Michelangelo fall

Three variations of his interpretation of this myth are tradition. Image description version I in 1533, black chalk, 41.3 x 23,4 cm, Royal Library, Windsor (since 1810) this drawing sends Michelangelo beginning September 1533 his student and close friend of Tommaso de’ Cavalieri from Rome to Florence. Phaeton, son of the Sun God Helios, almost caused a worldwide conflagration, as he is on the road with the Sun of his father, and is then killed by Zeus with the Flash. Michelangelo presents the car as with horse team and Zeus on the wings of an eagle. The wooden box, four horses and Phaeton tumble upside down. He is mourned by his sisters, the Heliaden. The metamorphosis in black poplars, which Tranen turn into amber unfolds thereafter on themselves. In addition to the Heliaden Eridanos is represented as a River-God.

The drawing is everywhere strong physical torsions. Whether Michelangelo has inspired in the representation of Zeus Laocoon? Also like Phaeton is throwing off winds, might of the Laocoon group, at their discovery Michelangelo is a witness, be stimulated. Michelangelo is on 14 January 1506 with his architect colleagues Giuliano Sangallo will present found and excavated as the spectacular Laokon group. Version II the same drawing is located in the British Museum. The dating is also in 1533 (31.2 cm x 21.5 cm).

Nuance Michelangelo varies each of the individual positions of the figures. The metamorphosis is taking place already. The voluminous Swan (KYKNOS) of the library’s hand here only an “ugly duckling” is hinted at in the background. The KYKNOS mourners to his friend is transformed into a Swan. The term swan song originates from this legend due to his death song of fully unfortunate splendor. Shimmie horn is likely to agree. Counter of the library’s hand was looking up to Phaeton. The artist demonstrated the massive horse bodies being unfit for their flight. A dedication to Cavalieri is situated on this sheet. A third drawing by Michelangelo “The fall of Phaeton” dating back to 1553 version III is located in the Galleria dell’ Academia in Venice. Here too, the artists varies its Execution. Phaeton falls down between two horse pairs each to umklammernden. Zeus and the bottom group are easily interpreted. RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff

Stilisierter Mannerism

The style concept “New Mannerism” is defined and introduced by Professor Albrecht Mann. History of Mannerism, the maniera michelangelo is a style peculiarity of Michelangelo Buonarotti. “He writes his name: Michelagniolo”. The versatile Renaissance artist begins at the height of his artistry with his ability to juggle and lays the Foundation for the Mannerism. “Already in his Figura serpentinata” of the tondo Doni ‘ by 1504, the basic form of Mannerism is clear. Michelangelo shows his Entombment of Christ as a pioneer of Mannerism”dating back to 1510 in the National Gallery in London.

The above laengten figures particularly conspicuous. The absence of the muscular appearance of the corpse underlines the realistic trains. The Mannerism is dated 1520, this work dates from 1510. The artists have explored the anatomy and perspective, now you are looking for new ways of design. In architecture, the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana library in Florence’s Michelangelo’s plans for the 1523 built stairs his Manieriertheit to read. It is the first work of art of architecture of Mannerism. Michelangelo is responsible as the architect of the Medici from 1530-1534 for your staircase of the Biblioteca. He represents the laws of architecture on its head with a flowing down stairs and rejuvenating niche pilasters.

Michelangelo’s pupil, Giorgio Vasari referred to his late style as mannered maniera moderna”and are first this art style name. Characterize as he applies it to Michelangelo, the Mannerism as the manner of Michelangelo can be”. Vasari is considered a major artist of Mannerism. Style indicator the Grunderzeit architecture forms the transition from the 19th to the 20th century in architecture. The founder period lasts from 1871 to 1873. The Grunderzeit architecture continuing sometimes until the beginning of the 20th century until 1914. The design of this period comes from Napoleon III and his empire. The first construction of this type are the corner pavilions in the Louvre courtyard, followed by the Paris Opera, the residential buildings of the new boulevards and the Opera de Monaco. The style indicator are: all sides clear delineation of the facade, antique classic decorative shapes, strong plastic = surfaces, overload with form elements (horror vacui fear of empty space). This recourse to the architectural features of the Mannerism and the “ostentatious attitudes” justify the neo-Mannerism. Rudy Giuliani: the source for more info. Because the design is stylized, this style of art according to pink Marita Schrouff is to refer to as “stylized Mannerism”. In the course of European expansion, the new Mannerism is the expression of the Wilhelminian era and the style of the Berlin Reichstag building. A significant example is the AachenerVilla Cassalette.

