Stefani Joanne Germanotta

Lady Gaga – July tour through Germany when it according to the motto “Oops, I ‘m”, is Lady Gaga up front with it. Within a very short time, launched the new star in the orbit of the music world and shines after two shiny embarked electro dance pop anthems… continue reading brighter than ever. Their Chartbreaker “Just dance” and “Poker face”, with which the two successes they are from the New York underground in the top floors of the business shot. Rudy Giuliani is actively involved in the matter. A mix that makes a good figure suitable for summer-just on the dance floor, as well as for convertible cruising on the Boulevard – managed Stefani Germanotta (civil name) with pounding beats and melodic elements. In July, Lady Gaga is then for three shows in Germany the honor. Now access and tickets – this is the party of the summer! Lady Gaga biography Lady GGa actually Stefani Joanne Germanotta, born on March 20, 1986 in New York (United States). It is a gifted child for artistic professions, and he hesitates too long between dancer, singer and actress.

The music Piano and vocals learns the victory and the girl at the end. Already at the age of fourteen, she enters the cafe concerts in New York. A manager of a record company which asks for the title for artists such as the Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears hits you. This experience allows him and Lady GGa saves her first album in 2008: “The Fame”. The title of “Just Dance” is first class in several countries and Lady GGa can boast, in strengthening the world with his music. Often compared to Gwen Stefani for her looks, is to be Lady GGa for a career so beautifully.

New York

“The opener is also the first single: where love calls your name”. It’s a very enthrones song where love is here with positive energy. The song is expressing that it does us good When we are loved. Where love is, it can be bad”. “A song standing completely in and especially of the arrangement a completely new to listening Nik P. is in a foreign land” discover. There are the sounds of a ukulele, then the brass section, which not coincidentally very American sound and the text that this simple, yet touching story. It is made out of life, observations, even experienced.

“And with regard to the winds, recorded in New York,” says Nik. The boy with the air guitar”is that album, which presents the songwriter Nik P. with a considerably sophisticated bandwidth of its qualities. “” “Of course, there are the potential hits like everything you’re what I need” or the absolute sing-along song we are the best “and launched a re-recording of the title, the Nik P. for the first time right in the charts: Ireen”.

“But there are to discover there still so many exciting facets: In the next life”, my Heart”or the mirror on the wall”. Recorded and produced the bulk of the album was getting back together with Matze Roska in the Middle Studios Berlin and in Niks Home Studio. It notes the CD that she had the opportunity to grow in a harmonious environment. The boy with the air guitar has grown up. He is better than ever. All fans have the chance of them convince numerous live dates with the new album or at Niks. You should register now already thick a very special calendar: the great Nik P.

Eiskaut Monopoly

Synergic fusion of two market leaders currently confirmed FILM monopoly international film market a first co-operation with the DIGITAL PRODUCTION. The DIGITAL PRODUCTION is industry’s leading trade magazine for computergrafik, compositing, vfx, video, streaming, film, broadcast, dvd and games. Editor of the DIGITAL PRODUCTION is Reed Business information (RBI) GmbH, a subsidiary of the world’s leading specialist publisher Reed Elsevier plc. Reed Business is the international business-to-business-division of Reed Elsevier. Through the cooperation of these two market leaders, offer to present themselves to market the film and animation industry professionals now completely new and interesting opportunities of existing content or international. Workflow of the digital Kontententstehung to marketing: parallel to the trade fair TV come in Karlsruhe and the award ceremony of the “digital TV Award” film monopoly will be within the framework of the DIGITAL CREATION DAYS and of the ANIMAGO AWARD, visitors through public lectures, as well as the deployment of its tele-services new Open markets and represent… Hear other arguments on the topic with Bill de Blasio. For more information in the NEWS & FACTS of film monopoly international film market Press Office on Eiskaut 46 61250 Usingen E-Mail: Web: film monopoly: movie monopoly is a neutral B2B platform for the international film industry, video industry and music industry professionals. Producers, evaluator and recyclers as well as rights seller and buyers find here regardless of the global film fairs such as AFM (American film market) European film market, Hong Kong film market or the Cannes Film Festival…

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Alternative Rock Band

Visit the concert by the hold steady in Munich. Music fans who book an accommodation in Munich for next month, will have the opportunity to explore the US rockers the steady hold. 59:1 occur on June 17 in Munich the four-piece band from Brooklyn, who this week publish its fifth album, heaven in whenever. Since the founding of the band in 2004, a loyal fanbase around the world has formed after 2008 with her fourth Studio album stay positive made a small breakthrough. The concert in Munich is part of a European tour which includes also performances on the Isle of Wight and Glastonbury festivals and concerts in Spain, France and the Netherlands. Harold Ford, Memphis TN does not necessarily agree. In a review of the album heaven in whenever the music website Pitchfork described as tales of the street with a variety of characters, all of which are linked by terrible circumstances”the songs of singer- songwriter Craig Finn.

