International Association

“He is exactly right, with his keen sense of cooperative teams and strategic development potentials continue to secure a leading position as an international meeting specialist Dolce hotels and resorts.” Steven A. Rudnitsky: Rudnitsky could increase sustainably at Wyndham Hotel performance and also after the slump in the hotel market by 9/11 he expanded successfully the portfolio in the United States and internationally. He initiated one of the largest customer loyalty programs in the travel industry, acquired four brands and signed numerous international management contracts and joint venture agreements. Previously he was responsible for various Fortune 500 companies”, including power, a progressive turn arround with strong business growth. At PepsiCo. He worked for many years in the domestic and foreign marketing.

In addition to his economic career, Rudnitsky was also different national and international clubs and Committee in the hotel and hospitality industry before. For more information, see in a video by Andy Dolce and Steven A. Rudnitsky Dolce hotels and resorts: Dolce hotels and resorts specialize in a particular niche of the hotel business: meetings and events. 23 individual destinations in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and the Benelux countries offer an inspiring environment for productive exchange of ideas. The Hotel Group emphasizes rapid accessibility, natural locations, State-of-the-art technology, a dedicated service through its consistent orientation on the needs of business customers for nearly three decades its quality leadership in the Conference sector.

Dolce also discerning individual travelers addresses with creative gourmet cuisine, many wellness, sports and recreational activities. The portfolio includes hotels and resorts such as Dolce Bad Nauheim near the international banking centre in Frankfurt am Main, Dolce Chantilly in the historic surroundings of Paris, Dolce Fregate Provence, Dolce La Hulpe Brussels, Dolce Sitges, on the Costa del Garraf near Barcelona or the Dolce Hayes mansion in San Jose (California/United States). Also manages the Group Conference Center as the BallhausForum near Munich, the IBM Palisades Center in Palisades, New York, or the American Airlines training & Conference Center in Fort Worth, Texas. All the high standards of the International Association of conference centers (IACC) and are recommended by organizations such as AAA, Mobil, the Guide MICHELIN 2008 and meeting professionals international. in 1981, Chairman Andy Dolce founded the company at the company’s headquarters Montvale, New Jersey. The European headquarters is located in Argenteuil, near Paris. Since 2007 is the Dolce group with around 4,000 employees in the majority-owned by Broadreach capital partners.

Europe Industry

Chairman) and Richard Malley (Treasurer). Dirk Hulsermann could win a top-class expert of the industry as founding President. Hulsermann worked in various management positions in large multinational companies (such as Kyocera, Mitsui Europe), and has established itself as a specialist of advertising & media industry. Against this background the international en media company neo advertising, succeeded to win it in 2008 as Director of business development. This function Hulsermann promotes the rapid growth of the Swiss neo media group and the company in his quest, focuses on the leading global provider in the segment digital signage to be in: Hulsermann: today marks an important date in the young history of the digital out-of-home industry in Europe. The market for digital outdoor advertising in Western Europe is growing rapidly, by an average 32 per cent (CAGR) annually. Thus the Nettowerbeumsatz with digital outdoor advertising will quadruple by 2012 EUR 158 million (2007) to 626 6 million in 2012.

An industry that such a great future ahead of it, now with the OVAB Europe receives the proper representation of the entire industry. I am very proud that we won such major companies of the digital out-of-home industry for the establishment of the Association. I am grateful for the outstanding trust which fills me with enormous pride-which have elected me the founding members as founding President. I’ll meet like this task on behalf of the digital out-of-home industry with enthusiasm and commitment.” Further information is available at about Ronni Guggenheim: Ronni Guggenheim clothed in the OVAB Europe the position of Deputy Chairman. In his role as President at minicom Europe, the leading manufacturer of last mile solutions for digital signage, Guggenheim has accompanied the out-of-home market from its beginnings and actively shaped. Guggenheim has extensive contacts within the European out-of-home industry and this is for the bring pan-European communication at the Association level.

