Good Training

At present, it is very important to prepare well and get a good training for the more immediate future. We are in a somewhat precarious position on the issue of employment, especially because of the current global economic crisis. There are fewer jobs, vocational preparation and education play a key role. Now it is necessary to be the best in the field of specialty and be extremely prepared, not only to cope well when performing our duties, but also to have possibilities of access to the post that interests us. Of course, it is very important to have a good preparation in our specific labour sector, but there are other disciplines that are also authentic essence, as in the case of languages and, in particular, of English. Knowing how to speak several languages is a benthic advantage for the future, that there is no who hesitate, but if English is not among them for that, you have to make the leap already and begin to prepare in English with all of the law. It is no longer enough to know the language and defend themselves with a few words, no.

Now you have to know how to speak it to manage within the working plane and the best way to learn it is to do it in an English speaking country. You can choose between a variety of destination. For example, we have several English schools in New York, the most cosmopolitan city in the world, in addition to many other cities in North America. If you are looking for is stay a little closer and enjoy better prices, then take a look at academies English England to take advantage of some unique offerings. It’s the time!

American EURO

The commerce of the Dollar of today the Dollar finalized with mixed results the POUND and the EURO registered new minimums moderate the operated volumes were nocturnal Vista hopes that the Dollar consolidates is considered a calm session before the American data that will publish For Friday All the schedules EASTERN (- 4 GMT) 8: 30am, USD Non-Farm Employment Change 8: 30am, the USD Unemployment Rate 8: 30am, the USD Average Hourly Earnings m/m Summary the Dollar finalized the commercial session in New York with mixed results; it fell slightly against the YEN, but it began to appear against the rest of currencies. The Dollar took terrain with respect to the EURO and the POUND when finalizing the day. The currency that today stood out was the YEN; this currency took terrain against the main currencies. Pair DLAR/YEN registered minimums in the zone of the 106,96, and continued under pressure, whereas pair EURO/YEN also fell. With respect to the POUND they registered stops in the zone of the 1,7680, and also it registered minimums in the zone of the 1.7625; the operated volumes were modest. The EURO went up to around the zone of the 1,4400, and registered minimums in the zone of the 1.4323. Both currencies, the POUND and the EURO, took pressure due to the values registered by petroleum, and also the results of the stock market repelled in the market; in my opinion the declaration on the interest rates realised as much by European central bank, like by the Central bank of England, caused a negative feeling.

Although the CANADIAN pair DLAR/DLAR and pair DLAR/SWISSY finalized in rise, the tendency was very not marked; the LOONIE registered minimums this week, soon to surprise and to begin to appear. The great volatileness is waited, but the operators can stay in short with the LOONIE after the data of the NFP that is expected; The data of the NFP are considered that they will be negative, and will probably affect the Dollar. Several analysts consider that the Dollar is being dealt with great technical pressure. The commentaries of Trichet this morning were clear in affirming that the European Central bank will not modify the interest rates at the moment. In my opinion, the weakness of the main currencies can be transformed into a great opportunity so that soon they begin to appear. It remembers that when the expectations reach a final end, the potentiality for a change increases exponentially. Esteem that the Dollar will become stabilized during the night, dice the American data that are expected tomorrow.

The Fu

Discover New York the highest skyscrapers and put back up in the era of the dinosaurs. The children spend a varied afternoon and learn something at the same time, you should go to the Cosmocaixa, the famous Museum of science in Barcelona. The little ones will learn what all in a playful and interactive way for example, astronomy, science and has to do with nature. The Museum offers a very high range of information and Activities, so that you can spend a whole day there. You might need a further day to see your little one of the two Freizeitparke in Catalonia. For one, there is the Tibidabo, a very beautiful and enchanting theme park, from which one has the best views of Barcelona. The Park has been open since the 19.Jahrhundert and still the small and large? en. Away to the other, and just 90 minutes south of Barcelona, there is the Port Aventura, one of the great? th Freizeitparke in Spain.

The children will be intoxicated by the incredible attractions that are not for the faint of heart. So the evening program is not empty at weekends, it is best to the fountains of Montjuic to go. The Fuentes of Magicas (magic fountain) offer an excellent fountain with light show, adapted to the best classical music, just across from the Palau Nacional. The children will not forget this breathtaking and magical night. To catch two birds with one stone, you should “go to the wax museum, where the children are enjoying themselves, if they historical figures and current celebrities in real” see. And then approve himself but a little refreshment in the Bosque de las Hadas (fairy forest”), a magical Cafe in the city, which is decorated like an enchanted forest. Of course, forget not, Camp Nou. The Fu? ballstadion by the F.C..

Barca is the reference point par excellence for every tourist in Barcelona, no matter whether large? or small. Take with their children, and marvel at the Fairmont? te and most spectacular Fu? ballstadion in Europe. Au? erdem can visit the Barca Museum, or in the indoor ice rink, located next door, skating. A walk through the legendary Rambla may not be missing. Children are be petrified, just like the street? enkunstler, the Fu famous for example? shooting up to musicians or dancers mimic and the strA? en flood. Furthermore it is fallen down certainly you with an ice cream at the hand of the Ramblas to stroll and the countless newspaper stands, as well as the small booths to see, for example, small animals and flowers are sold. If you travel with your children, then you rent an apartment in Barcelona. They are cheaper and give you more flexibility and freedom than any other hotel. So you can decide when you eat what you cook and when you cook, for example the dishes of your kids. And now, genius? en the city with your children!

