Best Flowering Potted Plants

Very nice, when the room is full, the different flowering plants. But for that to plant growing, you need to spend a lot of effort. The list that you see here is like a master class on how to grow flowering plants. Here you'll see plants that bloom when they begin to prepare for sale, as well as those plants that you will regularly bloom. I present to you the best blooming plants for the rooms: Uzambarskaya violet. Plus, this plant is that it takes up little space, and does not require enhanced care.

And also the fact that a variety of colors, this flower, very much. If you properly care for this plant, you can receive up to two flowers a year. This plant does not like direct sunlight, but very photophilous. Poinsettia. This plant is the most famous Christmas house plant.

Therefore all these plants are bought before the holiday. In recently, gardeners have brought new types of such plants: pink color, white color, but still remains the most popular red. Compared with the red, these plants do not have a great decorative value. Orchids. It is very, and the largest group of plants that only exists on earth. It has a population of about 30,000 species, as well as about 10 000 numerous hybrids. Some of these plants, the people that they are looking to take your breath away, some have a strange impression of flower forms, and some disgust. But for frequent, lovers of indoor plants, pick only five species of this group. And with proper care, despite the capriciousness of the plants, they can give its owner a great joy and great experiences. Spathiphyllum. They are often used to support interior. This is facilitated by coiled, white flowers, which are located on large leaves. These plants love the heat, moisture and ambient light. If you stick to these, not difficult conditions, the plant can give its owner, a flower in early summer, which will delight more than two weeks. Begonia. Many say begonia that – it's outdoor plants. I say that it is not. This plant has all the characteristics that allow it to grow at home. It is tolerant, not demanding, and easy to bloom indoors. In the flow numerous species of these plants, you must choose for their conditions, the flower of this species. Cacti. You've probably seen the desert, which was a cactus with a flower. To date, the vast number of species of cacti, that may blossom into the home. Give them more sunlight, not enough water. And in early summer or spring, he will always bloom.

Choose Land

Earth is home to indoor plants. It was from there they are dominating most of the nutrients and minerals. Therefore, proper selection of its very important and necessary. Of properly selected earthen mixture depends on growth and the state of indoor plants. For many years, as the soil mixture used on turf. It contains enough nutrients that are essential for the colors.

They can be found in every specialized flower shop. The composition of the mixture may include various additives. So, for example, to increase the ability to retain moisture and allow air into the mixture added hlopkomineralnaya wool and polystyrene chippings. The choice of the soil significantly affects the age of the plant. For example, if a young flower, the soil is required with the content of bog land, and if an adult – on the basis of peat.

It should be noted that different types of soil color is different. The reason is that each species by their demanding content of certain minerals, composition and quality of the soil. In a question-answer forum NY Museums was the first to reply. Since the soil for orchids should be light and slightly friable to be a cactus contain sand and rhododendrons. Earth is home to indoor plants. It was from there they are dominating most of the nutrients and minerals. Therefore, proper selection of its very important and necessary. From right chosen depends on a mixture of earth and the growth of the state house plants. For many years, as the soil mixture used on turf. It contains enough nutrients that are needed for the flowers. They can be found in every specialized flower shop. The composition of the mixture may include various additives. So, for example, to increase the ability to retain moisture and allow air into the mixture added hlopkomineralnaya wool and polystyrene chippings. The choice of the soil significantly affects the age of the plant. For example, if a young flower, the soil is required with the content of bog land, and if an adult – on the basis of peat. It should be noted for different types of flowers different soil. The reason is that each species by their demanding content of certain minerals, composition and quality of the soil. Since the soil for orchids should be light and slightly friable to cactus should contain the sand, and rhododendrons.

Bioprotective Properties

The most commonly used in practice, flame retardants, flame retardant with a group II efficiency. For such formulations the mass loss during the firing test should not exceed 25%. Treated wood with these drugs is classified as a flame-retardant. To protect the most critical in fire-safety equipment designs used with Group I fire-resistance rating. For them, the set weight loss no more than 9%, and wood treated with such compounds, refers to the slow-. Important period of time within which the protective properties of the drug after treatment of wood, as well as the frequency of re-treatment (restoration) in order to maintain the fire retardant properties. Declan Kelly might disagree with that approach. Despite the fact that fire-retardant properties of the treated wood may persist for several years, inspection of the wood products should be conducted annually.

