Royal University

Get to know the surroundings of the Spanish capital if you plan a longer stay in Madrid visit numerous excursion destinations offered top 3 trips. Most Ausfllugszielen as the old University City are Toledo, El Escorial, Segovia, Alcala de Henares, Guadalajara in a radius of 100 km to reach and to visit in a day. You can use various means of transport: buses, commuter trains (Cercanias) or also a classic car. As accommodation booking is advisable on an apartment in Madrid for a relaxing trip. In this article, 3 of the most famous are both historically presented interesting excursions: Alcala de Henares, Toledo and El Escorial. East of Madrid, Alcala de Henares Alcala de Henares town lies on the river of Henares. Official site: New York Museums. This place was the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes and it was one seat in 1498 by Cardinal de Cisneros of founded University, studied at the Thomas of Villanueva, Calderon, Lope de Vega, Quevedo and Tirso de Molina.

At the same The first multilingual Bible, the “BIBLIO”Complutensis University was published between 1515-1520. The University was laid in 1836 to Madrid and referred to as “Universitad Complutense”. The city lost the University while, nevertheless, experienced is still an economic and cultural boom. 1999 called the city a world heritage (UNESCO). Worth seeing is the Plaza de Cervantes (with a monument to the writer) the University (with its 3 courtyards), which (it is assumed it is his birthplace) has Museo Casa de Cervantes Toledo Toledo, perhaps less than 70,000 inhabitants, but it is one of the most important historical cities of Spain.

The city is located in the autonomous region of Castilla La Mancha and is located southeast of Madrid. It is a picturesque city, which it is in the Flusschleife of the Tajo. The city is historically important, as was the first capital of Castile and the century s was the scene of encounters between Jews, Muslims and Christians. Worth seeing here the Cathedral of Toledo is in any case, the landmark City. She was built in the years 1227-1493, in place of the Moorish mosque and the nearest from Burgos Cathedral is the largest Gothic Cathedral in Spain. Another is the bridge of Alcantara (Roman construction), the House of El Greco (it is believed that he lived here and died), the Sinagoga del Transito (which after the expulsion of the Jews in 1492 renamed) El Escorial in the small town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial lies northwest of the city of Madrid. It was centuries long the Royal residence during the summer months udn it is today as a huge, on UNESCO’s list of world heritage monastery castle with an enormous treasure of art. The castle of the monastery (Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial) was built in the 16 th century and finished. Here the Church with frescoes by Luca Giardono, is worth a visit also the Panteon de los Reyes (Tomb of the Kings of Spain), the library (some wervollsten incunabula are exhibited in the display cases). Martin Schmidt OK apartment

Canary Islands

That was a long time ago. New York Museums takes a slightly different approach. Today a good potable Island wine has become of the once acclaimed, who has never quite recovered from a vine disease, after all. On the journey through the Interior of the country by bus or rental car, confronted yet a former export success, the cochineal scale, a parasite of a kind of cactus. The profitable use of the dye derived from the Laus Crimson slowed but strong by the discovery of aniline dyes. The big attraction but the fire mountains are the Montanas del Fuego. This National Park can be explored only with organized shore excursions. Then the quiet shivers in the midst of this crater world, incalculable lava fields and the frozen lava flows crawling to the sea on the bus at least for sensitive natures – tape music a la also sprach Zarathustra”considerably strengthened. Crawling around a little on the cracked Earth of that drama 250 years ago, nothing has changed since the tourists, posing for souvenir photos, camera locks click.

“A neighbour said: he (the party) has after all since 1826 no longer lobbies.” Against this comforting thought, but actually speaks the sweltering heat here envelops from a depth of only a few meters. In some chunks of lava crystals of Halbedelsteins Olivine are included, turns to the travel company hurtig in desperate stone Klopfer, a true gold fever breaks out. From the tourist anonymity, Lanzarote has come out about forty years ago. Water shortages and missing sea water treatment plants had slowed down until then the unfolding. In 1968, returned have become by now famous son of the island in the home. It seems, Cesar Manrique, painter, architect, sculptor, graphic artist and environmentalist, would come just in time to become the advocate of Lanzarote. Yet the Lanzarote encounter with the tourism has been no wide trail of destruction, yet there are no small Manhattan in the lava fields.

Cesar Manrique makes it clear in an interview that in the past few years was trying to save the island by more than three hundred volcanoes branded a construction based on commercial considerations after all architecture is not something to. Manrique led his campaign until his death in 1992 with great love and total commitment. And he It was successful in the context of the small world of his island. There are a number of certificates for: electric cables for electricity and telephone are laid underground, billboards are missing on the streets, and with one exception in the capital city in Arrecife there is no high-rise buildings. No panoramic restaurant crowned the most beautiful vantage point of the island. Although there is one, but Manrique knocked it in the island’s steep cliff of basalt. Again and again you come across the idea of the artist, natural forms, artistic design and engineering talent to unite, Jameos del Agua, for example. Here volcanic gases have made huge bubbles in the lava flow, which then froze to caves. Manrique turned relegation to the caves in a tropical garden, the great cave to a grandiose Concert Hall. House of Manrique, involving the caves of a lava field, is a model for this, as also in other places of the Canary Islands would have can be built. The tourist should know – so Manrique – that having to deal with Lanzarote, it’s just different than Germany in eternal spring. More information is available at Heino Tegeler

