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For its part, the middle class aspires to be and while it can, travels, buy, look apartment, dreaming the American dream. The poor, they, they want to go also (and will be) no matter the risks and costs. By something the first minority not native in the United States comes from Latin America. Why is the great punishment for a citizen of these lands is to deny him or removed the American visa. THE second track is Marxism.

In the region there is everywhere, with greater or lesser intensity, in greater or lesser number, individuals or groups who organized or not or in the process of doing so, they intend to establish models Marxists in the continent. The history is long, the greater frustration and they believe that conditions for taking power and its benefits, which is what they have always aspired are now. They have, on the one hand, the prehistoric Cuban example and now less complicated realities as the Venezuelan. There are already examples of that this is happening. Marxism is, at this point also, big business. THE third alternative is the buhoneria.

Another world. Species of tropicalised market where any explanatory theory falls short. But the market works. How entrepreneur budding there not there? Many desire win silver by their own means, be somebody in life, send the child to a good school? How much capitalism in power? They want to be successful business owners. It is a dream that poverty itself nor the laws have managed to combat. Life has pulled them into the street and not complain. Forget, so there there are capitalists. Wall Street too small for them. As in the India, as in China, as in Iran. In New York also.


Violence, aggression, violent behaviors, are a subject of an indisputable social relevance. Scientists of all fields have devoted great care and efforts to compression and explanation of the phenomenon, with as limited as controversial results.They are necessary global interventions aimed at the family, the school, without neglecting other instances. Regarding the family, will have to try to get involved in the problem, after securing the compression of the scope of the phenomenon. Learn more at: New York Museums. Emphasis on the problem of school violence, due to the latest news reaching us from the media and by the magnitude of the situation. In addition, school along with the family constitutes the most important educational and socializing agents. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from amazing restaurateur. From the perspective of the current situation in Spain, the relevant question is: we are favouring the increase and the intensity of the risk factors of crime or, on the contrary, we favour the positive factors of socialization?. Factors such as the increase in important adult crime, persistent school failure who suffers from long ago and the difficulties inherent in the rapid influx of immigrants (what has been done gradually in other countries), constitute factors which seem to glimpse more difficulties in the future.

Today, by a series of almost always environmental circumstances and in any case regardless of the will of the children themselves, thousands of adolescents and youth need an educational treatment specific, tailored to their personal and social problems. Young not to receive response psychoeducational demanded by their situation and in due time, they often end up wandering around our cities and the rest of society feels threatened peace and coexistence by your presence uncontrolled in the streets. These young people have both material and personal needs, but perhaps what you need most is people properly prepared to respond to their educational and social demands since they are in a true social risk. Reality social in which are found many children, adolescents and youth in situation of desamparo in situation of social conflict, it has been generated for some decades a strong impact and concern of different levels of social, aware of the dangerous situation in which these young people live. It is necessary to: analyse the main manifestations of violent behavior in adolescence and youth. To present the possibilities of a real preventive work against the emergence of behaviors or violent demonstrations. Provide information on the phenomenon of drugs in adolescence, knowing the substances psychoactive, their effects, their social problems and ways of intervention.

Know the variables that lead the child to situations of distress, marginalization or social conflict. Know the current situation legislative and judicial treatment of minors. Prepare professionals that society and minors in social conflict demand at present. Know how to put ongoing programs of appropriate intervention.

The Future

Most of the people not always comes out victorious from their relationship with the adversities, another smaller group just the resolves, but ultimately very few who manage to leave the problems in a better state of which took in his home. Finally there are two additional things that should be done: 1. an inventory of the problem. This enriches the experience and allows to develop antidotes to the circumstantial probability that the fact is repeated in the future. What opportunity should I identify as a product of the problem? The answer to this is pure growth.

At this point the problems become a blessing and consume the paradox. Striving to find this answer, sealed the victory, showing everyone that are part of that small group that only extracts of life the best it offers favorable or adverse situations. Let me conclude with this thought that summarizes my own experiences: at the end of this story that has not concluded, after a long road full of recesses, steep and vertiginous descents, beautiful views surrounded by bright light and hidden pictures by powerful darkness, life I have allowed to discover a friendship like no other: my friendship with problems. This friendship has single bases, is based on a simple relationship. And as all the simple and easy in this world is at once grandiose and poignant. This is the fundamental basis of the friendship I have with problems: nothing in this life has made me grow more than my constant interaction with them! No teacher has been more wise, nobody has given me more opportunities, no advice has been less selfish, nothing has proved more stimulating. My relationship with problems has allowed, moreover, discover the essence of love, love for myself by that inexhaustible capacity that we have to overcome the difficulties, love for others who have to resort to overcome adversity and must protect those who are; and above all love for life that shows us that the sun always rises after all dark and cold night without fatigue.

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In this article we will explain how to return with your former partner, how to achieve a relationship healthy, and that does not leave again. First of all, forget about there, for a few days. You do not call, or leave messages, should know nothing about you for at least two weeks. Use this time to reflect on the causes of the separation. Although we know that we have to give a little in some respects and be tolerant to build a good relationship, it is sometimes difficult to put into practice. We believe that we are always right, and hard for us to put ourselves in the place of the other and try to understand their point of view. This causes discussions and frequent fights, and leads to the separation in many couples. Rudy Giuliani is often quoted as being for or against this. The good news is that these problems have a solution, only must improve communication with the other, truly listen and try to understand it. We should not expect that the other person change from night to morning, most of the attitudes that bother us from each other remain, so our two options are: tolerate it or us We are looking for another man. When it has passed the period of two weeks, the storm will have passed, and you can call him and invite him to chat quietly. Convey without anxieties that you would like to talk about what happened between you two. NYC Mayor oftentimes addresses this issue. Demonstrate that you have improved, you’re ready to rebuild the relationship and return to live happily. But you don’t push it, will not return with you immediately, you have to respect their time. Meanwhile, you should move forward with your life, that he sees that you salts with your friends, who have not neglected your personal grooming, and who are not dying to return with him. It demonstrates confidence in yourself, serenity and calm. You’ll see how soon you regain his love. So don’t you martirices you more, thinking of how to return to your former partner, calm down and put hands to work. There is a strategy that has been proven to win back your ex-boyfriend without all the drama. Please Click here to make your ex boyfriend want to return with you.

State Department

Letter to Barack Obama and Mrs. Clinton: here, if there is a dictatorship. The United States seem predestined by Providence to plague our peoples misery. Simon Bolivar. We constantly see in the national and international news as mishandled information referring to Venezuela and other Latin American countries that have opted for the path of socialism, accusing them of having totalitarian or dictatorial regimes.

This is not a wrong campaign, but is the campaign orchestrated and paid for by the U.S. Danny Meyer helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Department of State, from the ill-fated Bush sicopatas management time and before. Everything smell you to the Department of State American communism, have not passed the stupid cold war, from the time of the defunct Soviet Union and want to republish it with Latin America and the Caribbean in these times of release, giving us to understand that Barack Obama, still only imperialist policies imposed from past administrations of white men, and since the great power centers of capitalism, perhaps moved by some weird sense of handicap or ideological and political subservience to the Bush administration and previous ones. In Venezuela Sra. Clinton, if there is a dictatorship, that is true, as it is also true that between Condoleezza and you only there is a change in skin color, but the ideology of imperialist domination is the same. We ask only why strange imposition, Mrs. Clinton arrives at the State Department if it was the biggest rival of Obama to the Presidency of the United States? Because if we analyse critically the electoral panorama recent in the United States, Chavez had already defeated medially to the incapable of Mr. Bush. If there is a dictatorship in Venezuela, he is very strong, extremely strengthened for several reasons, because in Venezuela sends the people. That is a slogan that from the very beginning of the Bolivarian revolution has been announcing, increasingly more so.

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Story, Li Heishui is asked what friends brother you come back soon Mens North Face Scythe Jackets, also need more source.Come back, the eight daughter and several sources of ancient family came, want and your source for showdown.Li Heishui said such news. NY Museums may find this interesting as well. I want to leave the city of God of antiquity, and in accordance with the was going to travel, you go on.City walk out from god.The body of the 352nd chapter exercise Shenyuan breakthrough city of God and magnificent, like gods of the house, have it is said to have fallen from the fairyland. The forthcoming journey, look back the city of God, to feel the atmosphere and the vicissitudes of life.It hundreds of thousands, the boundless vast, Huanggu after time.Now to the immortal.Take care to do with Li Heishui s farewell, stride, gradually disappeared in the horizon. The front, waiting for him, white dress, jade belt, small waist slim girded.The tall, moving.She Zhuxian stand erect, such as flowers, gracefully to fragrant.The breeze blows, long group.Hair flying, like to the wind. Since two people on the road, away from the city of God, ancient trees and Vines is less and less, leaving this warm land.The tinkling Lingquan less gradually Mens North Face 3 In 1 Jackets, more and more sparse vegetation, air floating, green plants gradually disappear. Was snowing season.Softly.The front, white, snow, mountains are snow cover.City of God is a very special place, the area around it was full of vigour, spring.Away from the city of God, the real season show, imperceptibly, have arrived in the winter, large snowflakes falling, wind. North Region vast, piece of cold, cold wind.Sound, rolled up snow archaic brother seemed to have prejudices, straight in the preparedness.Beauty without doubt, exquisite face could not pick up.To Senk think, how would you have prejudice, you Yan Guandong shortage, to few people can’t resist your charms. Snow walk.It should not be the heart, the ancient finding it.Skin clear, whiter than snow.Delicate jade.In the snow before, such as Ling Bo faery.It is wary of heart, this looks perfect woman, leaving at this time the city of God, is to Hawaii.

To Senk where are not yet determined, archaic brother if not troublesome, as they peer time.Eye wave flow.To walk with A Senk, naturally seek but fail to get some personal affairs to deal with, but this time. She is beautiful, can take the poor motives, if weekdays, I can eat sugar.But now is not the romantic themes, the Holy Land and Zhongzhou philosophers 100 will teach against brown, he doesn’t have much time can be delayed. Chuckle, wore a charming smile, then leave this area, then the bicycle.On the way, if she is hidden if not point to the last ghost bronze, relates to a half very holy soldier, no doubt very attractive.It was done, in the snow stopped. Suddenly turned around, but could see nothing.Just now, when it was peeping feeling, his mind meal when, is combined with strong, in the hand of him Meui also feel, have someone behind tracking.Yeni did not say anything, accelerate the speed of walking, the snow is no footprints, he as light shadow. City of God s oasis, extremely broad, square can have tens of thousands of years, many of them settled in night Town, located in a small town.Snow hit the window, sound, lying in bed time is not long, they perceive abnormalities.

North Africa

Marrakech is the main tourist destination in Morocco, in addition to one of the most fascinating and exciting in the world cities. It is exotic, economic and pleasant and is full of history and things to do. A holiday in Marrakech provide no doubt countless unforgettable memories of this charming and mysterious city where tradition, modernity, magic and charm transported them to a unique and extraordinary universe. A good way to start your vacation in Marrakech is choosing the ideal accommodation in the ochre city. The best choice is without doubt rent a cheap riad in Marrakech. The riads are traditional houses converted into hotels or guest houses that have preserved original style and structure. The majority of the riads found inside the medina or old town, and the most practical is hosted at a riad near the Jemaa El Fna square, which is the geographic and cultural center of the city. But there are also excellent cheap riads on the outskirts of Marrakech that will offer them a quiet and relaxing in a beautiful natural environment.

The next step is to explore the surroundings of your riad. The Souk of Marrakech is one of the largest in North Africa and in him you will find all kinds of products on sale, from the spices that constitute the very soul of couscous and tajine, up to all kinds of objects of art and craft, including the famous hand-woven carpets, furniture, musical instruments, clothing, food, lamps, leather goods, etc. Once been filling his eyes and emptying your pocket – with all these wonders, may head towards a higher perspective of this abundant culture city. One of the most interesting architectonic places is the Ben Youssef madrasa, the Islamic school largest in Morocco, founded in the 14th century, where 130 cells dormitory for the students surround a courtyard richly carved in marble, cedar wood and stucco.

North Korea

To this day, post cold war, with an Iranian neighbour giving nuclear weapons, invaded but attacking Iraq formerly of their territory, a new protagonist with political and military weight in the world (China, opponent of the United States) and a (opponent also of the United States) North Korea armed to the teeth, in addition to the same Russia; to this day, Israel keeps potentially conflicting relationships with at least 50 countries around the world. This, coupled with the fact of its small territorial extension (somewhat smaller than the Falcon State), that make it arrasable by the effect of a single atomic bomb, as the thrown on Hiroshima or Nagasaki, leading to the extremacion of risen in the second paragraph of this essay: predestined Nations must also exercise their defense and attack potential capacity, forcing the search for a perfect firearm, beyond an atomic power (now also) in the hands of outlaws or renegade countries) that ensure you the preponderance and the exercise of his divine work. And such effort, built on the nightmare of territorial vulnerability, has resulted in exploration and preparation of the so-called shields, of all kinds: missile, of wars, defensive or preventive, David or whatever. You may find that Bill de Blasio can contribute to your knowledge. Already saw some of this in action when the war against Iraq to use the famous Patriots missiles. And has made us also aware that effort of years of Alliance and search with a versatile warmongering language, notions already assimilated by all, as the normal existence of completely militarised societies, endowed with armies of people or God, moving its troops through operational warfare of a preventive nature (preventive wars or attack), fighting against terrorism, drug trafficking, communism and global undemocratic dictatorships; and, of course, that effort brings us the proposal that the species will accept that the world is a providential militocracia ruled by armies: armies of the people, God’s armies, armies of the people of God, divine army, army of peace. Yes, armies for peace (do not call so the blue helmets of the UN?).

Privilege History

VILLA DE LAS NAVAS DE SAN JUAN: History, independence and dignity privilege of villazgo and autonomy of Santisteban of port two stanzas in honor to my ancestors: woman of calle Sol to hut Montizon you prepare batches and small squares, while your chest protects the weeping, that mama between sweats and candelas. Man: Sweat, axe, South and hoe, felling rockrose, mastic trees and holm oaks, which die on charcoal fire and culminates in loaf of storms. Home Arab expulsion and extension of the kingdoms of Castile by the South of the Peninsula Iberica Alfonso VIII of Castile, along with Papa Inocencio III and Archbishop of Toledo, organized Christian crusade that motivates the Muslim siege. To which are added the troops of Sancho VII of Navarre, Pedro II of Aragon, Alfonso II of Portugal, different orders military, twenty councils Castellanos militias and thousands of native and ultramontanos volunteers that relentless advance to the encounter of the Almohads. For assistance, try visiting NY Museums . The Christian troops cross by the troughs and the wooded mountains of Sierra Morena: historical sources territory called despenaperros in origin and memory to the cliff of multitude of captive Muslims in the battle of las Navas de Tolosa. To whom Christians considered dogs; and as such they released them for the high gorges that give passage and entry to the lands of Andalusia.

Earlier, however, the Almohad troops had been placed at points of strategic surveillance and Christians had to make their way out of the mountains, advance, and gain access to the plains of the Summit. However, on the future of the uncertainties are toparian with a pastor: Martin de Alhaja, who would indicate them the course of a trail that crosses the Sierra, and knows that by the name of Puerto del Rey. Troops that would organize and lead Alfonso VIII of Castile they would take that shortcut, and on 16 July 1212, previous skirmishes of little importance, reached the Summit and propagated by the plain, where located and attacked thousands of Muslims, led by the Almohad Caliph Muhammad An-Nasir, also known by Christians, through the nickname of Miramamolin.