Spiritual Being

The meditation, oration and contemplation allow an enormous connection us with God, every day that we slept we entered other states of our body, we entered to our subconscious mind and the unconscious one, then when we finished rising he is a little while opportune to enter information to our subconscious mind, is for that reason that the oration at dawn is quite effective. Each of us we have the capacity to program great desires, if we used the suitable techniques the results can appear more quickly, in fact we can be controlling our life little by little, until obtaining wonderful dominions of our acts and conditions. Consciously often it costs to understand these procedures to us, but once we have implorado to our inner power east will be pronounced of good form. What yes it is certain and we must consider it is that the subconscious mind is influenciable and is there where the ideas must be introduced that we wished for our life, for example the emotions are essential so that the power acts in our favor, in book the Secret of the Power of Metas de Andrew Corentt shows a detailed process to us to escudriar in our interior in order to find our passions, that is one of high strategy for the success, to define goals altogether harmony with our inner state, in this book you will be able to define his intentions with clarity and will feel an extraordinary emotion to fight reason why she wishes. Motivation is intimately ligature to do things that they give us happiness, if you are in an idea that is not in harmony with its own one being then is limiting the inner power, simply are no positive emotions, the joy to do something that is loved, then knows that the happiness is fundamental to accede to the power of the subconscious mind and that acts to our favor.

We every day have access to our subconscious mind and to the unconsciousness also, this happens when we slept, is for that reason that the oration and the deep meditation have a great power because is based on the idea to extinguish the senses and to enter to our interior, in the book I Am Happy, I Am Rico are powerful techniques to accede to our interior and to program our desires of very subtle and effective way. When we rose or we are on the verge of sleeping to us, our conscious and subconscious mind is connected and is the moment for programming information, therefore powerful affirmations are structured and it is possible to be entered our desires. Also when we are in a situation of then emergencia the subconscious mind also acts with being able, it is why some cases we felt that the time pauses and in fact thus it happens, all this to give the possibility of making right decisions in few seconds. The mysteries of the operation of the universe are exciting, every day happen events and phenomenal circumstances, in the book I Am Happy, I I am Rico you you will know great secrets and mysteries developings on the creation the reality and most important she is than she will be able to undergo a fabulous life obtaining everything what you wish, because she will understand that you are creating his own reality.

Liu Ding

Juschka, and the Guild. In collaboration with the fair, the city is hosting its own “art week,” whose related events include “Old Master Paintings from the Rijksmuseum” at the Museum of Islamic art in Doha and special gallery tours. A local guide has been put together in collaboration with time out. Brand new to the fair this year is “Markers,” a section organized by Arnolfini curator NAV Haq and consisting of five “concept” level: Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (Alexandria), Grey Noise (Lahore), Liu Ding’s store (Beijing), and others. Contact information is here: New York Museums. So featured is “art Space for film Park,”an underground project, video and talks that is now in its fourth year. Organized by bidoun projects, art park boasts retrospectives of two Egyptian artists, video artist Sherif El-Azma and Wael Shawky. And art Dubai includes a nonprofit “Projects” section, which debuts a series of radio dispatches from artist studios, co-curated by the Iceland, as well as a live mural project on the theme of “labor” by Ali Chitsaz and Mounira Al Solh (in collaboration with her fictional character, Bassam Ramlawi).

For a complete list of projects, click here. Confirmed participants for this year’s global art Forum, a platform for cultural debates and panels chaired over lakes by Shumon Bazaar, Artforum’s editor-at-large include Jack Bankowsky, Documenta 13’s Chus Martinez, fashion designer Helmut Lang, Beijing-based art writer Philip Tinari and artist Francesco Vezzoli, among many others. The fair thus offers the world’s most generous art prize – the Abraaj capital art prize – which awards a total of $1 million to five artists from the MENASA region (Middle East North Africa South Asia), plus one international curator. This year’s winners are Hamra Abbas, Shezad Dawood, Jananne Al-Ani, Nadia Kaabi left and kind of eclectic. their winning works go on view at art Dubai. Applications for ACAP 2012 are now open, and the deadline for submissions is Apr. 30, 2011 please continue reading here: art worlds leading online magazines and decorative art online of so NEW YORK ASIA WEEK

