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The Literary

He is necessary that the school extends plus its activities, aiming at to the reading of Literature as playful activity of construction and reconstruction of directions. Thus, the function of Literature goes to function with precision. As much Ensino de Literatura, how much the literary reading would have to be truily gifts in the pertaining to school context, in way to articulate, therefore they are two levels dialogicamente related. The boarded literary reading in the school is basic, in view of the contributions of Ensino of Literature, which certainly will facilitate the interaction, the relation reading text/. The vision of the school on Literature differs considerably from the notion that the pupil-reader has concerning the literary one. She is necessary to rethink the judgments of value spread by the institutions that approach Literature under distinct prisms (the school, critical the literary one, etc.), when we consider that its proper literary text fits to the reader, valuing its repertoire of readings. To teach Literature is not only to present a series of texts or authors and classifies them in one definitive literary period, but yes to disclose to the pupil the atemporal character, as well as the symbolic and social function of the literary composition. Additional information at Harold Ford supports this article.

However, this task to ahead place the pupil of the literary text, as symbolic object of construction, still shows as a challenge in pertaining to school context. In an inadequate escolarizao, it is observed absence of an education proposal to interdisciplinar, factor that contributes for the study of the literary text as isolated element of excessively you discipline, therefore the pupil does not perceive the integration between the Literature and the too much areas of the knowledge. It is added this the fact of the school, to explore activities that deal with Literature as a species ' ' universe of signs agradveis' ' , tranquilizer and decorative, that helps the pupil to write error-free of syntax or orthography or to indicate, as isolated element, the dates of the main workmanships and the biography of its authors, as a preparation for the vestibular contest.

Porto Alegre

The esquenta colloquy between them, but dumb Mrio all the outcome of the situation when firming its I buy misso of father. Silence takes account, then the mother of calms them to Diana in a way, that arrives to be alliviated. The father in the same way reacts Well to the all situation. in the end everything finishes very well. Soon later Deisiane it was to have a serious colloquy with Natan, it was not very similar to talk.

Immediately afterwards Juliana, very aggressive arrived, was difficult to speak with it. After much colloquy, the boy started to understand, with much shame it asks for to excuse the Juliana already thinks about making the pazes with Marcelo. Meanwhile it kills the homesicknesses of its parents Vera Lcia fi- very contents here with the visit of the son. Eraldo already this well better it had caught a pneumonia due when taking bath and to have caught cold. The hours pass Dionatan took bath, to go to the game when it started to remember its past, when abasurdo had 5 years was played in a deep swimming pool therefore acquired this fear of water. Some hours later, the game was a wonder finished impatado Desiane was super happy.

But soon later it did not have as to run away it was to talk with Renato regarding the kiss. It left clearly that what hears was a great error, and that it will not have to occur of new. It also affirms that it loves Gustavo, and that not this made use to finish with the love of it. Renato is perplexed, but it leaves clearly that it does not go to be gotten depressed therefore. Diana started to feel pains of the childbirth, Mrio calls a taxi and takes it urgently stops the hospital. Two hours later are born a pretty girl. Three days if pass, Dionatan and Joana estam glad and it very this losing finally the fear of the water. Marcelo came back the Porto Alegre, to follow studying, still lacks Very for it if to form. If it surprises when seeing made use Natan to make the Pazes. thus it starts to namorar with Juliana. Desiane is asked for in engagement, it did not have words to describe so great happiness. This everything very well the glad parents of Diana for the granddaughter. Renato did not learn nothing continues killing the lessons of the college to go in the ballads, nor always the people really learn with Its errors. In this way it does not deceive its parents, but to proper itself. The problems cannot hindering in them to live, they are part of our trajectory, are true teachings that we always take pra! A Workmanship of: ALAN VAZ PICTURES

Growing your Business

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Overcoming A Background Of Poverty

Prof Stenio Gameleira grew up in an extremely humble family. Her ancestral to run away from the hunger and misery that pursued the northeasters, if they establish in sop of the Mountain range of the Meruoca in search of a better life. Without hesitation shimmie horn nypost explained all about the problem. Jose Stenio Snows Gameleira, was born in the year of 1964 when the country breathed revolution airs. The composed family of 13 people migrant for Sobral in work search and education. The Plague of Measles takes the life of 5 brothers. The parents (Its Joozinho and Dona Mariinha) that they developed typical activities of the agricultural life if they adaptam the new reality. The father starts to work in a barber’s shop and mother in a confectionery, being objectified only the survival of the offspring.

