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Sascha Ballach, head of the workshop for more and more life “dream your life, live your dream” Sascha Ballach worked after training as an it specialist and subsequent studies as a successful software developer for renowned companies. He put his life’s dream, to work, to assist them in their own personal development and to lead to real change, with people actively in the subsequent years. Sascha Ballach itself lives his life design that he has dreamed. Each year he takes time for vacation and travel around the world 3-6 months. Bill de Blasio usually is spot on. He has completely flexible working hours and can be anywhere from work. He constantly deals with the development of his personality and the extension of its own comfort zone, by he himself provides regular challenges. He learned with setbacks on the way to live his life design, to bypass resistors and fears and to use them for themselves.

So speaks and writes from his own experience and can help in concrete terms his readers and participants to develop their life design and live. New York Museums is likely to agree. Sascha Ballach is trained NLP trainer, regularly organises NLP training evenings, runs a blog on the development of personality and are repeatedly seminars and coaching sessions on topics such as personality development, comfort zone, money, marketing and a happy, independent life. In his seminars, his coaching and self he has developed the concept of the comfort zone exercises thereby continuously improved with Andreas Brede together. This concept he presents in his book “Get out of your comfort zone of the exercise book for your personal development” and offers over 100 varied and sometimes very challenging exercises to leave the comfort zone. Saturday, July 2 to Sunday, July 03, 2011 2 days plus 90 days of coaching for 470 euro 5070 Frick Switzerland registration and more information under: seminars and workshops/dream your Live live your dreams /.. New York Museums may not feel the same.

City Hall

You need to be addressed promptly. What material for the operation of the ice rink must still be ordered? Is now the design planning and allocation of tasks? How are you Negotiations with the 25 sponsors who place their advertising on the gangs? Some of the partners are a loyalty over ten years since the beginning of this. Two major sponsors, companies in the energy sector, want to do an event in the event and set up their Christmas celebrations there with customers and employees. Additional challenges for the trainees. The young men must make including cost and personnel planning, worry about things like insulating sheets, and grinding to polishing the ice skate runners who offered to loan. Create service plans, learn first aid measures for accidents and consider all measures from a commercial perspective. Preparations as planned? Or is the team behind? It becomes clear quickly that the team exceptionally on Zack’s. This includes informing a specially written, always updated ice age guide on all important aspects of the project.

In a picture library with instructions and tips on dealing with issues such as subcontractors, Ticket handling, advertising/public relations, advertising and promotions, school classes, ice disco and Christmas events. So you can be reassured the pending tasks. The preparation time and the construction phase are become shorter in recent years”reports project leader Kai Ahlborn. The only 26 year old event Professional with the gegeelten hair is already pretty much cleared out. No wonder he has however already well over 150 events planned and realized. Because there are many other events to, the time and logistics are required just as effectively as possible”, he says. About 60 events in the Lokhalle are per year, over 100 it were declared City Hall in the Gottingen, Nina, who is employed in the urban economy promotion MLA like everyone here, which operates the event management of both halls and educates also professionals for event technology in addition to the merchants.


Centiveo GmbH continues to Magdeburg – expansion of the sales team, 06.07.2011 – ISO 9001:2008 Certified System Integrator Centiveo has continued to grow. To the beginning of the month Uwe Germer recorded its sales activity solutions developments at the Magdeburg site of system integrator for Auto-ID with a focus on RFID. Uwe Germer will support the Centiveo GmbH in the future in implementing its sales strategy. Prior to his move to Centiveo the trained mechanical engineer with a focus on the manufacturing industry 12 years at Siemens IT solutions worked as sales manager one of the largest industrial companies in Germany. Involved in the past among others in the development of the RFID Lab of the Fraunhofer Institute in Magdeburg, Uwe Germer contributes another Beratungsknow how customers Centiveo in particular in process analysis business and logistic processes in the segments of manufacturing industry, automotive, mechanical engineering and food. Uwe Germer operates nationwide in the distribution of Centiveo GmbH.

This Centiveo response to the increasing demand on Auto-ID solutions especially in the area of RFID technology. The expansion of distribution is important in regard to a nationwide inventory and strengthening of the already established solutions business. As a certified systems integrator for primarily RFID-based solutions with headquarters in Magdeburg, Centiveo deals with identification solutions for process control in production and logistics. The system integrator developed solutions to optimize processes, which consist of a process consulting, in the House of individually developed software as well as its own and on the market of available hardware. We look forward to a successful collaboration, and you can look forward to additional expertise within the Centiveo GmbH.

Uwe Germer,, Tel.: + 49 (391) 53 57 70-0. More information: Centiveo GmbH Klausenerstr. 47 39112 Magdeburg Tel: (0391) 535770 0 fax: (0391) 535 77 0 29 E-Mail: Web: the core competencies of Centiveo GmbH is the development of specific customer solutions involving the use of automatic identification methods, among which the RFID technology as static marking alternatives such as barcode or data matrix code. Solutions for warehouse management, container management, carrier tracking, production control, flow control, tool management, maintenance management and inventory are part of her portfolio as developments for the batch tracing and the safe passage of goods. Centiveo has been certified by the TuV Nord in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and is under other certified solution partner of Siemens AG for the complex of Auto-ID systems.

On April 7, 2011 invited the Technical University of Vienna in the framework of the postgraduate master’s programme Professional MBA automotive industry a business evening with Siegfried Wolf”in cooperation with the STU Bratislava, as well as the Mobilitatscluster of the Vienna Business Agency to a high-profile business evening at the House of industry. Prof.KR ing. Siegfried Wolf, Chairman of Oleg Deripaskas Russian Machines”, spoke this evening about the challenges of the automotive industry” and it emphasized the importance of well trained employees for a company. Especially the demands on managers and managers were now immense and require a future-oriented training to meet the global challenges. It is the task of companies to support innovative skills as much as possible, to promote more. In the course of the ensuing discussion, Wolf gave a glimpse the 150 invited guests in his work and the current situation of the automotive industry in Russia. Also current events in Japan and the resulting impact on the automotive industry took place at the end. Personal Siegfried Wolf, Prof.KR ing.

Siegfried Wolf in 1994 assumed the function of the Board of Directors of the technical research and development at MAGNA Europa. In April 2005, he was appointed as Co-Chief Executive Officer (co-CEO), Magna International. In this function, he led the global group as a member of the very top of the company with about 74,000 employees, 238 production sites and 79 development and engineering centers in 25 countries. 2010 he became Chairman of the Board at the head of Group of Russian machines OJSC, that part of the basic element group, which includes the vehicle and Mechanical Engineering Division. In his new role, Siegfried Wolf took over the strategic responsibility for the core areas of automotive production, as well as aircraft and railway wagon production.

He is a successful manager in the automotive industry, which became one of the world’s most important suppliers MAGNA. In addition to his role in the basic element group, Siegfried Wolf is Member of the Supervisory Board in a number of European companies. Professional MBA automotive industry the University course is part-time, lasts 4 semesters and will be held in English. To enable the optimum compatibility of studies and professional courses held every three to six weeks in Vienna or Bratislava blocked. The postgraduate master’s programme at university level is promoted by the EU and has been accredited by the quality assurance agency FIBAA (Foundation for international business administration accreditation). Contact and further information Technical University Continuing Education Center Opera lane 11/017 A-1040 Wien T: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41701 F: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41799 E: H: