January 2017

The Contracting Authority

The devil for the client in detail”, so Dr. Renner, to get the currently keen competition among the bidders. End of 2008 therefore the managing directors, the brothers and sisters Eva and Oswald Neumann, decided to increase the legal certainty for their clients. You opted for the continuous collaboration with lawyer Dr. Renner, which advises… Read more The Contracting Authority

Custom Calendars

Calendars are an integral part of our every day, since they help to improve our Organization both weekly, monthly, annual. Calendars meet a very functional purpose; they are one of the best ways to make the countdown of the most special events or to keep abreast of our obligations. For all these reasons, they are… Read more Custom Calendars

United States

Here come from sales of geostrategy. We must liquidate all Venezuelan assets abroad to avoid economic sanctions. When Chavez says that the sale of interests in Ruhr Oel is done because it is bad business, for example, actually not be is setting if it was or was not. Says it accurately: Germany is also not… Read more United States


Receiving a gift of custom badges logo famous company, subconsciously perceived by consumers as his introduction to this company. Accordingly, increases not only the loyalty of the consumer to the brand or company – he becomes a living advertisement. This accessory is a printing icon necessarily draw the attention of his relatives and friends. In… Read more Logos


TINO is a holding company formed by different societies of extraction, marketing and treatment, with quarries and own production centres, departmental service and a network of exclusive distribution of its products. TINO has become the benchmark in the natural stone market. Quality and exclusive design of its textures, its research into new materials and the… Read more Innovation

The Family

Those who have a lot of money, you need to save them, the need for families with low incomes – to borrow money for larger purchases than current consumption. Large capital entails great care of him, and taking care of capital – business professionals. Thus, income is an important criterion of segmentation as a factor… Read more The Family


After a pretext to stay and to allow herself to open the hidden door. Here's another option if you are giving a huge buketische or more lovingly selected roses, not Remember to add one color to artificial rose. Then take a small card (, kartonochku) and write requests and at the end add: 'I will… Read more Remember

I Have Nothing To Say

Sometimes I have nothing to say … Sometimes I have nothing to offer, just my silence, my hearing and my body. I am far within the universe and outside of your universe … Sometimes I am not present, as present as yet. I'm on my stuff, my fights and my fires. Also I have feelings… Read more I Have Nothing To Say