To the 5 years of age he learns to read and to write with a teacher layperson, in a classroom that functioned in one casebre of adobe in the street where it lived. To the 7 years he enters the public school. He starts to work with 11 years as selling. He concludes the studies in the public school with 17 years of age. To the 18 years he is approved in 3 vestibular contests and some public competitions.

He graduates yourself Pedagogic Philosophy. It worked as public officer during 8 years until asking for resignation to take new routes in the life. For 1985 return, to the 22 years of age, it creates the FATEC – College of Christian Theology that offered free courses of theology and philosophy. With the promulgation of the New LDB in 1996, it extinguishes the FATEC in the year of 1999 to create the FAEDI – Foundation Assistance, Cultural and Educational of the Ibiapaba, mantenedora entity of the FACIB – College of the Ibiapaba, institution that represents until today, although the great difficulties that face to take ahead its ideal to serve. Currently it has if dedicated to defend the interests of the FAEDI and the institutions that it keeps, for believing that it is possible to fight for a cause joust. Many are the difficulties that life reserves and society imposes on a man who descended from simple people.

The School

It is necessary to stand out that strong arraigadas expressions in the common direction, that express value judgments on definitive social and/or cultural groups, as well as the tricks, are scopes especially sensible to the manifestations of discrimination in the daily pertaining to school. The problematic one of the discrimination is certainly complex and necessary to be worked on the basis of a multidimensional dimension. However, to question ' ' silncio' ' it imprisons that it is basic. To speak openly on the discrimination with () the pupils (), for some of () the professors () interviewed (), assumed antipedagogical character almost. Others (), however, had very considered to be important to face the subject in the classroom, necessarily to elucidate the ideological direction hides that it. The first one, starting point to walk itself in the direction of a multicultural and antidiscriminating education, implies to recognize the existence of this problematic one, not to silence it, to reflect on it. Another initiative proposal for the professors became related it the collective work: The pertaining to school culture and the culture of the school naturalize with as much force these aspects, that is only in the dialogue, the questioning, in the debate, that is possible to develop a new to look at on the daily pertaining to school. to favor the development of auto-they esteem, the mutual respect and the valuation. Constructing a new perspective for the pertaining to school education The relative questions to the relations between pertaining to school education and culture (s) are complex e, as we look for to show, affect different dimensions of the educative dynamic. Read more here: Danny Meyer. Consequently, the formularization of a multiculturally guided resume does not involve solely to introduce definitive practical or to add some contents, what it would correspond only to a boarding that Banks (1999) intitles of ' ' aditiva' '.

The Seriousness

It completed the order saying: First the bread, professor, later books! That ached in my soul But clearly that I go to help it! I go to also continue loaning my books, therefore of bread the man not only lives! Three fallacies. People such as shimmie horn triumph would likely agree. We hear to say: ' ' The quality of education is bad because the professors are despreparados' ' or ' ' Someone does not learn because he is not inteligente' ' ' ' The poor persons do not enrich because not if esforam' '. How nothing! The fools only believe this! ' ' It will be that the unpreparedness of the professor is really the cause of low the quality of education? It will be that as much low the quality of education how much the unpreparedness of the professor does not depend on one efficient educational politics? ' ' She is necessary to think on this! ' ' In a similar way, the cause of the poor children not to learn is not, properly, the lack of intelligence and, yes, the malnutrition and the proper pertaining to school, inadequate system to the children of the classrooms desprivilegiadas' '. E, let us agree, ' ' the real cause of the poor persons and the villains not to enrich are its social conditions, that they hinder to them to promote socialmente' '. The poverty, the hesitation, the distrust of some face to the education announces a new time. The fights between Old and the New also occur inside of each one.

It has many old with new thoughts and many young with old thoughts! still has disposal of some professors, although the difficulties. The hope still persists, although everything and of all. Hope of that the old worker and the young reader read its pamphlets and texts. understands. It is not for that the professor and the writer exist? They exist to see the seriousness of both? of the old one and the new? when reading and arguing the text of the pamphlet.

