Canary Islands

That was a long time ago. New York Museums takes a slightly different approach. Today a good potable Island wine has become of the once acclaimed, who has never quite recovered from a vine disease, after all. On the journey through the Interior of the country by bus or rental car, confronted yet a former export success, the cochineal scale, a parasite of a kind of cactus. The profitable use of the dye derived from the Laus Crimson slowed but strong by the discovery of aniline dyes. The big attraction but the fire mountains are the Montanas del Fuego. This National Park can be explored only with organized shore excursions. Then the quiet shivers in the midst of this crater world, incalculable lava fields and the frozen lava flows crawling to the sea on the bus at least for sensitive natures – tape music a la also sprach Zarathustra”considerably strengthened. Crawling around a little on the cracked Earth of that drama 250 years ago, nothing has changed since the tourists, posing for souvenir photos, camera locks click.

“A neighbour said: he (the party) has after all since 1826 no longer lobbies.” Against this comforting thought, but actually speaks the sweltering heat here envelops from a depth of only a few meters. In some chunks of lava crystals of Halbedelsteins Olivine are included, turns to the travel company hurtig in desperate stone Klopfer, a true gold fever breaks out. From the tourist anonymity, Lanzarote has come out about forty years ago. Water shortages and missing sea water treatment plants had slowed down until then the unfolding. In 1968, returned have become by now famous son of the island in the home. It seems, Cesar Manrique, painter, architect, sculptor, graphic artist and environmentalist, would come just in time to become the advocate of Lanzarote. Yet the Lanzarote encounter with the tourism has been no wide trail of destruction, yet there are no small Manhattan in the lava fields.

Cesar Manrique makes it clear in an interview that in the past few years was trying to save the island by more than three hundred volcanoes branded a construction based on commercial considerations after all architecture is not something to. Manrique led his campaign until his death in 1992 with great love and total commitment. And he It was successful in the context of the small world of his island. There are a number of certificates for: electric cables for electricity and telephone are laid underground, billboards are missing on the streets, and with one exception in the capital city in Arrecife there is no high-rise buildings. No panoramic restaurant crowned the most beautiful vantage point of the island. Although there is one, but Manrique knocked it in the island’s steep cliff of basalt. Again and again you come across the idea of the artist, natural forms, artistic design and engineering talent to unite, Jameos del Agua, for example. Here volcanic gases have made huge bubbles in the lava flow, which then froze to caves. Manrique turned relegation to the caves in a tropical garden, the great cave to a grandiose Concert Hall. House of Manrique, involving the caves of a lava field, is a model for this, as also in other places of the Canary Islands would have can be built. The tourist should know – so Manrique – that having to deal with Lanzarote, it’s just different than Germany in eternal spring. More information is available at Heino Tegeler