Breath Of Fresh Air For Swedish Furniture

The Potsdam Start-Up tries to capture a new market new Swedish design with clever products for IKEA furniture. The idea for the creation of new Swedish design from the private employment and enthusiasm for IKEA furniture. First there were only IKEA hacks, i.e. existing pieces of IKEA furniture new furniture has been designed, which had nothing to do with the original function. This was followed by custom builds, which represented an added value to existing IKEA furniture fit. A monitor stand for an IKEA GALANT desk was the initiator of new Swedish design. Same, there was no suitable for this desk, not when the IKEA, and not on the Internet, so one was developed, adapted to the desk. A further monitor stand originated from this monitor stand and the where with the A4 printer paper problem and finally came an idea to the next.

All products have been created from local consumption and the same motivation, namely the unavailability in IKEA itself. Why should not the own solutions also for the other tens of millions IKEA customers have to be interesting? The foundation stone for the business idea of new Swedish design was laid. Your own shop and other online sales platforms, the products are sold mainly to private customers at the moment. Since but more and more requests for customer-specific solutions in the business environment, a B2B area would be built relatively quickly. The offer to the specific needs of different IKEA business customer will vary, because the cheap furniture are increasingly used in offices, offices, agencies and business premises.

Most of products new Swedish design and all developments are made in Germany. These are the quality, the close cooperation with the suppliers and of course also the support of the regional economy in focus. Social media is an increasingly important part of new Swedish design. Here the customer is to be made to the designer so that the customer decides z. B. through the platform of Facebook, which are interesting for him and should be further developed. In the new Swedish design logo is a deer and not much better to Swedish furniture matching Moose, has been rather an accident. The logo with the Moose dropped relatively quickly by Web designers because the elk more plump and unaesthetic worked with its stocky posture and his Chin flaps. After initial doubts, comparing and researching on Wikipedia, regarding the natural occurrence of deer in Sweden, then taking the deer in the logo. The deer embodies exactly what to with the furniture say apps the Moose is responsible for the gross, the more elegant deer will take care of the smart solutions. Oliver Idol

Energy Policy Federal Government informed interested parties of current development and photovoltaic prices Berlin, June 14, 2011 Germany is the most important market for solar plants worldwide due to its promotion. A development which is favoured also by Fukushima and the associated energy turning of the Federal Government according to the German solar industry association. So, the share of solar electricity will grow this year two to three percent and rise until 2020 continuously on one tenth of the total electricity production. Since however the promotion of photovoltaic orients itself on the built solar plants, Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen announced early June at a press conference on the nuclear phaseout, that from March 2012 due to the massive expansion of / solar systems with a further reduction in step six percent is expected. It remains in this decision, so promoting is lowered within a three-quarter year by nearly 30 percent: to June 30, 2011, and at the end of the year cuts are planned. Learn more about this with NYC Marathon.

To inform prospective buyers on time, started in June 2011 his advice, informed solar equipment prices and gives private or commercial prospects to appropriate, regional solar equipment provider. provides information about funding opportunities and photovoltaic demand rapid manufacturer for solar systems since the accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant in Fukushima. To be, the idea of the green electricity producers”sounds tempting for many Germans. In addition, solar energy as well for the private household budget worth. But through the upcoming reduction in promoting solar energy systems builders and other interested parties should hurry up to benefit enough from promotion for solar systems. Since June, 2011 prospective customers can use the service by The online portal informs its users about current solar systems prices and models, as well as regional and national solar equipment manufacturer. Who wants to receive funding in time, can make a request on the Internet page of the solar energy experts and receive on request telephone advice.


The following result rising demand for Selfstorage offers is to feel both the MyPlace branch in Friedrichshain and the six other MyPlace houses in Berlin. ( sites/berlin.html) Behind each door lies a story is often rent a self storage compartment part of a major station in the life of the MyPlace customers. A personal story behind every door: pulling together with the partner, the separation or inheritance in the family lead often to short-term lack of space. Often the stories are amusing, but sometimes sad,”confirmed Thekla Liebnitz. The storage compartments are often only an interim solution in such cases. On the other hand, the self storage compartments are also in the long term as external cellar”or rented for commercial purposes.