Dresden Venice

According to an evaluation of Citysam hotels in Dresden, Venice, and Florence the highest customer satisfaction achieved. Rudy Giuliani takes a slightly different approach. The hotels of the cities of London, Miami Beach and Shanghai form a tail light. Berlin, August 02, 2010. The hotel and travel portal has evaluated a total of six million hotel reviews and noticed that especially the guests returned from Dresden to best evaluate their hotels. On average, the hotels from the Saxon capital achieve a rating of 81 percent. Also popular are the hotels in Venice and Florence, which achieved an average rating of 79 percent. Also the accommodation of other German cities fared very well in comparison to many European cities. For example, Berlin ranks seven and the cities of Stuttgart, Cologne, Munich, Dusseldorf and Hamburg occupy the places of ten 15 to cause the low price level of the hotels in Germany, while hotels in cities such as London, Paris and New York compared is relative with the service according to Citysam are expensive.

The hotel rooms will cost more, the great expectations of the guests are. The largest hotel cities in the world with more hotels offered as 100 were investigated. A total 1.8 million hotel reviews from 36 cities on were evaluated. All hotel reviews have been submitted by guests of the past twelve months. City – number of valued hotels – number of given out reviews Dresden 128 14.044 81.3% Venice 290 46.771 79.1% Florence 358 42.966 78.8% Edinburgh 205 31.810 77.9% Madrid 409 105.728 77.9% Zurich 102 13.541 77.9% Berlin 636 98.200 77.6% Dublin 160 34.487 77.5% Lisbon 184 49.928 77.5% Stuttgart 104 8.788 77.4% Vienna 77.4% 289 60.459, Munich 279 49.391 77.2% Brussels 185 65.282 77.0% Dusseldorf 174 17.547 76.9% Hamburg 232 31.747 76.8% Cologne 206 25.588 75.8% Prague 373 60.714 75.6% Budapest 258 31.399 75.5% San Francisco 161 11.727 75.4% ROM 804 119.185 75.2% Barcelona 510 128.101 74.9% Frankfurt a.M. 198 24.764 74.5% Athens 199 28.255 74.3% Amsterdam 306 76.377 74.2% Milan 291 57.926 74.2% Paris 1,078 198.483 74.1% nice 128 20.695 73.6% Krakow 282 19.031 73.2% Los Angeles 113 6.521 73.0% Napoli 119 9.833 72.9% New York 310 59.201 72.8% London 782 204.884 72.2% Istanbul 503 33.720 71.9% Miami Beach 117 7,940 70.7% Beijing 215 3,728 58.7% Shanghai 191 3.358 57.1% individual hotel reviews read, for example, in the categories hotels-london.htm

New York

In the night hours is but faster and despite all improvements in terms of security also continue to better advise with the taxis in the city. Personal safety in the means of transport for many decades was the New York subway as dirty hotbed of Reviled crime. It has removed the famous graffiti now long again and it attaches itself young emerging artists relentlessly on the heels, so join rare new works. Only the garbage part a little shapes the image of the subway stations and cars. Unfortunately, there are quite a few people that it still always fail to take advantage of one of the numerous existing recycle bins in the 21st century. The more important problem is and remains the safety of course. Fortunately, there are to report there but much positive: the number of reported offences and crimes in the subway system is now much lower than before yet.

But that doesn’t mean that you should be careful. At night, it is better as a tourist in any case with a taxi. The New York Metro card subway ride initially the system with the Metro card may seem somewhat strange and sometimes even threatening. Because New Yorkers are really in a hurry. Any is always behind you and push and clear throat full of indignation, if it right on the first try with the map once not want to fold. The use of the MetroCard is not so difficult.

For this, you must slide the card through the reader at the entrance and wait for a moment. Then would go on the display”seem to prompt to go further. As with anything in life, it is but sometimes unfortunately isn’t always as easy as it initially sounds. Sometimes you do only a few times, until you have the rotation with the card out. But in the New York subway is one Yes never alone. Best you look just exactly when your biking mates, as one crosses the map correctly. Sightseeing tours by bus through New York City particularly recommend, we want you to do to see the great attractions sightseeing bus New York. Because we are firmly convinced that a ticket for the sightseeing bus is one of the first things that a holiday for visiting the sights in New York should get themselves. So a ticket to save incredible time. By bus you can indeed discover many things in a short time. Later, you can visit again then individual landmarks, which are a particularly close to the heart, all alone. It comes often to places that would have been found alone never with as a sightseeing tour. There are many good suppliers for sightseeing tours in New York City. Particularly suitable are the so-called hop-on hop-off bus tours’. These bus tours you can rise to disembark as often and at which station do you want. So you can remain there exactly where it just like you. There are two tours, with which you can explore Manhattan and make a pit stop at some of the very best attractions of NYC. Take the tour you sure the New York pass – your personal ticket to 55 of the most popular sights of New York City.