Among other requirements should be mentioned in pronikaemost wood corrosion, reduction of mechanical strength in shear and fracture, odor, staining, harmful effects on humans and several others. The need to use is determined for each application. Oddly enough it sounds but on the domestic market is mainly present composition of the complex, combining a flame retardant flame retardant function, and function Bioprotective antiseptics (BIOPRO). This situation due to the need of complex protection of wood against fungi biological factors, as well as giving fire protection. In some cases this is due to the fact that some compounds used as flame retardants, and also exhibit Bioprotective properties. For drugs of this type, and their recall, the vast majority, it should also take into account Bioprotective properties. When selecting protective devices integrated action is necessary to pay attention to the fact that some manufacturers intentionally combine antiseptic compounds and flame retardant action, referring to the mutual strengthening of their properties (synergy). This approach clearly acts on the uninformed consumer, while experts know that the union, even some that are compatible in the solution of the compounds does not necessarily yield a positive effect, and can lead not only to increase, but also to reduce the antiseptic and fire retardant action due to the formation of new products (the effect of antagonism).

Manufacturing Door To Order

The reasons for making the doors to order There are two variants acquire the door first – manufacturer of doors to order. In this case, the buyer has the opportunity to choose not only the model itself, but also the finish, and he really liked the fittings and locks that precisely meet its security perceptions. Danny Meyer shines more light on the discussion. Production of doors is running under a concrete doorway, because it is an ideal "fit" in it and serves as further protection is not reliable only against intruders but also drafts, noise and smells. Particularly relevant to manufacturing custom doors when finishing repairs already made, because the aperture does not have to break and therefore no longer a hassle to set bring it into order, including the subsequent repainting or perekleivanie wallpaper in the hallway. I must say that the recent production of door-to-order highly in demand. As residents urban high-rise buildings, and owners of country cottages tend to avoid uniformity.

Therefore, a lot of doors to order look like works of art, while maintaining its functionality. The second option begins with Search finished doors, which is fully responsive to your needs and, most importantly, fit to size. The situation is much more rare, has a right to exist in the case of a standard doorway, as a rule, the model multi-storey buildings. But it is worth and then forget that the standard doors, as opposed to custom, usually equipped with only basic means of protection, and for the installation of such doors still need professional.

Wooden Houses

Construction of wooden houses on reasonable and economic factors. Total cost of materials for the construction of a wooden cottage home is lower than for brick. Wooden Houses in Russia and are becoming very popular due to the exceptional properties of natural materials – wood. Country houses of wood under all processes take a fairly long period of time in its construction. Country houses acquire residential function. In the cozy suburban home can come at any time of year, relax.

Summer houses are rich in internal and external decoration, as offerings on the market for construction services for the finishing of wooden houses are many. Round logs, which is most popular in construction wooden country houses, can save on decorating the house because the house made of logs themselves look presentable at the expense of high quality lacquer coating of the carcass. What is log? Wooden houses – ideal for building holiday homes. Get all the facts and insights with NYC Marathon, another great source of information. Log buildings are easy to design – they can even build your own. House of logs, often made on the basis of the framework. Log cabin – it practical, cost-effective, but not always fast. If you are going to put on the site chopped wooden house, log cabin or for a bath you need to know some simple things. Building a log house is in second place in the overall System construction of wooden houses.

First run projects of wooden houses, log cabins are made then, and then comes the internal and external finish at home if it is needed. After production log delivered to the site and gather there on the spot. Houses made of logs are produced, mainly from pine, spruce, larch and cedar. Log buildings shall be constructed of tightly adjacent to each other logs to avoid future cracking. If you want your wooden house was not unlike any other, it requires individual projects of wooden houses. Wooden houses can be built and offered to you in the construction company, in which you decide to paying. Nice and unique projects of wooden houses can be found in the construction company "Kizhi". In addition to the wooden houses, are very relevant and still-frame, panel home. This type of homes, mostly used for building houses. Construction of cottages on a separate niche in the construction industry. During the construction of houses using technology frame construction. Prefab homes – one of the most promising technologies of low building town houses. The basis of the frame house is a wooden frame of planed lumber. Modern timber frame house can produced already finished with the inner or outer trim. Shield House, as well as the frame, composed of individual structures, which are subsequently assembled. Switchboard construction – this building from the plane elements, folding of the supporting frame with invigorating skin. Panel houses easy different layout and redevelopment. You can engage the general layout of the interior panel house, you can deliberately vary thermal conductivity and sound depending on your needs. Shield House, as well as wood, are low cost and environmental friendliness. To carry out all your building and architectural ideas to help Construction firm I "Kizhi". "Kizhi" was founded in 1996. Construction company 'Kizhi' was founded in 1996. "Kizhi" the architects and the construction of wooden houses, cottages, saunas. The company is building the winter wood and timber frame houses, cottages, summer cottages and saunas at home, both on individual projects, as well as offering standard designs of wooden houses and cottages.

