Swimwear Spring/summer La Perla:

Swimwear spring/summer: by La Perla is now available in the La Perla online boutique summer arrives with the new beachwear by La Perla, Bologna, may come the summer. All babes, divas of beach and sea goddesses enjoy beach parties, stylish Sun bathing, great performances by relaxation by the pool. La Perla offers the perfect outfit for any summer occasion. The current collections can be already admired at the La Perla online boutique and ordered. In the spring/summer ‘ 09, the themes and trends at La Perla are again varied and full of imagination. To discover, there are for example New York style (La Perla beachwear), voyage chic (AnnClub by La Perla), surfing girl \”(Malizia La Perla) and Marrakech Express\” (Aquasuit beachwear). Malizia La Perla a few examples from the current beachwear collections: La Perla beachwear spring/summer ‘ 09: the thousand lights of New York’s \”New York, the city that never sleeps\” the glamorous city of thousand lights and breathtaking metropolis Main topic is the La Perla beachwear in the spring/summer 09 La Perla presented with Brooklyn Soutache \”refined Cross and weaving effects, at the most famous New York bridge recall.\” Finest harmonious Lycra fabric, however, staged exciting light effects by micro draping.

Collier swimsuits provide the necessary glamour effect. \”AnnClub by La Perla spring/summer 09: voyage chic\” characterized the collection AnnClub by La Perla wild exoticism and inspirations from nature: earth tones and African embossed geometric motifs exude the charm, great travel. The fancy models in the latest and most innovative Lycra qualities and in typical feminine La Perla style are implemented. \”Malizia La Perla spring/summer 09: surfing girl\” surfing symbol of freedom, Sportiness and California casualness is also the symbol of the current beachwear collection in the California beach – and Hawaiian style by Malizia La Perla. Surf motifs, typical details and accessories such as about tropical flower patterns, starfish brooch, Tentacle embroidery make looking for summer and underline the feeling of serenity and joie de vivre of the Beach girls and princesses.