Research Methods

As the north-eastern number of studies with bees he is scarce, this study he will be able to serve as starting point for new and more deepened research. The present work had as main objective to make a survey of the species of bees that had visited the strip of land of the Farolndia quarter (Aracaju -) during the period of comment of 3 (three) days having as purpose to collect and to identify the same ones. MATERIALS AND METHODS the research was lead in the city of Aracaju that if it locates in the Northeast region, in the state of Sergipe presenting a half-barren climate, whose annual average precipitation (Un) is of the 1590 and average temperature (C) of 26, with rainy period that if extends of March until August. Its ecosystem is predominantly composed for manguezais and restinga. The Metropolitan Museum of Art contributes greatly to this topic. The ground indiscriminate characterizes for little humid fen, podsol, sands quartzonas sea, podzlico red-yellow and glay. The vegetation if presents through clean, dirty fields vegetation higrfilas I also contend preservation areas (fens and restingas). (aspectos.asp) the situated strip of land in the Farolndia quarter, south zone of Aracaju, characterizes for a vegetation predominantly tripping consisting mainly of grassy, some coconut palms (Coconuts nucifera) and mamoneiros (Ricinus communis L.). There also a species of florfera plant was found, that was collected and identified as Crotalaria retusa (Fig.

1), that it was the main target. The work dealt with a exploratrio study, field research, in which the presence of bees in the data was observed directly during three days established land. Et was used the qualitative methodology by means of the Sakagami method al. (1967), that it consisted of the capture, I assist with it of entomolgicas nets, the visiting bees of the flowers, being to the same ones in rest or flight.

Russian Offices

Moscow designer Karina Yeganian was recently one of the most prestigious design awards Red Dot (literal translation – "red dot"). The jury noted the development of Karina – modular office storage system All in Wall, combining the function shelving, partitions and container markets. Such a solution can successfully zonirovat workspace and save space – this is the task now facing many companies. "These designs use high demand in the market, – said Ermakov, director of quality "Astarte prestige", the manufacturer of partitioning systems. – To save space can be embedded in the wall are numerous shelves, mirrors, hooks for clothes, televisions, aquariums in the rest room and much more. " To survive in tough times, you need to temper their appetites in almost everything; understand it and manufacturers of office equipment which have become increasingly promote the miniature model. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from NYC Marathon. For example, the company oki Printing Solutions, a global supplier of printing solutions for business, introduced color printers, which now does not necessarily allocate a separate place in the office, or you can simply put them on one of the desktops.

And Dell has officially announced the release of the miniature desktop – OptiPlex 160: novelty is so small that it is easy to install the lcd monitor. You can save not only on footprint, but also pay for other related costs, primarily electricity bills. For example, the new building uefa erected in Western Europe (Nyon), has a rounded shape with a relatively narrow premises to use maximum daylight. But such solutions need to provide a further stage of the project, but to save money on lighting equipment for each force. According to Vladimir Gabrielian, Vice-President and General Manager of Philips Lighting" in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, "if you replace all the existing inefficient lighting systems for energy-efficient, only in Russia can be saved per year to 60 TWh of electricity – which is eur 6 billion savings annually.

Similarly, we can more closely monitor the water flow in the office and even save on drying hands! This was the case in Toyota. In order to save this company shut off apparatus for drying hands in the restrooms in some offices. Another resource that is often spent in workplaces irrationally – on paper. "In the Savings Bank introduced austerity measures. In the offices of the bank will cut the number of printers and photocopiers to avoid excessive waste of paper "- said president of this organization, German Gref, a monthly letter to all staff. In addition, the oldest banking institution of the country now prints all contracts with individuals only on the sheets on both sides. Contain excessively bloated office – already a luxury, but because it's time by removing unnecessary and something changed in the surrounding working reality, tune in to a new way.

President Mohamed Nasheed

Vacationing in the island nation in the Indian Ocean the Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean near the southern tip of India consists of several atolls and 1,196 Islands, of which 220 of natives inhabited and 87 more used for tourist purposes. These islands are spread over a length of 823 km North South to just south of the equator. You are not, as for example Hawaii, volcanic, but lie on the Maldivian back, a tilted down and drop off edge plaice in the Indian land mass. The Islands are all just above sea level, is the highest elevation in Villingili in the Addu Atoll 2.4 m. Therefore, the Maldives by sea levels rising as a result of global warming are most at risk. Held December 2004 tsunami many settlements and tourist resorts were destroyed in although the violence of the waves was diminished by the offshore coral reefs.