Nature Reserve

Autumn color magic on the ice lake in Lohberg Lohberg (tvo). The Kleiner Arbersee is located directly under the Arber (1,456 ft), the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest. He was born during the ice age from the second longest of all glaciers of the Bohemian Forest, leading down from the great Arber in the Valley and it is an ecological jewel, whose plants deposits are unique. Hear from experts in the field like New York Museums for a more varied view. The riparian areas and the floating islands”in the Lake typical moorland plants such as the round-leaved can be found sundews, the Russian Cottongrass, cranberries or the Rosemary Heath. tdown/’>Harold Ford Jr, New York City. Also the fever dress and the Arum are considered special. The small Arbersee is especially nice to look at in the autumn, when reflected the colored leaves of the beech and the yellow lights of the grasses in the dark water.

A 1.5 km long, easy-to-as way you can circumnavigate the small Arbersee and immerse yourself in the magic of the landscape. Informed of the unique flora and fauna of the protected area the area supervisor of the nature park, Caroline Stautner, excursions and Guided tours. Information: Tourist information Lohberg, Rathaus 1 a, 93470 Lane, Tel. 09943/941313, fax 09943/9413-14 free brochures and information at the Tourism Association Eastern Bavaria e.V., Bayerischer Wald, Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, free Info Hotline 0800 / 1212111, fax 0941 / 58539 receives-39,,

More Hotel Capacity For New York

32 new hotels with 6,800 rooms are planned for 2010. End of 2012 are a total 90,000 rooms at the Metropole available. New York offers visitors soon even more selection of hotels. 2010 promises an especially active year in terms of hotel development to be 32 openings and 6,800 additional rooms, including the new Trump Soho, Andaz Wall Street, aloft Harlem, and five new hotels in Brooklyn. The number of hotel rooms in the Hudson metropolis of currently $ 79,000 on 90,000 is expected to increase up to the year 2012. A total of 50 hotel projects in all five parts of the city are planned until the end of 2012.

Regardless of the economic situation, the city’s hotel market 2009 greatly expanded with 5.458 new rooms. Including hotel directly at the Highline Park and the Jane are long-awaited projects like the standard hotel in the West Village and Reopenings of renowned luxury hotels like the mark and The Pierre on the Upper East Side. Overall the hotel occupancy in New York 2009 slightly was lower than 2008: an average of 80 percent in the first three quarters of 2009 compared to an average of 86 percent in the same period last year. A positive development emerged in the third quarter, here the city’s hotels sold about four per cent more nights than in the same period last year. We provide a list of all planned hotel projects on request available. Learn more about New York and its hotels can be found german and in German at. There are more press releases, as well as press photos under press photos.


The customer can search his journey according to his personal preferences. According to his needs, many on the seeker sorts the results according to the recommendations of the Expedia Hotel experts, customer reviews or price. The insiders’ select study complements the high flexibility in the search. Accommodation to feel: the ten overall winners 1) Features.Cedarbrook lodge Seattle (Washington), United States this 3.5-star hotel offers its guests a truly natural hotel stay. The ceiling-to-ceiling Windows are decorated with greenery and on the 500-square-foot outdoor a pond with lawn areas and a wooden terrace is attached. Learn more at: Danny Meyer.

The hotel on the Western outskirts of the city of Seattle is an ideal starting point for many leisure activities. In the features.Cedarbrook Lodge is the in-house shuttle guests to numerous sports and recreational activities in the area such as golf, kayaking and paragliding. (2) iQ Hotel Roma, Rome / Italy the four star City Centre Hotel is located opposite the Teatro dell Opera. From the lobby bar, you have a unique view on the Opera and the Roman rooftops. All major attractions of the capital city are reachable from here on foot. The iQ Hotel Roma also offers a fitness and sauna area. (3) Hotel Antiche figure, Venice / Italy the three star Hotel Antiche figure is housed in a building from the 15th century. It is located directly on the Canale Grande and the large outdoor terrace invites to watch the water city’s turbulent life from here.

4) Hotel Berchielli, Florenz/ Italien 5) Hotel Monterey Kyoto, Japan 6) The Nines, Portland (Oregon)/ USA 7) Les Terres M Barka, Marrakesch/ Marokko 8) K&K Hotel Central, Prag/ Tschechische Republik 9) Hotel Teatro, Denver (Colorado)/ USA 10) Sofitel New York, Manhattan (New York)/ USA Mehr Informationen und die komplette Liste der 500 ausgezeichneten Insiders’ Select Hotels finden Sie im Pressebereich von unter If you are interested in Consult pictures of world’s top 10 hotels and other rankings on the Press Office. 1999 founded online travel portal ( offers a complete and attractive product range around the theme of travel. As the first German online travel portal besides booking flight, hotel, car rentals, vacation rentals, last minute and packages and cruises under the name click & mix made possible the flexible composition (dynamic packaging”) flights, hotels or car rental, as well as diverse offerings in the category events & tickets”. The online travel portal is a founding member of the Association of Internet travel distribution VIR and s@fer-shopping was awarded for the sixth time in a row with the TuV Seal of approval. “Also the very good customer service and the excellent service from are TuV tested in March 2008 the travel experts got the certificate ServiceQualitat” awarded. is a subsidiary of the world’s largest Online travel agencies Expedia, Inc.. This has been trading since August 2005 under the name Expedia and is publicly traded in the United States (NASDAQ: EXPE).