Many of these customers visit times their storage room in the month, to pick up things or to store again. One of them is Werner Ettel, it has its considerable design collection, which consists mainly of electrical appliances of the Braun company in outsourced a compartment at MyPlace. Its treasures are exhibited regularly in the Spandau Citadel. Their storage self-users 7 days have access to the week from 6:00 to 22:00, easily with their own key to the compartment. Martina Liedtke and Almut resins, the two employees at the Landsberger Allee assist its customers also in the computation of the required storage space. The clients are often amazed at how little space they actually need.

Most would rent out unnecessarily large compartments of the belly”tells Martina Liedtke. As a rule of thumb: a storage area of 1 m is required for the establishment of 10 m living space. The facilities of an average 80sqm apartment m has about 8 m-large storage compartment space therefore in one. “Upcoming event: says on October 13 that MyPlace in the Landsberger evaluate all 63 again experts”. The art experts of the auction house Historia enlighten free about whether the Berlin treasures or just worthless Store junk in their cellars. For more information see was_bietet_myplace/wertsachen_bewerten.html MyPlace SelfStorage Selfstorage means flexible rental of storage facilities for individuals and businesses, mostly in sizes ranging from 1 to 50 m, and go back to renting simple garage rows in the United States for the storage of goods of all kinds. MyPlace self is the market leader in the German-speaking world. In addition to the 23 branches in Germany, MyPlace operates 10 more in Austria and 2 in the Switzerland. For more information see

Allow Universities

If it is to apply to the Javeriana the North, ICESI, EAFIT, del Rosario, los Andes, no, and no one should be thinking about that. If it is to expand the coverage, under conditions that ensure quality, Yes; If it is to download the growth of for-profit institutions coverage, not. More broadly: If private capital is associated with public universities for innovation projects, Yes (already happening); If it is to fund more quotas in public offering, not. Analyze this piece is different from analyzing the puzzles, which lacks enough in the proposal of the Government. Now, if you look to Brazil as an example of progressive policies, but in a few cases, such as this, it rejects outright the example, then lose strength all references to Brazil. angela Robledo, representative to the camera by the Partido Verde. A Minister in the wrong place?. See Lila Snyder for more details and insights. Maria Fernanda Campo acts more as a financial manager that as a Minister of education.

Apparently, for her education is not the way, the road is the market. The universities are places for learning; they are an engine of development and peace, not a business, nor a privilege, nor a place for the exchange of goods. In the 8 months of silence, the Minister has not insisted on the gap that exists in coverage and quality between urban and rural education. He has not said how to prevent the defection of 30% which especially affects the poor youth between 14 and 18 years. He has not opined about the educational path for half of bachelors not entering higher education, nor nor over half of the students who enter the University but not graduating. In other words, he has not acted as a political leader. Minister: you no longer the Director of a major Trade Union institution. It will be in the wrong place? Aurelio Suarez, consultant independently, Consultor.La education top, another locomotive El Plan de Desarrollo de Santos is a Business Plan of the private sector and, in special, the foreign and financial.

The Court

The Court of the Pigs Having legal quorum, Dear President Porca Vain person declared open 2 Usual Session! of the Court of the Pigs. They compose the table, the Dear Vice-president Fishing Pig, the Dear Solicitor Silly Pig, the Dear Esnobe Pig, the Dear Good looking Pig and the Dear Bajulador Pig. Opened the session, Dear President Porca Vain person thanked the presence of the hienas journalists and lamented that the same ones have not participated of the memorable inaugural session of the Cut of the Pigs. Restaurateur insists that this is the case. A hiena reporter was excused for the absence, justifying that it had thing more important to make. Requested the reading of the Act of the previous session, the Dear Bajulador Pig asked if the President would like that it asked for dismissal, but left clearly that, in case that contrary, it she would have immense pleasure in proceeding to the reading of the Act.

The President ordered it to keep silent and it was thankful. Judgment in Guideline: nothing it had. It is not something Bill de Blasio would like to discuss. Judgment in Table: nothing it had. m. Administrative expedient: Dear President Porca Vain person requested to the too much members the approval of the equipment purchase of electronic control of the presence of the animals in its corrals, stables, tanks, aquariums, perches, hen houses, pigeon houses and kennels, as measured moralizadora; the Dear Bajulador Pig congratulated the President for the praiseworthy initiative; the Dear Vice-president Fishing Pig asked if the equipment also would be used in the chiqueiro; the Dear Esnobe Pig answered that it did not have necessity to control the presence of the pigs, has seen to be superior to the excessively animal ones, in what it was folloied by the too much members. Nothing more having, Dear President Porca Vain person declared locked up the session. I, Aturdido, cultivated this Act, of what I do not give faith.