Since 1972, the country has opened up tourism. As a result, resorts are built on numerous islands for vacationers. Locals may stay only for work purposes on these islands. In return, tourists get access to the islands of the locals rarely and under more serious problems. As environmental protection in the Maldives practically does not exist and the corruption celebrates everywhere happy Urstande a holiday in the Maldives is always a double-edged sword.

On one side are disposed as the enchanting beaches and the very attractive for diving coral reefs, on the other hand be rubble, waste oil and waste in the sea. But also the conservation is written not only the environmental in the Maldives, so that the populations of sharks, certain species of reef fish and turtles are extremely decreased. The Maldives is one of the world’s poorest countries. Although tourism has created millionaires is the bulk of the population impoverished and lives on an average day earnings of $ 1.17. To evacuate the population at a further rise in the sea level, President Mohamed Nasheed has a program Reprinted with whose help he wanted to purchase land in India, Sri Lanka and Australia. This program failed but due to the insolvency of the Maldivian Government.


Norbekov Institute (also known as self-healing Rights Institute) was established in Moscow in 1998. Its founder and longtime leader, it is not difficult to guess, MS Norbekov. During its existence the institute opened Norbekov offices in 28 countries around the world: in Russia, CIS countries and Baltic States and abroad – in the U.S., Britain, Germany, Israel and Canada. In total, more than three hundred cities around the world conducted studies on improving Academician Norbekov system, employing over 600 teachers. In 2002 he founded the Institute Norbekov in New York, which today has 14 branches in different States. As educators are fond of repeating the Institute, currently over 2 million people in the courses of the Institute Norbekov able to improve their health and well-balanced life to get the mood. But is this true? No statistics the agency does not provide.

Rather, we mean that More than two million have been paid and courses on the system Norbekov. Further description of the fully cite the work of this institution found on the website of the Institute Norbekov: For more than twenty years has accumulated vast experience, we find new techniques, made scientific discoveries, a number of awards and international qualifications. Clinical studies have confirmed the excellent results in chronic respiratory, digestive, urinary, cardio – vascular, nervous, endocrine, immune and other systems. Author’s method of work Norbekov vision revolutionized modern medicine. It allows you to restore eyesight without drugs and surgery intervention, and a number of diseases which are incurable official medicine. Among them – optic atrophy, myopia, astigmatism, different types of dystrophy, cataract, glaucoma, color blindness. Here impossible to list all the diagnoses, which are engaged in the Institute Norbekov.

However, it is important to note that due to work on himself, of 97-98 100 people are beginning to restore health even during the ten- educational and recreational courses. So what I want to say after reading this? Only one, the institute Norbekov able “to squat on the ears.” Essentially speaking, the “teachers” of the institution, to the notion that the Institute has irrelevant. Just cheat their customers! In – first raised questions about the authenticity “of prizes and international diplomas.” Rather institutions to lend. In – the second, which means “good results in chronic diseases of the respiratory, digestive, urinary, cardio – vascular, nervous, endocrine, immune and other systems? ” Excellent results – a concept rather vague and imprecise, and science concepts such are not interested. Here we need FACTS. Where is irrefutable evidence of the improving health of two million people? B – Third, what kind of statement about the alleged coup in medicine? Techniques that are used in the institute has long Norbekov known and used throughout, just in slightly different form. Finally, phrases like “thanks to the work on himself, out of 100 people 97-98 start to restore health even during the ten-day educational and recreational Course “at once make it clear that the institution Norbekov primarily aimed at enriching its creators, since they are absolutely meaningless and does not guarantee the words are designed to attract people. A sick man this is such a person, which is why – it is ready to implement the recommendations of anyone, even a charlatan, but would not follow doctor’s recommendations!

Mega Chronic Anarchical Urban Spaces

These spaces are characterized for having the highest population density, where the clutter reigns, social chaos e, functions as incubadoras and fertile fields for the bloom of the terrorism and violent crime. The Mega spaces sufficiently is carenciados of general form, but in contexts especially degraded in the Hemisphere of the South, they represent a mortal threat. One ' ' mega space urbano' ' it is an immense and chaotic agglomeration of blocks of towers, rolling properties, stairs, mega-markets, auto-roads, airports, severe pollution, slum quarters, extreme crime and terrorism. To only give some examples where if it sees, that this fenmeno had and will have a catastrophic evolution clearly: In 1900, 10% of the people in the world lived in urban areas. NYC Marathon contains valuable tech resources. In 2000, 3 bilies of people lived in urban areas. Also in 2000, to all the hours, have more 60 people in Manila, more 47 people in New Delhi and more 21 people in Lakes.