My Favorite Place In The Pink-and White Sea Of Flowers

Enjoy Almond Blossom from the own Finca in Majorca while in Germany still a cold winter wind blows, starts the almond blossom in Majorca. NYC Marathon shines more light on the discussion. From mid-January until the end of February eight million almond trees turn the German favourite island in a sea of pink and white flowers. Travelers who want to escape the northern winter can experience this extraordinary natural spectacle in spring-like temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees. Whether directly on the Mediterranean Sea coast or in the thriving hinterland of Mallorca: for a fairytale start Europe holiday house specialist Casamundo has recorded in the new holiday season traditional Fincas with swimming pool in his program, which lie beautifully surrounded by olive, almond and lemon trees. NY Museums has much to offer in this field. The range from cozy houses for four guests at the sea or at the foot of the mountains to domiciles on the 250,000-square-foot country estates for up to ten people. On 17 January, the traditional Balearic Festa attracts in many places of Majorca “de Sant Antoni” in honor of St. Anthony, the patron saint of animals. On this holiday, parades, animal blessings and a large feast held traditional Majorcan dishes. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of NYC Marathon on most websites.

Already on the eve, the night of the fire, huge stake, called Foguerons, are lit. One of the highlights of the magical evening is the traditional Ballada de Dimonis”, the dance of the demons, in which masked people the temptations of Saint Anthony by the devil symbolically represent. A private cottage on time is the ideal starting point to enjoy the festivities and the pink-and white luminous Island to the almond blossom season. Who rents at Casamundo for example a romantic Finca with natural garden and many almond trees in the coastal village of Cala Rajada, can enjoy the Hall right on the doorstep or the still uncrowded beach walk (up to four people, 798 euros per week, object number: 152883). “The 25 hectare estate Finca s ‘ aigo ‘ near Porto Colom is suitable for a quiet Nature holiday with the whole family.

The owners provide the guests with home-grown products and organized activities such as trips on a Llaut”, a typical mallorcan fishing boat (up to 10 persons, 2079 euro per week, object number: 293385). Also the hinterland with its diverse flora and fauna at the time of the Almond Blossom is a beautiful sight. Between CA’n Picafort and Santa Margalida lies a spacious Finca between Palm trees, almond trees and ornamental shrubs. On cooler evenings the guests in front of the fireplace can unwind it (up to eight people, from 945 euro per week, object number: 153010). More information on Villa Selva, object number 297562, weekly price: from 1,175 euro / four persons, with Majorcan welcome basket, patio, natural and Orchard traditional Finca with pool, Cala Llombards, s ‘ S’almonia, object number 152963, weekly price: 1,015 euros / six persons, typical Balearic style of country house, panoramic position, natural land with almond and carob trees Manor Rafalino, Llubi, object number 299502, weekly price: 1.190 Euro / 6 people, very large plot with pool, terrace and outdoor shower, village known for the cultivation of almond trees holiday house CA’N Botana, Pollenca, object number 280413 weekly price: removed from 644 euro / four persons, only 300 metres from the beach, exquisite Mallorcan setting, fireplace, terrace

European Flower Magic

With, the most beautiful natural destinations of spring discover singing, March 18, 2011 (w & p) the beginning of the spring color give: in addition to plentiful sunshine and warm temperatures some European destinations guarantee an unforgettable cherry blossom in the coming weeks. For the Almond Blossom to Mallorca to the cherry blossom in Spanish Extremadura, to the little-known snake head to Tenerife or on the island of eternal spring”according to Madeira, which holds Internet portal exclusive offers for tourists that want to allow yourself be charmed in the coming weeks by a blossom. In the Balearic Islands, Mallorca develops a special charm at the time of the almond blossom. The abundance of pink and white flowers gives an incomparable charm of the island in the spring. Especially in the western part of Mallorca, the bitter and the sweet almond tree unfold their colours on large plantations. It is from 247 euros per person for seven days with flight and accommodation at the 4-star hotel with Mallorca. An insider’s tip on the Spanish mainland is the Valle de Jerte for the spring weeks”in the region of Extremadura.

It is almost entirely planted with cherry trees, which provide a sea of fragrant, white flowers in March and April. Especially for travelers who are looking for a unique spectacle of nature away from the main routes, the cherry blossom in the original Extremadura is recommended. Seven days in the four star hotel in Trujillo (Caceres) with flight at a price starting from 699 euro per person are available on. “An impressive flower greeting, where the eye can see: the up to three metres high and in this country little known red Teide snake head” is a big attraction for hikers and nature lovers in the over 2,000 metres high the Teide massif of Tenerife in May and June. He is regarded as the pride of Tenerife”and is used as a species only on the Canary Islands.

