Women gave her son 20 euros every three days so that he could survive. One day she refused to give him more money, and the couple of her mother threatened him death. Both women, and men, with the police, have been arrested. A 40-year-old woman has been arrested by agents of a national police of Sagunto as alleged author of an offence of abandon family to go to live with her partner and left alone at home for several months to his 16-year-old son. According to a release of the top police Chief, has also been detained the pair of women, a man of 47 years, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of serious threats. Investigations were started to have knowledge the policemen who a woman for two months, had left his home to go and live with his partner, leaving only his 16 year old son.

During investigations, the agents found out that the mother gave 20 euros every three days his son so that he could survive, since she lived alone in the home. According to sources, the 20 of July the mother went to the address and s u son asked him for money to buy food, but is refused and the young man tried to prevent him to go home until you do not give him money. The mother then hit him on the top of the head and I stretch the hair, then walking out of the place. Two days later, the young man was the current home of his mother to ask for money, but not open to anyone, returned to his home and on road was found with the couple this, which addressed. According to sources, the pair of women allegedly pulled a knife of big dimensions of the back of the pants, I put it near the neck and yelled out: here don’t. Then gave him a strong blow with the handle of the knife in the left eye, at the time saying you do not want to see more here. I your mother not abuse it and how I denuncies te mato. At that moment a neighbor came out to the balcony and realizing the suspect of his presence, hid the knife.

The young man ran away and After contact with one of her aunts was attended injuries that presented at the hospital de Sagunto. As a result of the investigations, police identified the couple, of Spanish nationality, was arrested, the woman for an alleged offence of family abandonment and man, for an alleged crime of serious threats. The detainees, the man with the police, have already been brought to justice. Source of the news: A woman is arrested after leaving home and leave several months only to her 16 year old son

Milestones In The History Of Diamonds

iv century ad In Golconda (India) found the diamonds. In the imagination of connoisseurs of jewelry name Golconda paints a picture of the mystery religions of central India, where the beds of ancient rivers were given to mankind for a legendary diamond others – from "Hope" to "Kohinoor". Today in the jargon diamantaires Golconda – a synonym for a rare, extremely valuable diamond with perfect color and clarity characteristics. 1226-1270 years. The French king St. Louis ix Do not wear diamonds to all but the king. Charter clearly the link between diamonds and royal authority, St.

Louis firmly cemented their reputation for absolute luxury. Over 100 years after the proclamation of the ban enjoyed frenzied popular among European aristocracy. 1477 Austrian Archduke Maximilian ordered the world's first engagement ring with diamonds for the Duchess of Burgundy Mary. The custom of exchanging wedding rings, leaves its roots in Ancient Egypt. However, the noble gesture of the Archduke became a sensation, because until then no one and never heard that the woman gave a ring to commemorate the betrothal. It took some 500 years, and a ring with Diamond – an essential attribute of culture marriage proposal. 1500 European graver began experimenting with different kinds of cuts, approaching the maximum possible reflection of light in a stone. Indians prized jewel in its original, raw form, assuming that the sacred stone for his toughness and play of light.

In Europe, after the diamond became widespread, the strict taboo on the faceting of the stone eventually disappeared. The very first diamond cutting production occurred in the middle of the xiv century in Venice. Craftsmen-cutters come up with a table facet, faceting in the form of roses, and in the end, brilliant cut. 1869 After the discovery of diamond weighing 47.69 carats in South Africa started a diamond rush. Betrothed "Star of South Africa (Star of South Africa) pear-shaped diamond weighing 47.69 carats cut was not the first diamond found in South Africa. That title belongs to diamond weighing 10.73 carats, called " (), found in 1866. However, it is followed by "Star of South Africa's diamonds began to appear in incredible amounts. The growing popularity of diamonds coincided with the so- called Belle Epoque (1890-1914 gg.), during which the usage was included electric lights, multiplies the already bright natural shine of diamonds. 1919 Marcel Tolkowsky to calculate the exact proportion of "ideal cut "diamond. In his scientific paper entitled "Construction of a diamond: An analysis of the reflection and refraction of light in a diamond (Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond) Marcel Tolkowsky described the ideal proportions of a round brilliant cut, allows to balance the characteristics of retroreflective diamond. The results of his research formed the basis of dominant now in the grading of diamonds philosophy of "cut – it's all". Copywriter in New York advertising agency nw Ayer France Gereti (Frances Gerety) invented the most famous advertising slogan of all time. In 2000, the magazine Advertising Age named Gereti invented an ingenious phrase "Brilliant – this is forever (A Diamond is Forever) the best advertising slogan xx century. Establish firmly in the collective consciousness and become an integral part of today's lexicon of popular culture, this slogan seems to stay there permanently, more accurately, forever.