December 2015

Agustin Ortiz Pinchetti

Jose Agustin Ortiz Pinchetti: The Awakening When my friends ask me, with a little irony that I win every week touring villages, towns, cities and villages in Puebla humble ‘working committees of the legitimate government, I replied without hesitation : Seeking a happy feeling. That puzzled and then I tell them an anecdote that I… Read more Agustin Ortiz Pinchetti

Creating A Better Site

A few seconds determine success Researchers believe that only 6-8 seconds is a resource to win the battle for the visitor. If a potential customer will not have time nothing of interest for this moment (for the period), you may lose it forever – people will lose interest in your site and leave it. That… Read more Creating A Better Site

Sports Betting?

That would be great if you could find the sports predictions with great accuracy and you know in advance who will win and No you think? In our times odds on almost all sports: soccer, baseball, basketball, American, s etc but the most popular today is the football. On the Internet you can find many… Read more Sports Betting?

Selfishness Evolution

Evolved human nature but not always for the better man today is less supportive, think less in others, because he thinks he is first as an individual than the rest of those around him, this behavior is very common in places of work and elsewhere which have interests in real or imagined some financial reward?… Read more Selfishness Evolution