April 2018

Research Methods

As the north-eastern number of studies with bees he is scarce, this study he will be able to serve as starting point for new and more deepened research. The present work had as main objective to make a survey of the species of bees that had visited the strip of land of the Farolndia quarter… Read more Research Methods

Russian Offices

Moscow designer Karina Yeganian was recently one of the most prestigious design awards Red Dot (literal translation – "red dot"). The jury noted the development of Karina – modular office storage system All in Wall, combining the function shelving, partitions and container markets. Such a solution can successfully zonirovat workspace and save space – this… Read more Russian Offices

Site Maintenance

Develop a website – it's not all work to be done to have begun treatment of potential buyers and began to grow sales. The site is the face of the company and how it works qualitatively, depends on many things. It is unlikely that the visitor interested in the proposal of the company, if the… Read more Site Maintenance

President Mohamed Nasheed

Vacationing in the island nation in the Indian Ocean the Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean near the southern tip of India consists of several atolls and 1,196 Islands, of which 220 of natives inhabited and 87 more used for tourist purposes. These islands are spread over a length of 823 km North… Read more President Mohamed Nasheed


Norbekov Institute (also known as self-healing Rights Institute) was established in Moscow in 1998. Its founder and longtime leader, it is not difficult to guess, MS Norbekov. During its existence the institute opened Norbekov offices in 28 countries around the world: in Russia, CIS countries and Baltic States and abroad – in the U.S., Britain,… Read more Self-Healing

Successful Inhouse Exhibition

1,600 visitors on the dokuTRENDS 2010 Hannover, March 10, 2010 also this year presented Ricoh Germany at the in-house exhibition innovations in the areas of Office solutions, consulting services and production printing dokuTRENDS 2010 in Hannover from March 3 to 5 again. Around 1,600 visitors, of which nearly 500 from the retail sector, took advantage… Read more Successful Inhouse Exhibition

Manufacturing Door To Order

The reasons for making the doors to order There are two variants acquire the door first – manufacturer of doors to order. In this case, the buyer has the opportunity to choose not only the model itself, but also the finish, and he really liked the fittings and locks that precisely meet its security perceptions.… Read more Manufacturing Door To Order

Wooden Houses

Construction of wooden houses on reasonable and economic factors. Total cost of materials for the construction of a wooden cottage home is lower than for brick. Wooden Houses in Russia and are becoming very popular due to the exceptional properties of natural materials – wood. Country houses of wood under all processes take a fairly… Read more Wooden Houses

Cultural Heritage

In December 2007, the Fund for Protection of Cultural Heritage "Russian Avant-Garde" will be one year. However, despite his young age, the foundation "Russian Avant-Garde" implemented in 2007 a number of major projects culture. Foundation organized and supported by: an exhibition of architectural photographs by Richard Pare (Museum of Modern Art, New York), repairs to… Read more Cultural Heritage

Plunger Pump

As you know, high speed is greater wear of friction parts. Visit NYC Marathon for more clarity on the issue. Therefore, the calculation of this type of pumps to choose the "middle ground" as well as the pump before use constructively to be finalized. The use of a plunger pump. Plunger Pump has a precise… Read more Plunger Pump

Coat Of Arms With Ears

In early June 1960 the U.S. ambassador to the UN has shown in New York State Seal of the United States, which hung in the office of the American ambassador in Moscow. It was hidden by a tiny beetle, which being put into action, passed by the Soviet position control everything that was said in… Read more Coat Of Arms With Ears

Call Center Club Relies On Growth

almato, supports development of the independent industry forum in Tubingen / Wimsheim, February 11, 2011 the call center Club, the emerging Branchencommunity for professional customer relationship management, continues its growth course and is supported by the almato GmbH, which. The company from Tubingen is a provider of software for quality monitoring, real time interaction management… Read more Call Center Club Relies On Growth

Gomes People

But it will be that it is possible to influence people, motivates them so that they play the role that is waited by its leader? So that this problematic either answered we will make one brief dissertao on leadership and you as well as lead the motivations that these exert on its led the point… Read more Gomes People

Madagascar Escape

Information Title: Madagascar 2 Original title: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Released: 2008 Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Animation Director: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath Cast: Andrew Shamin, Maria Malinowska, Oskar Kuchera, Alexander Tsekalo, Keira Knightley, Sergei Parkhomenko About the film: full of dangers life in Madagascar do not live up to expectations accustomed to the comfort… Read more Madagascar Escape

Urban Esthetics

Amongst the visual arts that had been part of the movement, another one receives a great prominence; the video. This age eminently an art of the body. In it, the body was used as central instrument. This gave place what we will see in the decade of 90. We attend in the decade of 90… Read more Urban Esthetics


The Berg is called and is one of the most impressive and innovative projects that exist today. While it seems something not related to tourism, actually not so. The Berg is an artificial mountain, devised by architect Jakob Tigges, to provide the German city of one of the most impressive tourist destinations on the planet.… Read more Philharmonic

Network Business

SAP business communications management 7.0 and rapid deployment solutions Walldorf, presents the 09.02.2012 – that ecenta on the SAP Business Suite specialist software and consulting on CallCenterWorld 2012 different solutions for the integration of data and voice applications in a unified information and communication environment. The focus on CRM and IP Contact Center Suite SAP… Read more Network Business

Water Navigation

Open season water navigation in Moscow yesterday in the capital, opened navigation. Five months of passenger ships will ply from Novospassky bridge to the hotel "Ukraine". During the season, is expected to roll on Moscow river one million passengers. Also with the opening of river navigation season in 2007 to individuals and companies are encouraged… Read more Water Navigation