Clinical Advisory

The geriatricians suggest that all seniors should travel with a Clinical Advisory. They call these grandparents with constant changes in household grandparents swallow. Those changes can cause your multi-medication, prescribing unnecessary medicines or diagnostic tests repeated. Read more from NY museums to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Grandparents deserve the best after a long life of work and sacrifices. And yet, the last age, that we call third age, is for many a racking without end. Of homeownership to a child, then to the House of the daughter and return to start.

This is what have been called grandparents swallow. Those periodic changes of home can cause problems in your health care as the multi-medication, prescribing unnecessary medicines or repetition of diagnostic tests. Constant changes of domicile of swallow grandparents can give rise to major problems of adaptation, rootlessness and disorientation. In this context, the Spanish society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG) suggests that seniors who are changed usually House or holiday should be a Clinical Advisory to avoid problems with changes to medical consultation. Changing address currently 30% of elders aged 65 live with their children, of whom 34% does not dependence, 37% mild dependency, 14% moderate and 15% serious dependency. He is estimated that 0.6% of the largest rattan home frequently and changes a child’s House by another 2.8% at least once a year, especially on vacation. A continuous change of domicile hinders the integration of the grown-up in the family, the environment and community activities as well as its relationship with other people, each group has different dynamics and constant adaptation may favour the absence of role in the family.

This adaptation process favors the disorientation, the loss of autonomy and adjustment of spaces, also the older person is obliged to become accustomed to novelty in the House, the neighborhood, the health and sometimes also the city centre, this will prevent or hinder the creation of a social network more extensive than his own family. Recommendations of the geriatricians some tips can help to minimize the impact of change on the swallow Grandpa: offer you a space and specific place within the family. Give the necessary privacy. Encourage to continue to keep their routines, independence and autonomy. Prolong the stay in each of the homes. Distance changes.

Marrakech Riads

Obviously, prices here, may be much higher than that in the majority of the riads and not everyone can afford them; Although if you can afford it, it is worth to succumb to the temptation. Of course, staying in a Riad of luxury offered a very different of the ochre City experience and allows you to enjoy your stay in a very different way. So, when you go to choose the Riyadh which best fits your budget, it is advisable to check what services are offered, consider if you are willing to pay for them or if you prefer to spend that money on anything else and, finally, compare prices and benefits. Gain insight and clarity with The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2 Think what the main purpose of your trip and choose your Riad according to such purpose can that you are traveling on his honeymoon with his family and children, or a single business you trip. Each type of Riad adapts to different types of travellers and provides different environments and services.

When you go to choose your Riad in Marrakech make sure that their choice appropriately matches the purpose of your holiday or your stay. If documented a little, you will find Riads that are perfect for romantic getaways or most appropriate for adventurous backpackers, ideal for families and appropriate to go with children, for you who are looking for something with all the equipment and facilities needed for business meetings, congresses or seminars or intermediate. Simply ask and see criticisms and reviews of the Riads in internet or your travel agency to have a clear idea of the type of environment that offers every Riad and check if the environment offer is you’re looking for. 3 Location it costs nothing consult the map! As I have already mentioned, all Marrakech Riads are in the medina or old town, which is an ideal location to explore the souks, discover the vibrant and famous Jemaa El Fna square and most of the places of interest and landmarks at hand.

