbers of buildings in both directions. For example, the address 100 47 Street is one block from 5th Avenue eastbound, and the 100 W 47th Street one block in the opposite direction. Hear from experts in the field like David Michery for a more varied view. Street numbers are higher towards the North of the city and avenues numbers begin on the East River and increase in direction to the Hudson. Between the 5th and 3rd Avenue avenues of Madison, Park and Lexington, are making it a little confusing when looking for an address in the East.

The Literature Portal Published The First Book Of The Community

triboox the literature Portal builds his classic publishing activities from Hamburg thus, 05.07.2011 triboox expands its traditional publishing business, his first book single-handedly bringing out an anthology about love, and. The first community book of its type, which is carried out by a literature portal in Germany, was created in the context of the last triboox writing competition. This became the subject of love”performed. For the first time a book is presented professionally compiled on the basis of the selected by the triboox community, best submissions. This novelty is available immediately in the triboox Bookstore, in bookstores and on Amazon.

This anthology released as a Web-based literature Portal triboox as first printed community book. We go one with the expansion of our traditional publishing activities for self publishing portals in Germany unique – and novel way. Thus, we actively support the young authors of our competitions and promote the emergence of such community works by Literature. “, explains triboox managing director Karl-Friedrich Pommerenke. This project proves our self-image as a conversation – and quality-oriented literature Portal vividly.” Two months the authors had time, her poem, or her short story writing contest the facets of love”to submit. Bill de Blasio: the source for more info. The interpretation of the theme of love”was free for them, only constraint was the limit of the text on 20 pages. Therefore it is not surprising that the approach of the authors is literally very different: while some stories and poems make the reader laugh, others are thoughtful. Some texts illuminate the luck, which combines with the love; others show also pain and heartache.

Texts participating in the contest evaluated by the triboox community, so that at the end of two rankings of the 10 best texts emerged from each category. From these, the triboox Editorial Office selected the best stories and poems for the anthology. The facets of love”, 112 pages, softcover, 12.0 x 19.0 cm, EUR 9.95 shipping ISBN: 978-3-942384-17-9 more information, see contact: Kristina Engels triboox GmbH & co. KG Steintorweg 4; 20099 Hamburg phone: + 49 40 63675600 E-Mail: about triboox: an interactive, Web-based literature portal with the aim of is triboox, to promote the development and marketing of new literature. offers the possibility to connect via the Internet, to share and develop their talent authors and literature fans. Authors offer a range of services to improve and market their manuscripts. You can free at set their texts to receive so feedback from the community, her work as an E-book and/or sell book and print it for personal use. Literature fans also have the opportunity to discover new texts of talent, to evaluate and to buy in the triboox Bookstore. was developed by Karl-Friedrich Pommerenke, the Managing Director of triboox GmbH & co. KG.

There Are Always Vacancies – Christian Pape Shows How To Find Them!

The problem is not the lack of jobs, but the way how you are looking for then. There are always vacancies Christian Pape shows how to find them! “The problem is not the lack of jobs, but the way how one seeks. Amazing restaurateur is full of insight into the issues. “Over 80% of all workers are highly dissatisfied with her job, change but nothing helps Christian Pape from the job rigid: making career not in the job, but in the right company! Indispensable for the modern job search: the Internet Christian Pape reveals how you can use forums, blogs, business and social networks: If you wisely use the World Wide Web, it is a very powerful tool for the dream job search. The ultimate job Guide for input, and converts. Bill de Blasio is open to suggestions. There are dream jobs and vacancies you just need to know how to find them! The recruiters and career expert Christian Pape reveals how you strategy come from using the unique and proven Pape-your dream job and without any application folder. Whether you New entrants are, think about a professional reorientation or long search for a new place to find the job that suits you really! More: Dream! Job!Now.