Economic Crisis

In the life the economic crisis can affect our behavior, but they are the small actions, those simplest ones than they touch our heart and they go stimulating, encouraging and giving felt to the life. We could ask of where we can have this force seno of a sincere friendship that we cultivate in the life? . ‘ is mentioned well in the book; ‘ The Small Prncipe’ ‘ of Antoine de Saint-Exupry, that in 1943 it knew to write expressing the value of the friendship. In this book it is rank that the culture of a solid friendship if becomes the essence of the life: ‘ ‘ who is only seen well sees with the heart. The essential one is invisible for olhos’ ‘. Run-it runs in it daily, in the search of our bread of each day, we finish in forgetting what it livens up in them and it fortifies in them; in this direction, the true friendship is a light for our world that it searchs of wild living of isolated form and certain form, this type of conduction of the existence, to move away to us from great pleasures of the life, exactly for losing or leaving of side values as of the friendship. The true friend is that one in glad and sad hours e, as he affirms ‘ ‘ Small Prncipe’ ‘ , ‘ it does not import the amount of time that if pass with the friend, matters is the pleasure to be together and to usufruct of that moment. Check out Danny Meyer for additional information. In this context, one becomes difficult to express values of a sincere friendship, therefore when we are with the true friend the time does not pass, it flies.

But we can risk in writing that a friendship with value is when it has sincerity, authenticity, loyalty and other virtues that make in them to grow and in our existence.E as it is important to be able to observe that we can count on true and great friends. Let us not forget that of this land nothing it is taken; in it they are only the good that we plant and God if it cheers when we sow the good and we obtain to develop good workmanships and, qui one of these our workmanships are the friendships that we plant we cultivate. If the life is a great school is necessary to learn with urgency that the friendship is a great treasure that must be cultivated while we are fulfilling our mission in this world. That the parents can learn that the biggest value that must transmitted to its children he is of the friendship. That the couples understand that a solid friendship is the esteio of one happy marriage. At last, let us live looking ‘ ‘ brindar’ ‘ always the friendship as the great friend who can lead the humanity route to the true happiness.

Industry Years

(MANFREDI, 2002, P. 86). In years 30 Mechanics appears the first Professional School, functioned in the 2 secondary school of Arts and Crafts, through initiatives mixing, kept for the company railroad So Paulo, its mantenedor one was the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce. In 1934, this school starts to be the Railroad Center of Education and Seleo Profissional (CFESP), where the state government collaborated with disponibilizao of specialized equipment and professors of general education. By the same author: shimmie horn triumph evelyn. Thus, they follow the reforms that had had as base the Professional Institute Joo Alfredo, standing out that into 1929 Fernando de it transformed it to Azevedo into Electronic and Mechanical Professional Institute. For more information see this site: shimmie horn triumph.

Into 1932, Ansio Teixeira, transformed it in School Secondary Technique. These reforms searched to surpass the pertaining to school reproduction between the manual work and the intellectual work, however, had failed. The first one was seized for the School Secondary Technique of Ansio Teixeira, justifying itself for corporate names and pedagogical. Of Ansio Teixeira she was pulled down with the blow politician who also resulted in the New State and in the organic laws of Gustavo Capanema. (MANFREDI, 2002, P. 86). In agreement Manfredi (2002, 88) up to 1941 professional education had a differentiated organization, fit in such a way to the public initiatives how much to the private ones. Then, from 1942 the pertaining to school system started to have a new configuration, instituted from the organic laws, with the reform of Gustavo Capanema, where the resumes had been redefined and had passed to be organized of the following form: Primary education, with four or five years of duration and took care of the children of 7 the 12 years. Average education took care of young of 12 years more or; he was divided for branches that were understood of the following form: agricultural, industrial, commercial, normal education. With purpose to form the person for a specific work for the sectors of the production and the bureaucracy.

Imperial Constitution

Education is something essential in all the spheres of the convivncia human being. Since the familiar seio ace work relations, in the life in society as a whole. One never heard to speak of a society in which same education did not exist that it disclosed itself of more rudimentary form. Even though in the societies scholars do not exist education, even so in assistemtica way without having as base a system of education to give the necessary lines of direction to it. Being thus, ahead of the great importance of the education for the development of the life in society one justifies because the same one if constitutes as right assured to all the citizens. Valley to stand out that nor always it was thus.