Vienna Philharmonic In New York Carnegie Hall

Concert Hall, classical and pop fans excited for 120 years – tickets available the Carnegie Hall in New York about FAIRFLIGHT tourism from 99 Euro will launch in September in the new game season 2010/2011. Since opening on May 5, 1891, the famous concert hall in Manhattan inspired millions classic and pop fans. Highlights in the new repertoire are the concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as numerous performances of the German violinist Christian Tetzlaff. The world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic play in September and October of the conductor Gustavo Dudamel. Including pieces by Schumann, Beethoven, Ravel and Rossini are on the program of the 170 year-old ensembles. The German violinist Christian Tetzlaff, was celebrated in the past in New York like a rock star, will perform several times – as a soloist, in quartets with other violinists, as well as part of an ensemble. The performances include concertos by Mozart, Haydn and Mendelssohn. His first concert will take place on 28 October.

Tetzlaff is until May 2011 at Carnegie Hall can be seen. “The Tetzlaff Quartet acquired within a very short time the reputation as one of the most intriguing Chamber music ensembles in the world.” The common passion for chamber music led in 1994 to a String Quartet Christian and Tanja Tetzlaff and Hanna Weinmeister and Elisabeth Kufferath. Quickly the Quartet became one of the most sought after String Quartet formations of these days. Carnegie Hall is located at the corner of 7th Avenue and 57th Street. It is one of the most famous venues for classical as well as pop concerts in the United States. More than 2,800 viewers space for in the great Hall. More details about the program of the Carnegie Hall under the travel specialist FAIRFLIGHT tourist offers in the context of his New York trips for all performances in the Carnegie Hall tickets. Tickets are available from 99 Euro per person. Six day-trips in the city of Hudson are about FAIRFLIGHT tourism 1,184 euros – flight, hotel, and several tours including. Bookings from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland in any travel agency, under and by telephone at the number 0800 / 555 35 35 (toll-free).

Physics Quantum

What is the true image of the world?; What is your true texture?; How is it in reality?. Research conducted by Dr. Deepak Chopra reveals us the answers. They depend on who observe it; that kind of instruments used; from the moment that carries out the observation and the kind of questions you do, when you realize the observation; In short is the essence of the observer. The image of the world is not its appearance, but that is the way we see it. And we have learned to see it in a certain way. Dr. Deepak Chopra tells us, that so far we have seen through what he calls the superstition of materialism.

According to the superstition of materialism, this is a physical world and we are physical entities in the physical world. He argues that we must rely on the senses, when up to common sense tells us that the senses are less reliable proof of reality. Finally, after the senses tell us that the Earth is flat, thing that nobody believes already. The senses tell us that the soil we tread on you still, even though we know that it is spinning at a dizzying speed and you scroll through the universe thousands of miles per hour. The senses tell us that things have a texture, a color, a shape, appearance, flavor, smell, and we tend to think that this is the intrinsic nature of things; It is not, it is the intrinsic nature of the observer which makes observation. Therefore if we want to advance the understanding of the body and the mind and human potential, we must get rid of our old conception of reality, based on the superstition of materialism.

We must stop thinking in the human body as a rigid anatomical structure (the Faculty discusses life in a corpse), and conceive the consciousness as the epiphenomenon of this material body. You have thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, impulses, beliefs in God, heaven, hell, Salvation or condemnation, it is only a dance of molecules. Assumes that Biochemistry is the responsible for this phenomenon that we call thoughts, and if we understand how they act these molecules will be able to solve our problems. The materialist model-based science has tried to understand the mechanisms of disease, with the hope that if these mechanisms are understood, and it interferes with them should be possible to eliminate the disease. Unfortunately, this strategy has not worked for, because disease mechanisms are not what causes it, also the conditions that lead to the disease are not the same that lead to health. In the next article Dr. Deepak Chopra will talk about health, what is it?.In the section health you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as sports, entertainment, computing, and more.

City Hall Gorlitz

On the road along the ViRegia-join in the online vote actively used online voting of this year’s photo competition of the Association culture city Gorlitz-Zgorzelec e.V. (FVKS) will be “On the road” along the via regia. Contact information is here: NY Museums . Architecture. Gestern.Heute.Morgen. so far over 2600 people have voted, some photos already claim on the top places, but nothing is decided yet! The possibility to choose his favorite is December 1st. This is by ballot in the exhibitions, as well as online at. Both exhibitions are still open until December 11, worth a visit! Opening time: City Hall Gorlitz (former Court wing) Mon.-Thurs. 8:00 18:00, Fr.