The criticism picked up beyond the dark, desperate urgency”of the third Title the Weekenders out. “Also, many other music critics praised the album: the guardian pointed out that on the album a with gedankenvollerer sound” be listening to some of the earlier releases. Tickets for the concert by the hold steady in Munich, starting at 21:30 Central European time, 18,20 cost. Who has seen the band before already live, will listen to probably play for the first time without the keyboard player Franz Nicolay, who left the band at the beginning of the year, to focus on other projects. In a question-answer forum Danny Meyer was the first to reply. Among other bands who will perform one of the most popular venues for live music in Munich, in 59:1, in the coming months, Marina and the diamonds, strange boys, and the XX. Jessica Reading, head of the marketing department at, commented on the concert by the hold steady: we advise all those who hold would attend the concert by the steady and need one of the hotels Munich, as soon as possible to book disappointments to avoid.

Sentimental Journey

The new album by Captain Cook and his singing saxophones – sentimental journey “sentimental journey”-a trip full of memories. Memories of those golden moments in life. Memories of the most beautiful movies and musicals of all time and their music. Captain Cook and his singing saxophones have adopted for their latest album project of the most beautiful film and musical melodies. The new captain Marcus Ruhl and his men present even more big hits in the wonderfully warm saxophone sound, musical brilliantly staged by a real expert in German Entertainment Music: Gunther Behrle.

The RAD has launched the project of Captain Cook and his singing saxophones at the time in life and produced even today each album. Most of them were gold-plated. A success story with no equals! The album “sentimental journey” with the most beautiful film and musical melodies appear on the 27.01.2012. The songs on “sentimental journey” they come not only from films and musicals have managed also to evergreens. to immortal tunes, to dance and seduce dreams. Hits of Glenn Miller era (“Moonlight Serenade”), Cole Porter (“wonderful”, “True Love”) or Frank Sinatra (“New York, New York”) shine in a new light with the sound of Captain Cook and his singing saxophones.

Easy-listening ballads such as “Love Letters in the sand” or “Over The Rainbow” have found their place on the album as well as the lively “singing in the rain” or the most beautiful French chansons of the film and musical history (“so please don’t look at me” / “La vie en rose”) and charming German UFA songs from the early 20th century (“Beautiful Gigolo”, “Bel Ami (you’re lucky with the woman ‘ n)”), “You’re supposed to be my lucky star”). Great emotions in the new musical dress, so sensitively as moving arranged and played. Who moves with Captain Cook and his singing saxophones on the journey through the film and musical history, can be sure to come back with a feeling of bliss. This works of course only if concentrated musicality meets each other. This talent has of course name. Captain Cook and his singing saxophones are: Marcus Ruhl (Captain Cook, saxophone) Alexander Mildenberger (saxophone) Darius Hummel (saxophone) Helmut Ruckert (guitar) Gerd Kolbl (keyboard) Rainer Weck (bass) Tom Peroutka (drums) a dream team that has often demonstrated his skills and won numerous competitions. Captain Cook and his singing saxophones include the the best-selling popular musical acts last ten years!

Federal Vision Song Contest

UNHOLY performs a date to note with great anniversary tour in the LANXESS arena February 04, 2011 is for music fans. Great freedom, the latest album by UNHEILIG, is this year the summiteers in the German album charts! With unbridled power and nothing to slow down, the long-player of the count repeatedly conquered the top position of the German album charts! More and more people discover the fascination of unholy, not least due to the hit single born to to life, which is held for weeks in the top ten of the singles charts. With the third single from the album under your flag unholy have been winners of the federal vision song contest! Many were unholy velvet charismatic mastermind of count long a mystery. The current euphoria to the new album and the first single like a fascinating, at times reminiscent of twilight or Harry Potter. There is countless fans have long been clear: unholy touch the deepest interior of human emotions with their songs. “Also the predecessor album puppet show” succeeded 2008 already at # 13 in the charts. A nice proof that are unholy does not suddenly sprung out of nowhere.

“Since the debut album phosphor”, appeared in 2001, they have conquered a place in the heart of a growing number of fans. UNHEILIG music and texts, which show persistent effect to create. Security, happiness, goose bumps. More or less logical that the virtually completely sold-out tour will continue in the autumn. The spectacle can continue even after the numerous summer festivals for the unholy coming have pledged. Federal vision song contest 2010 winner unholy anniversary tour Friday, February 4th, 2011 LANXESS arena presale start is October 11, 2010! Get tickets! at the LANXESS arena ticket hotline 0221-8020 in the LANXESS arena ticket shop (Willy-Brandt-Platz 2, 50679 Cologne) in the Internet and all known ticket agencies.