The Nights In Paris – Sights And Shopping

Paris is not only the city of love or fashion, but also legander for the spectacular nights in many Paris considered the city of love or of fashion, which offers many sights and shopping streets. But what about the Paris by night? The French capital is legendary for their nights and offers you a vast amount of various entertainment venues to suit all tastes. You come to Paris, discover the Parisian night and live in a low-cost apartment in Paris. Not only the city of \”light\”, but also of music, dance and the exuberant celebration is the nights in Paris Paris. Even the most critical skeptics will be enchanted by this beautiful city. Although Paris is not as wild as the other capitals of the world, such as for example Berlin, Madrid or New York, her nights are, however, legendary. There you will find ranging from pubs to suit all tastes, quiet Cafes and trendy nightclubs to jazz clubs with a special personal and cosy atmosphere.

You can also visit the world famous cabarets or in the numerous pubs, scattered throughout the city. And there is also a pink Paris, located mainly in the Marais for the gay audience. Along the strA? Oberkampf are the trendiest discos of Paris, which are intended in particular for young people. This strA? and its surroundings were claiming mainly mid-nineties as the most important areas of the city and that has not changed to this day. The Bastille is a must for every party-goers. And if money is no object, then the Champs-Elysees offers a variety of elegant bars and nightclubs that attract tourists looking for a beautiful moment. In a Parisian night, find the cheapest party on the Ile de la Cite, an inland Island, which is located behind the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. Meet many refined strA? enkunstler and young people who want to meet new people and just Spa? have do the Buda bar is Symbol of the Parisian night.

Secretary People

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Clinical Advisory

The geriatricians suggest that all seniors should travel with a Clinical Advisory. They call these grandparents with constant changes in household grandparents swallow. Those changes can cause your multi-medication, prescribing unnecessary medicines or diagnostic tests repeated. Read more from NY museums to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Grandparents deserve the best after a long life of work and sacrifices. And yet, the last age, that we call third age, is for many a racking without end. Of homeownership to a child, then to the House of the daughter and return to start.

This is what have been called grandparents swallow. Those periodic changes of home can cause problems in your health care as the multi-medication, prescribing unnecessary medicines or repetition of diagnostic tests. Constant changes of domicile of swallow grandparents can give rise to major problems of adaptation, rootlessness and disorientation. In this context, the Spanish society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG) suggests that seniors who are changed usually House or holiday should be a Clinical Advisory to avoid problems with changes to medical consultation. Changing address currently 30% of elders aged 65 live with their children, of whom 34% does not dependence, 37% mild dependency, 14% moderate and 15% serious dependency. He is estimated that 0.6% of the largest rattan home frequently and changes a child’s House by another 2.8% at least once a year, especially on vacation. A continuous change of domicile hinders the integration of the grown-up in the family, the environment and community activities as well as its relationship with other people, each group has different dynamics and constant adaptation may favour the absence of role in the family.

This adaptation process favors the disorientation, the loss of autonomy and adjustment of spaces, also the older person is obliged to become accustomed to novelty in the House, the neighborhood, the health and sometimes also the city centre, this will prevent or hinder the creation of a social network more extensive than his own family. Recommendations of the geriatricians some tips can help to minimize the impact of change on the swallow Grandpa: offer you a space and specific place within the family. Give the necessary privacy. Encourage to continue to keep their routines, independence and autonomy. Prolong the stay in each of the homes. Distance changes.

Soviet Union

What is an anecdote, which easily turns the impossible into the desired, relative to the absolute, top to bottom, in the ordinary fantastic, but not to create new hierarchies and myths, and to cast doubt exist? The answer to this question is easy and difficult at the same time. Let's try to understand. At first glance, anecdote – a simple, often primitive short story of everyday life, on the other hand – the subject of Anecdote refuses to turn facts into values, certainly not "appreciate" the object of his story, as narrated neobhodimoimeet some tsennostiimeet some tsennostiigra voobrazheniyaigra imagination. The main task of a joke – laughter and a great pleasure, which he calls, rather than truth itself. Laughter for a joke – it's his right to a future life. Other rights he does not. The researchers argue that modern jokes historically originated as stories about the funny side of life of the great and famous people.

