Dr. Beach selected Hanalei Bay on Kaua’i i to America’s best beach 2009 the decision: the most beautiful beach of the United States is in Hawai i. Dr. Beach Stephen Leatherman, Director of Florida International University s laboratory for coastal research, published its list of the top 10 beaches in the United States this year. Hanalei Bay on Kaua’i i won the race for the coveted title, and now most beautiful beach America’s may 2009 call. Second place is siesta Beach, Florida, Cooper Beach in New York ended up in third place.

As Dr. Beach has Stephen Leatherman already achieved cult status in the last decades and is regarded as the most well-known beach expert in the United States. Since 1991, he published his top 10 of America’s best beaches. 650 beaches will be assessed after 50 criteria, including water quality, the texture of the sand and the height of the waves. Hanalei Bay stands out due to its location in a crescent-shaped Bay and offers a popular backdrop for years for film and photo shoots with exotic Palm trees and a three Kilometre long white sandy beach. The year’s ranking of the top 10 beaches can be found under. Learn more about Hawai’i ‘ i exist among and. Images and further press information about Hawai’i, see.

Emotional Intelligence

At least let him assume advocates a new concept of psychology known as emotional intelligence, popular in the business world and which is based on the importance of handling feelings and emotions to be successful in the social sphere. This concept began to boom as a result of the Emotional Intelligence book written by the doctor in philosophy and scientific editor of The New York Times, Daniel Goleman. In this text, says that become aware of our emotions, understanding the feelings of others, handle the pressures, job frustrations and accentuate teamwork, they are simple but crucial skills to cope with property in today’s society.According to an estimate on the success, Goleman notes than IQ It contributes only 20%. The rest comprise elements such as social class, luck and emotional skills.The positive side of this trend is that it indicates that emotional intelligence is a skill and not a trait, and therefore can learn. Benefits to develop emotional intelligence, reach: A high self-esteem, Control your emotions a kind behavior, sereno, enthusiastic and positive be cooperative and happy most of the time concluded: of vital importance is the fact that Manager within their intellectual training must also be seen to emotional intelligence as a tool that will allow you to deal with certain situations from another perspective, and that in turn this will bring you benefits will be enrumbado to the correct path of your success or professional achievement.

To achieve this the Manager must possess the following skills: Intuit, understand, and effectively apply the power of emotions as a source of human energy, such as influence, confidence, creativity and information. Create productive and fruitful relationships. Filed under pressure. Courage to take decisions. Perseverance to adversity. Vision to create the future.

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The Office of the future: an Office where paper is a thing of the past. With us from the 1940 s, the concept of a paperless office has been present for a long time and is not yet a reality. Even so, the Office of today is a good approximation of the style imagined by people during the early 20th century. For example, consider the Treasury a video conference in New York, you are sitting at your desk discussing business matters with his colleagues, but his colleagues are thousands of miles away. Instead of having to travel long distances, one only has to turn his web camera, microphone, and your high bandwidth connection and can have the same meeting face to face. In today’s world the video conferences seem to be a simple application of technology, but that same technology wasn’t possible 30 years ago.

Imagine being the 1940 s; you were given him a heart attack or at least would need a whiskey and a cigarette. Although given that the employer of the 1940 s could have done two things in your Desk, would have a few surprises to the which would expect you in the future. Anyway, as you see it, you can argue that we have not reached the prophesied paperless office. The use of paper seems to be an integral part of how we manage and maintain our records. Though it is marked by printers laser and this next to computers of Silicon surrounded by fields of electromagnetic communications offices, it may not be released paper. Still, although it is not a paperless office, it is an Office definitely with less paper. Each email sent out written machine (or at least via Telegraph); each database was been a Cabinet of archives (perhaps a room full of cabinets); each copy of practice had been written again in a new sheet of paper (and without spell checker). Some of that thinking the next time that you forget to save a file and your computer fails. Kevin is an Executive researcher of a multinational company with a reputation and loves to write as a freelance journalist for different things. For more information about video conferencing, it is recommended to visit