Worldclass Pinot Noir

New Zealand has more to offer than only Sauvignon Blanc was first up in the late 1980s, that the country has received the attention of the world: the fresh, aromatic Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough stormed to the top of the world. Even today the wine production is dominated by Sauvignon Blanc. 50% of the grapes grown are Sauvignon Blanc. Pinot Noir (called also Pinot Noir) is the most second most planted grape with 14%. In the past, the cool climate of the country in which the Sauvignon Blanc thrives wonderfully, has ensured that the red wine tasted thin and lactic. But that time is long gone.

New Zealand winemakers have learned quickly that, in warmer locations shifted the Pinot Noir plan tongues and planted the best clones (variants slightly modified through mutation or new varieties of grapes resulting from cuttings). The best Pinot wines have Noir not only a fresh acidity, but also ripe fruit flavors and supple textures, paired with a great complexity. This red grape is international on the rise and so the plantations have practically doubled since 2003. The rapid rise of New Zealand wines is even more impressive when you consider what is for a small, sparsely populated country New Zealand. New Zealand’s boundaries extend from tip to tip, the length from New York to Florida, but the land mass is only about the size of the American State of Oregon. There are 4.4 million inhabitants, about 31 million sheep and about 700 wineries.

With such numbers, it is not surprising that the wine export is a main source of income of the country. Due to the small domestic demand, winegrowers New Zealand operate the major export markets of Australia, Great Britain and the United States. In Germany, the New Zealand wine is still a true exotic. Only about 0.2% of the offered wines in Germany are from New Zealand.

Advertising Agency

– You are taken in an advertising agency. I congratulate you. From these words, I almost fell off, well at least sitting in a chair. I came to have a second interview at an advertising agency, but is still not expecting that I was, nothing yet representing the advertising business, will take in an advertising agency at this level. Before that there were other interviews, which is weird typography, new journals, offered to go to an agent without the stakes in real estate agency but this is a serious proposal, I was the first time. At first I started almost at the beck and call. I was sent to the department for the production of outdoor advertising. I sat open-mouthed and watched as the manufacturer is signage.

Day after day increased my knowledge in the field of advertising After some time I began to feel good employee advertising agency, and not just someone who has zero knowledge in the advertising business. Every day was better for me because I always learned something new. Earlier, he saw signs of any advertising, I have not thought about how it was done. In the course of study and work, I realized that such outdoor advertising and what is its role. I started like almost any ad I've seen on the streets. Even the banners over the road began to attract my attention. One day, my task was to install outdoor advertisement for Aeroflot. I first worked with such a large company, but the content of a billboard for some reason did not attract my attention.

I wondered why I was curious. Having come to my apartment, I came up with a new version of the ad I soon acquainted with his creation of chiefs and obtained by this increase. Front btl really made in my mind for something new. I became a true promoter and was ready to exploits. I always remember the experience gained in the first stage of its work and on friend, so my suggestions were always on high, and valued. I do not remember a single successful promotional campaigns, in which he himself had participated. I liked to socialize with people, especially if they showed considerable interest in the advertised commodity. With one man I could say on the subject of one good 25-30 minutes. He was interested in every detail, and talk with him was just wondering. But soon I was transferred to a job manager for promotions. Since the new ideas in my head were many, the work I performed always at the highest level. I created a new style in a nice dress for the promoters, had taught them a new way to talk with customers. With this achieved incredible success. Through Some time I got a job in the media department, and tv advertising. I finally realized how important large-scale advertising An infomercial can view the millions of people while the promoters were sent, for the most part, to work with units. I have been involved in creating video for the company Coca-Cola. Their commercials memorable to me forever. Such a colorful and pleasant advertising, as they have, it's hard to find. Summing up stage of my development department Internet advertising and promotion, has formed in my subconscious a clear idea about the advertising possibilities I finally realized that every step that I overcame, in its own way is important in advertising art.


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