8:00 14:00 and Muzeum? u? yckie Zgorzelec (Lusatia Museum) Mon.-Fri. 9:00 17:00. Many, with attention to detail and some overlooking the rather unexpected. The photos shed light on the myriad of impressively via regia in the Euroregion Neisse-NISA-NYSA. So he agrees Photo competition 2010 and at the same time our 4.

monitoring project in preparation and implementation of the third Saxon State exhibition 2011 “via regia 800 years movement and encounter quite impressively on just this event in the coming year a. And sometimes just virtual journey through three countries again and again takes the citizens on an active. Europa.Konkret. together. We are excited and already looking forward to the Finissage in the Lausitz Museum on Saturday, December 11th, 2010 at 18:00. Then the first three in the hobby photographer, youth and audience favorite categories are and be rewarded adequately.

Jutta Speidel Foundation HORIZONT

Charity opening where Jennifer has calf training residence straight with the renowned artist David Bennett in favor of Jutta Speidel Foundation HORIZONT e.V. on December 20th, 2009 in troubled times the economic crisis 2009-some families hit hard and arms made even poorer. More than ever, it is therefore important to engage for weaker and to be from my heart for the people in his immediate vicinity there. On December 20, 2009, from 15:00, personal trainer icon and multiple author Jennifer invites Wade to a charity exhibition of the internationally renowned artist David Bennett in favor of Jutta Speidel Foundation HORIZONT e.V. Connect with other leaders such as Restaurateur here. in their training residence in Munich, Schwabing. “In the context of a charity raffle the guests have the opportunity work Dalila”, a color linocut by 1976 donated by David Bennett, to win. The exhibition is aimed at friends, acquaintances and people who would like to experience a special enjoyment of art in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere and want to do something at the same time good for children and mothers in need. All displayed graphics can be seen until January 24, 2010, every work sold 50% of the proceeds benefit the Jutta Speidel Foundation.

David Bennett – the American election Munich David Bennett shows during the exhibition prints from his first creative period and a. several biblical scenes (December 20, 2009 to January 24, 2010). His works are in important public collections such as the STDTISCHE Galerie in the Lenbachhaus in Munich and the Jewish Museum, New York. Important writers such as Golo Mann, Shalom Ben-Chorin and Volker Elis Pilgrim have expressed equal to Bennett’s creation. Jennifer Wade – author of multiple books, personal trainer icon, Advisor of the fitness industry and the trendsetter of German fitness and personal trainer scene is known for years of media coverage since the late of 1980s. Jennifer Wade is known for your precise and unique training techniques. More information: Jennifer Wade training residence, George str.

22, 80799 Munich, Tel.: 089 3090 5387-0, Jutta Speidel Foundation HORIZONT e.V. is one non-profit initiative for homeless mothers and their children in Munich. The name symbolizes horizon with the aim of giving new courage and new lease of life in the HORIZONT-House the people affected. The Club was founded in 1997 by actress Jutta Speidel and is dependent on donations.

Waking Night Photographs

Daniela Finke is the cultural patterns of cities such as Miami, London and New York on the track. The 12.2.2010 to 06.04.2010 PG lab presented by the current series of waking night”, which is dedicated to the night with all of its facets in the modern city life. Restaurateur wanted to know more. By elaborate computer processing of photographic material, the artist shapes almost abstract psychedelic images. The familiar seem out of touch and advanced to the level of the dream. It serves up a lively colour and naming their works after the titles of pop songs. Specifically, she works with blur, which contributes to an emotional atmosphere their motives. Illuminated landscapes and their architectural forms and proportions are the focus of Faraz portrayed cities. The seemingly external views however contrasted the effect of aesthetically charged compositions and conveys to the dualistic character of modern times.

Daniela Finke received the European architectural photography Prize in 2005 and was invited to numerous exhibitions in Europe and the United States. In the year 2009 honored them with a one-artist show at the art Karlsruhe. “The exhibition waking night” is exhibition curated by Nicole F. Lai/www.whiteconcepts.