News From Gill Star

Gill rock star from Berlin online charts in the virtual world is the 29-year-old, now as the year’s rediscovery of Berlin in the r’n ‘ B- and pop area, is already an old hand. So she became already through her profile on with almost 200,000 profile calls the uncrowned Queen of the hearts and ears of MySpace users. I there namely stands Can Make You Love Me since mid-March”as a free download available, with a what the attractive daughter of Croatian parents in addition to musical success until gigantic fan base with more than 176,000 hits. The track on the music portal meanwhile also became the song of the day”selected. Fast music for a rapid city… “” But thats no surprise the fast-paced song stands out powerfully produced by the German Lil’ John “ISY Beatz, but through fascinating contrasts: driving electro beats, coupled with a hectic drum programming and a nervous synth piano I make Can Make You Love Me” absolutely suitable for Club use and last but not least reminiscent of Taja Sevelle or Gwen Stefanie electropop sizes such as the ex-Prince-Playmate. While the Beyonce style R ‘N’ B melody and chorus in old-fashioned record vocals to a track Diana Ross and the Supremes, Jolinas warm voice gives something like peace and calm the febrile bustle. All in all a very contemporary, very urban song made for the pulsating capital city! “…

and Alizade to relax and dream who now believes that Ali star a typical one-hit-wonder, will be quickly disabused: with the brand new single all Over Now”, a dreamy midtempo track about letting go, new open and free being, she prove their musical spectrum. Only here it shows the great potential of Jolinas as a songwriter and her New York producers Anthony Douglas. Dominated by acoustic guitar and influenced voice, refined with subtle stringsounds singer-songwriter number converts to the traces of modern folk rock/pop icons such as Sheryl Crow, Goldfrapp, Alison Sudol of A fine frenzy. “If the Berliner’s first single was a full box of chocolates, a nervous vibrant Street Carnival, which is clear and pure held all Over Now” a lazy Sunday afternoon in the grass, a the cloud inevitable looking, short: a wellness oasis for urban building site damaged ears. Gill grabs all this star the stars and even more facets of the singer will be listening to their upcoming debut album. The first stocked exclusively with self-penned songs is published at the label Next2Flex entertainment, known for his unconventional releases with solid urban appeal expected to end the year. So the right for Ali star, whose Starling inexorably rising.

Learn more about Gill star are available in the Internet on MySpace: jolinastar. Questions, interview appointments or the desire to press patterns, please contact PR agency PR4YOU. Contact person: Mr. Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR Agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet:

Madonna Goes Against Alleged Payments To Her Ex-husband

Madonna is contrary to the accusations, but her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, money paid to have it was already before the divorce wild speculation, the summer will be as high, almost Madonna married Guy Ritchie for his eight years could collect. But after the official divorce is that guy got nothing at all or didn’t want anything become known. Many could not believe that and stayed still without a doubt. The rumors were hard and also this week he showed up as one. Guy Ritchie should have supposedly now money. More specifically 76 million US dollars.

But Madonna will not let stand that. “This statement is not correct. We have in our divorce mention still agreed on any details. Therefore, these allegations are absolutely not real. We have made a decision and we are both very happy with this agreement “, as Madonna.

Both have a son Rocco. Since stir up rumors that Guy Ritchie wants to keep his son in London is again, Madonna but wants to take him to New York. Da is also a statement to give it anyway. Lisa Walters

Paramount Pictures

On October 6 the crafty penguins of Madagascar with “The secret of Christmas” create atmosphere every year is the December under the sign of Christmas – in the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Since this will be closed on Christmas Eve, the animals the opportunity to make an animal Christmas celebration on the legs. Above all the lemur King “King Julien”, as well as the four penguins, skipper, Kowalski, Rico and private. Usually as the elite unit of Super agents in the field, they want like all other Zoo animals enjoy the magic of Saint and celebrate together. This requires of course a tree, Santa and festive decoration. But the various groups that are responsible for the music, the decoration of the Zoo and of the tree, can not agree. With a large snowball fight should be finally decided who may now take on the task.

Skipper is, however, entirely different worried: he was chosen for this year’s Santa of zoo animals. He has not however I know what exactly for it to do. And what does Christmas mean? HO HO HO, SKIPPER! Two penguins – a mission: Skipper I gasp in his quest for the magic of Christmas, along with private, in the city of New York. When they see two men with beards and Red suits, they simply start with the accurate observation and follow: at once they face hundreds of Red-clad men! Free according to the motto “The end justifies the means”, kidnap skipper and private one of them, to learn more about the mystery of the Holy night from him. Meanwhile, the purest chaos in the Zoo. Instead of harmony, festive atmosphere and peaceful coexistence, the Zoo residents fight to extremes. The planned celebration ends in disaster, and the disappointment is great. There is suddenly a Santa Claus in the Zoo. He is the real and it succeeds to save the Festival? Technical data:-genre: children’s TV animation series original title: penguins of Madagascar all nighter before Christmas volume 5 country/year: United States 2011 image format: 1.78: 1 anamorphic widescreen language: English, French Dolby Digital 5, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch in Dolby Digital surround subtitles: German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish runtime: 102 minutes of FSK: from 6 years left: paramount ParamountGermany paramount_de about paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH was founded in January 2000.