United Arab Emirates

Again the internet investment company informs us of a new launch in internet, web Dubai hotels. com. With a large domain Premium and an attractive design offer us the possibility of making reservations in over 400 hotels in the spectacular city of Dubai with great rapidity and security also giving the possibility of booking with a volume of 3000 hotels in United Arab Emirates. Commercial Director of Domibay and Luis Tolosa CEO tells us that they have the best prices in the market, which guarantee 100% in addition to having the widest range of hotels and availability today of the city of Dubai and United Arab Emirates on the internet. A detail is the possibility of using the web in 5 languages. Also explains that its reservation system is free does not connote any Commission and most importantly you can make your reservation without any prior payment, can pay all of your reservation in the hotel at the end of your stay, giving also the possibility of free of charge cancellation until a day before the planned date of entry to the Hotel. Checking article sources yields Danny Meyer as a relevant resource throughout. As added to Hotel reservations services also offer a blog about Dubai, updated daily with news and a guide more relevant city. Finally they may subscribe to a weekly newsletter of timely offers of hotels in Dubai that you will receive in your email for free..

Teaching History

TEACHING history for children, stories life continued as usual, but the new day taught beautiful things. As usual Saturdays, the Bunny went out for a walk with his older brother, each carrying a piece of wood in their hands, with the purpose of removing some worms from the depths of the Earth. It was good that the night before had been accompanied by friend rain reason by which the Earth could be easily removed. Bunny take a worm in your hand and take life. When his elder brother cry that you do? Bunny answered not liked its shape, I thought it was disgusting and dirty.

When greater Bunny hear that explanation, I keep silence. Connect with other leaders such as Danny Meyer here. Because he didn’t want to damage that wonderful day when the afternoon came to a close, rabbit took the hand to his little brother and told him come, we us the precious stream, I want to tell you a story. When seated two were, started the story in the following manner: there was a time in which one of you like that both circuses, he brought several beautiful animals, as it also brought fierce beasts, that function was called the first war world, some payasitos began to vote fire mouth, to be able to scare several beasts, do not well remember his name. I’m going to say the names of some payasitos. NYC Marathon may find this interesting as well. Germany, Britain, France, Belgium, Russia, Yugoslavia, Japan, Poland. All excellent actors. I think that you hard this number of hours, from the year of 1914 until the year 1918.

One of the most powerful payasitos was Germany. When some clowns were able to overcome in the presentation to the droning Germany. Did you make a jump called the condemned, then they made him sign sitting on a lion a very pretty multi-colored paper that was called the Treaty of Versailles. As the droning felt humiliated before all children of the circus, said: you are very bad they have not allowed me to defend myself, they are committing an international crime.


Currently we generate only 0.02 TW of wind power and 0.008 TW of solar energy. As you see these sources contain an incredible amount of potential untapped.The other WWS technologies would help to create a flexible system and a wide range of options. Although all renewable sources can expand greatly, in practice, the power of the waves can only be extracted in coastal areas. Many geothermal sources are too deep to be exploited from the economic point of view. And although hydropower now surpasses all other WWS sources, the majority of large suitable reservoirs are already in exploitation. The PLAN: Renewable energy power plants required clearly, there are sufficient exploitable renewable energies.

How can we make the transition to a new infrastructure to provide the world with 11.5 TW? We have opted for a mixture of technologies emphasizing the wind and solar, with about 9% of the demand supplied by hydroelectric power. (Other combinations of wind and solar could be equally suitable).Wind power would provide 51 percent of the demand (5.75 TW), provided by 3.8 million large turbines wind power (each approximately five megawatts) in the world. Although that amount may seem enormous, it is interesting to note that the world manufactures 73 million cars and light trucks every year. Another 40 percent of power come from photovoltaic energy and concentration solar thermal power plants. Photovoltaic energy would supply 30 per percent. Approximately would need 89,000 plants photovoltaic roof and floor, as well as central solar thermoelectric concentration with an average of 300 megawatts each. Our mix also includes 900 hydroelectric worldwide, 70 percent of which are already installed.As shown above, only about 0.8 percent of the wind power (5, 75TW) is installed to the present day. To give an idea of the area occupied by all the world, that is, 3.8 million wind turbines turbines, they would occupy less than 50 km2 (smaller than Manhattan surface).