In 2015, Mumbai and Tokyo each will have 27 million people. In 2030, 60% of the world-wide population live in urban areas. Eruptions of war and extreme violence in megas urban spaces of developing countries are notified almost daily in the television. Thus, places are counted as areas of increasing tension as Gaza (Tira de Gaza is transformed into a gigantic slum quarter), Bagdad and Basra (in Iraq), Karachi, Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo. This is the reality that if developed and that the nations have that to face presently. Violent crime can be less spectacular and to have little journalistic interest that the terrorism. But crime in general is a real threat, wants for the developed world, wants for the world in development, being that the last ones have an immense necessity of peace and stability, to become more developed. We will walk we stop the desertificao of great areas of the Globe, in detriment of the concentration, the people in these mega urban spaces, where the pressure and the quality of life are inversely proportional.

The Proper Handling Of Wallpapers

Wallpapering is usually aren’t so difficult as you think. It depends on the proper handling. First of all, it should be remembered in which room, the wallpaper should be attached. Small spaces can be considerably larger, bright walls and ceilings, large spaces are intimate with a dark wall or ceiling color. Want to still look beautiful the wallpaper even after years, it is so to use recommended special wallpapers for certain rooms. Washable and durable wallpaper reflected in the kitchen or at the dear little ones in the children’s room, in practice as a very practical because you can easily clean it. The most important decision criterion was not the personal taste anyway, so everyone prefers a different color or a different pattern.

Due to its great diversity, hardly a boundary is set of self-realization. The dealers offer wallpapers for every taste – whole whether classical and elegant, stylish and elegeant or gaudy and extravagant. You now decided for his request wallpaper, which is so correct installation on the wall not less of importance. Called this process the wallpaper”. You should especially on the right tool (wallpapering table, upholstery brush, foam rubber role, pencil, etc.), make sure the correct paste and the proper work clothes. Vividly decorated in the Internet you can find a variety of detailed process descriptions. Care is the most important ever run that, especially if you want to have wall-paper with patterns on your own walls.

Considering not the dimensions here one has a shifted patterns and the effect of wallpaper is gone. Before you can install a new wallpaper, it is mostly needed first to remove the disused predecessor. This can be accomplished through something hard PuTTY work or to invest some money in a stripping, but greatly facilitates the work one. However, there are also wallpapers, which dry pull up and let the back only a paper thin, the man easily can paint over or through paper. Carmen Passler

Manufacturing Door To Order

The reasons for making the doors to order There are two variants acquire the door first – manufacturer of doors to order. In this case, the buyer has the opportunity to choose not only the model itself, but also the finish, and he really liked the fittings and locks that precisely meet its security perceptions. Danny Meyer shines more light on the discussion. Production of doors is running under a concrete doorway, because it is an ideal "fit" in it and serves as further protection is not reliable only against intruders but also drafts, noise and smells. Particularly relevant to manufacturing custom doors when finishing repairs already made, because the aperture does not have to break and therefore no longer a hassle to set bring it into order, including the subsequent repainting or perekleivanie wallpaper in the hallway. I must say that the recent production of door-to-order highly in demand. As residents urban high-rise buildings, and owners of country cottages tend to avoid uniformity.

Therefore, a lot of doors to order look like works of art, while maintaining its functionality. The second option begins with Search finished doors, which is fully responsive to your needs and, most importantly, fit to size. The situation is much more rare, has a right to exist in the case of a standard doorway, as a rule, the model multi-storey buildings. But it is worth and then forget that the standard doors, as opposed to custom, usually equipped with only basic means of protection, and for the installation of such doors still need professional.

Wooden Houses

Construction of wooden houses on reasonable and economic factors. Total cost of materials for the construction of a wooden cottage home is lower than for brick. Wooden Houses in Russia and are becoming very popular due to the exceptional properties of natural materials – wood. Country houses of wood under all processes take a fairly long period of time in its construction. Country houses acquire residential function. In the cozy suburban home can come at any time of year, relax.

Summer houses are rich in internal and external decoration, as offerings on the market for construction services for the finishing of wooden houses are many. Round logs, which is most popular in construction wooden country houses, can save on decorating the house because the house made of logs themselves look presentable at the expense of high quality lacquer coating of the carcass. What is log? Wooden houses – ideal for building holiday homes. Get all the facts and insights with NYC Marathon, another great source of information. Log buildings are easy to design – they can even build your own. House of logs, often made on the basis of the framework. Log cabin – it practical, cost-effective, but not always fast. If you are going to put on the site chopped wooden house, log cabin or for a bath you need to know some simple things. Building a log house is in second place in the overall System construction of wooden houses.