At, Tenerife is available already from 339 EUR per person a week. Flight and seven nights are included in the trip price in the 4-star hotel. A lush vegetation with incredible flowers and plants splendor also on the Atlantic coast heralds the spring: Madeira travellers with deep green valleys, eucalyptus and Laurel forests, plateaus and terrace fields, stone slopes and cliffs will find plenty of scenic variety. No four-hour flight from Germany, is a welcome change for winter-weary vacationers the island especially in the spring. On, seven days in Madeira for the coming weeks with flight and accommodation in a four star hotel can be booked from 427 euros per person. About is the travel portal AG and presents itself as a virtual market place for last-minute and package tourists. Find the cheapest deals of all large operators, hotels and holiday homes, car of the large providers, as well as the flights of all airlines at a glance on “In the tip” the editors of introduces a month in detail a destination and displays the videos most beautiful places and exotic customs. Daily news from the world of travel inform tourists about the most popular destinations worldwide. In the Forum, over 12,000 experts answer questions around the theme of travel. For more press information: Marion Krimmer I Daniela Gruber Wilde & partners Public Relations phone + 49 (0) 89 17 91 900 WildeundPartner WildePR

Ruven Klaucke German

Cologne holiday on the Rhine with Tutankhamun. Book a city break to visit the Tutankhamun Exhibition to Cologne. By spar with! Travel to the guaranteed permanently low price. Basel, November 26, 2010 – what sonorous name: Tutankhamun! Who deals with the legendary Kings of ancient Egypt, usually first encounters Tutankhamun. Actually a rather insignificant ruler, but the most famous of all Pharaohs he is. The discovery of the largely intact Tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 Tutankhamen became the myth: grave goods in abundance and of inestimable value came to light, as we had never seen before they.

Now, you can discover these treasures in Cologne. Swarmed by offers, Danny Meyer is currently assessing future choices. The exhibition “Tutankhamun – his tomb and his treasures” is not a boring tour of the Museum, but very lively. You slip in the role of the legendary British archaeologist Carter. Two entertaining movies demonstrates the nerve-racking prehistory until the opening of the burial chamber, then go to the grave treasure. It is replicas of 3,000-year-old objects, you will not notice the quality of the reproductions is stunning.

Always: the so-called audio guide, a small device with headphones. From the sounds the German dubbing voice of Hollywood Heartthrob Robert Redford, who played in this case Howard Carter. Thanks to this tour that detailed information to each “station” of the exhibition – as are even middle of the Valley of the Kings and would expose the treasures by hand. By the way: For children there is a separate, age Horfuhrung.Auch the remaining performances can be seen. To explore not only the burial chamber of Pharaoh, you pay for the Cathedral City, we give you a day ticket for public transport. So can you leave your car safely in the hotel. Oh, Yes, they live at the hotel Regent (…). 4 star superior, design furniture, warm colours and modern ambience. Danny Meyer insists that this is the case. At the unusually lush breakfast buffet (only 18 varieties jam!) must be accessed to your hearts content. And in the lounge we serve you the original Cologne food par excellence: a “Halven cock”. Good appetite! For a complete overview of all holiday offers to Cologne, see… Contact: Spar with! Travel Ruven Klaucke marketing mats str. 24 CH-4058 Basel phone: + 41 (0) 61 685 25 87 E-mail: with of savings! Travel: Spar with! Travel is the leading direct car tour operators on the German market. Destinations are Czech Republic, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, the Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. In the crisis year 2009 with industry’s double-digit decline in the number of guests the family company bucking the trend developed rapidly positively. 141.290 guests booked in 2008 198.210 2009 total vacationers with a savings!

Golden Dance City

MAXIXE Tanzschule hosts 3-day ball house tour to Prague from 4-6 March 2011 which runs Berlin dance school MAXIXE again on a ball House-trip to Prague. NY Museums s opinions are not widely known. The highlight will be the large representation ball of the city in the historic backdrop of the Obecni Dum. Already for the second time, runs the dance school at the repeated request of Regensburg in the Golden City and warmly invites all dance enthusiasts from the region in one unforgettable weekend. The special thing about it: It is danced much, especially where it is not commonplace. ELE Bush has experience in the organisation of such trips.

The head of the MAXIXE Tanzschule made as early as 1991 the first of these tours on the legs. At that time, she led a Dortmund dance school to Berlin, with lessons in Clarchens Ballhaus and the Berlin Ballhaus. Four years later she hosted the same thing again, because she had moved with her dance school after Berlin-Kreuzberg. The excursion to the ball House and Berlin’s city history combined with lessons to dances from the 20s, almost forgotten were. Eight years ago she set out with a small group to Dresden, a year later to Prague. The response was always the same: ‘Enthusiasm’, says Bush ele.

Therefore the ball House travel now the fixed range for her dance school. “If you are his dances these halls”, says ele Bush, “then you can feel a bit of history.” At the Organization of their ball home travel now supported Regensburg by Mario Koppe out. The cultural Manager working on the program and opens the dance halls of the city for the dancers. He wants to compensate with these journeys, what – lost in most German cities the ball House tradition. Magic city, Golden City, city of a hundred spires, Paris of the East: Prague has many names, but unfortunately the reputation as a city of the hundred ballrooms is not penetrated yet. In imperial times in Prague have left their mark in magnificent halls. Small halls in which the dancers become performers baroque backdrop, or inviting large rooms that let fly dance soul and at the same time improve the time travel. From the baroque to Art Nouveau style between the periods is only a specialized city leadership, which is also part of the ball house tour. The dramaturgy of the trip finally culminates in the annual representative ball of the city of Prague in the Obecni Dum, molds and colourful construction of representation of. Here, dance floors a lot are greater than anything offered in Berlin, Regensburg, or elsewhere on the balls. Paintings, mosaics, glass and ironwork in the finest art nouveau adorn the halls and stairwells. Invited to ride dance circles, groups, couples or individual dancers and dancers who carried out the weekend all round good want to by a wonderful world of dance halls and the history of Prague.

