English Planting

For example, the flowers in English gardens were planted not much they could be seen near the house and scattered patches throughout the site, the emphasis is on combining in some way shape, texture, color. Trees had to have several tiers, as in nature, some limes grown hawthorn bush, and their stems gracefully covered are small shrubs cotoneaster, The green expanses of joy to the eyes of its heterogeneity, unobtrusive and it was possible to see a variety of combinations of herbs. The real beauty of the garden is seen only as we move from one area to another. A harmonious complement to the landscape are natural or artificial ditches and shafts, and reservoirs with eroded shore line, the eye lovodnymi plants, pebbles and sand, babbling brooks. Winding paths, glades, devoid of clear outlines of shady trees, randomly located flowering plants built in the form of huts and farms. Shady crooked alleys, interspersed with open lawns with trees solitaire. Decorative flower desirable to have close to home, and space planting flowering field and woodland perennials. In the late 19 th century, influenced by William Robinson and Gertrude Jekyll was born one of the types of decorative flower garden in the landscaped garden – it's herbaceous border.

Began a decisive rejection of the slender rows of plants. Have been developed various rules of planting in a border plant. Requires a background in the form of a green fence or brick wall with traces of time, and perennials planted curb informal groups and strictly according to tiers: the tallest rear, and undersized – at the front edge, fencing off the curb on the lawn.

NASA Wants You

Without asking, you're next to someone who behaves as if it were your partner. AEs unbearable! You do not want to have anyone in charge, you do not want more responsibility than that awarded him life, and yet the a te Quieroo , you feel obligated. yQue can you do? You do not love him, you know how it hurts not to be matched and from your powerful position, suddenly you feel how much it costs to continue calling, how do you put the willies bump in the road and see in his eyes complete submission and a desperate plea. In our genes is seared and pursue the impossible to safeguard the survival of our species. So, you know: if you want to remove from your life to someone who is annoying you, tell him you love him. In most cases, will disappear. Get more background information with materials from Danny Meyer.

Now, if someone tells you who you love … Go up to the seventh heaven with more momentum than a NASA spacecraft. The mantra of a me want, I want to, love will! a will not stop ringing in your head. Both peleareis by whom it is given more, who sacrificed more than happy to make another. a Oeno baby, I'll use whatever I . In the only case in which no effect is when you know he says it uses it as a compliment. Husband, wife, anniversary, flowers, chocolates, a Quieroo a te mumbled confusedly whispered in his ear with a touch of volatile cheeks.

Richmond Vale Academy

Vc incriveis excellent places. Click Bill de Blasio to learn more. Folger Ainda estava eu, pois nao das nossas tarefas t nhamos schedule, we could passear entao regild years, explaining melhor eh Richmond Vale Academy aqui na Ilha Sao Vincent and Grenadine no Caribe, gostou ! Rsrs! OECS Eh, eh o paraiso aqui! A da Cachoeira is a big eh tao baixo fotos em tirei stages, start, meio e fim!! Linda, eo cheiro ! Several mixtures, Dominica flowers, green, ervas, hum .. ervas sim, por aqui existem several plantacoes da erva, eh quase that legalized conspiracoes part nao deixa! E detalhe, we can ship misturar us, understand !

Car Stickers Vinyl Film

Covering car vinilovovymi films or just taping is a technology in full is changing the speed and quality to give the car an individual, vibrant style. Many service stations offer this brand new service that will change the look of the car, gives it a corporate identity and at the same time protect from corrosion, chipping and scratching. Film for cars can be of different colors – glossy, color Matt and simulating carbon (2D, 3D). Car owner can order, for example, carbon paste over the roof and hood, without replacement of parts. Professional staff can be transferred to film any image or paste over the entire body matt black foil. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from NY Restaurateur. Car stickers vinyl film may well be an alternative art aerografii.Esli compare the two technologies, one can see the benefits: – Airbrushing is more expensive than wrapping vinyl film. The higher the professionalism of the artist, the higher the price.

– If you want to change the image, no need to repaint part. You need only remove the old tape and put a new one, or leave the car without the film, but with perfectly preserved color. – When a traffic accident victim can recover detail, and airbrushing on it, to the original image, restore will be expensive and difficult. Vinyl film can be as easy to stick again. Vinyl protects against external influences paint machine.