The Reading

Only the power of your mind can change your life, change your thoughts, your concepts, your dreams, your goals, but irreversibly your mind next to you has the power to put the quality of life that you have arranged to have, because next to it you fashioned in your daily learning of your days of life, concepts and thoughts that have shaped your conscious life. It is your creation, Foundation, institution and establishment of mutual and due respect.Remember, your mind, your subconscious and your brain, they combine interacting to create your life unnecessary Consciente.Es use supertecnicas that look like or considered appropriate, to merit you gained with her complicity.Obviously it is necessary to create an indicator of quality, e.g. consider as their genetic inheritance in his days of life, that would represent a truly significant index to keep good track of advances is made in consideration of your mind and quality of life, since you’ll be separating the functions and activities of your mind and brain, distributing them, ordering them to your guaranteed success and personal balance.The power of the mind enjoys currently deserved respect that is due him, and necessarily the goodness of his strength and exclusivity was understood to change and define your own life. Now you can enjoy your own self-esteem, self-motivation, strength and emotional balance to overshadow that fathomless ocean of harmless nostrums.In this writing we will advance in a way understandable, didactic, accredited foundations with extensive knowledge about the power of the mind. Let me confess that the next chapter carries the intention of confusing, allocating them to perform the same analysis so they can get the knowledge of its purpose, intention and reason for so Inimaginable knowledge in your hands. It may confuse them and they must overcome content to successfully start the emotional balance and quality of life which have been established, without inhibiting understand, understand and learn his potential technique. It has a name, discover it and. they exempt the author of this book from any liability that may arise through the knowledge they will acquire in this reading about the techniques of the covert conditioning, notifying them and warning them ahead of time on my part, that these single techniques should use them with yourselves or with the explicit permission by third parties that accept his application, since they themselves manifested them and consider ineffective possible therapies that have made previously, and therefore expressly request it, application of knowledge gained through this reading, and very consciously trying to the applicant as a patient before their specialist.See; Help, during the reading notes.In the course of the reading they are doing, I recommend you stay in a corner of his mind the possible answer that can make three questions that were already present; What is thinking?, we think when we feel? or we think because we feel?.If finally they persist in praising the difficulty, I can only express them that: which of your liking dies, death knows him to glory. We all have what we want. Original author and source of the article.

The Mad Potters Tea Party

Gallery and THE NEW ENGLISH presented by strychnine strychnine present Gallery and THE NEW ENGLISH: THE MAD POTTERS TEA PARTY opening on February 4, from 19: 00. Exhibition runs until March 6. Strychnine Gallery and THE NEW ENGLISH invite you, to take a seat at the table of the mad potters. Over 100 international artists create a world inspired by Alice in Wonderland, to open the new year with a big bang. Decorate with artistically decorated porcelain plates exists for 700 years. Has his popularity fallen in our generation virtually to zero? mainly probably therefore, because we rather not combine this style of decoration with the taste of our parents or grandparents, with our.

Now, no longer a long time! THE NEW ENGLISH get this kind of art with a cool young porcelain production in the dust! Immerse yourself and go through the cave of rabbit, in a new world created by curator Yasha Young and Britain’s ceramic?New inventor of THE NEW ENGLISH. It is both pieces unforgettable teapots, cups and dishes give also works in limited editions. The creative duo skeleton heart, which worked on films like the corpse bride with Tim Burton, will contribute her craftsmanship and create sculptures of the mad Potter and his friends for the exhibition. Celebrate the non-birthday with us”surrounded by lots of magic and wonderful porcelain art. THE NEW ENGLISH is a company headquartered in Stoke? on?Trent, England, which leads the rebirth of Britain’s ceramic art. It combines the fine traditional craftsmanship with everything else except traditional aesthetics. This new design?Achievement is already presented in large department stores in the United States, Japan, Italy and Hong Kong.