East Bavarian Association

Limitless Danube route from Bavaria to upper Regensburg/Straubing / Passau (tvo). A journey along the Danube is the most beautiful way of Bavaria to Upper Austria. The black power is particularly attractive and surrounded by many cultural and historical sights”, as he is known colloquially as section from Kelheim to Passau. Of the geologically fascinating Danube gorges at Weltenburg over the stone bridge in Regensburg, Straubing Roman treasure, and the largest cathedral organ in Passau, a variety of cultural treasures form the framework for the Danube. Others including NYC Mayor, offer their opinions as well. In addition to the vibrant cities, the lifeline Danube connects but also the different natural spaces in the holiday region of Eastern Bavaria.

She accompanied to Regensburg on its southern shore of the vast cornfields of the Gauboden, greets the Bavarian Forest on the north side. Soon after Deggendorf the ISAR flow to you. Its estuary is considered to be one of the most valuable floodplain landscapes of in Central Europe. In gentle Ridge surrounded by the Danube eventually seeks her way to Passau, left the foothills of the Bavarian Forest, right the picturesque Rott Valley with its monasteries and churches. In addition to the beautiful views are also limitless leisure and recreation facilities open. To explore the Danube, brings the travelers not only in contact with the history and rich culture of this region, but also with the warm hospitality and Baroque Joie de vivre of the inhabitants.

President Mohamed Nasheed

Vacationing in the island nation in the Indian Ocean the Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean near the southern tip of India consists of several atolls and 1,196 Islands, of which 220 of natives inhabited and 87 more used for tourist purposes. These islands are spread over a length of 823 km North South to just south of the equator. You are not, as for example Hawaii, volcanic, but lie on the Maldivian back, a tilted down and drop off edge plaice in the Indian land mass. The Islands are all just above sea level, is the highest elevation in Villingili in the Addu Atoll 2.4 m. Therefore, the Maldives by sea levels rising as a result of global warming are most at risk. Held December 2004 tsunami many settlements and tourist resorts were destroyed in although the violence of the waves was diminished by the offshore coral reefs.

Since 1972, the country has opened up tourism. As a result, resorts are built on numerous islands for vacationers. Locals may stay only for work purposes on these islands. In return, tourists get access to the islands of the locals rarely and under more serious problems. As environmental protection in the Maldives practically does not exist and the corruption celebrates everywhere happy Urstande a holiday in the Maldives is always a double-edged sword.

On one side are disposed as the enchanting beaches and the very attractive for diving coral reefs, on the other hand be rubble, waste oil and waste in the sea. But also the conservation is written not only the environmental in the Maldives, so that the populations of sharks, certain species of reef fish and turtles are extremely decreased. The Maldives is one of the world’s poorest countries. Although tourism has created millionaires is the bulk of the population impoverished and lives on an average day earnings of $ 1.17. To evacuate the population at a further rise in the sea level, President Mohamed Nasheed has a program Reprinted with whose help he wanted to purchase land in India, Sri Lanka and Australia. This program failed but due to the insolvency of the Maldivian Government.

The Nights In Paris – Sights And Shopping

Paris is not only the city of love or fashion, but also legander for the spectacular nights in many Paris considered the city of love or of fashion, which offers many sights and shopping streets. But what about the Paris by night? The French capital is legendary for their nights and offers you a vast amount of various entertainment venues to suit all tastes. You come to Paris, discover the Parisian night and live in a low-cost apartment in Paris. Not only the city of \”light\”, but also of music, dance and the exuberant celebration is the nights in Paris Paris. Even the most critical skeptics will be enchanted by this beautiful city. Although Paris is not as wild as the other capitals of the world, such as for example Berlin, Madrid or New York, her nights are, however, legendary. There you will find ranging from pubs to suit all tastes, quiet Cafes and trendy nightclubs to jazz clubs with a special personal and cosy atmosphere.

You can also visit the world famous cabarets or in the numerous pubs, scattered throughout the city. And there is also a pink Paris, located mainly in the Marais for the gay audience. Along the strA? Oberkampf are the trendiest discos of Paris, which are intended in particular for young people. This strA? and its surroundings were claiming mainly mid-nineties as the most important areas of the city and that has not changed to this day. The Bastille is a must for every party-goers. And if money is no object, then the Champs-Elysees offers a variety of elegant bars and nightclubs that attract tourists looking for a beautiful moment. In a Parisian night, find the cheapest party on the Ile de la Cite, an inland Island, which is located behind the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. Meet many refined strA? enkunstler and young people who want to meet new people and just Spa? have do the Buda bar is Symbol of the Parisian night.

Green Card Lottery Participation Back Up With The American Dream

A green card from the American dream makes the dream of emigrating in the United States from the 2nd October registration for the this year’s green card may be sent to finally Lottery the US State Department. From then on, there are only a few weeks until the final deadline for submission. Thus, a chance to fulfill the dream of the immigrants in the United States remains for stragglers and spontaneous. Materialize free hiking in the United States In the land of opportunity. Whether in the dusty deserts of Texas, in the romantic and idyllic New England States or in the middle of the wild city life of New York or San Francisco, the United States, many possibilities of self-realization have not only for travellers, but also for emigrants who lose their hearts to the United States, mostly during the holidays. A whole new stage of life, unfulfilled dreams, the dream job or perhaps love, there is much of what makes them so compelling the United States to immigrants.

The key to Auswandern happiness in the United States green card is the green card. She is sought after, and not easy to get. Whenever NYC Mayor listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Usually, it is exhibited only in certain situations and certain persons. But since the mid-1990s is giving away the U.S. Government annually 50,000 copies of the little green card and has helped so luckily many expatriates. Only the American dream can book since 1996 over 11,000 winner on his account.

This shows that it is worth, in time to take care of when it comes to the hiking in the United States a strong partner at his side. Hiking with the American dream since 1996 has been the American dream the address for emigrants and after and before the first and only State-approved immigration counselling to titled United States green card. In the American dream, each green card application is individually and examined, all the formalities carried out a timely submission of the application is granted. Customers are kept regularly informed about the status of their application and can if you have questions or Problems include American dream around the clock on the competent staff of the. Even after winning the American dream supports its customers as long as you want to the page, because service is at the American dream written large.

The Tourist Infrastructure In Central America Grows

The Spanish company of Nyesa Valores opened a new luxury resort in Costa Rica. Agrisal and the hotel group IHG franchise open some of the tourist infrastructure in Central America is by large hotels in the region of hotel chains and several small hotels with sustainable offer strengthened and expanded. The Grupo Agrisal stood out among numerous investors, who managed to negotiate a franchise agreement with IHG hotel chain and form a strategic alliance. She got the contract for the construction and opening of the prestigious hotel chain in the region. A new Holiday Inn opens hotel in Escazu, Costa Rica. This is 6-storey space for 170 rooms, restaurant, bar, gym, swimming pool and 800 m of Conference and meeting rooms offer. Furthermore will emerge in Esperanza, Puntarenas on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica of a more tourist luxury facility, which will finance the Spanish company of Nyesa Valores by an American Fund of 330 million dollars. In El Salvador, the Grupo Agrisal has invested $3 million in the Renovation of the former Radisson to under the new name of the hotel Crown Plaza as a modern and comfortable hotel to reopen it.

The hotel Camino Real in Guatemala opened in November 2009 and is also one of the hotels, which strengthens the local tourism infrastructure. This luxury hotel is located in the old historical center of the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala. The Victoria Hotel in San Pedro Sula, Honduras opened its doors on June 23. This hotel distinguishes itself by its extravagant restaurant from the other hotels. There the guests in an air-conditioned train car in elegant and stylish setting can take their meals.

In the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua, the Jicaro lodge under the aspect of sustainability has been opened in June 2009. So, the nine rooms were equipped only with rustic, tropical timber. Also, biodegradable products are used by the hotel, serves organic food and waste recycled. A veritable building boom broke out in Panama, on economic growth through the Is due to enlargement of the Panama Canal. The Panamanian chain Bern y Starwood hotel & Resorts has recently announced the construction of the third hotel in Panama City and joined forces with the successful Le Meridien and the Westin Playa Bonita. The hotel Westin Playa Bonita Panama will be completed in September 2011 and is one of 611 rooms, 6 restaurants and Spa, as well as the largest number of meeting and conference rooms of the hotels of throughout the country. The new hotel Westin is Panama expected in September 2012 at Costa del Este with 200 rooms, a restaurant, a bar, meeting rooms and offices.

Car Action For The Popular Family Destination In Greece:

The intermediary of Sunny Cars 20 Euro discount on the holiday car admits Munich, March 26, 2012 (w & p) – if one of the vacation Islands or the Mainland: especially for families, Greece presents itself with its beautiful beaches and the hospitality of the inhabitants as the ideal destination. Greece holidaymakers following car action has sunny cars: on all bookings until April 9, 2012, the agent admits a price discount of 20 euros. The offer is valid until October 31, 2012, for a minimum stay of five days for the rental period. If Crete, Kos or Corfu: all Greek Islands offering a versatile holiday offer. Excursions with a rental car to interesting attractions such as the Achilleion in Corfu enrich the beach life with his grandiose residence which in 1889 was commissioned by Empress Sissi. Near Kos town is the sanctuary of asklipion, at a terraced complex which is one of the most beautiful shrines of ancient times. Those who want to explore the Greek mainland, may the Acropolis do not miss in Athens. The temple complex is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1986.

Island cruise or land tour: All car trips tourists benefit from the inclusive services that are an integral part of the car-package of sunny cars – including unlimited mileage, insurance, local taxes, airport fees and deployment. An increased liability coverage of at least 7.5 million euro applies for all bookings. Also services as one-way rental, hotel service and additional drivers are available upon request. The price-special by Sunny Cars for Greece is including 9 April 2012 at the travel agency, or the reservation team at the phone number 089-82 99 33 900 bookings. Until March 31, 2012, the holidaymakers at sunny cars will also benefit from a free possibility of cancellation of the holiday rental, given to them with the booking.

Photo Note: A “must” for visitors to Athens is the Acropolis (photo free of charge – 1shutterstock).