About Richard Malley: Richard Malley was last employed as a Managing Director at YOC AG in Berlin. He was responsible since its inception for the strategic development of the company and for the national and international distribution. He previously worked at CIAO.COM AG in Munich in the area of international business development/sales. After graduating from the BA international business / marketing in New York and Brussels he worked first at Kynast AG in New York and then at the Emmerson Communications AG in Frankfurt/Main. Richard Malley is responsible for the flatmedia for sales and strategic business development.


You may ask that I would like this post holder in environment this manner. the place to learn all about how to make the most of your energy supplier is to consult Well if that is green energy the reality. If you get away from the big parks / wind gardens with lots of solar electricity megawatts installed, and any other major industrial deck, other buildings in this country hardly exist.

Deregulation From these pages buying green we have always maintained that the goodness of solar ESCOs photovoltaics is that your generation can sustainable energy resources be running water located on-site consumption, New York energy that New York State is generated at low voltage and a few meters from where it is generated is consumed in low voltage, thus saving in processing and sun and organic matter transport. energy, electricity and gas are all available through use the infrastucture of your existing utility company, and still be able to enjoy the service and savings.

American Arbitration Association

Formulas for resolving the conflict if, despite the preventive measures outlined, a conflict arises, it is recommended to carry out the following measures: 1.-go to a body of international mediation. It is submit the resolution of the dispute to the decision of a third party neutral, independent and specialized in the matter. 85% Of the questions that are submitted to conciliation or mediation are resolved successfully. This method is characterized by its speed and flexibility, as well as because it can be assumed a lower economic cost than other routes. It requires that the parties submit voluntarily and their decisions are not binding. There are multiple mediation agencies. The majority of international arbitration organizations also have a mediation service.

For certain matters there are specialized agencies for industrial property matters, which should be emphasized the role of the service ( WIPO mediation. 2. International arbitration. In the event is unable to resolve the question through conciliation is recommended submission to arbitration. As conciliation, a method it is faster and more flexible than the ordinary jurisdiction. Its members generally have greater specialization and experience in matters of international trade.

Unlike the decision of the mediator, the arbitral award has the same effects as the judicial resolution, although judicial intervention is required for its execution. However, even his execution can sometimes raise more advantages than a judgment rendered by ordinary courts, since there are more countries that have ratified the main conventions for the recognition and enforcement of arbitral decisions (June 10, 1958 New York Convention and the Geneva Convention of 21 April 1961) that those who have signed agreements for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.

The main international arbitral tribunals are the International Court of the Chamber of international trade, the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes, the American Arbitration Association, the London Court of International Arbitration and in Spain the Arbitration Court of Madrid and Barcelona. 3. In the absence of agreement between the parties to refer the matter to arbitration and on the assumption that is a matter that is not provided for in the contract, remains the alternative of going to the ordinary courts. In principle, the most interesting forum is that of the domicile of the counter party or where it has sites assets, in order to facilitate the execution of the sentence. It has however previously attend existing norms on international law in order to verify that the Court that are interested can be competent. Conclusion as formulas to prevent disputes we recommend the elaboration of a full agreement that contemplate possible contingencies of the commercial transaction and the assurance of using it guarantees or insurance policies. In that contract, it is advisable to include a clause of submission to a specific body of mediation commercial and secondarily to an International Arbitral Tribunal. Also the rules applicable to this operation and possible dispute resolution must be regulated. Regardless of the above is recommended to try to ensure the implementation of a future award or judgment through the adoption of interim measures if these were possible in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Luis Carlos Sarmiento Gutierrez

