CLAXAN 3LCD-Projektor: The Presentation Pro

A powerful video projector and Whiteboard in the combination of the new CLAXAN 3LCD-Projektor CL-ACC-820P ARP is the perfect and affordable device for everyday business. The integrated Whiteboardfunktion allows to work interactively directly on the screen. The bright projectors with true color reproduction of images is particularly suitable for use in business and training rooms, even in bright light conditions. The innovative CLAXAN 3LCD-Projektor combines video projector and Whiteboard functionality. Thus an exciting dialogue presentation is now possible: as new findings or decisions on the pointing stick directly on the projection surface can be entered in a meeting. Affect budget plans, for example, are immediately visible and understandable for all. Interactive presentations increase the attention and it all stakeholders can be actively involved. Using supplied flashlight or stylus handwriting and computer inputs be edited directly on the screen.

Via infrared data are to the Beamer transferred and can be saved and printed out. The elegant 3LCD-Beamer of CLAXAN meets all the requirements of a top modern projector: big illumination, brilliant XGA resolution and a colour reproduction of images. The system offers a variety of usage in classrooms or business premises, without requiring a special Whiteboard must be purchased. With a brightness of 2600 ANSI lumens and a contrast 500:1 the CLAXAN 3LCD-Projektor is one of the absolute top units in its price class. Facilities also include a digital keystone correction, which allows a precise projection adjustment on the screen. The device is suitable for front, rear and ceiling projection and the picture format 4:3 or 16:9 can be freely selected. ARP provides the CLAXAN CL-ACC-820P (item No. 454176) incl.

software, remote control, carrying case and cable for the price of only 889,00 EUR. Will more accessories and complementary products such as lamps, screens, Presenter, TV sets, transmitter etc. offered. whiteboard/ch/index.html is a video about the possibilities of the Whiteboard projector available. ARP also launched an interactive Kit, which can enhance any any Beamer with all of the Whiteboard functionality. The small, compact ARP interactive kit fits all standard projectors and is equipped with numerous installation options. ARP provides the interactive-whiteboard Kit (art.) No. 819380) for 389.00 euro. For more information see or Tel. No. 06074 491 100.

Media Center

Due to its excellent multimedia capabilities and software integration is a Mac mini from Apple especially well as HTPC Media Center suitable for this reason. With iTunes and the Media Center Software front row provides with everything Apple, what is required for the use of stored media such as music, films, photos and videos. The system is with the Apple Remote comfortably from your sofa control. For the reception of television programmes Mac reception modules are available for using appropriate software for all receive paths, so Freeview, digital satellite (DVB-S2) and digital cable (DVB-C) available. The widest selection offers at this point of the manufacturer Elgato, which provides an integrated excellently in the Apple operating system software with EyeTV. EyeTV allows comfortable watching TV with pause, forward and rewind and very simple programming of recordings on the hard disk on your Mac or iPhone or even over the Internet. Recorded items can easily edited and exported with a single click in iTunes and an iPhone or iPod touch.

The Oldenburger Apple specialist macXperts offers on its website for very detailed information about the use of a Mac mini HTPC Media Center and presents appropriate solutions for digital TV via aerial, satellite, and cable. In the shop the dealer offers preconfigured Media Center bundles, consisting of a Mac mini with TV reception module, remote control and wireless keyboard and Maus by Apple. macXperts compares the Mac HTPC to conventional TV solutions and stereo and surround speakers, finally introduces Devil from Berlin of the multiple award-winning boxes manufacture. Publisher: macXperts online trading INH.: Stefanie Schall E.k.. example path 21 26133 Oldenburg Tel. + 49 441 3 99 04 83 fax + 49 441 3 99 04 85 E-mail: info(at) Web: Internet portal and online shop with over 1,000 articles around the Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod, as well as software and accessories. The company was mid-2009 founded and provides specialties such as fast Apple computers with Intel solid state drives and the Apple Mac mini as a HTPC Media Center. Lots of information and free articles around the usage of Apple Mac OS X read privately and in the company to the online and as a PDF download. Daily news from the Apple scene and personal advice by the team of macXperts, which has more than 10 years of experience from the Mac OS of areas of and Windows.

How To Find A Suitable Replacement Screen For His Laptop

Thanks to the Internet and YouTube tutorials are easier nowadays many repairs for us all. Laptop screens are also no exception. Until recently, the exchange of damaged, broken or defective notebook screens almost exclusively computer workshops or the notebook manufacturer for expensive money was reserved. There are now also in the German-speaking traders who specialize in replacement screens for laptops. Often you will discover the appropriate screen after a few clicks on their websites. Because there are many laptop models in several, partly incompatible screen versions (eg LCD / LED), we strongly advise prior to a purchase by email or phone with the appropriate merchant to contact. This can be often useful tips and preserve an authentic. In case of doubt the seller will ask you to confirm the currently built-up part number and to expand the screen.

No fear! The expansion of a laptop screen is not particularly complicated. Often an untrained layman has the Screen after 10 minutes in hand. I refer to our video tutorial in which we will show you how easy a notebook screen replacement screen is really this. Ambiguities and questions feel free to call us. We are pleased you advise to!