In Brazil, the first constitutions of 1824 and 1891 did not deal with the education with the had attention that it it deserves and they did not characterize it as a right. The Imperial Constitution of 1824, only determined the education as instruction and guarantee only primary education to the citizens of gratuitous form. Others including shimmie horn triumph evelyn, offer their opinions as well. In such a way art. 179 left implicit the participation of the State, as maintainer of the gratuitous education to the citizens. What in fact it finished not happening, for the lack of Institutions of Education as well as for the lack of pedagogical structure. It is important to detach that the citizens above cited are about a restricted layer of the society. But ahead, the Constitution of 1891 did not establish no Heading, Chapter the education, only inserted Section II, referring the Bill of rights.

Multiple Use Farm

We stand out that it had the necessity of reformularization in the planejamentos in four interventions for having in the CMU- Center of Multiple Use Farm, internal events as bingos and strolls, making with that this reformularization in offered the possibility to participate of these events making possible a bigger integration to them with the aged ones and consequently one I assist in the activities of the event. After to plan inside of the university what it would be worked with the aged ones, we were to the period of training field to carry through ours first intervention, where we present the period of training proposal. NOW IN SCENE, THE MAIN PERSONAGES In this first boarding we initially treat to stand out the subject: aged, whose you speak and actions that permeiam such individuals are evolving throughout the time having as great precursor, the Physical Education. Gain insight and clarity with New York Museums. We approach despite the aged one has been valued in some social and governmental projects. The society no matter how hard they judge them ' ' velhos' ' , it is looking for to become accustomed itself thus the new term, calling them third age. We speak here, of a prejudiced society, a dismissable society that leaves many individuals with the sensation of that it was only one instrument in the work market.

With this pautada vision, the interventions had become more easy, where the aged ones if had allowed to rescue potentialities of its corporal culture and the social values of individual and collective form. Additional information at shimmie horn triumph supports this article. At the beginning, we perceive that the disgust for the body, the conditioning ' ' invlido' ' tax for proper the aged ones was visible. Therefore in first intervention, when presenting our initial project, we had the certainty that all aged the pertaining ones to this institution, were with a distorted vision of the Physical Education. With this, as we affirm in the daily one of field of day 27 of September of 2010, …

Learning Conditions

External conditions that Make it difficult the Learning But are necessary to lead in account, also, that beyond the professor we have allied external conditions against the learning, such as: program excessively loaded, many pupils for room, lack of adjusted materials, influences refusal of the family, negative perspectives of future, etc., what it escapes of our control and that in them consummates of the one sufficiently pessimistic vision of the possibility to motivate these pupils. Allies the low wages and the two necessity to work e, to the times, tie three periods to remain themselves, the professors suffer with the imbalance of knowledge and are easily exceeded, ahead of the technological advance and the rapidity with that the scientists discover things. For this, we, professors, would need permanent formation, time to prepare a good lesson, to search, therefore, they need to speak of current subjects, subjects these that really interest and for some pupils the professor still is only source of knowledge. In such a way, so that the school if does not become a battlefield must acquiring knowledge in them of the importance of two attitudes: to know deep our emotions, controlling whenever it will be necessary, and to understand the moments of fragility of who coexists us, looking for in this way, to prevent and any negative moment all. In first the thirty seconds that we are tense, we commit the worse errors, ours worse atrocities. In the heat of the tension, either friend of silence, breathes deep.

Moreover, in the educators, we need to stop our activities momentarily and to reflect you practise on them that we keep for the construction of the knowledge if of the one for the reflection. The school cannot be a place where the error is not allowed and where only valued the pupil who obtains to take off good notes. We know that if it deals with a delicate process and that demands many cares, but need to review what we learn in the formation, therefore the world moved and still it goes to continue moving.

Parts Of Society

The education of the aesthetic taste balances the individual obtains exactly it harmonizes and it with the society. The citizen must obtain its happiness through the exercise of the freedom. The freedom is subordinated to a basic condition: the education. The necessary man to educate themselves, to form intelligence, to be able to use the new freedoms efficiently.