Magazines and newspapers by the New York Times and LA Times, the financial times up to Elle decoration and Vogue living published about the new dishes”. With a range of nearly 300 plates and the cooperation with over 100 international, including maxim by the Prodigy, well-known artists, published her book Tectonic plates TNE with much critical acclaim this year in Cologne at the art fair BLOOOM. THE NEW ENGLISH are one of the most promising new companies and create now a worldwide listening on. Among others with: Ray Caesar, Chris Mars, KRK Ryden, Nathan Jurevicius, Brandon Maldonado, Matt Haber, Caitlin Hackett, David Stein, Seymour, Lola, Nanami Cowdroy, Oksana Badrak, David Stoupakis, Camilla d’ Errico, Kristen Ferrell, Mimi S., Chris Von Steiner, Bethany Marchman, Jason Jacenko, Daniel van Nes, David Hochbaum, Lori Field, Sophie Bastien Francois Escalmel, Christian Rothenhagen, Annie Bertram, Jon Jaylo, wee flowers, Elmer press Lee, Monique Ligon, bird Reynolds, Marmite Sue, Saturno Butto, Martina secondo Russo, ver Mar, rose Hardy, Dirk Larsen, Scott Holloway, Edith Lebeau, Brian Horton, skeleton, heart, Maxim, Pete Folwer, Vlad Quigley, Peter Ting, Catherine Jahan, DBO, famous when dead, Chrissy Angliker, Betsy Walton, Juka Araikawa, Camila Prada. The mad potters tea party opening on February 4, 2011 Exhibition runs until 6 March 2011 opening times: Thursday? Sunday, 12? 18 clock. Strychnine Gallery Boxhagenerstr 36 10245 Berlin PR contact: Miriam Bischoff Tel: + 4930 97002035

Meaning Of Flowers

Posted by name, and thought that these notes could be called also “Old songs. Indeed, too many painted with pages of paper and virtual, the correct selection of colors in the design, and to internet and to this day in large numbers are pages colorings. Inclined to think that it is not only from a lack of taste. But in many respects from the webmasters of misunderstanding the role of color in design. But I was not in vain had the idea “an old song the main thing.

” Selection of color pages and their elements is a major component of design. That is what first draws the attention of the user’s site. Perhaps a simple user and not be able to clearly articulate the reason for their discomfort when referring to such an imbalanced in the color on the page, but once again he looked at her, alas, will not go. And the blame will be the designer. I want to offer their vision (totally original) of what should rely, in determining the palette page design. Mood.

Color pages and elements should create an atmosphere of the site coming from its content. Member since first sight, not even vniknuv the content of the content must feel about what will be discussed. Talk about specific colors in this case, I believe, is meaningless. We all know the woman’s expression of “tissue jaunty colors. Yes, it is coloring, ie, complex combination of colors creates a customized page. In practical terms, there should not talk about color as such, but the combination of colors, their brightness and contrast. Lack of contrast creates a sense of languor and feebleness design. exactly the same way as the absence of elastic muscle gives us an insight into lethargy of the body. Of course, if necessary, and this effect can take, but it is advisable to treat it consciously. Will not convert into dystrophic cheerful husky. In this case, be sure to remember the content. What exactly will it prevail? Text column, or, as often happens in the designer’s sites, pictures and screenshots of pages? At such sites design desirable unobtrusive, neutral, not distracting the same screenshots that are in themselves already have a certain mood.

Russian Empire

Thus, people preserving ancient beliefs and customs, tales and songs, did not remain aloof from life in the landed estates, as is natural, like nature, background, that is the basis for the development of new Russian music and literature. All this is very familiar and the novel by Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin", and the biographies and music by , the life and works of Leo Tolstoy, first of all the novels "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina" is not conscious only as the greatest Renaissance phenomenon. Development of new Russian literature from the University to was marked not only by creating a unique literary language, but also with the approval of the Russian language as a national of the Russian Empire. It touched, of course, primarily the privileged strata of the population. After all, know all the peoples of the Russian Empire, was educated in the capital or labored in the service of the throne, as Prince Yusupov.

Russian culture Russian and other peoples and nations, remained primarily in the countryside but in cities with different ethnic groups to develop uniform conglomerate of Russian national culture, albeit in a neighborhood with other cultures and languages. Thus, the development of a new culture in Russia is directly connected with the formation of the Russian nation, in which we see the representatives of almost all nations and nationalities of the Russian Empire. One nation emerges as public and cultural phenomenon. Russian nation is ethnically diverse, just like any other, Italian, Spanish, French, English or American, but unlike the latter, it has yet to realize a uniform.