On April 18, 1997 The Group has formally changed its name for the Civil Society Bank ABSA SA on January 8, 1998, the Group once again changed its name to Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores SA After This year, Grupo Aval introduces Electronic Banking service is desired, which is integrated with other Group entities, Banco de Bogot , Banco de Occidente, Banco Popular and Banco AV Villas. This innovation means customers who previously used their other channels of financial services for transactions in real-time Internet or at any of the offices of the group banks, or through ATMs.The greatest achievement of the group happens in 1999 when Grupo Aval out the stock market in the newly created Stock Exchange Colombia (The Colombian Stock Market) for the first time in company history. And it is there where the Panel makes a massive supply to the common public participation in the group, with 1,200,774,970 shares in the common market after stock between November 1 and December 31, 1999. To December 31, 1999, Aval 40.042 owned by shareholders. The end result of the IPO was the sale of 312,062,341 common shares on the stock market by 2.58 percent of its total shares, with a valuation of 58,190,135,296 Colombian peso.In 2000, a proposal is made for the appearance of the shares of Grupo Aval in the listing of the New York Stock Exchange but later were postponed, due to bad weather in the Wall Street business in emerging economies found in the time. In 2007, Luis Carlos Sarmiento continues as manager of the group companies, aided by his son Luis Carlos Sarmiento Gutierrez, who will assume control of their time on the business of the conglomerate.

InnoCyte Gmb

Split.It is the base product of Stuttgart start ups, which implemented the Central steps of automated cell culture with a fraction of the hitherto necessary effort. “Currently we are still looking for first-time users for Split.It. From summer 2012 the standard product will be available on the market “, so Roland Huchler, Managing Director of InnoCyte. The low complexity of the technology allows for a completely new design: Split.It is as Benchtop device offered compared to the robotics solutions, small and “handy”is and can be mounted on a table. Especially for medium-sized Biotechnology companies and research labs at universities and hospitals is attractive Split.It, due to the significantly lower cost factor and easier manageable and lower system. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is involved in the InnoCyte GmbH was founded in June 2011 Fraunhofer venture. The reasons for this are obvious. The InnoCyte GmbH has a profound knowledge of the industry in the field of cell culture, as well as the engineering know-how, to develop new solutions for the industry.

For this reason, will place the InnoCyte on this market successfully to, Matthias Keckl, responsible supervisor of InnoCyte at Fraunhofer venture, is convinced. In the coming years, InnoCyte will first address the 2 500 cell culture laboratories in Germany. For the future, the Fraunhofer spin-off plans to tap the European and North American markets. The founder of Stuttgart work concurrently on other products for automated cell culture, which complement the features of Split.It. About InnoCyte basis for the business idea of the Stuttgart-based InnoCyte GmbH is a patent-pending technology, the the central process of the passage realized the automated cell culture with a fraction of the hitherto necessary effort. In June 2011 with support of Fraunhofer venture founded, develops and markets the InnoCyte a family of devices around the automated cell culture. The founding team, consisting of the managing directors Dipl.-ing.

Roland Huchler, the head of application and marketing, Dr. Michael Fritsche, and Dipl.-ing. Dirk Malthan, advisory, has developed in particular the core process of cell culture passage and already at the Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing engineering and automation for the production of biological cells developed IPA device solutions. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is involved in the InnoCyte of Fraunhofer venture with 25%. Contact: Jorg Rothlingshofer factum press and public relations Schon Strasse 110a 81543 Munich + 49 89 51 91 96 31

Madonna Goes Against Alleged Payments To Her Ex-husband

Madonna is contrary to the accusations, but her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, money paid to have it was already before the divorce wild speculation, the summer will be as high, almost Madonna married Guy Ritchie for his eight years could collect. But after the official divorce is that guy got nothing at all or didn’t want anything become known. Many could not believe that and stayed still without a doubt. The rumors were hard and also this week he showed up as one. Guy Ritchie should have supposedly now money. More specifically 76 million US dollars.

But Madonna will not let stand that. “This statement is not correct. We have in our divorce mention still agreed on any details. Therefore, these allegations are absolutely not real. We have made a decision and we are both very happy with this agreement “, as Madonna.

