Who Will Be The One With Authority

Logically, it turns out that businesses do not have enough support to the society itself. After all, business, in this case, will no longer be one on one with authority, and with the greater part of society to defend its interests, both economically and in social sphere. This model of close cooperation exists in many countries with a developed culture of democracy, social and economic spheres. Civil society, where art thou? Now let’s see what we mean by society and how it interact with business and government. This discrepancy, as of today, the notion of “interaction between government and society are increasingly coming from the lips of those in power. However, where the basics? Who connects the bridges in this interaction? The initial interaction should take place through civil society institutions, such as nonprofit organizations. Perhaps the most effective and accepted way of dialogue. Nonprofit organizations – formal structure, the staff consisting of professionals with wide experience in various fields.

Employees, as well as the organization itself does not pose his ultimate goal of making a profit or gain. Such organizations are also called social organizations. Their number in Russia reached 500 thousand, if we take the average number of employees of one organization in 5 people, we get 2,5 million people working in the nonprofit sector in Russia. And these organizations are scattered throughout our country, in fact, not having common goals, they often find holes in the social fabric of their regions and try to patch up. Could such a state in the nonprofit sector to be attractive to businesses considering how to support nonprofit organizations on behalf of society?