Creating A Better Site

A few seconds determine success Researchers believe that only 6-8 seconds is a resource to win the battle for the visitor. If a potential customer will not have time nothing of interest for this moment (for the period), you may lose it forever – people will lose interest in your site and leave it. That is why the resource page should certainly be loaded quickly. Seeing the "hang" page, the user often loses his temper, and because its services are always many other sites. If no technical issues have not prevented zashedshem, your task – to ensure that the path to the most important information was easy and not overgrown sudden obstacles. Had recourse to the services of your resource person must be no interference to see what dedicated website, which company owns it and what services it provides, where the company is located. Do not forget to set cookie comprehensible creating a site – in St.

Petersburg, people are interested first of all St. Petersburg company, etc. It would seem, nothing complicated to make such simple information is convenient for the user But very often to see that Web sites do not provide such information or data is located in some inaccessible . And contact information (address, phone, etc.) are published in incomplete form – without an area code, without specifying the location of the organization. Really, it is not surprising that the capital you can take offense at the company, if after half an hour searching for the right product when trying to stumble on the order of Rostov-mail address! May well be that when a site provides the necessary placement of all the basic information about a resource, but the user is unable to get there.

Sports Betting?

That would be great if you could find the sports predictions with great accuracy and you know in advance who will win and No you think? In our times odds on almost all sports: soccer, baseball, basketball, American, s etc but the most popular today is the football. On the Internet you can find many strategies and systems for learning to know in advance the sports predictions myself personally have tried many systems and strategies, so far the best results has given me is called Soccer Betting System. This system is brand new and powerful, here they teach you step by step how to generate revenue in soccer betting. The accuracy of predictions sports betting is above 90%, the best part is you do not need prior experience on betting, you need to know to make money on football bets you explained within the system. This football betting system has been developed by a full-time Professional Player of the soccer betting, the was an employee of a Bookmaker, which is why he could develop the system. This system is based on the Asian Handicap, your only job is to follow the instructions you provide on your system, see some great matches and bet on them. After placing your bet (which will take you no more than 15 minutes) do not have to do anything else, you need not be in front of your computer or anything like that, nor required to be watching or by gathering information from the teams, as sports betting predictions gives very accurate system.


Selfishness Evolution

Evolved human nature but not always for the better man today is less supportive, think less in others, because he thinks he is first as an individual than the rest of those around him, this behavior is very common in places of work and elsewhere which have interests in real or imagined some financial reward? Money is a factor in this development should rather be called a regression because the race for economic success daily just friendships, marriages, partnerships, well, the money divided. Today’s man is usually the selfish, selfishness is defined as conduct that consists in putting its own interests first, the opposite of altruism (altruism is the feeling or tendency to do good to others, even at the expense of own benefit)? The old man was most unselfish, the most obvious example is to visit the least developed communities, where people are more caring, less selfish. The man was born altruistic just their supposed superiority over other species, has led to change their behavior.

In these difficult times we all should be a bit of altruism, the altruism that many species to which we regard as least not have lost over the years, as dogs often adopt orphaned cats, squirrels, ducks and even tigers, dolphins support sick or injured animals, swimming under them for hours and pushing them to the surface so you can breathe, chimpanzees share food with others in the group? Most mammalian carnivores such as wolves and dogs have the habit of not harming members of the group under a certain age, of opposite sex or the giving of the position of submission? Some monkeys give alarm calls to warn fellow predators, but in doing so, attract attention to themselves, thus increasing your chances of being attacked. Today’s man on the other hand enjoys abusing the weak, their needs, to ascend, to gain power, no matter over how many people have to go. How progress makes us ill, Buddha said that “if people do not hate herself so much, there would be less suffering in the world, because the self-hatred is projected to aggression and violence.” The selfish man is alone and isolated, so his life is filled with objects. His personality can be depressed with obsessive traits. The selfish leaving only be elected, because he can not share anything, progress equals involution.