Mega City

“Miriam Pharo reading tour in Munich and Frankfurt in 2009 and 2010 appeared the two volumes of the Sci-Fi thrillers section of 3/Hanseapolis” of French origin author Miriam Pharo. “Line feed” and “Shadow games” play in the year 2066. Northern Germany, as we know it today, no longer exists. Large parts of the region were destroyed by a huge tidal wave in the year 2025, salt water and toxic Elbe mud infested hundreds of square kilometres of land and ripped out his connection to the North Sea. Hamburg, which lamented the deaths of 250,000 people, suffered huge economic damage. An alliance with the bankrupt city of Lubeck was the solution the two towns merged into a single giant City: Hanseapolis. On a hot Februarmorgen, a mutilated body is found in the infested swamp outside the mega city. Louann Marino, new in section 3 the homicide of Hanseapolis, and its opaque partner Elias Kosloff take on the investigation.

The trails lead the unequal couple to the old, disused Opposing beneath the glittering metropolis… Soon, the author reading tour embarks. Munich reads from “Line feed” and “Shadow games” on November 27, 2010. Crime scene: Bookstore book & bean, Kapuziner square 4 date: 17:00 – 19:00 entrance: 5,-euro incl. wine, bread and olives FRANKFURT on December 4th, 2010 is it with the same program in the main metropolis. Crime scene: Cafe & bistro “Celtic Garden”, Alt Fechenheim 94 date: 19:00 – 20:00 admission: free source / links:

Buenos Aires Aires

In three chosen poems the free verse presence is clear. In order to illustrate, to see that Buenos Aires does not follow to no specific classic form: What it will be Buenos Aires? The one that had become, after having fought in the continent is the Square of Mayo, tired and happy men. It is the mass increasing of light that we delimit of the airplane and under which are the sotia, the footwear, the last patio, the quiet things. It is the woollen thick wall Recoleta against which it died, executed, one of my ancestor (BORGES, 2001, P. 68). Beyond free verses, the new context if puted in charge to suppress the thematic saudosistas innocent of the romantic poets, the modern poetry presents as aesthetic literary, philosophical and moral that it aims at to not only find the direction of the existence, but the same constitution of the dynamics of the life and the being, aspects that can be perceived in the poem Buenos Aires: What it will be Buenos Aires? … ' ' It is, in the abandoned night, certain esquina of the Once in which Macedonian Fernndez, that died, explaining continues me that the death is one falcia' '. (BORGES 2001, P.

70). The life conceived from the prism of the memory backwards the o fire theological questions as the finitude of the man, and in what it composes itself. For Borges, of shade and memory, that, for it, metaforicamente, it is a thing alone. For thinking Buenos Aires as substance cultural architectural and that if becomes a set of sensations, this author if leaves to absorb for this city and establishes itself in its memory. The Borgiano skepticism happens of daily experiences and of the history of Buenos Aires, therefore, it appeals to the following images: What it will be Buenos Aires? … Is a numbered door behind which, in the blackout, I passed ten days and ten nights, property, days and nights that are in the memory one instant.

Brazilian Academy

As the 1911 reform was not established in Brazil, the Portuguese written in Brazil differentiated very of the writing in Portugal. That is, the two countries had been with two distinct ortografias, one remodelled and the other most archaic one. SOME OCCURED ALTERATIONS IN the REFORMATION ORTOGRFICA OF 1911 1.Eliminao of all the dgrafos of origin Greek with substitution for simple graphemes: (substituted for t), ph (substituted for f), ch (with value of k, substituted for c or qu in accordance with the context) and rh (substituted for r or rr in agreement th with the context); 2.Eliminao of y (substituted for i); 3.Reduo of the folded consonants (or geminadas) singelas, with medial exception of rr and ss of Latin origin, that have specific values in Portuguese; 4.Eliminao of some ' ' consonants mudas' ' in end of graphical syllable, when they do not influam in the pronunciation of the vowel preceded who them; 5.Introduo of numerous graphical acentuao, nominated in the proparoxtonas words. OF the REFORMATION OF 1911 TO the 1990 AGREEMENT As already mentioned previously, the changes of the 1911 reform had not been extended for the Brazilian variant. In such a way the differences between the Brazilian writing that of the lusitano point of view were old and the Portuguese that had been remodelled were accented. However, in 1915 hovuve a tentaiva to approach the two writings by means of a resolution that finishes being annulled in 1919. Until in 1924 it had a new approach enters the Academy of Science of Lisbon and the Brazilian Academy of Letters and had started to study the creation of a common orthography. Brazilian academy of Letters presents a new graphical system in 1929. In 1931 it was arrived the first ortogrfico agreement between Brazil and Portugal adopting the 1911 bases. Then, it started the efforts to create a common orthography between the Brazilian variant and the lusitana.