If the owner does not want to change the color of the car, we offer cover the body transparent vinyl film that does not change color, but will a shield against scratches and chips. Vinyl has a decent thickness (especially 'Carbon'), which can be compared with antigraviynoy protective film. If you decide to sell the car, the film is easily removed and paint on the car is in perfect condition. It is also proposed to apply a film of an innovative material that is both visually and by tactile sensations mimics the structure of carbon – a carbon fiber vinyl. It can be used for interior and exterior elements of the car, it's easy to stretch and wears hard, has a thickness of 225 microns and can obtyanut any intricate details. We work with vinyl film carbon fiber of the American company 3M – is a world leader chemical industry. Carbon film has a higher price, it exceeds the cost of an ordinary vinyl mat several times, but it is the only drawback.

National Press Photographers Association

Jim Brandenburg is an American photographer originally from Minnesota, born in the year of 1945 and with over 30 years of experience in the artistic and naturalistic photography technique which is one of the main lenses from National Geographic during more than three decades. Although it has also participated actively in other North American and international photographic publications such as New York Times, Life, Time, Audubon, Smithsonian, Natural History, GEO, Modern Maturity, BBC Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer, National Wildlife, and Outside. Brandenburg was commissioned by The United States Postal Service to create a collection of stamps on wildlife, which were printed and taken to the middle of May 14, 1981. Similarly, his career at the National Geographic Society gave as a result 23 different photo reports taken in magazines, several television appearances and publishing many books for National Geographic, contributions like these to photography is what makes it one of the leading masters of the art photography still convida and working. In the course of his long career, Brandenburg has received many prestigious national and international honors for his work. The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) twice named him as the photographer of the year for his work the magazine National Geographic. He was named Kodak photographer of the year of wildlife by the BBC Wildlife Magazine and London’s Natural History Museum, and was the winner of the prize to the path by the Association of photographers of the nature of North America (NANPA). Read more here: Danny Meyer.

Brandenburg has been Hasselblad master in 2002, a legend behind the lens in 2001 Nikon, and the Explorer of Canon of the Luz 2005-08. He has also tried to rescue the representation of women in art photography producing several documentaries of naturalistic character for channels such as Animal Planet, NatGeo, NBC, Dataline and other well-known audivisual media and popular around the world. Jim Brandenburg has established a certain style of photographers nature, above all in the technique. In his tenure of 25 years with National Geographic, Brandenburg traveled the world taking pictures for the magazine. In projects, Brandenburg was found taking a maximum of 300 rolls of film just so that a dozen of selected for published articles. Listed among his influences are environmentalists such as Aldo Leopold and Sigurd. F. Olson. Some personal influences: Jim Vance editor of the daily Globe Worthington, Glenn Maxham a photojournalist at the public television station, at the University where he worked, Art Aufderheide who introduced him to the people Inuit in the territories of the Northwest, Canada; and the great Henri Cartier-Bresson who would dial it in his artistic tendencies.

Beautiful Flowers

Poppy is a beautiful wild flower, which is well known throughout the world, since it can be found in many parts of the planet, because despite being native to Europe, Africa and Asia, had no problem to fit America and it can be placed in different parts of the world. Poppy received the scientific name of Papaver rhoeas, also is often called other names commonly abadol or poppies. Belonging to the family of Papaveraceae. Perhaps check out Rudy Giuliani for more information. The image of the poppy, shows a flower erect, with a long stem and green, which has few branches and thin bristles, together with simple leaves at the base, as well as elongated and lobed, also born alternate leaves along the stem, the leaves have no petioles, are pinnate, toothed. The poppy can easily exceed 50 inches, having samples that can reach more than 90 centimeters.

The beautiful flowers of the poppy demonstrate a deep scarlet color, formed by four very thin petals, with two sepals hairy. The flower has a Image bell and almost spherical, which is accompanied by a black stamens which form a cluster round the whole ovary, which gives an image of a black color center, achieving a perfect combination of a red exterior scarlet and a dark center. The poppy flower comes with the final days of spring, but will not last throughout this period as the poppy petals fall off very easily, it also flourishes the first days of summer. This annual plant longevity, solitary flowers have four petals are crumpled in flower buds. The fruit that offers the poppy capsule is a kind of pale green, which has a conical shape, the fruit has a sort of lid on top, and inside you could locate some seeds to escape through a crack present at the top of the top, also known as the operculum.