Anecdote constantly calls his heroes from ordinary people, deprives them of their height, put in place, ie Descends from heaven to earth. Even The gods themselves have lost their status, once in modern anecdote. Heaven and hell have become a common site of action of anecdotes. Anecdote and not think to revive the Gods. God jokes – it's a toy, helping to invent new plots joke. Or label with which the world had grown thematised jokes.

Not surprisingly, the Soviet Union (the main source of jokes – Odessa – was then the Soviet city) polzovalsya popular political anecdote services has been limited by fear of arrest and long detention camp, but the jokes still were written and told by the ear the most loyal friends. It is important to note the presence of a certain type of jokes containing signs of hidden envy of our time – it's jokes, which mocked the "new Russian". It is a sign of social antagonisms, dislike the "new rich". One of the motives of this feeling is probably the envy of the rich life the other, although one should not forget that satirizes social stratum was grateful material for jokes. Further, as a response to the numerous beauty contests, appeared and were actively picked up jokes about blondes, although it is clear that hair color does not affect intelligence. Laughter is also possible in the field beyond a certain morality. Thus, the object of humor in the jokes of our new common is violence or innocent savagery that occurs from a misunderstanding of the moral values imposed on the model of perception, which is torn away by ridicule. The point here is rather in the way of submission and mechanism of action of the story. Absurd and cruel fun of modern anecdote including cases that for a "romantic" are absolutely ridiculous. And there is seen a tendency to ridicule totalization – is absolutely ridiculous, and all around trying to find a calls and asks for nothing. Anecdote is free of any kind whatsoever regulations. The one who receives it, he promises clean, fun game. And this is the main therapeutic function of the anecdote. It removes the fear of the world does not brings people together, removes the alienation between them, preserving their autonomy and independence. Wise parable peculiar anecdotes. It is no coincidence some of the formulas of the jokes went over to the aphorisms and sayings,

The Illusion

We did not really get out of life – only the illusion of senseless vanity. Us ruled by people whose mind crystal clear. Their mind is free from morality, and they do not believe in God, in any case, the God whom we presented with this world religion. They are not afraid to spill blood, do not be afraid to cheat, do not be afraid Judgement and Hell. They laugh at all this, and laughed, spit in our faces. Whole nations for them to abstract units, toys for achieving the goals which we can only guess.

There is no doubt that in today's world dominated by force, indifferent to the common human destiny, and even the fate of millions of ordinary people. Danny Meyer is full of insight into the issues. And they will do anything to achieve their goals – power and domination for ever. Step by step they go to the child – giperupravlyaemoe society has already become a reality. iii. Renounce freedom, give up the fight, refuse to think. More than anything, I hate the stench that spreads lies. And they lie to us! Do you believe that the vote for President? Do you believe in what they say clever uncle and aunt from tv, magazines, newspapers, radio and the Internet? Do you believe in unguided economic crises? Believe that the cave men from Afghanistan hijacked planes and destroyed skyscrapers in the U.S Believe in something that the drug mafia is invincible and can successfully withstand decades of army, police, security services, and no one can defeat it? Do you believe it Today, people believe they are well informed about what is happening in world. But only a few understand that the opinions that people today consider their own, in fact created in specialized organizations whose purpose is to influence public opinion and outlook of each of the us.


In its uprising after the publication in Wikileaks of secret documents of intelligence, the White House said that the EE.UU are taking " measures enrgicas" in order to find the people in charge of it is filtration of information. " The United States clasificada&quot energetically condemns the illegal spreading of information; , it was announced of Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of the USA. " This information puts in risk the life of the people, threatens our national security and undermines our efforts to work with other countries to solve problems comunes". Clinton also said that " This declaration is not only an attack to political interests of the United States in the outside. Internacional&quot is an attack to the community;.

