Creating A Better Site

A few seconds determine success Researchers believe that only 6-8 seconds is a resource to win the battle for the visitor. If a potential customer will not have time nothing of interest for this moment (for the period), you may lose it forever – people will lose interest in your site and leave it. That is why the resource page should certainly be loaded quickly. Seeing the "hang" page, the user often loses his temper, and because its services are always many other sites. If no technical issues have not prevented zashedshem, your task – to ensure that the path to the most important information was easy and not overgrown sudden obstacles. Had recourse to the services of your resource person must be no interference to see what dedicated website, which company owns it and what services it provides, where the company is located. Do not forget to set cookie comprehensible creating a site – in St.

Petersburg, people are interested first of all St. Petersburg company, etc. It would seem, nothing complicated to make such simple information is convenient for the user But very often to see that Web sites do not provide such information or data is located in some inaccessible . And contact information (address, phone, etc.) are published in incomplete form – without an area code, without specifying the location of the organization. Really, it is not surprising that the capital you can take offense at the company, if after half an hour searching for the right product when trying to stumble on the order of Rostov-mail address! May well be that when a site provides the necessary placement of all the basic information about a resource, but the user is unable to get there.