How To Find A Suitable Replacement Screen For His Laptop

Thanks to the Internet and YouTube tutorials are easier nowadays many repairs for us all. Laptop screens are also no exception. Until recently, the exchange of damaged, broken or defective notebook screens almost exclusively computer workshops or the notebook manufacturer for expensive money was reserved. There are now also in the German-speaking traders who specialize in replacement screens for laptops. Often you will discover the appropriate screen after a few clicks on their websites. Because there are many laptop models in several, partly incompatible screen versions (eg LCD / LED), we strongly advise prior to a purchase by email or phone with the appropriate merchant to contact. This can be often useful tips and preserve an authentic. In case of doubt the seller will ask you to confirm the currently built-up part number and to expand the screen.

No fear! The expansion of a laptop screen is not particularly complicated. Often an untrained layman has the Screen after 10 minutes in hand. I refer to our video tutorial in which we will show you how easy a notebook screen replacement screen is really this. Ambiguities and questions feel free to call us. We are pleased you advise to!