South Africa Challenge

Panasonic supports the second time competition for the more adventurous and go khaki fever as the defending champion in the race Hamburg, in July!”it says again this year at the South Africa challenge, in which Panasonic is one of 5 brand partners. During the challenge challenges typical to five teams in South Africa and play for the South Africa challenge trophy”. Panasonic unveils camcorder as well as hybrid and outdoor cameras, which are missing on any trip for the Adventure trip. Our team should erlebnishungrig, technology interested and with a good amount of humor in the defence of the title start. On the South Africa challenge all teams can then extensively test our products and judge. “, explains Thomas Dobberstein, Director of online communication & sales Panasonic Germany.

“” Actress and South Africa expert cloud Hegenbarth, popular from life & me “or let’s dance”, accompanied this year’s participants. Other partners are Frosta, t-online, Avis and Amarula. The Action was launched by South African Tourism in the life. South Africa challenge sponsors, providing each one of the five teams, all have a special relationship to the land at the Cape and represent one of the South African experience worlds: Wildlife and nature, lifestyle, gourmet, outdoor and culture. Panasonic stands for the outdoor theme, because they develop among other products for every imaginable activity with unusual resilience, whether on land and water. The SDR-SW21 camcorder perfect for outdoor activities, since it is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof up to 1.5 meters. The same applies to the Lumix tough camera DMC-FT1: is waterproof up to 3 meters and can withstand falls from a height of up to 1.5 metres. The small travel camera Lumix DMC-TZ7 allows next to perfect photo shoot also HD videos with stereo sound and zoom with the 12 x wide-angle zoom.

For the Panasonic team of South Africa challenge candidates addressed, who want to hold every moment in life and travel. Two People can apply per team. Active, culinary and creative tasks wildlife is located next to the participants of course pure, amongst an elephant back Safari, a Carol Bush-dinner, a photo challenge, a 4 x 4 off road drive, a beach Triathlon and canoeing competition. The application period ends on September 30, followed by a casting with the ten most interesting pairs of candidates be invited to Panasonic. The finalists of the 5 brands compete from November 24 until December 3, in South Africa for the coveted trophy. During the application phase as well as in addition sweepstakes of the partner on the Web page will take place for the South Africa-challenge community regularly. During the trip itself, is reported on the platform and the Lumix community about the current performance of the team. More information about the South Africa challenge, see on Panasonic: the Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and production electronic products for a wide variety of customer needs in the private, business and industrial area. The Osaka, Japan-based Group achieved in the past fiscal year (end of March 31, 2009) consolidated net sales of 7.77 trillion yen / 78.4 billion US – dollars. The shares of the group are on the stock exchanges in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and New York (NYSE: PC) records. For more information about the company and the Panasonic brand, see. Find this press release and press photos (download with 300 dpi) on the Internet at.

Swimwear Spring/summer La Perla:

Swimwear spring/summer: by La Perla is now available in the La Perla online boutique summer arrives with the new beachwear by La Perla, Bologna, may come the summer. All babes, divas of beach and sea goddesses enjoy beach parties, stylish Sun bathing, great performances by relaxation by the pool. La Perla offers the perfect outfit for any summer occasion. The current collections can be already admired at the La Perla online boutique and ordered. In the spring/summer ‘ 09, the themes and trends at La Perla are again varied and full of imagination. To discover, there are for example New York style (La Perla beachwear), voyage chic (AnnClub by La Perla), surfing girl \”(Malizia La Perla) and Marrakech Express\” (Aquasuit beachwear). Malizia La Perla a few examples from the current beachwear collections: La Perla beachwear spring/summer ‘ 09: the thousand lights of New York’s \”New York, the city that never sleeps\” the glamorous city of thousand lights and breathtaking metropolis Main topic is the La Perla beachwear in the spring/summer 09 La Perla presented with Brooklyn Soutache \”refined Cross and weaving effects, at the most famous New York bridge recall.\” Finest harmonious Lycra fabric, however, staged exciting light effects by micro draping.

Collier swimsuits provide the necessary glamour effect. \”AnnClub by La Perla spring/summer 09: voyage chic\” characterized the collection AnnClub by La Perla wild exoticism and inspirations from nature: earth tones and African embossed geometric motifs exude the charm, great travel. The fancy models in the latest and most innovative Lycra qualities and in typical feminine La Perla style are implemented. \”Malizia La Perla spring/summer 09: surfing girl\” surfing symbol of freedom, Sportiness and California casualness is also the symbol of the current beachwear collection in the California beach – and Hawaiian style by Malizia La Perla. Surf motifs, typical details and accessories such as about tropical flower patterns, starfish brooch, Tentacle embroidery make looking for summer and underline the feeling of serenity and joie de vivre of the Beach girls and princesses.