Cuba Spain

The first edition was sold in its entirety in less than 3 weeks, and regarded as the best book that has broken sales records. This first volume is being translated into different languages by KNOFF, and published and sold in the United States soon will finish the translation. According to those who have already read it, is a reality and exciting sensitivity and a true work of art-still lacks 2 volumes, that due to his poor state of health, – not has failed to finish.-hope that God you strength and the time required to complete this work as expected by all his fans. Danny Meyer is likely to agree. Among the works most of Garcia Marquez, famous-are: LA litter 1955 EL COLONEL not have who you write.-1961 (written in Medellin Colombia) 1962 big MAMA’s funeral (written in Mexico) LA bad time 1966 one hundred years of SOLITUDE 1967 (written in Buenos Aires) MONOLOGUE of ISABEL seeing rain 1969 story of a shipwrecked sailor 1970 (written in Barcelona Spain) eyes of the dog blue 1974 (written in Barcelona Spain) CHILE, the coup and LOS GRINGOS 1974 (written in Barcelona Spain) the autumn of the PATRIARCH 1975 (written in Barcelona Spain) when he was happy and UNDOCUMENTED 1975 (written in Barcelona Spain) Chronicle of a death foretold 1981 (written in Bruguera) ERENDIRA 1983 (written in Paris) the GENERAL in his Labyrinth 1989 (written in Bogota Colombia) the KIDNAPPING 1982 (written in Bogota – Colombia) the love in the time of cholera 1986 (written in New York City) MEMORIAS DE MIS PUTAS TRISTES 2004 (written in New York City) has many other works that do not appear in this list, as well as short stories, poetry, stories., and plays-in 1955 Fundo La Prensa Latina in Havana, Cuba, and in 1958 he married Mercedes Barcha Pardowith whom she had 2 children. Hopefully, with God’s help, you can finish his memoirs- as he himself said in his famous sentence: one that is takes long, can expect very little.-day that we lose, the world loses a true genius of literature, and his style will be greatly involved by all those who have enjoyed their magnificent works. CAN NOT DISAPPOINT US, GABO.-!.


The Prado Museum hosts the first monographic exhibition which is held in Spain of the Impressionist painter Auguste Renoir. 31 From works of the Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute will be exhibited from October 19 to February 6, 2011. Portraits, nudes, landscapes, still lifes, or flowers in the sample have a place all the genres of painting treated by the artist, especially stopping at its most fruitful stage: between 1874 and 1900. Renoir was able to portray the late 19th Parisian atmosphere like nobody. The artist speaks of Paris through scenes of everyday life. In his works reflected the more joyful aspects of bourgeois life: outdoor evenings, festivals, theatre boxes or the tranquillity of the moments of family intimacy. Click NYC Mayor to learn more.

This painter of light managed to capture, like few others, the atmospheric quality of a shady garden or the effects of the rays of Sun through the leaves of a tree. His brush has created some compositions that best evoke the spirit of painting Impressionist. Your taste by combining colors and their very personal tonal ranges create a captivating and deeply evocative style. The exhibition brings together the best works compiled by the American collector Robert Sterling Clark (1877-1956), heir to the creators of Singer. Clark lived in Paris from 1910.