Rome Hotels

The Burger, whose proportion of beef comes from the Japanese Kobe beef euros whopping 3.220. The Fleurburger 5000 is also with Foie gras and just black truffle, a tomato are certainly free s. Well-heeled vacationers in the Swiss St. Moritz treat yourself to a very special dinner. During the winter season the gourmet restaurant Cad Oro of the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains of its exclusive clientele the top of the world menu for 3,700 euros. NY museums may also support this cause.

In four hours serves the guests of our restaurant with 15 Gault Millau points through seven passages of fine Italian Mediterranean cuisine, always accompanied by wine recommendations of Maitre Sommelier. And who drink rather than eat, and can be in liquid delights invest money as one of the most expensive cocktails of the world, the 27,321 for 4.690 euro in the Burj al Arab in Dubai or Martini on the rock for 6.460 euros at the Algonquin Hotel in New York. The rock is not something an ordinary ice cubes and a diamond. * The results of a Europe-wide online survey, carried out by in March 2009. More information about hotels Berlin, hotels Rome Hotels in Dresden Hotel Munich under About as part of the Expedia group, which is active in all major markets with a professional team, includes the portfolio by more than 99,000 quality hotels worldwide. A customer finds the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance, will refund the difference. has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, and supplies its customers with the best possible conditions, as well as user reviews. In February 2009, won the Gold Award in the category best hotel booking page of Web user magazine. Travelers can book online at or via the telephone hotline 0180-500 93 42 in the German-speaking call center. Press contact public link Albrechtstrasse 22 10117 Berlin Germany Yvonne Bonanati Press Office D/A/CH E-Mail: Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 44 31 88 25 corporate address of Cordy Griffiths PR Manager Tel.: + 44 207 019 22 68 E-Mail:

Fast Food At The Luxury Hotel: Dining For The Super Rich

Although 71 percent of Germans consider overpriced minibar in the hotel, 48 percent of the temptation can’t resist. Although 71 percent of Germans consider overpriced minibar in the hotel, 48 percent of the temptation can’t resist. For an average of 16.40 euros per person they access game with water, beer and nuts *. For even more opinions, read materials from Danny Meyer. Travellers situated peanuts for good, because who can afford it enjoys even in times of crisis culinary delights in the value of a small car., world’s leading hotel booking portal, serves the costly delicacies of the super-rich, from breakfast to dinner millionaire. The hotel expert at the five star Moscow hotel has found the probably most expensive breakfast of the world Ritz Carlton Hotel on red square. Proud 1,000 euros per person, the Tsar’s breakfast leaves hardly desired including noble vodka, foie gras and caviar.

Travelers who but must pay attention not on money but on the line, recommends the ideal luxury-low carb-breakfast at Le Parker Meridien in New York City. Beats the zillion dollar Frittata from six eggs, a lobster, as well as 280 grams of sevruga caviar with 650 euros, is for it but huftfreundlich. New York tourists who are destroyed by gallery visits or shopping at Tiffany s, should treat yourself to a short snack. The truffle bagel of the hotel is adequate Westin in the Big Apple. Topped with cheese, white truffle, Riesling jelly and gold leaf of the 645 euro expensive snack is a good reinforcement for other activities. Make sure you should however that one to the truffle in the restaurant that otherwise is the luxury bagel not on the map. Truffles, but this time are black, also the ingredient of the supposedly most expensive burgers in the world. In the U.S. city of superlatives, Las Vegas, a special roll with Meatball is served the guests of Mandalay Bay’s luxury hotels.

New York City

Why so many artists from this city are fascinated Cadaques is a fishing village with about 2,900 inhabitants, situated on the Costa Brava in Catalonia. It is to a large extent on the peninsula of Cap de Creus, in a Bay open to the sea. Due to its secluded location in the mountains at the edge of the old of Empordawar Cadaques has always been of the remaining Empordagetrennt. The origin of the name is “Quers Cap” or “Cap d ‘ Aques”, which translated into “Cape of the rocks” can be. Historically, Cadaques is active in the fisheries, from the 16th century. In the 19th century, the main source of income was the fishing industry, but today it is not so important, because now the largest source of revenue is tourism. The isolation of the village has been a special attraction for artists and tourists.

In the early 20th century, tourists began to discover the city, yet kept the city her virginity a long time. Several families from Barcelona?Figueres, Girona and other cities in Cadaques a secondary residence, many have already been 1905. since 1958, Marcel Duchamp, the most influential artists of the twentieth century, continued his summer house in Cadaques. The surrealist painter Salvador Dali, whose Familie had their summer house, in the city got visit by the poet Federico Garcia Lorca in his student days and Dali settled down after his return from New York on the Portlligat Bay at the port. Cadaques attracted many notable artists such as Eugenio D’ Ors, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Rafael Duran camps, Andre Breton, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Luis Bunuel, Marcel Duchamp, Paul eluard, Max Ernst, Jo Micovich, Maurice Boitel, Man Ray and others were drawn to the broadcast of Cadaques. Cadaques has attracted other young artist Antoni Pitxot, Gustavo Carbo Berthold and Maurice Boitel. For this reason, Cadaques is described as the Montmartre of Spain since many artists would find their muses here and want to discover many travellers their Bohemian flair.