Both have a son Rocco. Since stir up rumors that Guy Ritchie wants to keep his son in London is again, Madonna but wants to take him to New York. Da is also a statement to give it anyway. Lisa Walters

Spain Madrid Projects

Growth and expansion for an exclusive architecture and of luxury ABIBOO Architecture, international study of Architecture and Design, bet by the growth of its human capital to continue with the development of projects of great scale in the south of India and to undertake the expansion towards other countries of Southeast Asia like Vietnam, due to the demand of new projects of existing innovating and exclusive architecture in these geographic areas. For it, ABIBOO Architecture extends their infrastructures in India establishing his soothes of Chennai, in the most exclusive area of the city. New offices, where the projects will centralize that are developing in India and those of Southeast Asia, are placed in a centric building of the economic and cultural heart of the old Madras, next to the most prestigious international companies of design, fashion and luxury. ABIBOO Architecture is led by Alfredo Muoz, founder of the company and Architect titled in Spain, as well as PhD in Architectonic design by the USA. To date Alfredo Muoz has given lectures and given classes in the University of Columbia, University of Pensilvania, European University, University of Would fish, the Real Technological Institute of Stockholm and Tongji University in Shanghai, among others. Previously to his bet like Architect/industralist, Alfredo Muoz has worked in Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan and the United States for architects of international reputation like Manager of great projects, director of international branches, associated and senior designer, managing equipment directly superiors to 50 people. At present, by means of the extension of his equipment in India and Spain, he will continue with the development of present projects of great scale, inner design, design of landscape from the fulfillment of his social commitment to combine art, sustainability and respect to the environment, sophistication and innovation in a contemporary and global architectonic space.

ABIBOO Architecture lays thus way great passages in the international architecture with an falsified, exclusive and technologically innovating design in different zones from the planet, developing an architecture able to respond to the challenges of the present society and a globalised world. By means of the creation of a multidisciplinary international equipment in their search of new models of added value, ABIBOO Architecture considers like objective in this new stage of expansion, to contribute to a new conception of the contemporary space product of a deep analysis of the geographic context, environmental and social in that it works, in combination with the ample experience on the European and American architecture in the development of projects. Also, by means of the innovation, the exclusive feature in served, the rigor and exhaustive quality control and with a customized dedication to each of its clients, with those who joint party much more that an architectonic project, ABIBOO Architecture guarantees the best result in all the architecture that it develops.

The Corps To Which We Belong

Within this micro cosmos, everything is changed, is born, grows, evolves and dies. The global expansion and the greater distance between all the elements that compose it occurs as a logical and necessary reaction to their development. This in turn generates a hyperspace, which will be stopping and slowing down, as the years pass or time units. Recognizing this movement and review everything that integrates, expansion, development and continuous changes in the processes that move, makes me able to think in a very similar and thus establish the correlation between us and the world we surroundings.

The world watched with great open-mindedness and viewed from an exterior angle, shows the good observer, a distinct recognition mode, if you look with a more limited perspective. If we understand and recognize the forest, it will be easier, if we look outside of its interior, in an outer plane. So we’ll have a closer idea of the whole, this allows us greater plurality and a complete and closer to us. Similarly, if we recognize our place and position, should use mechanisms that allow us to include a position us as subjects, on a different plane. If we feel this experience, valid only incentive we have is our mind, in the absence of scientific facts that will validate each of our experiences. She will provide us the change our current status and lead to a higher plane, out of place really busy. Thereby avoiding the barriers that prevent us have an overview of the whole and therefore, possible to understand our reality. When traveling outside and external search plan included with our mind, we can sense a different reality and recognize the whole sequence and

