Real Madrid

EP the vice-president first of the FC Barcelona returns to speak of the eternal rival. Two weeks ago it thought that Madrid had a serious problem with Mou. ” We cannot be with these conflicts. We have begun Liga, we will return to be and we do not want to speak more don’t mention it than of deportivo”. The vice-president first of the FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu, has returned to affirm that to Real Madrid ” he has problema” , as already he said after the incidents in the return of Supercopa of Spain, and he has assured that from the blaugrana club they hope that the targets ” they do something to solve it because we cannot be with these conflictos” , although so far ” prefers to concentrate; only in deportivo”.

” Yes that I said that they have a problem, we have seen all it and must solve it they. Change my words, which I said is, and we do not hope that something does because we cannot be with these conflicts. But now we have begun Liga, are our rival, we will return to be with them and we do not want to speak more don’t mention it than of the subject deportivo” , it declared during the press conference of balance of the work done by sport area of the east club summer. Therefore, Bartomeu has been reaffirmed in its words in TV3 for two weeks in which it thought that Madrid had ” a very serious problem with Mourinho ” , in rrencia to the aggression of the Portuguese to Tito Vilanova at the end of the return of Spanish Supercopa. On the other hand, the top person in charge of the sport area praised the work done by the technician ‘ cul’ , Josep Guardiola, to whom described as ” genio” , and he explained that the club will do all the possible one to renew to him. ” We must give the best tools him to do its easiest work possible. We do if it, when the day of its renovation arrives will be very difficult to him to say that no.

Is the most fundamental piece of the successes of the club these aos” , it emphasized. The liguero conflict Bartomeu, that dndi the policy of the club to continue making tours summery ” in order to please to the fans of other parts of mundo” , Profesional positioned itself in favor of the reclamation of a canon to the radios on the part of Liga de Ftbol (LFP) by the broadcastings of the parties of League. ” We think like the rest of clubs of the LFP, that wants to compare Spain to which it becomes in other countries. We know how they are the economies of the clubs and that, no matter how little it reports, will help them to that they are competitivos” more; , it reasoned. Finally, the leader explained that the income received by the sales of Jeffren and Oriol Romeu added to the budget reserved for signings this season, consequently the total post raised almost 55 million Euros. On the contrary, the variable amounts of all the operations conducted by the club, as Bartomeu explained, will be imputed to the budget of the season that touches.