Spaniards Marcel Granollers

EFE the Serbian won in the O2 Arena in London by 7-6 (6), 7-5. Once again showed their mental strength by winning in two sets in which started losing and returns to Crown with a title that has already won in 2008. Closing the year for second consecutive year as the world number one. The Spaniards Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez, champions in doubles. Speaking candidly Danny Meyer told us the story. Serbian Novak Djokovic has won his second Masters Cup on Monday before the Swiss Roger Federer, whom he defeated in the O2 Arena in London by 7-6 (6) and 7-5 in two hours and 14 minutes. Djokovic, who showed once again their mental strength by winning in two sets in which started losing, again is crowned with a title that has already won in 2008, and deprives Federer extend his record six Masters, more than any other tennis player in history. The Belgrade, which closes the year for second consecutive year as the world number one, and Federer, who had been the first ranking at end of season on six occasions, know perfectly well: had disputed until today 28 games, 16 of which the Swiss had taken them. Helvetico, moreover, came with winning inertia to its eighth final of the Masters (the Argentine David Nalbandian had already won you in 2005), given that this summer was imposed in their two latest appointments, in the semifinal of the Olympic Games and in the final Masters 1000 of Cincinatti, after planting a 6-0 to Serbian in the first set. Educate yourself with thoughts from Rudy Giuliani. So things, Federer opened the match with confidence and broke at the first opportunity the service of Djokovic, who has started with doubts in the majority of encounters in this Masters Cup, although he has also demonstrated its ability to overcome difficult moments. After ten minutes of play, champion this year at Wimbledon and Olympic silver medal had risen a resounding 3-0 to the marker from the crowded Pavilion O2 Arena, with a capacity for 15,000 spectators.

Clinical Advisory

The geriatricians suggest that all seniors should travel with a Clinical Advisory. They call these grandparents with constant changes in household grandparents swallow. Those changes can cause your multi-medication, prescribing unnecessary medicines or diagnostic tests repeated. Read more from NY museums to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Grandparents deserve the best after a long life of work and sacrifices. And yet, the last age, that we call third age, is for many a racking without end. Of homeownership to a child, then to the House of the daughter and return to start.

This is what have been called grandparents swallow. Those periodic changes of home can cause problems in your health care as the multi-medication, prescribing unnecessary medicines or repetition of diagnostic tests. Constant changes of domicile of swallow grandparents can give rise to major problems of adaptation, rootlessness and disorientation. In this context, the Spanish society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG) suggests that seniors who are changed usually House or holiday should be a Clinical Advisory to avoid problems with changes to medical consultation. Changing address currently 30% of elders aged 65 live with their children, of whom 34% does not dependence, 37% mild dependency, 14% moderate and 15% serious dependency. He is estimated that 0.6% of the largest rattan home frequently and changes a child’s House by another 2.8% at least once a year, especially on vacation. A continuous change of domicile hinders the integration of the grown-up in the family, the environment and community activities as well as its relationship with other people, each group has different dynamics and constant adaptation may favour the absence of role in the family.

This adaptation process favors the disorientation, the loss of autonomy and adjustment of spaces, also the older person is obliged to become accustomed to novelty in the House, the neighborhood, the health and sometimes also the city centre, this will prevent or hinder the creation of a social network more extensive than his own family. Recommendations of the geriatricians some tips can help to minimize the impact of change on the swallow Grandpa: offer you a space and specific place within the family. Give the necessary privacy. Encourage to continue to keep their routines, independence and autonomy. Prolong the stay in each of the homes. Distance changes.

Galician Administration

When we have the results decisions that need to be taken, shall be made and now is you can not advance if the campaign is ended, has insisted the Minister. For its part, the regional Minister of Presidency, Alfonso Rueda, who has also visited the area of the spill, it has explained the work focus on limiting pollutant stain to start working on it in the most effective and fastest way possible. In addition, wheel has ensured that if it is confirmed that dumping is the result of sabotage, the Galician Administration will put all media that fall on those responsible for the brunt of the law. The delegate of the Government, Miguel Cortizo, also present in the area of the spill, has declared that State security bodies and forces already work with endeavours to treat of who find out r and why it has provoked this environmental and socio-economic harm. Restaurateur contains valuable tech resources. Finally, the President of the Guild of fishermen to Pe in A Coruna, Manuel Baldomir, has warned of the risk posed by the new landfill that has undergone the estuary of O Burgo, and reminded us that this space is already very deteriorated. Baldomir has claimed a special plan for O Burgo, the Xunta de Galicia and that collected new landfill with all the guarantees so that the estuary can be reopened to the shellfish.

Baldomir has stated that he is soon to know the extent of the new spill, but has warned that it endangers the income of 134 families in one way or another ranging altered its activity for an indefinite time, and has insisted that administrations must provide the means sufficient injury to make the least possible for the sector. The cultivators of the estuary of O Burgo Group has spent years denouncing the continuous delays in the process of integral regeneration of the area, and has asked the administrations involved a greater commitment. The month of may, the regional Minister of environment, territory and infrastructures, Agustin Hernandez, announced works by more than two million euros in the beds of the rivers flowing into the estuary and set the integral regeneration of the area in 2013-2014 horizon. Source of the news: the estuary of O Burgo, closed to the shellfish by a spill of more than 30,000 liters of kerosene

Romania Trips

Most amazing trips to never lacks proposals: from the great wall of China to an archaeological excavation in Jamila (in Castilla – La Mancha). The summer months are usually the most requested to travel with this doll 2.0, but gradually his agenda begins to fill up at other times of the year: there are fans who want to teach his own city. It also has proposals for travel with people who study abroad or travelling for work, says Angel Tellez, one of its creators. Increasingly more amazing trips in which is participating: by its remoteness, Thailand, China and Mauritius; for its history, Petra and Egypt; by mythic, Christmas in New York (rolling with Callejeros Viajeros), and Loch Ness has Tellez. Experiences such as touch instruments, visit museums, sports has lived, has known pets, she has sung in karaoke bars, has made several cruises and even pulled in paragliding.

This weekend opens a new facet in his travels: attend the wedding of a Galician in Leipzig (Germany). Beyond of the travel although can remember more than one to the garden GNOME traveler in the movie Amelie, the objective of This initiative goes far beyond travel and photographs. This not only doll carriers show cities and emblematic locations: encourage sports and hobbies and especially places that otherwise we would not have the curiosity to know are discovered. In addition to travel for pleasure, also found the solidarity and protest trips: traveled to Senegal with a cooperating and got into the camp of 15-M in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol. To request enough with enter on its web page and in the section requests propose a trip or stay in a specific city. It has more 100 proposals as Brazil, Korea, Tokyo, EE UU, Romania, Mexico, Bolivia, and various routes through Spain and Central America, say its creators. Only in 2011 has traveled more than 81,000 miles. And the ones who left him. The news source: , a snowman 2.0? it revolutionizes the concept of travel


Women gave her son 20 euros every three days so that he could survive. One day she refused to give him more money, and the couple of her mother threatened him death. Both women, and men, with the police, have been arrested. A 40-year-old woman has been arrested by agents of a national police of Sagunto as alleged author of an offence of abandon family to go to live with her partner and left alone at home for several months to his 16-year-old son. According to a release of the top police Chief, has also been detained the pair of women, a man of 47 years, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of serious threats. Investigations were started to have knowledge the policemen who a woman for two months, had left his home to go and live with his partner, leaving only his 16 year old son.

During investigations, the agents found out that the mother gave 20 euros every three days his son so that he could survive, since she lived alone in the home. According to sources, the 20 of July the mother went to the address and s u son asked him for money to buy food, but is refused and the young man tried to prevent him to go home until you do not give him money. The mother then hit him on the top of the head and I stretch the hair, then walking out of the place. Two days later, the young man was the current home of his mother to ask for money, but not open to anyone, returned to his home and on road was found with the couple this, which addressed. According to sources, the pair of women allegedly pulled a knife of big dimensions of the back of the pants, I put it near the neck and yelled out: here don’t. Then gave him a strong blow with the handle of the knife in the left eye, at the time saying you do not want to see more here. I your mother not abuse it and how I denuncies te mato. At that moment a neighbor came out to the balcony and realizing the suspect of his presence, hid the knife.

The young man ran away and After contact with one of her aunts was attended injuries that presented at the hospital de Sagunto. As a result of the investigations, police identified the couple, of Spanish nationality, was arrested, the woman for an alleged offence of family abandonment and man, for an alleged crime of serious threats. The detainees, the man with the police, have already been brought to justice. Source of the news: A woman is arrested after leaving home and leave several months only to her 16 year old son

Florentino Perez

/ Florentino Perez has reported this afternoon the departure of Jorge Valdano’s club. Real Madrid exdirectivo stresses that the decision he has not taken it. Asked the President a meeting three many times, but it was impossible. He left satisfied after dnder the interests of an entity you want. Jorge Valdano, who until this evening as director general and attached to the Presidency of Real Madrid, has been dismissed to the press from his position and his last two years like white steering making that the club is which has taken the decision and that he always tried to meet with the President and Jose Mourinho, but it was not possible. Come the season finale Florentino Perez is, who has to make a decision and it has clearly opted. If the perception is that there was a struggle between the two (Mourinho and I), the winner of the fight you just count Florentino Perez opts, has pointed out in a cordial tone 55 years exdirectivo.

Questioned about his stance a fortnight ago, in which It maintained its intention to continue at the club, ensures that it was still his intention. I said she was not leaving and that he had no thought resign. My responsibility is diluted when it is a decision of the club, I not missed the truth. Valdano, who has shown his respect and devotion to the real entity, has indicated that he has always acted according to the interests of the institution. I have never turned Real Madrid into a battlefield.

My effort was containment, forced to prudence, responsibility and institutional sense. Arose a battle which I tried to escape because he believed that it was not good for Real Madrid. Much respect to this club, I want you, you taught me everything. Come the season finale is the club who has to make a decision and has clearly opted.