Global Heating

That is, the government not teriagasto, the messengers would have formal and paid work with resultadode its production, and the nature would breathe alliviated. This would be excellent soluopara a conscientious exploitation, with little interference erealmente sustainable desa forest that are the verdadeiropulmo of the responsible Planet and one of the great ecological peloequilbrio to the World-wide level. The protection erecuperao of the Amaznia is one questode survival, of the species quel not only inhabits, but of all the species of the planet Land. Another suggestion to paraamenizar, or same, to brake the Global Heating would be incentivartambm one day of palntio of trees, where all osbrasileiros would be ' ' obrigados' ' to plant a tree. Sepreciso, this question could be object of Law. Let us say that only 10% (ten percent) of the Brazilians fulfilled this Law in the determined day, mesmoassim we would have the plantation of more than 18.000.000 (dezoitomilhes) of trees in only one day.

if this idiafosse taken the world-wide level, termos the plantation of maisde (a billion) of trees, tambmem 24 hours. Certainly this attitude would help to brighten up the mazelasnaturais that we walk facing. We have to have conscinciaque preoblemas ambient are guilt of all the humanity, without escesso, has seen that we develop in them without cares. Ese to ontinuarmos holding in them as if nothing was happening, embreve we will exceed the point of return and the problems return-if-oirremediveis. That all help in this fight depreservao of the nature, our lives and vidasdas future generations, if is that we want queelas realmetne exist. The acknowledgment is given. ' ' EmTerra of blind people, who has eye is king! ' ' Let us be all kings!

The Labor Party

Shrek is an ogre who lives in a swamp. One day his home is invaded by fairy tale creatures who were put there by the evil Lord Farquaad Prince. Meet Donkey, a talking donkey, and together they decide to go to see Lord Farquaad to vacate his swamp. The prince said that they will do but only on one condition: to bring the princess Fiona, rescued from a burning castle surrounded by lava and guarded by a dragon. Shrek accepts the challenge and partly to the search for Burro princess. When you reach the castle, Donkey is responsible to distract the dragon, who was pretending to be fools in love. Shrek manages to rescue the princess and the dragon fled leaving sad. On the way home, Fiona and Shrek start a friendship. One night, Donkey go to see the princess, but finds a ogra, the confused with Shrek ogra but he confesses that Fiona is the spell that had since childhood. Talk a while, told him that only the kiss of true love would make it take the form of this, and referring to it says that no one could love a beast so repulsive. Shrek, who had only heard this, I thought she spoke of the disappointment and decided not to confess his love. The next morning, when Fiona greets Shrek, the sample was angry and indifferent, she asked about his reaction and he replied that he had heard ‘everything’ and that actually nobody could love a beast so ugly. Fiona, with that comment, it was very bad for the alleged rejection of Shrek. The ogre goes in search of the prince to deliver the princess, not because he wants to see more. She met Lord Farquaad and surprises of his short stature and arrogant attitude. Shrek the writings of his recovery to return to swamp and live alone Fiona, Shrek resent tells the prince to be married later that same afternoon. Returns to his swamp, Shrek, Donkey and he says it still can not let that take away from a Fiona, who must fight for his love, replied that she did not want, this is considered a horrible beast, but he said that Donkey is not that of those who were speaking, but her. Shrek realizes the misunderstanding and decided to go for Fiona. Burro unexpectedly called to the dragon and fly to the church where the wedding was celebrated. Upon arriving, Shrek interrupts and explains everything, no matter the mockery of the people, they are given the kiss of true love was thus transformed into Fiona ogra forever. At the end is seen as a party in a carriage, and ends comically saying ‘ugly and they lived forever. “