South Africa Challenge

Panasonic supports the second time competition for the more adventurous and go khaki fever as the defending champion in the race Hamburg, in July!”it says again this year at the South Africa challenge, in which Panasonic is one of 5 brand partners. During the challenge challenges typical to five teams in South Africa and play for the South Africa challenge trophy”. Panasonic unveils camcorder as well as hybrid and outdoor cameras, which are missing on any trip for the Adventure trip. Our team should erlebnishungrig, technology interested and with a good amount of humor in the defence of the title start. On the South Africa challenge all teams can then extensively test our products and judge. “, explains Thomas Dobberstein, Director of online communication & sales Panasonic Germany.

“” Actress and South Africa expert cloud Hegenbarth, popular from life & me “or let’s dance”, accompanied this year’s participants. Other partners are Frosta, t-online, Avis and Amarula. The Action was launched by South African Tourism in the life. South Africa challenge sponsors, providing each one of the five teams, all have a special relationship to the land at the Cape and represent one of the South African experience worlds: Wildlife and nature, lifestyle, gourmet, outdoor and culture. Panasonic stands for the outdoor theme, because they develop among other products for every imaginable activity with unusual resilience, whether on land and water. The SDR-SW21 camcorder perfect for outdoor activities, since it is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof up to 1.5 meters. The same applies to the Lumix tough camera DMC-FT1: is waterproof up to 3 meters and can withstand falls from a height of up to 1.5 metres. The small travel camera Lumix DMC-TZ7 allows next to perfect photo shoot also HD videos with stereo sound and zoom with the 12 x wide-angle zoom.

For the Panasonic team of South Africa challenge candidates addressed, who want to hold every moment in life and travel. Two People can apply per team. Active, culinary and creative tasks wildlife is located next to the participants of course pure, amongst an elephant back Safari, a Carol Bush-dinner, a photo challenge, a 4 x 4 off road drive, a beach Triathlon and canoeing competition. The application period ends on September 30, followed by a casting with the ten most interesting pairs of candidates be invited to Panasonic. The finalists of the 5 brands compete from November 24 until December 3, in South Africa for the coveted trophy. During the application phase as well as in addition sweepstakes of the partner on the Web page will take place for the South Africa-challenge community regularly. During the trip itself, is reported on the platform and the Lumix community about the current performance of the team. More information about the South Africa challenge, see on Panasonic: the Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and production electronic products for a wide variety of customer needs in the private, business and industrial area. The Osaka, Japan-based Group achieved in the past fiscal year (end of March 31, 2009) consolidated net sales of 7.77 trillion yen / 78.4 billion US – dollars. The shares of the group are on the stock exchanges in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and New York (NYSE: PC) records. For more information about the company and the Panasonic brand, see. Find this press release and press photos (download with 300 dpi) on the Internet at.

Marco Mehn

As the name already indicates, the space frame uniting morbid cult and glamour shows an oversized skull, reborn with the artistic Adaptation. Special eye-catcher: the eye sockets, which are completely decorated with white gold plated glass crystals. The 4D-Space frame the spectacular 4D-Space frames consist of two, 3 cm above vertically-mounted stainless steel plates. The upper is extremely delicate, organically shaped from lase changes that share the view on the bottom of the stainless steel. The two space frames, every man for himself an intense paintings, are in the new 4 to the total work of art. The effect is underlined coated glass splinters by the artistic use of LED lighting elements between the flat and reflective materials such as Swarovski crystals, gold leaf, gilt sand or with Platinum. Also, parts of the filigree metal patterns were drawn up to 5 cm outwards to make the overall look still plastic. “The first Marco Mehn sculpture with his sculpture El Diabolo” Marco Mehn interpreted the game with the dimensions for the first time in sculptural form.

In cooperation with Franz Sattler bronze specialist he has a monumental, 120 Kg heavy bull head designed and realized. The imposing work of art was made in one of the best European foundries in solid bronze cast and also has a pedestal designed by Marco Mehn rust steel. Find Marco Mehn of residential design”in the Ballroom (as of 50). There is more information about the artist at. Born in 1967 in Landstuhl in the Palatinate, Marco Mehn started the artist and designer Marco Mehn many years ago as an autodidact. The breakthrough came in 2004 with its innovative space frame”a completely new art support made of stainless steel with worldwide patent.

