August 2016

Winkle Burkhardt

Customers are invited to ensure that advertised high standards are indeed respected. The transparency of the production process guarantees the good feeling of knowing what to eat, where it comes from and how it is produced. In addition to its own products, more selected products are sold. While the family emphasis on origin and production.… Read more Winkle Burkhardt

Three Energy Centers

Lecturer Anja Hermann function and dysfunction on March 03, 2010 i(18-20 Uhr) invites the three main energy centers of the human function and dysfunction in the Jahn road 50 in Bernau near Berlin alternative medical practitioner and lecturer Anja Herrmann to a lecture on the subject. Topics of the lecture by lecturer and naturopath Anja… Read more Three Energy Centers

Media Center

Due to its excellent multimedia capabilities and software integration is a Mac mini from Apple especially well as HTPC Media Center suitable for this reason. With iTunes and the Media Center Software front row provides with everything Apple, what is required for the use of stored media such as music, films, photos and videos. The… Read more Media Center

IPI Innovation Center

SharePoint specialist IPI GmbH provides for the submission and structured evaluation of ideas before Lichtenau, 26.08.2010 collaborative tool. With its new Innovation Center wants to harness the innovation potential of enterprises Lichtenauer IPI GmbH. The tool on the basis of the latest version of SharePoint SharePoint 2010 allows employees to submit ideas and suggestions for… Read more IPI Innovation Center

Call Centers

So way avoids the use of the architecture of the Call-center hardware PBXs do not use the logic of the Call-center. For this reason, the requirements for initial investment costs for constructing a solution contact center-based computer telephony boards are considerably weaker than the decisions based on the PBX. The overall reliability of the whole… Read more Call Centers