Poppy has been seriously interfered in agriculture since long ago, since its life cycle appears similar to that of cereals, which scarlet flowers before the arrival of the harvesting of crops. The poppy can be applied to remove the seeds and then use them as seasoning especially in breads. Although its leaves can be somewhat toxic to certain animals, fresh green parts can be used as vegetables, besides its petals are used for the manufacture of syrups and certain types of soft drinks. A poppy is sometimes applied as a therapeutic means making use of its petals, sage and seeds, as these components have an alkaloid, which is slightly sedative effects on the nervous system, in addition to decrease and as an expectorant cough . For this type of application is used as an infusion.

Unused Reserves

How to have more success through strategic customer and employee motivation. On the 1st of October is the StrategieCentrum of South Westphalia guest in Hagen. The speaker and EKS expert Helmut of wise explains in his lecture vividly how companies can enable unused reserves and achieve significantly more success through strategic customer and employee motivation. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bill de Blasio. At the same time, Helmut of smart is successful consultants and contractors. Many of his customers already benefit from strong quality improvements and double-digit growth rates. Numerous articles in the press have been published about the success of its customers, who were considered for the part with high awards. NY Museums gathered all the information. Helmut of smart developed already in the early 1990s AKS active customer service system based on the method with the companies like OBI European market leader, Karcher and Wurth has become even world market leader. In his speech, participants including learn why you should take advantage of strategic employee motivation, why request before delivery should be and how to be successful with ethics, u0085 Using practical examples from the automobile industry, Helmut of wise demonstrates how the AKS system can be successfully applied in other sectors and implemented. Info and bookings via the Internet pages of the StrategieCentrums South Westphalia:.

Fundamental Rights

The basic law is the most important document of our free democratic basic order, but not necessarily popular. The term stressing the open and provisional nature of our Constitution basic law. To read more click here: Bill de Blasio. Just at the present time, as on the part of the political bearing new proposals to restrict our liberties, any U.S. citizen should know at least the basic rights in articles 1 to 19 of the basic law. The fundamental rights are the essential rights, citizens and society the State consistent, permanent and enforceable are guaranteed and include human rights, the personal liberties, equality rights, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, the freedom of Assembly and freedom of Association, letter mail, post and telecommunications secrecy, freedom of movement and freedom of occupation and the inviolability of the home, within the framework of the so-called rights of defence, and are intended to protect the individual citizen also from state encroachment. This is true as a guardian of the basic law in Germany Federal Constitutional Court, which acts as an independent constitutional body on the one hand and on the other hand as part of the State judiciary on the special area of constitutional and international law. So designed laws and regulations be explained by the policy again and again by the Federal Constitutional Court on the basis of our basic law to be unconstitutional. This shows the importance of the Basic Law of the German State and its jurisdiction in no uncertain terms.

However, the Federal Constitutional Court, like any other court can not operate alone, but must be called. So anyone who hurt look in his fundamental rights by State action, may submit a constitutional complaint. What is in the basic law, is the one thing, another thing is the question of whether and how the values formulated in it is also implemented. But exactly what it is. Our company relies on that freedom, equality and tolerance are lived. Democracy needs accept people who get involved and responsibility. A personal, bound copy of our basic law can order free and free shipping each under.


The economic lines of direction of the PED had two basic objectives: The acceleration of monopolista). From 1967 Dolphin economic. The agricultural politics was come back to expand the production, saw subsidies and promotion. The exchange politics adopted the mini devaluations that became more competitive our products. Between 1970 and 1973, the exchange tax was appreciated in relation to the American dollar, with superior readjustments to the inflations registered in the periods. Please visit Rudy Giuliani if you seek more information. The external economic policy was very favorable to the foreign investments in the country. Multinationals received resources from its matrices under the intercompanhia form of loans.