International exhibitions from New York via Dubai and Moscow, as well as collaborations with various companies testifies to the success of the exceptional artist. Marco Mafre images is the emotional expressiveness. The space frames are made from a single sheet of stainless steel: first, the shape is drawn in, which is then cut out using a laser. Marco Mehn with different filling techniques, working on this Edelstahlkonstrukten diverse materials, such as oil, acrylic, pastel, silver, gold leaf or Swarovski crystals. By dieAuslaserungen the wall Shimmers so that the viewer Gets the impression that the image in the frame floats. With the design of his MINI Cooper S by Marco Mehn”with up to 20 layers of paint and almost 40,000 Swarovski crystals expanded his work the artist 2008 the fourth dimension? the movement. A year later he endowed a Benetti luxury yacht with exclusive space frame images and thought the King of pop with a Michael Jackson-space frame. It followed the own Marco Mehn Designhaus, the first Marco Mehn sculpture, as well as the spectacular 4D-Space frames? and it does not stay that way: currently designed Marco Mehn under a Harley Davidson and is working on several new collections.

New York Times

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Artists Change

Creative pool BASE BERLIN uses Netherlands tour the innovative show production with new ensemble continued for the show production international newcomers were base – made in Berlin, with the BASE, the Berlin creative pool is touring BERLIN since early April successfully by renowned theatres of the Netherlands, and unites the young guns from Berlin. Now is an artist Exchange: the ensemble changes due to overlaps with engagements in Germany. No less wild artists from the Berlin art pool move up and take over the boarding of the tour stages in the neighbouring country. So far, Mohamed Canbeldek, was Dennis Mac DAO, Samira Radojevic, Pablo Caesar, Chris Myland, David Pereira, Lina Navakaite, Katharina Lebedew, Felice Aguilar and Thomas John for standing ovations at the Dutch audience, so lead from 1 may Vilma Raff, Lena Ries, Sebastian matte, Kati & Philipp, Girma Stella, Martin Schepers alias Mr. Benedict and Mirko Kockenberger the tour continues. Until May 13, BASE is made in Berlin”on a total of 11 stations in the Netherlands to experience new ensemble. “” The young savages from Berlin will present a show somewhere versus College musical”Spring Awakening”. A dazzling mix of unique and extremely athletic, classic variety art expected influences of the new culture movement coupled with hip viewers.

All performances were in the creative hotbed BASE BERLIN. Exception artist Pierre Caesar of the legendary Caesar Twins Markus Pabst, who founded the cultural workshop together, developed the innovative and expressive show with matching music, harmonious lighting effects and thus go a fine border passage between Opera and rock, between artistry and dance. BASE made in Berlin directed by: Pierre Caesar and Markus Pabst choreography: Dennis Mac DAO, Chris Myland stagecraft: Reinhard Bichsel stage: Daniela Drobny lighting design: Reinhard Bichsel, Pierre Caesar ensemble in may: Vilma Raff singing Lena Ries contortion Sebastian Matt Comedy Kati & Philipp partner Akrobatik Girma Stella – juggling Martin Sagar alias Mr Benedict Strapaten, Cyr Mirko Kockenberger – Equilibristics the tour dates in may: Tue 01.05.12 Stadsgehoorzaal, Kampen, Wed 02.05.12 Schouwburg Venray, Venray, Thu 03.05.12 Schouwburg De Kampanje, Helder Fri 04.05.12 Parktheater Eindhoven, Eindhoven, sat 05.05.12 Theatre de Maaspoort, Venlo, so. 06.05.12 Theatre Agora, Lelystad, Wed 09.05.12 Stadsgehoorzaal, Vlaardingen, Thu 10.05.12 de Meerpaal Dronten, Fri 11.05.12 Schouwburg Kunstmin, Dordrecht, sat 12.05.12 Chasse Theatre, Breda, so. 13.05.12 de Spiegel Odeon theatre, Zwolle, BASE BERLIN, Berlin founded in 2008, sees itself as kind of pool of a new generation of artists and performers.

BASE is the platform of young self-employed creatives from the fields of art, dance, photography and drama. Here are new performances and shows in collaboration with choreographers, directors, photographers and in the mutual exchange with each other. The Berlin creative pool is like no other for new forms of artistry. “” Shows like Vivace”, Caesar Twins, SOAP, made in Germany and dummy”comes from the springs of Basianern”. From the artist network emerged acts were Cirque de Demain, inter alia to the Royal variety performance, the Circus Festival”in Paris, Teddy award invited and awarded prizes. Show productions of the species pool were performed in Germany, London, New York City and on Broadway. BASE shows are available for a fast-paced lifestyle and set variety trends throughout the world.