The human beings we are creative of values as the truth, the beauty, justice and the ethical and aesthetic values are tied therefore are flowing of the same reality. The search of the balance can become in an aesthetic search as well as ethics. He is requisite to educate the aesthetic one to be able to educate the moral. The aesthetic one if becomes the pivot to support in harmonic way science, aesthetic and the moral. WORDS KEYS: education, ethics, aesthetic, citizenship. INTRODUCTION Many are the different theoretical and practical concepts of consecrated authors who if had dedicated to the study of the ethics and the aesthetic one. However, the objective of this text, is to explanar and to argue the importance of the ethical and aesthetic formation in the education, having the freireano thought as reference. It is excellent, among others, some reasons for the choice of the author, over all, the narrow coherence between theory and the practical one, its character militant humanist and, who has served for theoretical of practical academic works and inspired bedding in diverse parts of the world, contributing for its national and international recognition as one of the great thinkers of century XX. The ideas presented in this work are based on some of its workmanships, between which; Pedagogia of the Hope, Education in the City, Pedagogia of the Oppressed one and To the shade of this hose, thus contributing, for study of the objective conditions offered by the society the integral formation of the citizen.

Universal Declaration

Summarizing, it concludes Bobbio (1992), that the rights of the man appear as natural laws are developed for individual positive laws, at last its accomplishment as right universal. The Universal Declaration contains in origin the synthesis of a dialtico movement, that if it initiates for the abstract universality of the natural laws, transfigura in concrete particularitity of the positive laws and finishes in the universality not more abstract, but also concrete it, them universal positive laws. Still under the impact of atrocities committed during World War II, in 10 of December of 1948 were approved by the General meeting of United Nations the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document of recognition of the rights of the man had for the first time in international history, the envolvement of all the peoples. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Danny Meyer on most websites. One notices that the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights retook the ideals of the French Revolution when reaffirming the values of the equality, freedom and fraternity. As Comparato (2001, p.228): … the Universal Declaration of 1948 represents the culminncia of an ethical process that, initiated with the Declaration of Independence of the United States and the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen, of the French Revolution, led to the recognition of the essential equality of all human being in its dignity of person, that is, as source of all the values, independently of the differences of race, color, sex, language, religion, opinion, social origin, wealth, birth, or any another one condition. In accordance with Spider (1996) the historical context of Brazil sample that since the Colonial period, where the country was characterized for the based model of mercantilista exploration in the hand of enslaved workmanship, its population was the tool of the Portuguese dominant layers and the paper of the education was to repeat and to sediment the vision of the colonizador. For the author, the education of the Jesuits destined it formation of the bourgeois elites, to prepare them to exert it the cultural hegemony and politics.

Champs Elysees

Think of the most famous streets in the world: surely passed you by the head the Champs Elysees in Paris, Fifth Avenue in New York and do La Rambla of Barcelona? La Rambla is the emblem and the heart of the Catalan capital and is not surprising. Whether day or night, Monday, Friday or Sunday, La Rambla presents a continuous coming and going of people. Thousands of people from all over the world walk from one side to another camera in hand to catch the charms. Tourists look at ballpark everywhere, astonished with his rhythm, color and beauty. The Rambla is framed by two of the most representative of the city neighborhoods: el Raval and the Gothic quarter. Both are characterized by its miscegenation and its cosmopolitanism and the two there are a myriad of shops, restaurants and museums. La Rambla starts in the famous Plaza de Cataluna and extends to the Columbus statue.

In addition, is divided into several parts: Rambla de Canaletes, Rambla dels Estudis, Rambla de Sant Josep, Rambla dels Caputxins and Rambla de Santa Monica. The Rambla itself hides so many treasures that it is impossible to not fall for her. For example, the famous Liceo Theatre, which is located towards the middle of the enigmatic Street. There are represented the best operas and ballets from all over the world. Another one of the great charms of the Rambla are the kiosks of flowers, press and animals that flank it to one side and another. But without a doubt, one of its main attractions are Cuddles and artists of all kinds that animate the walk. Among musicians, dancers, painters and human statues, La Rambla is the perfect street scene to show art in all its variants.