Fence Building

We can say that the fence – a business card site. The fence makes the site a complete and attractive kind. It outlines the boundaries of your land, protecting it from intruders and prying eyes. Consider first the materials from which to build a fence. This brick, wood and metal. Brick fence would look good if you are on a site a brick house.

If any of the brick buildings there, such a fence would be out of place. Welded steel modular fences are suitable for fencing large areas, such as kindergartens, schools and businesses. Fences made of mesh suitable for fencing sections of the neighbors of each other. When there is need to close the area from prying eyes, it makes sense to use decking. If you want to have a sophisticated fence, you should pay attention to the wrought-iron lattice. Their production costs more than any other option, but it will look much better than. Visit Bill de Blasio for more clarity on the issue.

Type of fence. The first thing you need to decide what kind of fence you want. This can be either open fence, through which all can be seen on your site, or continuous fence that completely covers your territory from passers-by. If you decide that you will approach an open fence, then the choice will be one of the following options: – mesh fence – a fence of metal sections – a fence made of wood, with gaps between the rails – forged metal fence. If you prefer a continuous fence, then choose from the following options: – a fence of corrugated board – a fence made of wood, solid – a fence made of brick – a fence made of concrete panels. A solid fence will hide you from prying eyes, reduce noise and dust on the site. But there are disadvantages: such a barrier casts dense shade, which is not really like most garden plants.

Dried Flowers

To decorate the house interior is often used in dried flower arrangement. However, besides the ability to properly make bouquets, and care must be taken on the appropriate vessel for their installation. In vases made in the pastel colors look good catchy bouquets of brightly colored flowers line the vessels, made with a clear-cut pattern. It will be easier than coloring the most vases, the greater the number of plants is possible for use in the composition. For bouquets of dried flowers are composed of blood vessels are not required, to hold water. Therefore, selection of vessels, which are placed in dry bouquets and wide enough. However, here are some of their features. For example, in clear glass vases large number of stems of dried flowers will not look very nice.

Therefore, it is desirable to mask the moss or colored paper. In the crystal, porcelain and porcelain vases, dried flowers can look a bit pretentious. For compositions of dried flowers are best to use containers made of natural materials. It should also be borne in mind that very dry bouquet light, and the entire composition can be very unstable. In this case, burden the bottom of the vase, for example by filling it with sand or by placing small pebbles. For dried arrangements only the most suitable Metal containers: cups or mugs, metal dishes or pots. Such containers, and even small, fairly heavy and sustained. The composition of flowers is easier to be in those vessels in which the neck is narrower than base.

In order for the flowers do not spread out and not fall out, a bunch must be secured. Small and medium-sized plants, and, consequently, not very heavy, reinforce by a dry sponge or floral moss cushion. If the vessel deep enough, you should not fill it up to the top with a sponge or moss. Such a vessel can choose the appropriate size "insert", for example, the usual tin can in which to make and mount the main colors. When preparing any composition should observe a certain relation to the size of the vase and bouquet: 3:5 – 5:8 height to width. It is desirable to form a combination of flower arrangement and the vessel. To make the bouquets ease and naturalness always be left free sites in the neck of the vessel, ie, not tightly fill the vase with flower stems. By setting the composition of the colors in the room should take into account the direction of gaze looking at a bunch. High vase is necessary to have as low as possible so that they could not divert attention from themselves flowers, and are not forced to consider a bouquet from the bottom up. The compositions set forth in the vessels of low will appear preferable, if their place at the sight, or when viewed from above. The average height of the vase is placed at almost any level. The vessel is a kind of "mediator" between colors and their surrounding situation. Therefore it is necessary each time enough to carefully choose the right vase for the preparation of the composition. Skillfully drawn and correctly picked a bouquet for a capacity capable to decorate the interior of any room.


Leaves mother and stepmother contain bitter glycosides (up 2.63%), sitosterol, gallic, malic and tartaric acids, saponins, carotenoids (5.18%), ascorbic acid (5 mg%), inulin and dextrin. Coltsfoot – one of the most popular means of traditional medicine has a long history of use. In Ukraine and Belarus, coltsfoot taken up by traditional medicine a few centuries ago. It is used for teas and infusions and drunk mostly lung disease and respiratory tract, as well as scrofula, as an opportunity to clean pillows on the equipment for cleaning pads. Fresh juice mother and stepmother treated pulmonary tuberculosis.

