Gift Fragrance

And indeed, millions will be happy lakomok a tasty gift. Perhaps the most trivial box of chocolates. But still better to ask for, find and buy the original delicious gift loved the guy that will delight and arrange for someone close to you. In addition to cakes with exotic fruits and flowers, which are too colorful, but not necessarily tasty, take a look at the chocolate. A large number of species of this incomparable delicacy You can easily buy.

Chocolate piano – for those whose life involved with music, chocolate shaxmaty – the intellectuals, and the composition of colors shokoladnyx replace just two gifts. We are all a little bit of childhood, and chocolate as returns for a second ago. Choose Fragrance – is not easy. Some believe that giving their shameful. At this point you can push the boundaries of decency, if the smell will be like, then it will still be cause positive emotions, but this is not always happens. Women choose fragrance of your choice, and that even more dangerous to taste the seller, of course forbidden.

After all, every woman strives to be an individual, even in this. All the same perfume can give, you must pick up the smell or peek at the name of the owner. Men are not less pereborchivye, so women's better to be circumspect in the choice of flavor for your favorite guy. However, I must say that chocolates, flowers, duxi become a tradition, almost stereotyped gifts. And it is not easy to come up, find the latest gift ideas to delight your favorite and get to the point and surprise, a drop shock that it was something to remember. All this is not the exclusivity and not in material cost, and to have his girlfriend's eyes lit up with joy. Now, congratulations with the Internet no one was surprised. Who has not received a postcard from e-mail? Nonetheless, publicly congratulated by online diary (blog) still occupies the first stage of eccentricity. In order to congratulate this way, you must first start a web blog that would be cartoons, photos, images use for recognition of the beloved.

Cultural Heritage

In December 2007, the Fund for Protection of Cultural Heritage "Russian Avant-Garde" will be one year. However, despite his young age, the foundation "Russian Avant-Garde" implemented in 2007 a number of major projects culture. Foundation organized and supported by: an exhibition of architectural photographs by Richard Pare (Museum of Modern Art, New York), repairs to the Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2007 (Venice), the exhibition work of the architect Alvaro Siza (moire, Moscow). Exhibition "Oscar Niemeyer" Poetry Forms "continues a series of exhibitions organized by the Foundation" Russian Avant-Garde. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is often mentioned in discussions such as these. " She is dedicated to 100 anniversary of the great architect of the twentieth century, Oscar Niemeyer. "Architecture has gone right if it is visible immediately after you finish the basic construction" These lines – artistic credo rights era, the artist, still amazing the world with their projects.

Brazilian and citizen of the world Oscar Niemeyer – without a doubt, one of the most renowned and most respected acting architect of the Earth. Applying the doctrine of Le Corbusier to the Brazilian reality, Oscar Niemeyer was able to create original and special architecture, which is based on the plastic freedom and formal splendor, to the maximum capacity of reinforced concrete and structural technologies. Already in the 40 years, creating a complex Pampulya, Niemeyer shocked the world by abandoning dominated in those years, formal modernist rationalism and inviting architecture, full of fantasy and unexpected solutions. In the 60 years he has created projects of major public buildings of the new Brazilian capital – Brazil, which is currently the most complex and full of modernist ensemble of world-recognized World Heritage by Unesco.

Madagascar Escape

Information Title: Madagascar 2 Original title: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Released: 2008 Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Animation Director: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath Cast: Andrew Shamin, Maria Malinowska, Oskar Kuchera, Alexander Tsekalo, Keira Knightley, Sergei Parkhomenko About the film: full of dangers life in Madagascar do not live up to expectations accustomed to the comfort of the New York zoo animals – Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and begemotihi Gloria – and friends decide to escape from the island. By chance, the whole company puts in Africa where Alex meets his family, with whom he was separated in childhood. Bill de Blasio is often quoted on this topic. To his own surprise, Alex realizes that after living in a zoo he has much less to do with family than he would like to … Country: United States, DreamWorks Animation Duration: 1:25:44 Sound: Dubbed Format: AVI (XviD) Quality: TC Video: 2148 kb / s, 704×384 Audio: MP3 128 kb / s Size: 1,399 MB you can download it here.

Soviet Union

What is an anecdote, which easily turns the impossible into the desired, relative to the absolute, top to bottom, in the ordinary fantastic, but not to create new hierarchies and myths, and to cast doubt exist? The answer to this question is easy and difficult at the same time. Let's try to understand. At first glance, anecdote – a simple, often primitive short story of everyday life, on the other hand – the subject of Anecdote refuses to turn facts into values, certainly not "appreciate" the object of his story, as narrated neobhodimoimeet some tsennostiimeet some tsennostiigra voobrazheniyaigra imagination. The main task of a joke – laughter and a great pleasure, which he calls, rather than truth itself. Laughter for a joke – it's his right to a future life. Other rights he does not. The researchers argue that modern jokes historically originated as stories about the funny side of life of the great and famous people.

Anecdote constantly calls his heroes from ordinary people, deprives them of their height, put in place, ie Descends from heaven to earth. Even The gods themselves have lost their status, once in modern anecdote. Heaven and hell have become a common site of action of anecdotes. Anecdote and not think to revive the Gods. God jokes – it's a toy, helping to invent new plots joke. Or label with which the world had grown thematised jokes.

Not surprisingly, the Soviet Union (the main source of jokes – Odessa – was then the Soviet city) polzovalsya popular political anecdote services has been limited by fear of arrest and long detention camp, but the jokes still were written and told by the ear the most loyal friends. It is important to note the presence of a certain type of jokes containing signs of hidden envy of our time – it's jokes, which mocked the "new Russian". It is a sign of social antagonisms, dislike the "new rich". One of the motives of this feeling is probably the envy of the rich life the other, although one should not forget that satirizes social stratum was grateful material for jokes. Further, as a response to the numerous beauty contests, appeared and were actively picked up jokes about blondes, although it is clear that hair color does not affect intelligence. Laughter is also possible in the field beyond a certain morality. Thus, the object of humor in the jokes of our new common is violence or innocent savagery that occurs from a misunderstanding of the moral values imposed on the model of perception, which is torn away by ridicule. The point here is rather in the way of submission and mechanism of action of the story. Absurd and cruel fun of modern anecdote including cases that for a "romantic" are absolutely ridiculous. And there is seen a tendency to ridicule totalization – is absolutely ridiculous, and all around trying to find a calls and asks for nothing. Anecdote is free of any kind whatsoever regulations. The one who receives it, he promises clean, fun game. And this is the main therapeutic function of the anecdote. It removes the fear of the world does not brings people together, removes the alienation between them, preserving their autonomy and independence. Wise parable peculiar anecdotes. It is no coincidence some of the formulas of the jokes went over to the aphorisms and sayings,

Literary Forum

My name is Vladimir, the obsession with the Internet brought me to this forum adminstva why it is literary? Perhaps because it's interesting to me, perhaps it's most basic, the second – I myself have been writing and people interested in poetry, in the third – up to the author's song. All this is so interesting to me that I want to communicate with people who also care about poetry, and literature, and art song. Subforums be about music again, probably because Last time I was a musician and work. See more detailed opinions by reading what NY museums offers on the topic.. That's actually a few words about myself and about how I present this forum, all the above stated does not mean that your opinion (users) will not, on the contrary, I only for fresh ideas, I think that we have with you all out. I survived, a girl, I survived.

Then, the window I saw a girl, and I can see – there was a bottom. Not for long, girl, live in a little hectic. Who nakatana way they – not the same. Pretty girl, about the controversy, an arc eyebrow. Can not a girl, so soon to leave love. Not true, a girl, not exactly, over and over again Sometimes breaks where the firm – this is how we do. I grew up, my girl, I grew up.

Example of what fate chose for growth, now – in size. Tired Girl, I'm tired. And I'm tired. You're leafing through my long life – there is a void. It is not true, girl in the world, and you can endure. In the steppe, walks free wind, so that in the steppe. As a rider, girl, arm robbery with a horse. Will you be him, but without me? Goodbye, little girl, forgive and forgive. When cool cup of tea – it's time to go. All of this here forum-Lit

Samuel Clemens

The oldest son, Orion, soon began publishing a newspaper, and Sam began to make a contribution there as a journeyman printer and occasional writer of articles. Some of the liveliest and most controversial stories in the newspaper just came out of the pen his younger brother – usually when Orion was out of town. Clemens also traveled to St. Louis and New York. But the call of the , in the end, Clemens raised the career of a pilot boat. Profession, which, according to Clemens himself, he would deal with life, if not civil war put an end to the private shipping company in 1861.

Because Clemens was forced to find another job. After a brief acquaintance with the militia, Clemens in July 1861 years away from the war in the west. Then his brother, Orion offered a job as secretary of the governor of Nevada. Sam and Orion Two weeks went by coach to the prairies in the mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, where silver was mined. In the West experiences out West formed a U.S.

Twain as a writer and became the basis of his second book. In Nevada, hoping to get rich, Samuel Clemens became a miner and began to produce silver. He had long to live in camp with fellow prospectors – another mode of living he later described in the literature. Failing to become a successful prospector, he had to leave the mining of silver, and get to work in the newspaper Territorial Enterprise, also in Virginia.