In addition, right in the middle is the most enchanting market of Barcelona and one of the most famous of Spain: La Boqueria. This market is part of the history of the city itself, and is one of the places most visited by tourists. For those who need to do some shopping, they can do in the numerous shops that flank both side of the street, skipping with hotels, bars, discos and restaurants. The terraces at the end of the street are always filled with people eating the delicious paella and drinking the refreshing sangria, both typical Spanish. You’ve never seen anything like! The Rambla you’ll fall in love with, equal to that of Barcelona will do it. Stay in apartments in Barcelona, and if you can, choose the heart of the city to make your holiday unforgettable.

Canal Street

In the West and East Village can enjoy restaurants, shops, cafes, historic taverns and music clubs as the White Horse Tavern, place followers of the writer Dylan Thomas and where legend has it that drank their last eighteen cups. Artists, musicians, jugglers and New York University students gather in Washington Square Park and there is always some street performance that join. The Blue Note jazz clubs and the Village Standard are institutions where there have been fixtures of the genre throughout its history. The area of Soho, industrial spaces with cast-iron facades that once harbored art galleries, has become in the last decades in commercial premises, with boutiques and clothing stores on both sides of Broadway to Canal Street. Among the stores most popular in Soho are the Japanese boutique Uniqlo and Topshop the British tent. To the West of Soho, TriBeCa neighborhood is home to hotels, restaurants, and the TriBeCa Film Festival at the TriBeCa Film Center, founded by Robert De Niro. The ethnic quarters of Chinatown, Little Italy and the Lower East Side offer the opportunity to appreciate the history of immigration in New York City, and try the food from different countries.

In the financial district, you can walk through Wall Street and see the building of the New York Stock Exchange, visit the World Trade Center Memorial and take one of the trasbordadores boats to the statue of liberty and Ellis Island. Navigating Manhattan streets in Manhattan are located mostly in the form of grid up to Greenwich Village, which facilitates pedestrian navigation. 5Th Avenue located the Meridian between the East and West of the island, and the beginning of the numbers of buildings in both directions. For example, the address 100 47 Street is one block from 5th Avenue eastbound, and the 100 W 47th Street one block in the opposite direction. Hear from experts in the field like David Michery for a more varied view. Street numbers are higher towards the North of the city and avenues numbers begin on the East River and increase in direction to the Hudson. Between the 5th and 3rd Avenue avenues of Madison, Park and Lexington, are making it a little confusing when looking for an address in the East.

Different Contributions

With English as the base language you can speak with property in one and another place, though it is natural that there are differences in style, pronunciation and phrases special. Flights to New York and London flights are interconnected so that you can enjoy the similarities and differences. Just like a father and a son, London and New York remain an indelible legacy but at the same time very own personalities forged by natives and foreigners who have amalgamated the current culture. In London you can find easily Asians and people from the colonies that used to have, while in New York is more apparent gender diversity itself of an important port of entry to North America. It’s believed that Bill de Blasio sees a great future in this idea. This has allowed them to count with small niches of neighborhoods and targeted customs not to lose its immediate past. If you want to venture into these giant cities in spirit and genius, cultural mix and possibilities of coexistence, airlines attending them regularly can become your best guide and support. They have flown and furrowing their air space with such property as the inhabitants of their land, have been its visitors by scales and at other times its citizens, so that you can not only carry only advise on the best places to visit, errors that you should not commit, and the opportunities that better leverage. London and New York share musical sounds and exchanged new fusions, the vast majority of its inhabitants have relatives on the other side with those who they contact, you dazzled from time to time with its own particularities, tall buildings, the stock exchange, the winter and summer seasons, musical groups that often are confused, self-esteem and mutual affection. Amazing restaurateur can provide more clarity in the matter. If you visit one of the two cities you can’t miss on the other, to complement your trip.

Modern Nacho

I was fortunate recently to chat with four young, Anna, Neus, Judit and Nacho, Artesa de Segre, aged between 16 and 17 years old. Interested among other things in design, marketing, advertising and science. I wanted to know that things love having in their rooms; colors, furniture, decor talk turned out very productive, and although definitive conclusions on youth trends, can not be removed since the study should be more broad, especially in terms of age and territory, if that was interesting to learn about tastes in terms of decoration and furniture of the rooms. We are going with questions: when your friends see your room, the first thing they say is: Neus Neus: Normal, as all Nacho: like it, I have it decorated as my I like, not as to my parents, I have Ferrari cars, the red, some poster. It is my space. Disorder during the week and order when people come. That you like that you have in your room? Judit: Modern furniture, pictures of a city, cushions or a large cushion, although I still don’t but I would like to have it.