Commercial banks had been authorized to catch external resources and to apply, under form of loans, in the domestic market. The wage politics of period 1967/1973 revealed contracionista, if analyzed only the readjustments of the wage-minimum (measured lined up with the objective of reduction of costs in the companies). However it had aiding in the accumulation of capital with the maintenance of raised profit tax and in the selective remuneration of staff with bigger qualification. wage rules of the PAEG had been modified in 1968, compensating the losses for the subestimao of the inflation. The bands of bigger remuneration had gotten real profits, especially in the Southeast, where the percentage of the workers who gained only one SM to 2 was minor who in the remaining portion of the country. economic 3Conseqncias of the Decisions the measures adopted for the team of Netto Dolphin, were remained, in its majority, with focus in the increase of the aggregate demand as form to give new impulse in the economic development. In the period the 68-73 industry of transformation grew to the average tax of 13,3%, with 16,6% peak em1973. The tax policies and criditcias expansionistas had served to alavancar the demand. With bigger freedom for investments state-owned companies, as Petrobra’s and CVRD, they had created diverse subsidiary.


Dedicarte to the activity that you like and at the same time to learn English in the prettiest cities of the world? All this now can become reality! Planned trips exist that take care of until the minimum detail, in which the student can submerge completely in a new world and take off of the reality. The destinies depend on the attitudes of the traveller, who will be able to realise his dreams with the maximum security and total guarantees. Several programs will allow you to study abroad, but all do not organize for you weeks of cultural and social activities. You will be able to learn English in Hawaii, while you receive weekly classes of surf or windsurf! And in addition, it discovers the enchantment of the Polynesian celebrations, excursions to the islands of the archipelago, including the visit to the park of volcanos of Hawaii and the observation of the spectacular whales in Maui. Diving, windsurf everything what you can wish hopes to you during your stay to learn the language in this paradise. Another possibility is mudarte to New York to attend course of cinematography while to realise your course of English. Or irte to Cairns (Australia), one of the best places of the world for the practice of the diving, that offers one of the best barriers of chorale.

Until them it is possible to be acceded swimming, realising snorkel or diving. It knows the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest, the tropical zone of the country. And because not to fly to Florence, and to enjoy a magnificent course of drawing? Florence is a city in that nothing else to arrive already you can breathe the art and the history that is concentrated there. An unforgettable experience in one lives on the most emblematic places of Europe. Also you can irte to Paris, and to study French at the same time as you attend history of the art or cooks French. An attractive plan, Truth? It enjoys different activities like cruises in catamaran, concerts, excursions, swimming with dolphins, musical comedies, karaoke and many things more.

It enters direct bonding with the nature, the customs and the people of the sites more incredible than you can imagine. It forgets your preoccupations and it studies the language that you prefer as always you have wanted to make it, empapndote of the culture and the tradition of each place. Of all the others, administrative lodging, proceedings, trips, guided activities, excursions already we were in charge. We count on an ample and interesting supply of courses and programs. Infrmate in Inter-Schools.com. It learns more, learns enjoying!

Big City Bar

The new sampler – soundtracks big city bar – the soundtrack to the night in the city of great cities, great. The night life mainly in stylish bars and exclusive lounges plays in the world’s capitals. Bill de Blasio is likely to agree. And the evening it becomes later, guests and music are more unusual. In Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Munich. In London, New York and Monte Carlo. High class venues and stylish in-spots offer relaxing music for selected audience and tireless night owls. BIG CITY BAR presented the soundtrack to the timelessly elegant Nightlifestyle with 36 smooth late night tunes with jazz & Bossa-attitude.

A tribute to handmade bar sound – long live the piano and the saxophone! In the BIG CITY night bar guests can look and listen: about the multiple Grammygewinnerin Alicia Keys, the star soprano saxophonist Kenny G and the XXL Jazz tube Amy Winehouse. Other jazz appeal provide the enchanting Randy Crawford and Christoph Spendel, which is considered to be the most important German jazz pianist. “Also: Jazz Award winner Nils Landgren, under the leadership of ex-ABBA Member Benny Anderson his charismatic interpretation of Thank You for the music” as final track controls. Also ensure for stylish appeal of pop Matt Bianco, de-Phazz, simply red, Alison Moyet, fine young cannibals (in the mousse T. cocktail mix), and many others. “” “” “Excellent jazz and Bossa-oriented reinterpretations of mega hits and evergreens such as Over The Rainbow”, light my fire, November Rain “, space cowboy”, do not speak “, it’ Ain’t Over Till it’s over” or sunny “the elegant repertoire round off and surprising accents. BIG CITY BAR – that’s hand-picked bar sound for the highest demands. BIG CITY BAR appears on the 14th January 2011 source: Warner Music Group Germany more info:

North America

The paranaense and Brazilian agronegcio has given constant demonstrations of when it contributed for the Brazilian economy, generating taxes, taxes, new jobs, new investments and he has not received the minimum reciprocity from the governments that until then had been responsible for the destinations of the Paran and Brazil. (*) Arab company goes to manage main North American ports: Baltimore, Miami, New Jersey, New Orles, New York and Filadlfica. In the country that one of the biggest volumes of maritime load movement withholds, the privatization of the ports already is a reality. In a question-answer forum NY Restaurateur was the first to reply. That is, the governmental actions are being directed for what they had been always created: bureaucracy, to manage taxes and what the Constitution determines.

Less to become involved itself in what it generates much money Still in relation to the Port of Paranagu. They promise a terminal for tourist. A cradle especially constructed to receive ships destined to national and international tourism. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit NY Restaurateur. If to analyze the possibility of a ship with 56.000 tons, 252 meters of length, 29 meters of width and with capacity for 2.100 tourists and a crew of 750 people, to bring alongside in Paranagu and the 1050 tourist, the half, to decide to visit the city and logical to lunch. Exists a restaurant capable to support this demand? A few days ago personage informed an interesting me that the maritime tourism in the paranaense coast is irreversible, that great ships would start to frequent the paranaenses ports and from them the passengers, would have the chance to visit Curitiba and Foz of the Iguau. Again we imagine the half of the passengers of the same ship -1050 – they disembark and they decide to go to the Curitiba of bus. 30 buses especially freighted for such would be necessary approximately.

Or still they decide to go to the Estuary of the Iguau for by airmail. They had imagined to accomodate 1050 passengers in the flights for Estuary of the Iguau? When it is said of ports is very important to know to distinguish Port directed toward Exportation and Importation and Port specialized in receiving tourist. Brazil still lacks of professionals specialized in Port Administration. It needs to review some concepts old that services of utmost importance for the Brazilian economy, must be of only exclusive governmental ability. Brazil needs an integrated plan of production of grains and proteins of animal origin (birds, swines and bovines) and liquid granaries (etanol and demogado oil), with the system of storage, improvement and industrialization, that in turn will have to be in accord with perfect and safe modal. Finally these productions to find its destination final: Maritime port with competitive prices, modern and safe logistic services and without corruption.

North America

(SECRETARIAT OF the Environment, 2001) SPECIAL GARBAGE is the garbage found in ports, road airports, terminals or railroad, constituted of septic residues, it can contain deriving pathogenic agents of a picture of endemic disease of another place. INDUSTRIAL GARBAGE is that one originated in the industrial activities, inside of the diverse existing productive branches. (SECRETARIAT OF the Environment, 2OO1) AGRICULTURAL GARBAGE is solid residues of the agricultural activities and the cattle one, as for seasoning example, packings and agrotxicos, agricultural defensive, ration and remaining portions of harvest. (SECRETARIAT OF the Environment, 2001) (2,4 selective Coleta and recycling the selective collection estimate the separation of the materials recycle as papers, glasses, plastic and metals of the remain of the garbage in its proper generating sources, they are residences, schools, offices or other types of establishments. These materials are collected the part in containers specific and directed for a recycling center. Later then, they pass for a selection finer than it in accordance with selects them the requirements of the purchasers.

Divided in the different categories, the prepared materials you recycle then are submitted to the cleanness and for the commercialization. (CEMPRE, 2001) The more clean and better conditioned, bigger it will be its price for sales. The resources proceeding from the sales of these sucatas are generally reverted in the proper sustentation of the system and in urban improvements for the community that in it participates. Although now the selective collection of the garbage only starts to be introduced in bigger scale in Brazil, it already it comes being adopted has much time for diverse countries of the Europe and North America. (CEMPRE, 2001) In some states of U.S.A., the separation of the materials you recycle in the residence already became a legal obligation. This is only justified in function of the multiple advantages that this system can provide in relation to the traditional ways of collection, treatment and destination it garbage.