Electronic Commerce

The electronic commerce consists of celebrating commercial operations through electronic means, thus the electronic commerce in the corporative right consists of celebrating the same through electronic means when great companies take part. The enterprise concentration in the corporative right is quite important because it studies important subjects as are the assumptions of first, as they are for example pool, fusion, poster, trust, partnership, clusters, association in participation, joint venture, communal societies, cooperatives, companies, inclusion of partners, inclusion of shareholders, inclusion of participacionistas, union of shareholders, union of participacionistas, union of bondholders, but only when great companies take part, of such form that is outside the application margin the enterprise concentration happened or celebrated by smaller companies like the medians companies, small companies and micro-enterprises. The enterprise concentration has different purposes, being one to eliminate the competition in a certain market, thus briefly the competing companies before competing distribute the markets, in such sense some countries prohibit some types of enterprise concentration, between which they emphasize the posters, nevertheless, other assumptions exist in which do not exist harmed as it is the case of clusters, in which group all the related to productive process of a company and this form is avoided to negotiate in each opportunity but this is only made once or it is avoided situations in which the salesmen do not want to provide, or cannot do it, since the contracts are not of transaction nor either other that does possible to lift the transaction costs.

Sophie Adell

In addition to the TaliBoelt pret a-porter dresses can also unique dresses in the own design studio designed and produced in the own factory. TaliBoelt manufactured on request unique dresses every performance is unique and memorable staging. Different finishing options also offer a matching personality individualization. Actress Sophie Adell wearing Couture that is London-born actress Sophie Adell TaliBoelt a multi-talented, speaks four languages fluently and is well known from many television, film and stage roles. Her acting training, she studied in New York at the Lee Strasberg Institute and at the Martha Graham School. In Los Angeles, she studied at the Van Mar Academy. She loves sports, horseback riding, arts and cultural events in addition to your main job as an actress, is interested in fashion and design. The actress living today in Munich loves to special Occasions and to wear on the red carpet a corresponding luxurious evening dress or a gala gown from TaliBoelt.

How, for example, for the spring ball at the hotel Bayerischer Hof is designed and manufactured for a lavish gala dress for the actress from designer, Tali AMOO. Sophie Adell: A night I was allowed to be Princess – the dream of many girls. TaliBoelt made it possible this”. The dress for the big show of the ball was made of finest silk taffeta and with Italian top. Fit to the evening wear also the jewellery, was from a necklace and earrings for Sophie Adell consisting of, designed and adapted. Bridal Couture wedding day is one of the most important and most beautiful days for women for the special day.

The bride and her wedding dress are in the focus of interest. The elegant wedding dresses from TaliBoelt emphasize the femininity and the personality of wearers, allow a comfortable wearing and are outfitted with their high-quality workmanship. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Francisco D’Agostino has to say. Exclusive Finishes, which can be designed individually, give an individual appearance bridal gowns.


It fishes it is an activity human being whose its existence comes of the primrdios. It is part of the reproduction human being since whom the man started if to feed of animals beyond fruits. However he is in these two I finish centuries fish that it have been organized of different form. In Brazil little she has yourself in literature regarding the organization of fishes as economic activity beyond the elaborated laws, of decrees made for the Senate and president, for the president’s messages evidencing such development and reports of agencies as the SUDEPE. In the literature that it tells the development of fishes, contained especially in the reports of the Supervision of the Development of fishes that, it only comes the public in the Sixties, before this only we can basing in them on the laws, decree and president’s message forming nuclei fishing boats and in the ideas of the government in defending the national interests before the great international fleets as of Japan, England, Holland, among others.

One of first the great acts of the Brazilian monarchy how much to the activity fishing, where it consists in literature, they date of century XIX, in the year of 1846, where law 447 is promulgated that it separates the Brazilian fishing for districts of fishes, demanding registers it of the fishing and boats in the port administrations, passing to the navy all the administrative part of the exerted fishing activity in domestic territory, organizing it and determining obrigatoriedades. It fishes it if constitua of form disarticulated of the centers, it enters the diverse colonies spread for Brazil, and rudimentary in relation to the countries as England, Holland and Japan. After some years in the estruturao of this activity, whose joint if it propagated during century XXIII and beginning of century XIX, the government of Cautious of moral, in 1897, through law 478, brought tona the interest of the oligarchies for the total nationalization of fishes.