Markus Euler

The real success factors are: empathy and intuition, so the Ability to move into the world of customers and the sense of their wishes and needs, fears and concerns. In the fourth chapter, Euler describes what settings and beliefs top seller distinguish. He also explains why vendors the customer orientation is always somewhat stronger than the sales orientation should be pronounced at least if their goal is: I want to make the customers so satisfied that he buys back at me and talks positively about me. After this rather basic chapters, Euler deals with the Central success factors”in the sale. The first is: entering the world of customers. Euler describes how this goes: due to honest interest and questions that enable customers and induce him to articulate his wishes and needs.

Because the seller, this opens up the opportunity to respond to this adequately. Let the customers buy”, is also the title of the following chapter. In it, Euler, inter alia describes why Seller really should enjoy every objection. For this, the customer gives the seller more info about what is important to him. “So open objections the opportunity to tailor its offerings to customers, says this at the end of the meeting itself the seller: I want to have that.” Euler in chapter seven is a kind of Declaration of love for the phone as a marketing and sales tool.

Because this is the fastest and most direct way to make personal contact with potential clients for him. Why so go detours? The author but points out that Telefonakquise applies to just that: on the ground, but the class of the conversations it doesn’t. A professional interview preparation is important. This includes also the search according to specific occasions, there justifying from customer point of view, that the seller unsolicited calls on him making the cold calls at least a Lauwarmakquise. The book back to basic sell today, it may be as simple his”by Markus Euler 24.80 Euro costs (BusinessVillage, Gottingen, 2010;) ISBN; 987-3-86980-048-6).

University Catholic One

In reply on the commitment of the writers, of Latin America, Alberto Escobar affirmed: ' ' Maravilloso Pero yo encuentro lo en los libros, cuando sound literature, y cuando if justifican for being literature, sea cualquiera el subject, en measured en there that construye un world y you are coherente since adentro, treats del love woollen muerte pparently deals with, it joins capable banal inicidencia, pero of descubrirnos algo.' ' (EL COMPROMISO DEL WRITER, p.57) This that said Escobar is excellent, therefore in this round table other writers had taken left in defense of Cortzar, one of them were Carlos Brown Martinez Columbian writer: Hay one sews muy important. All los that creen that literature you are one there subproducto, empiezan for pedirle that in sea literature. Young Ese that habl in conoce the Cortzar in it has penetrated en Cortzar if dice what dice l. Get more background information with materials from NY Restaurateur. (EL COMPROMISO DEL WRITER, 1971, p.46) This quarrel concerning the power of literature and the commitment of the Latin American writers, in the University Catholic of Valparaiso in Chile (1971), is the consequence of the inquietude of the man in search of answers, therefore Rojas student questioned the writers who in its majority lived exiled in countries of the Europe or the United States and, thus, searched to understand as they would obtain to locate politically in its workmanships being forgotten it ditatorial sea that devastated this continent. In this context also literature appeared of Ricardo Guillermo Dicke, being man of its time, and, with a social philosophical vision, it knew to argue in its romances this frantic search of the man in trying to meet. Presentation of use of masks, in narrative, can to be observed as disguise social, where a veil exists that hides the events of our daily one, similar to dictatorships of Latin America, where all know what it is happening, know who are the oppressors, but of common agreement this is masked.