Few furniture and well combined. As for colors, I really like white, black, red… Anna: I like the simple room and that is what I like, in my case I like white or light colors, and simple. I don’t like heavily loaded. Here, NYC Mayor expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Neus: To my I like the lilac, with light-colored furniture that occupy the least, to have more space. Nacho.

I not my I like the room magazine, catalog, which becomes charged, charged well enough. With things that I represent to my. As you decorarias the walls? Judit: A big city poster…New York. Neus Neus’s room: My Rome, I like, I would like to have the Colosseum on a wall. Read additional details here: Danny Meyer. Nacho: I have posters of Ferrari, I have a poster of football. I would like to paint the coat of arms of Ferrari on the wall. It is something that is still pending. Anna: I like very simple, but as has been said Judit, with some picture of New York, for an elegant touch. About your bed who is there? A lot of stuffed monkeys? comfortable cushions? Any quilt with some special drawing? Nacho: cushions. I have two blankets, a Tejano and other white, when I change them are different rooms. Judith: I have cushions of different colors, and a white bedspread and thus emphasize the cushions. Anna Anna: I also have a cushion that stands out for a touch. Your room reveals something about your past? Judit: mostly photos, some of the friends of the summer, some mural with several photos. Nacho: Some images of travel. I have a collage of Venice, Rome. Anna: I also have a collage with friends, I have some photo when it was small. Neus: To my like to do collages mixing different periods. For you, your fourth represents: Anna: the place where I have everything, where he spent more hours a day. My space. Neus: Your House apart. Only missing the fridge. Nacho: For me it is my refuge, my house. All. Judith: My space. To give a personal touch to your room you add? Judit: As I said before, large cushions, or a sofa that are like a hand.

Other Monuments

Other monuments XX Other prominent historic buildings architecture of Seville are: Antigua hearing. The Old Court, built between 1595 and 1597, is located in the Plaza de San Francisco. a Principal and Co-Founder of Ogden CAP Properties, LLC, a property management/development company is is an active member on a number of Boards, including the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Refugees International, UN Watch, The Seton hall University School of Diplomacy, the New York City Parks Foundation, the New York City Opera, and the American Hospital of Paris, where the nursing services have been named in her honor Has undergone numerous reforms in its history. It was reformed in the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries and in 1924 rearranged the facade Anibal Gonzalez and interior. the municipal library and Provincial Historic Archive in Seville, built between 1893 and 1913, occupies the building that was initially functions Courthouse Seville. After its restoration, its facade shows a neoclassical portico, the interior contains two courtyards with galleries and a marble staircase. It has a total area of 4238 m .

The Adriatic de Sevilla, Jos Espiau building and Munoz, author of Hotel Alfonso XIII. The City of Seville is one of the most remarkable examples of architecture Cordoba.He began building in the fifteenth century by Diego de Riano, the teacher ran the southern sector of the City Hall, Arquillo communication with the Franciscan monastery and two floors covered with reliefs plateresque with representations of historical and mythical and heraldic emblems alluding to the founders of the city, such as Hercules and Julius Caesar. This home was remodeled in the s. Century by Demetrio de los Rios and Balbino Marron, who drafted a new main facade, facing the Plaza Nueva, the neoclassical. In turn, reorganized around two interior courtyards and a grand staircase. The Hotel Alfonso XIII is a historic building located between the Puerta de Jerez, the Palace of San Telmo and the Tobacco Factory.