Consumer Because

Synthesis on the History of the Right of the Consumer Because of the capitalist model where the developing countries live is that the consumer suffers from mazelas inherent of this model, demanding of the responsible agencies more attention. The first consumeristas movements that if notice has had originated in U.S.A., in the end of century XIX. In 1872 it was edited so known law Sherman, created with purpose to restrain the frauds practised in the commerce, beyond forbidding to the combination of price and the monopoly. In 1891, the first agency appears of defense of the consumer, on to the movement of the workers. Years later it was created from the meeting enters the states of New York, Boston and Chicado, an organism that stimulated the purchase of products manufactured for companies who respected the ideal to guarantee the sustainable consumption in the entire world, through acquisition products that respect the environment. In 1906, Upton Sinclair wrote ' ' selva' ' the repercussions of this workmanship ahead took to the edition of the Pure Food and Drug ACT of the negative repercussions of the author in relation to the process of production of those foods.

Years later the Met Inspect ACT created in order to inspect and to control the meat commercialization. PFDA appears em1927 with ' ' campaign of prova' ' with the objective to compare products, being guided the consumers to consume conscientiously, the rational use of the money. Three years later the PFDA would give origin to the considered FDA the most respected autarchy in what it says respect to the control of foodstuffs and medicines. In 1936 the biggest agency of protection of the consumer of the world was created. Amongst its attributions it was to publish reviewed and material didactic for the orientation of the consumers. In 15 of March de1962 amensagem of president Kennedy to the American congress ' ' consumers we are all ns' ' , that is, the consumers would be the biggest group of the economy, affecting and being affected for almost all the economic decisions, and listed a series of basic rights as right the health, security, information, to the choice and to be heard.

After 2 world-wide war, aiming at the reconstruction of the Europe, provided to the creation of diverse organisms with sights to the protection and defense of the consumer in the Europe and other countries. In 1960, the countries members of the OECE with the adhesion of U.S.A. and Canada, had widened the performance field and Paris also adhered and the OECE if it still extinguished and it instituted the OCDE and bred the IOCU. Em1971, aproteo of the consumer, in Sweden starts to count on the Court of Consumption, whose model later would be followed by the Norway, Denmark and Finlndia. The experiences in the field of the protection of the consumer had taken the ONU to establish in 1985 the beginning of the vulnerability of the consumer recognizing it as weakker part in the relation of consumption, becoming it deserving of specific legal guardianship. Example that Brazil took for base to create the right of the consumer who if apia in the CF/88 Art. 5 XXXII. As for the CDC/90, consisting of microssistema tied with the rules constitutional, that it believes to have elencado the facts most excellent to supply a general panorama on the right of the consumer, right this pertaining one to the society.

Policy And Regulation

The Direccion General de Electricidad (DGE), Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), is in charge of setting policies and regulations for electricity and to grant concessions. the new york state has benefited from the obvious choice for your energy needs It is also responsible for developing plans for expansion of generation and transmission, and must adopt appropriate gas procedures for operating the electrical heating system .
The Agency Supervisor of investment in energy and mining gas (OSINERGMIN), created in 1996 green energy as OSINERG (mining skills were added in January 2007), in New York City charge of the Electric Concessions energy Law (LCE) in 1992 and to household ensure energy costs electric utility. In addition, OSINERG is the agency responsible for enforcing the tax liability of the New York licensee as provided by law and regulation. Finally, it is responsible for monitoring the fulfillment of the functions of the Committee of Economic Operation System (COES) and every six months to determine the percentage of involvement of companies in the market .
In 2000, OSINERG merged with the Committee on Electric Rates (CTE), now known as Deputy Manager of tariff regulation (GART). there is so much more to your energy needs as supplied by offering natural gas Together they are responsible for setting the charges for generation, transmission and distribution and the adjustment of tariff for end consumers. They also determine the rates of transmission and distribution NY State gas pipeline .
In the case of rural electrification, the General Directorate of Rural Electrification (DGER) is in charge of the for Rural Electrification (PNER), which fits the pattern of policies established by the Ministry of Energy and Mines. The DGER in charge of the implementation and coordination of projects in rural areas and regions of extreme poverty .
Finally, the natural gas National I

New York

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