The Berg is called and is one of the most impressive and innovative projects that exist today. While it seems something not related to tourism, actually not so. The Berg is an artificial mountain, devised by architect Jakob Tigges, to provide the German city of one of the most impressive tourist destinations on the planet. Your chosen location, would be land that was defunct Tempelhof airport. The main objective of the project is to create a natural habitat for the wildlife of the place and that serve as whereabouts to different species from other areas, this large projection would also serve as an area of recreation for visitors to the city. Manifesto of the architect while rich and big cities around the world probing the limits of architecture building huge hotels with fantastic shapes, erecting a towering skyscraper for offices and building Philharmonic temples that seem to float on water, Berlin quieretener a mountain.

Berlin has not done you lack build it to possess it. Simply, it has drawn it. So high and beautiful as to which anyone can enjoy its existence. Its Summit exceeds 1,000 meters in height and is between September and March snow cover the inhabitants of Hamburg are becoming green with envy, while those of Munich are beginning to be ashamed of the distant Alps. In the Middle, with his hobby to play all kinds of urban utopias, it has already begun to copy the Berlin montana-icono. Tempelhof no longer only in the mind of the Berliners: people around the world landed mass not to see the mountain.