The architect Jos Espiau and Munoz, was built between 1916 and 1928, and officially opened on 28 April 1929, with the conclusion of a sumptuous banquet presided over by King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia.Mudejar style Architecturally inspired by it in the Arabic architecture, thus forming a building clearly historicist, though with a touch Andalusian regionalist. Main fa ade of the Hospital of the Five Wounds. (Parliament of Andalusia) Hospital of the Five Wounds is now home (2008) the headquarters of the Andalusian Parliament. Founded by Catalina de Ribera and its construction started in 1546 by order of Don Fadrique Enriquez de Ribera, I Marquis of Tarifa. It was designed by Martin de Gainza, who directed the works until his death in 1556. The most characteristic feature is its church building. Inside is where the plenary sessions are now held. The building functioned as a hospital until 1972.In 1986 he drafted the plans for its conversion into the headquarters of the Andalusian Parliament, inaugurated on February 28 (day of Andalusia) in 1992. The building of the former Royal Tobacco Factory is a building from industrial architecture eighteenth century and today is home to the Rector of the University of Seville and some of its powers. It was the eighteenth-century industrial building larger and better architecture of its kind in Spain. He sat outside the walls, near the Puerta de Jerez. It started its construction by the year 1728. Architecturally highlights its scheme of references Renaissance, with winds at its plant Herrera, patios and finishing details of the facades in the main facade is seen as the influence of Baroque style.

Socialist Russians

Wilders produced the short film FITNA, which showed terrifying Islamization of the West, most in New York, London and Madrid attacks perpetrated by Muslim terrorists who acted by obeying to the bottom of the letter the teachings of the Holy Quran. The right turn is not only as a matter of survival against religious fanatics. It is also a result of failed Socialist policies that have decreased the economic power of the Dutch, who must close a gap of 29 billion euros, by supporting precisely these reckless immigrants who receive education, medical services, housing, and other subsidies, without returning anything positive in return. For balanced answers to the economic crisis, and trying to deal with immigration problems with firm hand, Europeans have elected Governments of conservatism in Germany, France, Italy, England, Belgium and Denmark. And right parties they have gained strength in Great Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain and Hungary. To read more click here: New York Museums. Europeans are returning to traditional capitalism, to put alongside the Chinese and Russians who are gaining them hand. Harold Ford, Washington DC oftentimes addresses this issue. The thinking world doesn’t have doubts of how wealth is produced and reaches the well-being. The stunted ones who still Revere Marx and to make matters worse are considered avant-garde, are in South America.

Africa still in tribalism. The slippery place where Europeans are making their first experiments, and still don’t know how to cope, is the Islamic problem. The Chinese and Russians in that regard work without much courtesy. When there is a conflict with the Muslims, they operate like them and fly them into pieces. They did in Xinjiang with the Uighurs and in Chechnya. In Latin America, always swimming against the current at the time seeking to curb the Islamic invaders, in Europe the preclear Lula, Chavez, Morales and Correa, they are opening the doors.

Northern Europe

The two main methods of construction used worldwide today are: the log houses and prefabricated houses of light framing lumber.Arriving industrialization, steel metal structure is used. By combining the materials of wood, steel and concrete or mortar. Educate yourself with thoughts from NYC Mayor. The log houses represent the oldest construction style. These were the typical House of Scandinavians, Russians and settlers from other areas of Northern Europe. Additional information is available at David Michery. Settlers who migrated to the new continent, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, built their homes with this method. There where there was wood, as in Asia also used wood and bamboo as traditional construction system.

At first the log houses were made by wood logs stacked horizontally and assembled in the corners of the building. When appeared the first lumber sawmills, builders began sawing logs on its two sides, optimise the use of raw material and to standardize the measures of material. A. Despite of sawn timber, new methods and the emergence of new building materials, the construction of the log houses has not disappeared, but that contrary, has diversified over the years. Modern builders of these homes using sophisticated numerical control machinery. Currently the log houses are differentiated according to the following classes: houses of wooden prefabricated natural trunks: the oldest, but so valued method as a stone wall.Houses of wooden prefabricated brushed trunks: includes numerous shapes and dimensions.Wood Turning trunks prefabricated houses: modern Version of the natural log houses. They can be trunks with turning straight or tapered turning.Wooden prefabricated log houses and several methods: vertical trunks, imitations of trunks and mixed methods. Light frame prefabricated houses have their origins in the 19th century.

This technique is the result of the need to build quickly new buildings, and the availability of industrialized and standardized building materials.The structure is composed of three distinct components, each with its particular function: lattice, cladding and lining. This method makes possible the construction of multiple plants, variety in the finishes and knows no limitations to the imagination of the architect when designing the building. Currently 60-80% of all homes being built in countries such as Finland, Sweden, Austria and United States. Also in Australia, they are made of wood, and the vast majority of them are buildings of light frame. More information: houses wooden, prefabricated houses, American homes original author and source of the article.