The alliances and associations, the conversations and negotiations on the security and the world-wide prosperity as well as the economic progress varn remarkably affected by this official notice. More than 250,000 classified documents WikiLeaks and its contents shared with several were obtained by newspapers and newspapers worldwide, including The Guardian in the United Kingdom and acclaimed New York Times. The Web site affirms that it published the information to reveal the contradictions between which the United States shows the public and what it says behind closed doors. Hillary Clinton responded to the previous thing: " I want to make clear, our official foreign policy does not settle down through these mensajes". " Our policy is a subject of public interest, as it is anywhere in the world reflected in our declarations and our actions ". In addition it added: " There is nothing no praiseworthy on putting in danger to people inocentes" , supposing that there is nothing no brave on sabotaging the pacific relations between the nations on which the security of the USA depends to a great extent. In the middle of the done revelations until now (since still another classified necessary document delivery is pending), they are not the details of the pressure exerted on the EE.UU by the Arab states to take a quick preventive action against Iran before this Eastern country finishes developing nuclear weapons.

Jutta Speidel Foundation HORIZONT

Charity opening where Jennifer has calf training residence straight with the renowned artist David Bennett in favor of Jutta Speidel Foundation HORIZONT e.V. on December 20th, 2009 in troubled times the economic crisis 2009-some families hit hard and arms made even poorer. More than ever, it is therefore important to engage for weaker and to be from my heart for the people in his immediate vicinity there. On December 20, 2009, from 15:00, personal trainer icon and multiple author Jennifer invites Wade to a charity exhibition of the internationally renowned artist David Bennett in favor of Jutta Speidel Foundation HORIZONT e.V. Connect with other leaders such as Restaurateur here. in their training residence in Munich, Schwabing. “In the context of a charity raffle the guests have the opportunity work Dalila”, a color linocut by 1976 donated by David Bennett, to win. The exhibition is aimed at friends, acquaintances and people who would like to experience a special enjoyment of art in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere and want to do something at the same time good for children and mothers in need. All displayed graphics can be seen until January 24, 2010, every work sold 50% of the proceeds benefit the Jutta Speidel Foundation.

David Bennett – the American election Munich David Bennett shows during the exhibition prints from his first creative period and a. several biblical scenes (December 20, 2009 to January 24, 2010). His works are in important public collections such as the STDTISCHE Galerie in the Lenbachhaus in Munich and the Jewish Museum, New York. Important writers such as Golo Mann, Shalom Ben-Chorin and Volker Elis Pilgrim have expressed equal to Bennett’s creation. Jennifer Wade – author of multiple books, personal trainer icon, Advisor of the fitness industry and the trendsetter of German fitness and personal trainer scene is known for years of media coverage since the late of 1980s. Jennifer Wade is known for your precise and unique training techniques. More information: Jennifer Wade training residence, George str.

22, 80799 Munich, Tel.: 089 3090 5387-0, Jutta Speidel Foundation HORIZONT e.V. is one non-profit initiative for homeless mothers and their children in Munich. The name symbolizes horizon with the aim of giving new courage and new lease of life in the HORIZONT-House the people affected. The Club was founded in 1997 by actress Jutta Speidel and is dependent on donations.

Space Tourism Planning

Melnia Z. Ferronato Dr Nicolas Floriani State University of Thick Tip Summary the signs of the landscape is qualified attributes for the individual that perceives the space, that is, subjectively represents the landscape and, in base its sociocultural matrix, imposing felt values and to the space. NYC Mayor has much experience in this field. Destacadamente, the act to appreciate and to live deeply the landscape, also includes changeable aesthetic (inherent to the individual, but also culturally conditional) marcantes in the definition of attractive tourist. Therefore, the inquiry of the aesthetic attributes of the landscape sends to the study of the perception and space representation, characterizing, thus, the spaces. Thus, this research has as intention to characterize the landscape of the point of view of attractive the tourist ones, of the urban space, with methodology of the natural way, trying to hook characteristic of this with the urban way it city of Irati-PR, being had as objective specific to verify the applicability of the methodology of Planning of the Tourist Space, of Robert Boullon, and finally, to select resulted that they become propitious the research of dissertao of after-graduation in ' ' Management of the Territrio' ' for the UEPG.

Word-key: landscape, local planning, Irati-PR Abstract The signs of the landscape ploughs qualified attributes by the individual who carries through the space, that is, subjectively represents the landscape, and its sociocultural basis, imposing values and meanings you space. Remarkably, the act of enjoying and experience the landscape, it also includes aesthetic variables (inherent you the individual but also culturally conditioned) outstanding in the definition of tourist attractions. Therefore, investigation of the aesthetic attributes of the landscape refers you the study of perception and spatial representation, qualifying, this way, spaces. Thus, this research has the aim you characterize the landscape from the viewpoint of the tourist attractions of the urban space of Irati-PR, and has the specific objectives verifying the applicability of the methodology of Space Tourism Planning, of Robert Boullon, and finally, select favorable results you make the dissertation research of graduate ' ' Management of the Territrio' ' by UEPG.

