Artists Change

Creative pool BASE BERLIN uses Netherlands tour the innovative show production with new ensemble continued for the show production international newcomers were base – made in Berlin, with the BASE, the Berlin creative pool is touring BERLIN since early April successfully by renowned theatres of the Netherlands, and unites the young guns from Berlin. Now is an artist Exchange: the ensemble changes due to overlaps with engagements in Germany. No less wild artists from the Berlin art pool move up and take over the boarding of the tour stages in the neighbouring country. So far, Mohamed Canbeldek, was Dennis Mac DAO, Samira Radojevic, Pablo Caesar, Chris Myland, David Pereira, Lina Navakaite, Katharina Lebedew, Felice Aguilar and Thomas John for standing ovations at the Dutch audience, so lead from 1 may Vilma Raff, Lena Ries, Sebastian matte, Kati & Philipp, Girma Stella, Martin Schepers alias Mr. Benedict and Mirko Kockenberger the tour continues. Until May 13, BASE is made in Berlin”on a total of 11 stations in the Netherlands to experience new ensemble. “” The young savages from Berlin will present a show somewhere versus College musical”Spring Awakening”. A dazzling mix of unique and extremely athletic, classic variety art expected influences of the new culture movement coupled with hip viewers.

All performances were in the creative hotbed BASE BERLIN. Exception artist Pierre Caesar of the legendary Caesar Twins Markus Pabst, who founded the cultural workshop together, developed the innovative and expressive show with matching music, harmonious lighting effects and thus go a fine border passage between Opera and rock, between artistry and dance. BASE made in Berlin directed by: Pierre Caesar and Markus Pabst choreography: Dennis Mac DAO, Chris Myland stagecraft: Reinhard Bichsel stage: Daniela Drobny lighting design: Reinhard Bichsel, Pierre Caesar ensemble in may: Vilma Raff singing Lena Ries contortion Sebastian Matt Comedy Kati & Philipp partner Akrobatik Girma Stella – juggling Martin Sagar alias Mr Benedict Strapaten, Cyr Mirko Kockenberger – Equilibristics the tour dates in may: Tue 01.05.12 Stadsgehoorzaal, Kampen, Wed 02.05.12 Schouwburg Venray, Venray, Thu 03.05.12 Schouwburg De Kampanje, Helder Fri 04.05.12 Parktheater Eindhoven, Eindhoven, sat 05.05.12 Theatre de Maaspoort, Venlo, so. 06.05.12 Theatre Agora, Lelystad, Wed 09.05.12 Stadsgehoorzaal, Vlaardingen, Thu 10.05.12 de Meerpaal Dronten, Fri 11.05.12 Schouwburg Kunstmin, Dordrecht, sat 12.05.12 Chasse Theatre, Breda, so. 13.05.12 de Spiegel Odeon theatre, Zwolle, BASE BERLIN, Berlin founded in 2008, sees itself as kind of pool of a new generation of artists and performers.

BASE is the platform of young self-employed creatives from the fields of art, dance, photography and drama. Here are new performances and shows in collaboration with choreographers, directors, photographers and in the mutual exchange with each other. The Berlin creative pool is like no other for new forms of artistry. “” Shows like Vivace”, Caesar Twins, SOAP, made in Germany and dummy”comes from the springs of Basianern”. From the artist network emerged acts were Cirque de Demain, inter alia to the Royal variety performance, the Circus Festival”in Paris, Teddy award invited and awarded prizes. Show productions of the species pool were performed in Germany, London, New York City and on Broadway. BASE shows are available for a fast-paced lifestyle and set variety trends throughout the world.