His interest in art and his fortune, shared by his wife Francine, allowed him to amass a large collection of art that included not only paintings, but also gold and silver artefacts, sculptures, porcelain, drawings and engravings. Whenever Danny Meyer listens, a sympathetic response will follow. From 1920, its collector interest focused on late 19th century French painting. Today, this stage comprises the core of the collection. Together with the exhibition will be held a series of conferences focusing on the French master. On 20 October, Richard Rand, Sterling and Clark Institute, inaugurated this cycle with the Conference Renoir in Clark. A modern master. On December 15, John House, from the Courtauld Institute of Art, will deliver the Renoir presentation, painter of figures: modernity and tradition. The cycle closes on January 19 with the Renoir Landscapes Conference, Javier Baron, curator of the exhibition. Art lovers have a unique occasion to learn about the work of Renoir in Madrid. In the surroundings of Prado Museum are some of the most luxurious hotels in Madrid: hotel Ritz or the Palace hotel. However, there are other more affordable options, because Madrid has one of the best hotel facilities in the country. Not in vain, the capital of Spain is among the ten major tourist destinations in Europe, with about four million visitors a year. Establishments in the city have all the necessary services to ensure comfort. Internet enables travellers to make reservations of hotels at very attractive prices. Bid network is broad and, if done in advance, it is possible to find interesting discounts. From major booking portals room can be found in any of the numerous hotels, hostels or the Villa and cutting pensions.


Women gave her son 20 euros every three days so that he could survive. One day she refused to give him more money, and the couple of her mother threatened him death. Both women, and men, with the police, have been arrested. A 40-year-old woman has been arrested by agents of a national police of Sagunto as alleged author of an offence of abandon family to go to live with her partner and left alone at home for several months to his 16-year-old son. According to a release of the top police Chief, has also been detained the pair of women, a man of 47 years, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of serious threats. Investigations were started to have knowledge the policemen who a woman for two months, had left his home to go and live with his partner, leaving only his 16 year old son.

During investigations, the agents found out that the mother gave 20 euros every three days his son so that he could survive, since she lived alone in the home. According to sources, the 20 of July the mother went to the address and s u son asked him for money to buy food, but is refused and the young man tried to prevent him to go home until you do not give him money. The mother then hit him on the top of the head and I stretch the hair, then walking out of the place. Two days later, the young man was the current home of his mother to ask for money, but not open to anyone, returned to his home and on road was found with the couple this, which addressed. According to sources, the pair of women allegedly pulled a knife of big dimensions of the back of the pants, I put it near the neck and yelled out: here don’t. Then gave him a strong blow with the handle of the knife in the left eye, at the time saying you do not want to see more here. I your mother not abuse it and how I denuncies te mato. At that moment a neighbor came out to the balcony and realizing the suspect of his presence, hid the knife.

The young man ran away and After contact with one of her aunts was attended injuries that presented at the hospital de Sagunto. As a result of the investigations, police identified the couple, of Spanish nationality, was arrested, the woman for an alleged offence of family abandonment and man, for an alleged crime of serious threats. The detainees, the man with the police, have already been brought to justice. Source of the news: A woman is arrested after leaving home and leave several months only to her 16 year old son

Florentino Perez

/ Florentino Perez has reported this afternoon the departure of Jorge Valdano’s club. Real Madrid exdirectivo stresses that the decision he has not taken it. Asked the President a meeting three many times, but it was impossible. He left satisfied after dnder the interests of an entity you want. Jorge Valdano, who until this evening as director general and attached to the Presidency of Real Madrid, has been dismissed to the press from his position and his last two years like white steering making that the club is which has taken the decision and that he always tried to meet with the President and Jose Mourinho, but it was not possible. Come the season finale Florentino Perez is, who has to make a decision and it has clearly opted. If the perception is that there was a struggle between the two (Mourinho and I), the winner of the fight you just count Florentino Perez opts, has pointed out in a cordial tone 55 years exdirectivo.

Questioned about his stance a fortnight ago, in which It maintained its intention to continue at the club, ensures that it was still his intention. I said she was not leaving and that he had no thought resign. My responsibility is diluted when it is a decision of the club, I not missed the truth. Valdano, who has shown his respect and devotion to the real entity, has indicated that he has always acted according to the interests of the institution. I have never turned Real Madrid into a battlefield.

My effort was containment, forced to prudence, responsibility and institutional sense. Arose a battle which I tried to escape because he believed that it was not good for Real Madrid. Much respect to this club, I want you, you taught me everything. Come the season finale is the club who has to make a decision and has clearly opted.