ImmobilenScout Estate

The map display at ImmobilienScout24 like best: real estate from satellite view, or detailed bird’s eye view can be displayed next to the winning card. Environment information can be like schools, subways or shopping center in addition to unhide the map. Immowelt rivaled in nothing, only lacking the correct localization of many objects and the pop-up window of the map is simply overlaid with advertising. Immonet offers no environment info at all. The winning card without Extras provider Immopool is also very modest. Listing prices compared offering all real estate exchanges also individual ads for private people discounted for brokers.

Immopool is 14.90 euros Award winner for advertisers on a monthly basis. See more detailed opinions by reading what Restaurateur offers on the topic.. The other portals you must spend between 19.90 and 29.95 euros (see table). However, the prices for ImmobilienScout24 and Immowelt apply only to rents. Sellers pay more in these market places 10-20 euro. As the most expensive provider, extended ImmobilenScout24 also the display automatically, if the advertisement is terminated in a timely manner. Easily advertise and Spice it up with all real estate markets real estate ads works at each of the test candidates. Immowelt offers even a TuV certified secure connection.

Except for Immopool, which only accepts payments through third-party providers such as PayPal and micro payment, you can pay from all other portals usually by direct debit or credit card when Immonet even by invoice. While one thing Immopool at advertising does not have the image upload, the contributors also PDF documents and videos, Immonet on top accept a 360-degree panorama. Who has the best service? Especially ImmobilienScout24 responds to written queries very quickly and in detail. The grade of service very good”(1.3) reached only Immonet. Immowelt reacts very quickly while in comparison, but lacking the incomplete content. Appears incomprehensible, why customers on the Internet get an expensive service number and Immowelt mail replies all of a sudden has a free hotline. Immopool is quickly reached, but the mails by the portal operator little professional and also incomplete. Immonet Immonet overall bottom line creates with a “very good” (1.3) the victory: the real estate market provides a structured online presence, various comfort functions, and a compelling service. The high price and the customer-unfriendly subscription policies prevent the point victory for ImmobilienScout24. The portal shares 2nd place with Immowelt, is clearly ahead at the website and service. Immopool is 2.3 last overall with the note. Despite the favorable price for short-term real estate listings, simply too many comfort functions missing closer to the top to close up. On tested was launched mid-2009 in life and has its headquarters in Hamburg. Tested by partner agencies about insurance, job boards, checking accounts, online pharmacies and shops to electricity suppliers: Everything is. The independent comparison portal creates with its cross-industry comparisons and evaluations remedy in the often opaque variety of the Internet. So consumers can one directly tested contact and express any test requests. On the other hand to customize the tests to the seasonal high points of the year.

Wedding Table Festive Cutlery

Was always more costly to have a special taste, but just high quality cutlery is a purchase for life. Was always more costly to have a special taste, but just high quality cutlery is a purchase for life. Now can be also cutlery brand pot via the Internet portal acquired either directly or deposited on the specially designed wedding table as a wedding gift. The choices are already over 35 cutlery sets in different variations. More sets like a fish – or Oyster cutlery or cooking and kitchen knives are also available in the near future. POT stands for particularly valuable serving cutlery in silver and stainless steel of high exclusivity and quality which are manufactured in a German flatware Manufactory in artisan way. If you had to describe the character, this would be restrained, luxury plain”.

The products are for a 100 year old tradition in the artisanal manufacture of exclusive cutlery, already some times with global design awards were awarded. A technical finesse of the knife is for example the specific micro gearing, a barely visible with the naked eye saw grinding, guaranteeing utmost sharpness. Also the service of the manufacturer is as individual as the brand: A cutlery from POTT is on request with individual letters, monograms or individualize coat of arms. Different font styles and techniques such as etching, laser engraving or a stamping available are for this purpose. In addition, sharpens the cutlery manufacturer pot after long-time use of the blades or affix a subsequent serrated blade on request.