Cameron Diaz

The film "Knight and Day", released in theaters this summer and has collected an impressive box-office takings in the U.S., again drew attention to the leading lady – an actress Cameron Diaz – acclaimed in Hollywood after comedy "The Mask". English edition of glossy magazine Harper's Bazaar is interviewing Cameron … Cameron Diaz – stunning blonde with legs kinobogini and charming smile. "People always say, 'Oh, you have not changed, despite the glory, '"- she says, tossing ice cubes into a glass with a cocktail in a restaurant in downtown New York. "But I think that fame just makes us become who we really are." More than fifteen years of World celebrity actress learned one thing: "When the doors open for you, you must be set for a boundary. If you do not have good manners, is great danger that you will use these opportunities indefinitely, and then you show all the worst that you have. I bear great responsibility for his behavior, because I am in front of everybody.

" Today, jeans – it's traditional dress Cameron. "Do not ask me how I steam! "- she laughs, rolling his huge blue eyes and explaining that he had just bought another one in a store across the street. In her hands she holds a large bag from Chanel. Her blond hair is straight, easily fall off the shoulders and a seductive figure in excellent shape. Figure and plastic Cameron Diaz have always been a wonder of the world, but she's working on them constantly.

Suzanne Vega. Through Thorns To Stars

Suzanne Vega (Suzanne Vega) was born July 11, 1959 in Santa Monica (California). In 11 years, Suzanne was first picked up a guitar and a year later began writing songs. The girl was fascinated by works of Bob Dylan entered the School of the Arts in Manhattan, where studied ballet. However, a dancer and did not. Because of poor health, curly girl pirouettes were given hardly. She left her dancing, went to Barnard College in New York and began to perform her own songs at coffeehouses West Side and at folk festivals. "I knew from an early age that I would become famous – said the singer. – For hours, I jumped at the hallway, imagining myself on stage, or invites other children to play with them view or sing in front of them.

" In 1982 she graduated from college and Susan got a job as a secretary. She continued to sing at night clubs, the talented singer began to write in the newspapers. The Metropolitan Museum of Art often addresses the matter in his writings. However, the studio rejected her demo tape. After two years, the singer noticed two novice producers and helped her record a tape. Songs of Suzanne's liking Studios A & M Records. In 1983 the singer signed a contract with the studio, and in 1985 she released her debut album. A & M Records anticipated sales her debut album in the 30 000 copies, but Vega has sold about ten million copies of their songs around the world. The magazine 'Rolling Stone' on disk 'Suzanne Vega' in the hundred greatest albums of the '80s.

Two months later, Susan gave her first big concert. She was invited to perform on stage in London Albert Hall, and Radio City Music Hall in New York. In 1986, the singer wrote two songs for the album of orchestral 'Songs for Liquid Days', which subsequently repeatedly collaborated. Her second album Solitude Standing with hits Luka and Tom's Diner sold three millionth edition. Next of experimental work Days Of Open Hand, unfortunately, has not received public support. Working with a new producer and husband Mitchell Frum, in 1992, Vega became involved in dance music, synthesizers and a drum machine, and eventually recorded his most spontaneous album 99.9F. Became famous in the next four years, for his collaboration with Luciano Pavarotti, Bill Morrissey, as well as his charity concerts, Vega married Frum, had a daughter Ruby, and returned to the big stage with a sixth album Nine Objects Of Desire. In 2003 the singer released a greatest hits album Retrospective: The Best of Suzanne Vega", and in 2007 the new album "Beauty & The Crime .

Russian Film

Saw the film "Brest Fortress". Nothing of the sort not seen since Soviet times, probably 20 years old how. From domestic manufacturers – in particular. This is a very Soviet film in the best sense of the word. At the same time it very contemporary film in terms of technical – all blows up and Babakhan no worse than Hollywood blockbusters, special effects at the proper level. You may want to visit best bars in New York to increase your knowledge. The film – like an electric shock, especially given the variety of radio, film and TV mud, whose purpose – make a muck of native history, erase the memory of the people of the exploits of his ancestors who fought in that terrible war. And also – do people flock of stupid, blind sheep, rejoicing own stupidity and sucking the popcorn in movie theaters. And bring the people of this state, zombies can only remind him of his history, past, his roots, his ancestors and their victories.

That is awakened in him a sense of patriotism and calling respect for oneself and one's past. Advertising, by the way, did not see any anywhere. Many cinemas are hanging posters and other delightful Megamind stultify stupid, but advertising the film "Brest Fortress" something not seen. But all well, glad that finally appeared on the big screen our movie about our history, that the actors on the screen they say in Russian in the original, that this film is not about the next division of money and power. That the main characters – are not bandits but oligarchs, but ordinary Soviet people, whose courage has no boundaries.

The Trunk

End and the beginning of each cycle is the driver taxi. He takes her from the crash site, which sees the part of Jess, and driven to the port. That is, she wants to forget what happened, and during the trip as if her memory is erased. Arriving at the port, it does not even know what to do here. She does not remember where her son. Swimming starts fine.