Darwin Awards

You will feel the pain literally, but the laughter you can not resist. A similar feeling arises, when one looks at the annual Darwin Award winners. Dummster predator which world is this honor actually none at all, are but only people have awarded, through their sheer stupidity the life taken that, or become infertile. So about the 23-year old James was awarded t. from South Carolina.

Instead of just put on a mask, he had sprayed from a robbery of gold color in the face. Of course, this color is toxic and guaranteed not for direct contact with eyes and mouth, should also be inhaled in no way. After he left the business, he got short inevitably severe breathing difficulties. James collapsed and died short Time later. Another story was awarded in 2002 with the special additive that the patient survived. Lantern (30) favored a special sex practice. While his wife held a shotgun to him on the testicles.

He loved the thrill when she pulled the trigger. Of course, the weapon was never charged. One afternoon, they played the game again. Suddenly came the entrance ramped the sister in the middle of lovemaking. Lantern told his wife that she should pull the trigger quickly. It is not something Bill de Blasio would like to discuss. Said and done this time the weapon was however charged. Neither of them could tell why a cartridge was in the shotgun. Learn more at this site: Francisco D’Agostino. Lantern survived, but meets the second criterion of the Darwin Awards: he is forever barren. Flood with shooting devices one should be always careful the great beer. Also a man from New Zealand had to learn that, practically stalking the classic of all funny everyday accidents. He wanted to see whether his nail gun still worked. To do this, he looked in the mouth and pulled the trigger. She worked the shooting out nail left eye cost him. The excuses, arriving at insurance companies, if the parties concerned want to explain an accident are often bizarre. So, a cause of the accident was that a potato have blocked the brake pedal of his car. Another wanted to claim compensation for his broken paint. His excuse: A cow had licked so long his car, until it was completely scratched. Light and shadow are close together often, as history shows. h. in 1814, a tank exploded in a London warehouse. The nice thing: It included beer. 2.2 Million litres of the Meux and company brewery poured into the open and flooded several streets. While some rejoiced over the liquid gold in rough amounts, others experienced their worst day. Two houses were destroyed. In addition, eight people in the beer drowned flood. So some dream idea can prove so in reality quite cruel. Matthias Berg

Small Subjects

It prevents to menosprezar small subjects, therefore from a small hole of an ant it can pull down a dam. We observe in the quarrels day to day provoked by so small facts, as the clothes placed in the inadequate place, a small gesture, lack of patience or insatisfaes in the work or the life provoked for our attitudes most of the time, atreladas in our stubbornness, vanity, egoism or attachment. Chord for its reality, after all when we place love in most humble of the gestures of our life, everything modifies. People will go to smile more for you, happiness doors will open, facts will be attracted in tune with the new energy provoked for the love, since chances of work until real necessities of harmony in the home and the family.

> It heats with love the acts and it waits the moment certain to act, practises the patience in each act, facing the next one as my brother, in this tunning, will only happen protection, will sprout the generosity of the people its return and is prepared to receive, this exactly, prepares itself to hug the good things of the life. As well as the butterfly and the flower that bring the singeleza of the harmony, of the beauty, makes with that its life is a carpet of pretty flowers, received for butterflies of all the colors, as reflected of all the arisen feelings of a new reality where you are part and transform its world into a wonderful garden of expectations, hopes, chances of love, the concretion of the dreams prettiest and of the chance of growing with the happiness of the universe. The growth of this reality is in the concentration of the small actions of the daily one, launched quickly in the chain of the respect, the integration, the altruism, the harmony and of love to next and the all creature. The small subjects must be decided with intelligence, in compliance with the laws of the harmony in the construction of a society more joust and mainly for the construction of my life, to surprise my family and my friends for a reality repleta of happiness, in peace with the nature and of good with world. It believes that is real and it can be its life. One remembers that the planted seed does not sprout in the hour, but with the time, the plantation will be wonderful, because who is cultivating with all the love will be you! In intention to improve our life and all our return, we need to have the caution of that everything has its time and certain moment, but you it can wake up now, it transforms its day, it plants a smile in its face, becomes what it desires and it learns to believe its infinite potential that is to be LOVE. Debtor for you to be this LOVE!