First run projects of wooden houses, log cabins are made then, and then comes the internal and external finish at home if it is needed. After production log delivered to the site and gather there on the spot. Houses made of logs are produced, mainly from pine, spruce, larch and cedar. Log buildings shall be constructed of tightly adjacent to each other logs to avoid future cracking. If you want your wooden house was not unlike any other, it requires individual projects of wooden houses. Wooden houses can be built and offered to you in the construction company, in which you decide to paying. Nice and unique projects of wooden houses can be found in the construction company "Kizhi". In addition to the wooden houses, are very relevant and still-frame, panel home. This type of homes, mostly used for building houses. Construction of cottages on a separate niche in the construction industry. During the construction of houses using technology frame construction. Prefab homes – one of the most promising technologies of low building town houses. The basis of the frame house is a wooden frame of planed lumber. Modern timber frame house can produced already finished with the inner or outer trim. Shield House, as well as the frame, composed of individual structures, which are subsequently assembled. Switchboard construction – this building from the plane elements, folding of the supporting frame with invigorating skin. Panel houses easy different layout and redevelopment. You can engage the general layout of the interior panel house, you can deliberately vary thermal conductivity and sound depending on your needs. Shield House, as well as wood, are low cost and environmental friendliness. To carry out all your building and architectural ideas to help Construction firm I "Kizhi". "Kizhi" was founded in 1996. Construction company 'Kizhi' was founded in 1996. "Kizhi" the architects and the construction of wooden houses, cottages, saunas. The company is building the winter wood and timber frame houses, cottages, summer cottages and saunas at home, both on individual projects, as well as offering standard designs of wooden houses and cottages.

Cultural Heritage

In December 2007, the Fund for Protection of Cultural Heritage "Russian Avant-Garde" will be one year. However, despite his young age, the foundation "Russian Avant-Garde" implemented in 2007 a number of major projects culture. Foundation organized and supported by: an exhibition of architectural photographs by Richard Pare (Museum of Modern Art, New York), repairs to the Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2007 (Venice), the exhibition work of the architect Alvaro Siza (moire, Moscow). Exhibition "Oscar Niemeyer" Poetry Forms "continues a series of exhibitions organized by the Foundation" Russian Avant-Garde. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is often mentioned in discussions such as these. " She is dedicated to 100 anniversary of the great architect of the twentieth century, Oscar Niemeyer. "Architecture has gone right if it is visible immediately after you finish the basic construction" These lines – artistic credo rights era, the artist, still amazing the world with their projects.

Brazilian and citizen of the world Oscar Niemeyer – without a doubt, one of the most renowned and most respected acting architect of the Earth. Applying the doctrine of Le Corbusier to the Brazilian reality, Oscar Niemeyer was able to create original and special architecture, which is based on the plastic freedom and formal splendor, to the maximum capacity of reinforced concrete and structural technologies. Already in the 40 years, creating a complex Pampulya, Niemeyer shocked the world by abandoning dominated in those years, formal modernist rationalism and inviting architecture, full of fantasy and unexpected solutions. In the 60 years he has created projects of major public buildings of the new Brazilian capital – Brazil, which is currently the most complex and full of modernist ensemble of world-recognized World Heritage by Unesco.

Plunger Pump

As you know, high speed is greater wear of friction parts. Visit NYC Marathon for more clarity on the issue. Therefore, the calculation of this type of pumps to choose the "middle ground" as well as the pump before use constructively to be finalized. The use of a plunger pump. Plunger Pump has a precise dosage of the volume, but! The least abrasive particle, caught in a couple or a plunger valve, plunger or disrupts, the oppression of valves, causing a disturbance dosage, or even worse: jam or freeze plug. Valve to bend more often for another reason: if the pump is of poor quality. This is mainly observed in low-cost Chinese plunger pumps, which, because of low price, usually set by many manufacturers. Track it in the process is practically impossible.

Pumps can sometimes be found with the use of parts with nikilevym coated, stainless steel, siluminovye, ceramic and plastic. By choosing plunger pump must be approached very cautiously. Pumps made in China, as a rule, not maintainable (SINGLE). Even the smallest spare part you will not find it (the only change whole). Although it is entirely to find a replacement is not always easy. Solution before it enters the pump plunger must be carefully filtered.

Cheap series pumps are usually made of aluminum or silumin. These pumps are long in acidic environment does not work. Some are even on these pumps are made of plastic valve covers, but the presence of repair kits are usually silent. There are pumps made with brass or bronze, but acidic environment for them is devastating.

Coat Of Arms With Ears

In early June 1960 the U.S. ambassador to the UN has shown in New York State Seal of the United States, which hung in the office of the American ambassador in Moscow. It was hidden by a tiny beetle, which being put into action, passed by the Soviet position control everything that was said in the office of ambassador. The international practice of creating and using personal listening devices like this before do not know. It was a passive scutes: no batteries, no wires, no power, nothing that could be detected by antibagov.

Ustryostvo resembled a tiny tadpole with a small tail. Actuated by a source it microwave signal, which forced the receptors tadpole resonate. Voice of the person affect the character of resonance oscillations of the device, allowing the interception of speech. The microphone can operate indefinitely at the expense of long microwave pulses fed him extremely powerful generator at a distance of 300 meters. In the relevant sector of the microphone was held under the name of Chrysostom, and the operation of the office listening to – Confession. A horrible tap into the inner sanctum as follows: First, the beetle was supposed to build in one of the items: a large shield of a Scythian warrior, made of black alder, a two-meter tusks mammoth, telephone company Ericsson, presented by Nicholas II, the Swedish king Gustav IV, a meter-high waste-paper basket. However, experts explained that none of the exhibits is not appropriate for a given problem, since the design features of the microphone require that a souvenir, which was bony plates has been adapted to it, but not vice versa.

And so the microphone should be installed simultaneously with the manufacture of a gift. K Moreover, this option excludes the presence of microscopic traces on the surface of a souvenir and as a consequence, the detection. In the end, the solution was found. February 4-11, 1945 in Yalta, Crimea Conference was held the “big three” – Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill. It was at this time, it was decided to introduce the office of Ambassador Chrysostom. For a transaction selected on February 9. In this day of celebration was twenty years health resort pioneer “Artek” and awarding her the Order of Red Banner of Labor. Therefore, before 8 February-Commissar for Foreign Affairs Molotov in the presence of Stalin to Roosevelt and Churchill gave an invitation to visit the children from Artek. The calculation was based on the fact that in any case, neither one nor the other in Artek not go as well as their foreign ministers. Thus, it appears that the celebration had to go to the U.S. ambassador in Moscow, Averell Harriman and his English colleague. On the Mr. Harriman day in Artek solemnly handed a huge, gleaming varnish wooden coat of arms the United States, which for eight years, moved into a top-secret study of U.S. envoy. Moreover, inherent in Coat of Arms Microphone – scutes already survived four ambassadors, regularly performing his secret function.

Call Center Club Relies On Growth

almato, supports development of the independent industry forum in Tubingen / Wimsheim, February 11, 2011 the call center Club, the emerging Branchencommunity for professional customer relationship management, continues its growth course and is supported by the almato GmbH, which. The company from Tubingen is a provider of software for quality monitoring, real time interaction management as well as e-learning and would like to accompany the development of the independent industry forum with his commitment. We want to provide our members with current information and make attractive offers. The call center Club supplemented its classic network activities through forums on XING, Facebook and Twitter, and is thus represented in the relevant social media platforms with a strong presence”, explains Oliver Erckert, moderator of the call center Club. We want to now take the next step and further professionalize our services and expand. For this we need the help of reliable partners. The almato GmbH, in the us as “Which will support, we have found such a strong partner.” The call center Club is a network on XING and other platforms to all people involved in the call center and contact center industry. The virtual Club connects employees and executives and creates relationships between various industry representatives.

Service providers, consultants, manufacturers and distributors can join this group and benefit from the network. Goal of the call center Club is the open exchange of topics that move the industry and move forward. The call center Club is a great idea and has a great development. The industry is so diverse that we succeeded so far barely a medium or network, to depict the whole width. This forum is now on its way, bringing together all involved”, explains Thomas Geiling, Marketing Director of almato GmbH. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from NYC Marathon.

