Will Smith Switches Over To Scientology Soon?

Will Smith has expressed very positive compared to the controversial belief. He joins probably soon themselves this belief? You know that Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes close friends with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are, but it has now learned that close with the thought Will Smith to learned, to be Scientologist. Will and Jada are the next celebrities entering the controversial ‘cult’? Will Smith told the magazine men BBs Vogue: “I study very closely the Hinduism and Buddhism, also I’ve talk with Tom cruise Scientology”. An informant told the Magazine US Weekly that also Will Smith BBs woman, Jada, intrigued is that belief and that it is even enthusiastic when her husband will. BBs vogue said will Smith, who is baptized as a Baptist in men: “the principles in Scientology are identical to 98%, to those that are in the Bible… I don’t think that changes the definition of ‘Spirit’ only because he the word ‘ thetan ‘ that used “.” Smith BBs grandmother would surely disagree.