October 2015

Platonic Academy

So important was the geometry to the Greeks, who at the entrance of the Platonic Academy was an inscription which read: no one who does not follow known geometry. Alberto fields in one of his works entitled, axiomatic and geometry from Euclid to Hilbert and Bourbaki. He says, "for the books I Knorr III and… Read more Platonic Academy

Academic Press

The lack of systematic studies in this region leaves us in an almost total unfamiliarity of as if it processed the evolution of the occupation human being in this geographic space. The interpretation of the data aquando of the hollowing allowed us to survey to be before a possible structure whose enrocamento was made to… Read more Academic Press

North American Ralph Lauren

Of what it smells Lady Gaga? The legions of fanatics of the artist, doubtless know, it: until the minimum detail on their tastes, customs and preferences circulate today freely by the network. But as of European spring 2012, the worshippers of Gaga will also have the possibility of taking in the skin a fragrance arisen… Read more North American Ralph Lauren