we want to like to accompany this development and support, because the entire industry will benefit, if the exchange among stakeholders is through the call center Club and expanded still further professionally.” Exhibits on CallCenterWorld in Berlin, the call center Club offers an exclusive meet & greet on February 23 from 17:30 to 19:00. Here members can get to know better their virtual industry contacts in direct talks. About the almto GmbH: The almato GmbH offers innovative solutions, the customer service center is put in a position to achieve optimum results from every single customer contact. The focus of business activities is the distribution and the demonstrably successful implementation of software solutions for real time interaction management, quality monitoring, pure voice recording, e-learning and customer satisfaction survey with integrated analysis and reporting tools. While almato acts as a full service provider. Contact: almato GmbH Thomas Geiling 72072 Tubingen T: + 49 (7071) 79569-0 Wohrdstrasse 5 M: about the call center Club: the call center Club is aimed as a network on XING and other platforms to all people, in the Call Center and contact center industry involved. The virtual Club connects employees and executives and creates relationships between various industry representatives. Service providers, consultants, manufacturers and distributors can join this group and benefit from the network. Press contact: Call center Club sheep tree path 9/3 71299 Wimsheim T: + 49(70 44) 91 54 94 M:

Gomes People

But it will be that it is possible to influence people, motivates them so that they play the role that is waited by its leader? So that this problematic either answered we will make one brief dissertao on leadership and you as well as lead the motivations that these exert on its led the point of if feeling responsible for the successful execution of its tasks. 2 THEORETICAL BASEMENT Exist diverse forms to define leadership, thus look some, which could in giving a general concept to them. Leadership is the process to lead a group of people, transforming it into a team that generates resulted. It is the ability to lead and to influence its led of ethical and positive form so that they contribute voluntarily and with enthusiasm to reach the objectives of the team and the organization. (WIKIPDIA, 2010) Also we have the concept of Nunes (s/a apud George Terry, s/a) that it says that ' ' Leadership is the activity to lead people being made them to pledge itself voluntarily in an objective of grupo.' ' Leadership is a term used currently that it assigns that one that it leads, but this term for much time was appraised as it commands, hierarchy or power.

In this point we cite Gomes (s/a, P. 1) that in she says &#039 to them; ' During much time, and still in the age Taylor and Fayol, little heard to speak in leadership. The used terms more were ' ' chefia' ' , hierarchy, subordination, power … ' '. Completing citation above we can paraphrase N3obrega (2008) in which speaks that the act to lead is not for any one, therefore it demands a personal loyalty, of which few people obtain to support, and still says that ' ' … Heads sounds common, leads is rare. It is therefore that many companies of success exist, but little happy people there dentro' ' (N3OBREGA, 2008 p.18) As Hunter (2004) the leadership is an ability to influence its collaborators so that they work with enthusiasm, being aimed at to reach the objectives for a common good.

Madagascar Escape

Information Title: Madagascar 2 Original title: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Released: 2008 Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Animation Director: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath Cast: Andrew Shamin, Maria Malinowska, Oskar Kuchera, Alexander Tsekalo, Keira Knightley, Sergei Parkhomenko About the film: full of dangers life in Madagascar do not live up to expectations accustomed to the comfort of the New York zoo animals – Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and begemotihi Gloria – and friends decide to escape from the island. By chance, the whole company puts in Africa where Alex meets his family, with whom he was separated in childhood. Bill de Blasio is often quoted on this topic. To his own surprise, Alex realizes that after living in a zoo he has much less to do with family than he would like to … Country: United States, DreamWorks Animation Duration: 1:25:44 Sound: Dubbed Format: AVI (XviD) Quality: TC Video: 2148 kb / s, 704×384 Audio: MP3 128 kb / s Size: 1,399 MB you can download it here.

Urban Esthetics

Amongst the visual arts that had been part of the movement, another one receives a great prominence; the video. This age eminently an art of the body. In it, the body was used as central instrument. This gave place what we will see in the decade of 90. We attend in the decade of 90 centralization of the alive body of the artist. Now, in them we come across with the call technological body. The body dislocated if for the staged installations, the productions and the retouchings.

One is about the reconstruction phase of the appearance, through a culture that stimulates the change of standards. What we see, in the reality, is that practical artistic and the speeches on art if had come back again toward the body. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Differently of the decades of 50 and 70, ' ' the projects now would go to explore its new ways of being in the urban environment increasingly tecnologizado where live? (SANTAELLA, 2003, p.268). Years 90 bring in them what he would be new in the arts of the body. We have, in this decade, a substitution of the term body art for the expression? practical guided for corpo' ' (JONES apud SANTAELLA 2003, P. 268). The technology dominates this decade, thus raising, videos that brought as many abstracted bodies how much you register. The technology was tambmo that more it characterized the workmanships directed toward the body. Danny Meyer might disagree with that approach.

In accordance with Jones ( 2003): Most of the artists who were known, in years 90, made use of multimedia technology, photographic and installations, tending to explore the body and the subjectivity as tecnologizados, inaturais and specifically basically infixveis in its identity or meant subjective objective in the world. (JONES apud SANTAELLA, 2003, p.270). All these characteristics send in them to the body that now is called after human being. But, what this means? 2? The body of the one after Same human being who our look and our study are come back toward the body in the aesthetic context, is important to observe the transformations for which the body has past, characterizing the denomination of ' ' after humano' '.


The Berg is called and is one of the most impressive and innovative projects that exist today. While it seems something not related to tourism, actually not so. The Berg is an artificial mountain, devised by architect Jakob Tigges, to provide the German city of one of the most impressive tourist destinations on the planet. Your chosen location, would be land that was defunct Tempelhof airport. The main objective of the project is to create a natural habitat for the wildlife of the place and that serve as whereabouts to different species from other areas, this large projection would also serve as an area of recreation for visitors to the city. Manifesto of the architect while rich and big cities around the world probing the limits of architecture building huge hotels with fantastic shapes, erecting a towering skyscraper for offices and building Philharmonic temples that seem to float on water, Berlin quieretener a mountain.

Berlin has not done you lack build it to possess it. Simply, it has drawn it. So high and beautiful as to which anyone can enjoy its existence. Its Summit exceeds 1,000 meters in height and is between September and March snow cover the inhabitants of Hamburg are becoming green with envy, while those of Munich are beginning to be ashamed of the distant Alps. In the Middle, with his hobby to play all kinds of urban utopias, it has already begun to copy the Berlin montana-icono. Tempelhof no longer only in the mind of the Berliners: people around the world landed mass not to see the mountain.

Network Business

SAP business communications management 7.0 and rapid deployment solutions Walldorf, presents the 09.02.2012 – that ecenta on the SAP Business Suite specialist software and consulting on CallCenterWorld 2012 different solutions for the integration of data and voice applications in a unified information and communication environment. The focus on CRM and IP Contact Center Suite SAP include this year SAP business communications management, offered as a rapid deployment solutions. At the trade fair shows the integration in Berlin ecenta at the SAP stand 2A13 in Hall 2, such as contact centers can implement SAP business communications management 7.0 with SAP CRM. SAP business communications management is an IP-based communications solution that provides all functions for the contact channel cross-business communication. As a stand alone installation, the software replaces the parallel operation of conventional telephone systems at different locations. This creates a single virtual out of previously isolated systems for corporate telephony Network node.

Management, multi channel contact routing and automated dialing functionality with functions for queue can to streamline time numerous in – and outbound activities. SAP business communications management 7.0 is suitable also for mobile users and the integration of IVR systems and SAP reporting tools. Others including NYC Marathon, offer their opinions as well. In customer service, the traffic, the contact center must manage grows for years. It is to generate data, to consolidate, to evaluate and to use efficiently. In addition, we see an increase in the communication paths of that customers use to contact companies in contact. A catchword which repeatedly falls are social media channels such as Facebook. “, explains Joachim Schellenberg, senior business development manager EMEA for the ecenta AG. This IP-based platforms such as SAP are of course business communications management, who can use all channels of communication.

Through the integration with SAP CRM manages an effective and seamless merging of the communication processes with this important data and Customer information.” Deployment solutions, that ecenta will be presenting at the fair in Berlin allow a very fast support of the communication, sales – and service processes the SAP rapid. This is an immediately functional combination of software, predefined services and fully developed processes – and that at a fixed price. As customers increasingly request funds and support for rapid implementation demand, offers CRM to ecenta pre-defined services at a fixed price for the implementation of the software packages including for SAP and SAP and SAP business communications management are available. ecenta a product and consulting company, is on the challenging implementation projects in the areas of SAP Business Suite, especially SAP CRM (customer relationship management) and SAP BCM, and SAP NetWeaver, specifically in the areas of business intelligence, master data management, process integration (Exchange infrastructure), composite application framework and Enterprise Portal specializes. was ecenta due to its professional expertise and successful cooperation in the areas of CRM, business objects information management solutions, application server, identity management, BPM, and banking in the SAP special expertise program recorded.

Water Navigation

Open season water navigation in Moscow yesterday in the capital, opened navigation. Five months of passenger ships will ply from Novospassky bridge to the hotel "Ukraine". During the season, is expected to roll on Moscow river one million passengers. Also with the opening of river navigation season in 2007 to individuals and companies are encouraged to hire ships for walks and celebrations. Navigation inaugurates eight river ships, a group of cadets of the Academy of Water Transport and musicians of the military orchestra. From motors ships was suffocating could.

