August 2015

Good Training

At present, it is very important to prepare well and get a good training for the more immediate future. We are in a somewhat precarious position on the issue of employment, especially because of the current global economic crisis. There are fewer jobs, vocational preparation and education play a key role. Now it is necessary… Read more Good Training

American EURO

The commerce of the Dollar of today the Dollar finalized with mixed results the POUND and the EURO registered new minimums moderate the operated volumes were nocturnal Vista hopes that the Dollar consolidates is considered a calm session before the American data that will publish For Friday All the schedules EASTERN (- 4 GMT) 8:… Read more American EURO

The Fu

Discover New York the highest skyscrapers and put back up in the era of the dinosaurs. The children spend a varied afternoon and learn something at the same time, you should go to the Cosmocaixa, the famous Museum of science in Barcelona. The little ones will learn what all in a playful and interactive way… Read more The Fu

South Africa Challenge

Panasonic supports the second time competition for the more adventurous and go khaki fever as the defending champion in the race Hamburg, in July!”it says again this year at the South Africa challenge, in which Panasonic is one of 5 brand partners. During the challenge challenges typical to five teams in South Africa and play… Read more South Africa Challenge