Suzanne Vega. Through Thorns To Stars

Suzanne Vega (Suzanne Vega) was born July 11, 1959 in Santa Monica (California). In 11 years, Suzanne was first picked up a guitar and a year later began writing songs. The girl was fascinated by works of Bob Dylan entered the School of the Arts in Manhattan, where studied ballet. However, a dancer and did not. Because of poor health, curly girl pirouettes were given hardly. She left her dancing, went to Barnard College in New York and began to perform her own songs at coffeehouses West Side and at folk festivals. "I knew from an early age that I would become famous – said the singer. – For hours, I jumped at the hallway, imagining myself on stage, or invites other children to play with them view or sing in front of them.

" In 1982 she graduated from college and Susan got a job as a secretary. She continued to sing at night clubs, the talented singer began to write in the newspapers. The Metropolitan Museum of Art often addresses the matter in his writings. However, the studio rejected her demo tape. After two years, the singer noticed two novice producers and helped her record a tape. Songs of Suzanne's liking Studios A & M Records. In 1983 the singer signed a contract with the studio, and in 1985 she released her debut album. A & M Records anticipated sales her debut album in the 30 000 copies, but Vega has sold about ten million copies of their songs around the world. The magazine 'Rolling Stone' on disk 'Suzanne Vega' in the hundred greatest albums of the '80s.

Two months later, Susan gave her first big concert. She was invited to perform on stage in London Albert Hall, and Radio City Music Hall in New York. In 1986, the singer wrote two songs for the album of orchestral 'Songs for Liquid Days', which subsequently repeatedly collaborated. Her second album Solitude Standing with hits Luka and Tom's Diner sold three millionth edition. Next of experimental work Days Of Open Hand, unfortunately, has not received public support. Working with a new producer and husband Mitchell Frum, in 1992, Vega became involved in dance music, synthesizers and a drum machine, and eventually recorded his most spontaneous album 99.9F. Became famous in the next four years, for his collaboration with Luciano Pavarotti, Bill Morrissey, as well as his charity concerts, Vega married Frum, had a daughter Ruby, and returned to the big stage with a sixth album Nine Objects Of Desire. In 2003 the singer released a greatest hits album Retrospective: The Best of Suzanne Vega", and in 2007 the new album "Beauty & The Crime .