Pop songs, thundering from the speakers, changed naval hymn – and the ceremony began. Trinity students, armed with swords, carried the flag, followed by a discordant herd marched students of the Academy, on the occasion dressed in ceremonial clothing. While management has tried the microphone, patrol boat moored next to – the neighborhood was shrouded in a dirty-yellow smoke. During this time, the commanders had time to level cap in the front row of students. After all positions thanks everyone invited ride on the first day for free.

For security purposes, all ships in the near future we plan to put metal detectors. From 16 April to mid-October the river 'trams' will go on the most popular route – from Novospassky bridge to the wharf hotel "Ukraine". The price of tickets for scheduled flights this year grew by 20 percent: adult ticket on a weekday is 100 rubles, the cost of a cruise in the output – 200 rubles. All children – twice cheaper.

Windows Are The Eyes Of The House

Monarchis has many good reasons for the installation of new Windows of Neu-Ulm that mbH acquires Monarchis Grundbesitz company headquartered in Neu-Ulm as real estate and financial services company also older, renovation-needy residential property with good buildings in whole Germany. The objects are restored when needed and rehabilitated in energetic terms. These include, for example, the installation of new heating systems, as well as the insulation of basement, roof and facade. These measures mean that the accommodation costs are reduced and the houses are gaining value. An important area of part of is also the renewal of the window. The Windows are the eyes of a House. For the residents, they reveal from the inside to the outside, ventilation and protect against cold, heat and noise. And from the outside? The window essentially determine the appearance of a House.

Allow partial insight into life-worlds. Credit: NYC Mayor-2011. They are also protection against possible intruders. The most important motivation to build a new window is Today, the saving of energy. Because saving energy means saving money. With new, insulated Energiesparfenstern energy can be saved compared with old Windows with simple glass up to 75 percent. Is the heating with fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas or coal fired, means the reduction in addition a very positive environmental effect of heating energy. Because also the emissions of climate-damaging CO2 emissions will be reduced with the reduction of energy consumption. A statistic says: If all energy renovation-needy window in Germany is immediately replaced by thermal insulated Windows, nearly 17 percent of the energy needs for space heating could be saved.

This would correspond to the avoidance of around 36 million tonnes of CO2 a year. It is also interesting how important that the refurbishment funded by soft loans from Windows at the request of the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW). New, thermally insulated Windows are naturally very dense. This means that the heating and air behavior must be adapted to the new circumstances. There are on the Web site of the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH corresponding information. The Monarchis tips about building and living are always a win. More information under: or

Internet Agency

Virtual cheating as the beginning of infidelity? For more and more people new possibilities to the wide world of the Internet. Especially the communication with other people is in the foreground. But acquaintances are only superficial in most cases. So it is not surprising that millions of people prefer online communication the opposite communication. A leading idea is getting to know new contacts. Restaurateur is often quoted as being for or against this.

The anonymity of the network is exploiting fully. Especially chats offer a straightforward and simple form of contact. Unlike in social networks, you can find no documentation of one’s own life. Based on this anonymity, online dating be closed quickly. The number of Fremdganger whose first getting to know on a virtual level took place increasing to judge, according to a study of at Melbourne’s Swinburne University. What is worrisome is the fact that 51 percent of virtual Flirt in fixed partnerships. The capsules from the spouse from family activities to spend more time in the network to “spend and in many cases these virtual partner then also live” to meet, raises questions. Increasingly investigative agencies, such as the private detective agency Lentz are visited, because the spouse has the fear that the partners on an adventure across the network is off.

The range of infidelity makes around 30 to 40 percent of our entire detective work”Christina Egerer, Managing Director of the detective agency Lentz stressed. The detective agency Lentz offers tested detectives, to gain the certainty, its customers, by specially trained and ZAD what spouse does in his spare time. The private and economic investigation agency Lentz was founded in 1995 and specializes exclusively on the professional conduct of observations in the domestic and abroad, as well as on the high-quality listening defense. The services include investigations in the area of economic crime and private orders. All Detectives are permanently employed and tested ZAD. Be managed client from leading German and international companies and law firms. The detective agency is a member of the German-American Chamber of Commerce and the Association of international global private investigators e.V. The detective agency-Lentz is one of six TuV certified investigators in Germany and is subject to monitoring and control with regard to the quality of the performance in the detective Department therefore permanent. Company’s own offices are maintained in Barcelona, London, New York and Hong Kong.