He drank a little champagne, a nice talk with Jesse friend. She even allowed to stand at the helm. Perhaps this is an allegory. It can manage your life and move on after the accident. But tragedy makes itself felt. It's her fault lost son.

What kind of life can be next? And now, the wind subsides. There comes a calm. But to stand still – it is also not an option. Therefore, a sudden storm begins, and the boat flips. Storm stops as suddenly as it began. Directly on them is a big cruise ship. On the ship you can have discrepancies in their human form. Climbing aboard, the friends do not find anyone. They examined the ship and some point in time are separated. Here is a hint in a conversation that is happening all a dream. Killing begins. And before his death, all the blame Jess. She herself faced with a killer in overalls and wearing a mask. After the fight, the killer falls overboard, managing to say that it is all killed. In this first round of the ship, our heroine does not understand. She just wants to survive. But here begins the second round. Jess sees an inverted boat, himself and friends live in it. They scream and call for help. She understands that it is her they had seen on the liner. Now her goal – to save your friends and get to the ship. And she worries about her son. After all, it should pick up from school. In the second round she faces and to herself, again arrived, and a murderer. Since salvation is not possible, it concludes that the only way, it does not allow the wrecked boarded the ship. But began a new round, and they have to ship. So she decides all to kill, thinking that by doing so will save all. Jess explains his actions with love for her son and believes that everything is not real. After killing all, it faces a "first". Plays in a battle and falls overboard. After coming to shore and caught a ride, she hurries home. At home meets himself, scold his son for spilled paint. Hating myself old, she seizes a hammer and kills her. Zapihnuv corpse in the trunk, Jesse and his son go off somewhere, probably in search of places to get rid of the body. Once again she is distracted by her son, and then crash. Circle is closed. Then, taxi, port, etc. We see that every time the heroine is trying to change something, but her actions lead to the same result. Her need to break this cycle, but too weak in her character and she gives up too quickly. Here's even scribbled shemki to make it clearer. Of course, after watching many questions remain. But it is even more interesting. You can still review once.

Rail Transport In Argentina

If we agree that culture is: everything the man does, creates or complies, we can affirm that argentina’s culture is everything people did, made, created, created, conformed and comprise, within the limits of our territory. In this vital fluence argentina, we believe that there is a place for the railway, from that some visionaries, in the middle of the last century, believed that it had to incorporate the train as a tool for progress, and put into effect a 30 August 1857. Although it is patently obvious, the development of the railroad, could not escape the ups and downs of our eventful history, nor can escape our present and our future, even as complex as the past preceding it. National and planetary events influenced on the railway, and this in his work, made its contribution to the Argentine becoming. Much has been written or researched on the railways in the country. And much of what was said has formulated it in controversial contexts. To study the topic since the beginning of the Decade of the seventies, it seems to us display different points of approaches to the issue. Not without clarifying that the enunciation order does not indicate any precedence.

Among these approaches are: eminently ideological type, type entrepreneur, technical, aesthetic types and Union types. Since the schemes often leave large segments of the reality outside, worth clarifying that these approaches are often intermixed in the course of events. Only through careful reading and/or observation, the subtle nuances can be noted. In addition, our experiences and studies, suggest us that there is a marked difference in perceptions of those who are linked to the railway work and those who think outside the same. And the remarkable thing is the divorce between the views ordinary people saved (particularly the most veteran) and those who think, influenced by the literature or media. More cultural phenomena, not born instantly, but they are developed over time, spanning several generations.

History Of Florence

When Florence was just beginning to find its independence in the 11th century, urban merchants formed a Societas Mercatorun, a sort of guild or fraternity, many of whose members in comne Florence (the ruling council of the city which was founded in 1115). With Societas time was replaced by Arte di Calimana, universal guild, which included most of the merchants and artisans. As the division was formed seven major occupations of large guilds. In 1289 Florence was founded 14 small guilds, which covered the mid-level craftsmen. Members of these guilds actually ruled Florence during the next 400 years. The elective system was organized as follows. Leaflets with the names of the selected members of the guild, which, according to guild members were able to administrative management, were placed in eight leather pouches, stored in the church of Santa Croce. Then, from these bags was pulled out at random nine leaflets with the names: six of the large number of guilds, two of the small number of guilds, and one for the post of leader or gonfaloniere.

These elected representatives, called Priors, formed the government, or the Signoria. It government functioned for a short period – two months. This period has been established in order to avoid corruption and usurpation of power. Power was limited to the various committees of the Signoria. It also takes into account opinion of an independent judge, who was named Podesta of Florence. This judge is usually invited from out of town and was an arbitrator in dispute resolution. In times of acute crises Signoria convene parliament or assembly, which consisted of all males under the age of 14 years. However, this system was also influenced. In practice, political groups or individual influential personality arranged matters so that only pleasing their candidates were elected to important administrative positions.