Damaged blades can be also exchanged when worn against payment. Thus, a long-term preservation is already guaranteed with the acquisition of flatware. For the table, the smallest cutlery sets are available from 399,-euros. Who give a complete set for the wedding day can be, can invest gladly between 4,000 and 5,000 euros. As with many other gift items also the cutlery on several persons as individual gift to splits are.

Federal Association

DSSV, DHfPG and BSA-Akademie contribute through their participation in the development of the DIN standard, that the important subject of corporate health management is a decisive step. Fitness and health facilities can be important partner for companies, when it comes to a company-specific design and implementation of BGM. An optimal combination of the existing infrastructure (E.g., facilities and training equipment) with specific BGM expertise is crucial. “Health care providers to provide a perfect start of the DSSV has in cooperation with the College/BSA-Akademie to make the nationwide network health at the workplace itself” founded. The network direct contact enables companies with health service providers on the spot, where service providers are listed according to the potential of BGM BGM network partner, BGM health centres as BGM competence centres (highest level). Under most conditions NY museums would agree. “The specific contents of DIN SPEC 91020 corporate health management” were according to the Federal Association for corporate health management (BBGM), decided nothing more in the way is the publication.

From July 2012, the DIN is to be to obtain SPEC. The new BGM standard according to BBGM helps to choose the right path”and to move with or without certification intentions safely, effectively and efficiently in the field of BGM. Companies which themselves would keep BGM on the latest developments on the issue, will find it on the Internet page of the DSSV ( or the German College/BSA Academy ( The nationwide network health at the workplace even make”see. Successfully in the growth market of the BSA Academy a leading education provider in the market of the future is two Saarland company with ca. 140, 000 participants since 1983 prevention, fitness, and health. With the help of over 50 certified and approved courses, career changers how fitness professionals can individually qualify: getting started in the industry succeed with B license “-Lehrgangen such as for fitness, training, nutrition and mental fitness.

City Spayer

The last adjustment was made in 2008 which has city Speyer with its regulation on the transport charges and in the city of Speyer by the 06.09.2013, an increase of the current taxi fare Speyer decided conditions of carriage for taxi transport. This enters into force on the 01.10.2013 and thus supersedes the existing taxi fare, which was raised most recently in July 2008. The tariff, which is compulsory for all taxis in Speyer, is increased as follows. The basic price (often also called the touring position price) is EUR 2.30 by almost 9% to EUR 2.50 and lifted the kilometer price by 6% from EUR 1.50 to EUR 1.60. Also the price for one hour waiting time is adjusted from 24,00 EUR to 25,00 EUR upwards, which corresponds to an increase of 4%.

For the first time also a surcharge for greater taxes was included in the collective agreement. In future a supplement from the fifth passenger package of 4.00 EUR. It doesn’t matter whether, then six, seven, or even up to eight passengers are transported. The Transport of luggage, bicycles and animals remains free of charge and no additional fee shall be required from the taxi drivers. The often wrongly required surcharge for paying with credit or debit cards in Speyer taxes is also not foreseen in the current collective agreement, should be not charged thus also. By the way all Speyer taxes to do so are obliged to carry an extract from the Taxtarifordnung and the passenger demand to show. Seven taxi companies with 25 taxi licences are currently registered in the city of Speyer. With the boost the rise in fuel prices can be compensated partially, which makes it hard to create taxi operators until today.

In this respect, the price increase should be welcome taxi entrepreneurs. Due to the legal situation price increases may not automatically pass on to the customer, but are possible only via a taxi fare change. “The service taxi Speyer” is thus relatively cheap. The new taxi fare is located in the National average in lower midfield, as can be seen from a perspective in the existing tariff rules for taxi charges of different regions. The taxi as a transport option for their own customers should be interesting just for corporate customers. So but the possibility a taxi for the whole day (8 hours) for a total of 200,00 EUR, even including the VAT book. Only the base price and the kilometres actually travelled will be added. A craftsman is to get in this price category, certainly not for the whole day. The taxi fare applies only to the duty travel area within of Speyer and concerns only taxi services. Other passenger transport companies, which offer a shuttle service, airport transfer, or sick rides with car rental (with driver) are not affected by the increase. Contact: Norbert lang driving service the cheap taxi alternative in and around Speyer INH. MIEWA UG (haftungsbeschrankt) elderberry road 10 67346 Speyer (06232) 86 96 96 info at