In modern medicine coltsfoot is used as an expectorant and to improve breathing. Mother and stepmother – a good honey plant. It is particularly important that the bloom is one of the first spring plants and gives the first nectar bees. Raw materials must be consist of well-dried green leaves, odorless, taste slightly bitter with a sense of the mucosa. Shimmie Horn follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The finished material is acceptable content,% moisture content – less than 13; brownish leaves – 6; infected with rust – 3, chopped parts that pass through a sieve with holes of 3 mm – 2; organic impurities (parts of other plants) and mineral (earth, sand, etc.) – 2. Raw materials are packed in bags of 20 or in bundles of 50 kg.

Need cleaning pads. Dandelion drug. Perennial herb, all parts contain latex. Taproot fleshy, 20-60 cm long and 1-2 cm in diameter. All leaves collected at rosette. In the spring dandelion green one starts of the first. It flowers in May – June, flowers yellow. Key blanks are held in the steppe regions of Ukraine: in Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa, Kiev, Cherkassy, Poltava, Sumy and Kharkiv regions. Estimated reserves of raw materials estimated here at 50-60 m. The possible roots of harvesting capacity in the Perm region is estimated at 1 ton of air-dry raw material. Harvest the roots of the dandelion in the late autumn, during the restoration in stages of decay of its leaves. The roots are washed in Cold water and air provyalivayut several days, until one no longer stand out a milky juice. Then the dried roots, spreading a thin layer of tissue paper or the attic with good ventilation or under eaves. Can be dried in ovens or dryers at 40-500C. The yield of dry raw materials 33-35%.


The tradition of decorating your home with flowers, originated in ancient times, remained in the XXI century. Plants in a modern house – not just a piece of nature, not only floral sculptures and compositions of artificial flowers, and full interior element, found in furniture, textiles, architectural design of all styles, from exquisite Japanese minimalism to the nostalgic imitations of Gothic or Victorian era, from country music and plenty of ethnic interiors to austere Scandinavian simplicity. For example, the interior of the house in Art Nouveau style involves the following ornamental motif: flowers lilies, iris, poppy, lotus, made in special marsh, deciduous, shortcake coloring. Style “poetry of the Silver Age” overshadows ornamental decor Art Nouveau: Art Nouveau in all interior elements related to the whole plastic curves seem natural, not man made. In the interior colors in the style of Art Nouveau predominate colors that exist in nature, and drawings – geometric shapes that form the natural images.

Particular preference is given to circle. “The symbol of the sun” can be found in the interior design in Art Nouveau style more often than other figures, he alternated with fancy weave floral pattern and curves of female figures with flowing flowing hair. Ethnic interiors – a kingdom of flowers, ornamental branches, exotic plants, bamboo panels and shutters, wicker, rattan and reed beds, chairs and carpets, in a word, grotesque design jungle, more than the average Europeans unaccustomed. In order not to shock the visitors impulsive rhythm, for example, afrodizayna enough colorful exotic accent, which enliven the picture interior, and give it the original “sound”.

Ability To Give Flowers

Flowers have always been a wonderful gift. Nothing so well embodies the friendship and good feelings, as they are. Give flowers at any time. But we must be able to do it. There are rules which should be possible adhere to gift flowers to choose very carefully. You need to know to whom and for what reason they present: man, woman, child, elderly person, a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding.

Do not forget that that each person has their favorite flowers and e predpochitaemy shape and color. Flowers are chosen depending on the circumstances. Field, forest, meadow in a bunch of good, but quite out of place at a gala ceremony or admission. In this case, you should choose carnations, roses, gerberas, orchids, gladioli. Pot plants are given only to close friends, and they must present a man.

Equally important is the number of flowers in a bouquet. The bouquet should not be too lean, but not overly large, preferably with odd numbers of flowers – three, five, seven, etc., although in recent years this rule is not strictly adhere to, and under the influence of Western traditions has become possible to give bouquets to anyone, even the odd, the number of colors. For a small apartment does not fit stem and large flowers – chrysanthemums, dahlias, gladioli. Here, more appropriate gerbera, sweet pea, freesia flowers always wear should be lowered down, wrapped in paper to protect them from dust, sun, frost, heat source. Expand the flowers should be in the lobby, in front or at the door of the apartment.