Clinical Advisory

The geriatricians suggest that all seniors should travel with a Clinical Advisory. They call these grandparents with constant changes in household grandparents swallow. Those changes can cause your multi-medication, prescribing unnecessary medicines or diagnostic tests repeated. Read more from NY museums to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Grandparents deserve the best after… Read more Clinical Advisory

Galician Administration

When we have the results decisions that need to be taken, shall be made and now is you can not advance if the campaign is ended, has insisted the Minister. For its part, the regional Minister of Presidency, Alfonso Rueda, who has also visited the area of the spill, it has explained the work focus… Read more Galician Administration

Romania Trips

Most amazing trips to never lacks proposals: from the great wall of China to an archaeological excavation in Jamila (in Castilla – La Mancha). The summer months are usually the most requested to travel with this doll 2.0, but gradually his agenda begins to fill up at other times of the year: there are fans… Read more Romania Trips

Spanish Tribute

Family members, politicians and New Yorkers in general breathed sigh of relief because finally the ceremony passed without any incident or alarm, while Thursday US authorities alerted of a credible and specific threat although not corroborated, of attack from Al Qaeda. Attempt to revenge the terrorist group for the death of Osama Bin Laden already… Read more Spanish Tribute


Women gave her son 20 euros every three days so that he could survive. One day she refused to give him more money, and the couple of her mother threatened him death. Both women, and men, with the police, have been arrested. A 40-year-old woman has been arrested by agents of a national police of… Read more Sagunto

Florentino Perez

/ Florentino Perez has reported this afternoon the departure of Jorge Valdano’s club. Real Madrid exdirectivo stresses that the decision he has not taken it. Asked the President a meeting three many times, but it was impossible. He left satisfied after dnder the interests of an entity you want. Jorge Valdano, who until this evening… Read more Florentino Perez