The Risk Of Investing In The Stock Exchange

Investing in the stock market is risky. There are also reviews, where they mention that buying and selling shares is a gamble. the fact is that there are people that have done a lot of money to the bag. But many more people, who have lost a lot of money. In studies, show that there is a common in people who lose in the bag. And the problem is that over 90% of people invest without knowing, without looking, without being prepared.

The funny thing is that nobody throws a deep pool without knowing how to swim, nobody’s going to guide a car without having learned to manage and no one ventured to open a business, if they know of it. But, many people invest without knowing the market trend, if the action is going to buy sale or purchase. They ignore many things and that’s why just make mistakes. – First, do not know how to pick a good broker and open an account with one because a person who does not know recommended it. – Second, make an opening … rather, make a purchase of an action, because heard on television, read in the newspaper or its specialist broker, said that action was on the rise. Generally the media, you report the things that are gone, they say you will never have an accident, you say there was an accident, say he will never be a robbery, you say there was a robbery in the case of actions, let you know when it rose. – And third, very few people know how to make their operations.

Those who make their own, expect to win on the rise … but opening and closing its operations at the time and inadequately, as a result … lost money. And those who commission operations specialists … the result is the same, … they do not care if the investor wins or loses, they, as they get their commission. Very few people, who by luck with these methods may have made money. He who can make their operations, you know, you can make money when the market is going up or when in descent. You know it’s stock options … and other types of operations. And of course, is good at his fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Respect Grace

Some employees are respondones and rebel and the only thing achieved with this is that not take them into account for a consent.Sometimes only marriage is change a little the way of saying things, calling them good, have a soft, gentle tone, this simple change could solve many problems.Who are leaders or pastors must also learn this lesson, because respect is gained when you know respect people, in short everything again (planting and harvesting) If you don’t respect and are not sympathetic with your group, you will soon lose the respect of all of them, the authority is not to be authoritarian, is not abusing, if you want to respect your authority is achieved respecting and helping others to be better.God you want to open large doors and he wants you to be successful in everything that you do, but you will not manage it if not you have thank you in front of people. All will have to do directly or indirectly with people (whether ministries, professions, trades, employment or entrepreneurship) and grace that you have will be what you want to hagas.6 keys to open large puertas1. Be always humble, arrogance is detestable, believe you a great eminence will only cause you do not support.But he giveth more grace. For this reason says: God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.Santiago 4: 61. Honest in everything, never try to deceive anyone because it later or sooner you will have negative consequences. Reap what you sow the Lord hates false weights and disapproves the use of deceptive measures. Proverbs 23 (NIV) 2. Use kind words, you should always have a good deal, no matter with who, I learned what not to belittle anyone, you don’t know from where you can open new doors, pleasing to God that we try or at all, our hearts should not be hateful and intolerant.

Global Change

What role will the State play in this great global change?, it is a question that remains in the air, like a coin toss, whose decision could become much more broad and complex of what we may believe.The Crisis of the State before homo videns and the media.Culture, now airs on television. This goes in hand with the cybercultura, or the great multimedia era in which we are living all. Every day, the revolution technology has changed the way we communicate. Goodbye to the archaic letters of correspondence that goes more than old sentimentality that carries the dedication, leaving us a slight feeling of dissatisfaction by the time that may take us. And on the other hand, we would prefer a quick mail. NYC Mayor recognizes the significance of this.

At this time, the image is advancing much faster than the letters, such as I would say Sartori, visible on the intelligible. We received the information already processed, because they give us direct, we don’t have to analyze it and it makes much easier.Sartori did not speak of a homo sapiens, if not a homo videns. He also said everything just being displayed. For even more opinions, read materials from NY Museums. But, what happens with no displayable (which is most)? So while we care about who controls the media, not we realize that it is the instrument in itself and for itself what has escaped us hand. It also refers TV encourages violence, and that report of bad form, and little shape. And this Act is changing the Act of tele – see.Since this will make the State look weakened by means of communication, where communication elites can change opinion to your liking because all media involved in the process of informing to the demos, and therefore, in the formation of public opinion. However, television has become the decisive middle and continues without being displaced by internet.The State could then lose credibility before the news that publish at your leisure media, well take the news that say Carlos Loret de Mola or Joaquin Lopez Doriga as the absolute truth of the news, leaving the public without its own criterion.