Diedruckerei.de Goes With TV Ads On The Air

Onlineprinters GmbH brings closer with television advertising customers brand Neustadt an der Aisch – that E-commerce companies onlineprinters GmbH relies now on television advertising. The TV-spot of the pressure portal runs from August 24 as a 20-second spot on cable 1, sat 1 and Pro 7. The advertising as a tandem spot at n-tv is switched from September. Managing Director Walter Meyer considers itself well positioned with its successful E-commerce company in the German television: “A strong brand needs a strong performance.” The brand diedruckerei.de has built up a high position of trust with their customers. Safety and quality when buying online, transparent and cheap prices and have the certification by trusted shops and TuV South the online shop within a few years one of the leading online printing companies in Europe made.

In high-quality offset and digital printing with various finishes of the facilities include more than 90 percent of all common printing of flyers about posters to business brochures, Online shop can be ordered throughout Europe via computer. Other print advertising for the online shop diedruckerei.de with color. We with passion.” Powerful, emotional and in a few words the message of the brand is used diedruckerei.de in scene – with a TV spot, which sustainably in the memory of the audience shapes and conveys the core message. The choice of advertising channels by cable 1, sat 1, Pro 7 and n-tv is as varied as the target groups of the online printing company. “We’re going the most contacts as E-commerce companies in television, because we here and reach the most people,” Marketing Manager Julia Voigt. On all broadcasting courses between breakfast television and Prime time in television represented TV spot which is online printing. Pro 7 applies to the viewers as the channel with the most recent image, is Germany’s first news channel n-tv and reach the decision makers from politics and the economy.

An IT Company With Attached Letter Delivery

Deutsche Post is a cooperation partner of the IT-book behind the curtain”Deutsche Post hides more IT than you can imagine. The mail and the necessary logistics are gigantic and astonishing even for professionals. About Deutsche Post offered by modern means of electronic communication: the E-letters brings in the secrecy of correspondence on the Internet and with the advertising manager, business customers get a regionally coordinated online marketing through search engines and banner. So many reasons to these services in the IT-book Rhine Main Neckar to present and to participate in the project aimed at strengthening the regional IT as cooperation partners. Leading that is direct marketing Center of the Deutsche Post in Frankfurt am Main. There interested business customers around the themes of mail, can have optimal advice targeted advertising by mail and online marketing. The direct marketing trade hosts in the direct marketing centre are a point of contact for all services from concept through creation to the post shipment.

For a first meet, and one non-binding advice the experts are even free of charge available. Among other things, one is on September 28, 2010 with the BVMW Federation SMEs held jointly planned event in Central of Mainz Deutsche Post letter. About AMC24 AMC24 sales and marketing focused on the area, to better position on the market with the target company. AMC24 is active in the B-to-B market and advises clients organize and conduct extensively across all processes up to the implementation of the planned measures, including. A special focus is on the IT industry and the investment goods industry. Since 2009, the IT book of Darmstadt and the Rhine IT book now being developed at AMC24 Main Neckar and promoted. See top news from the region also twitter.

Just search for itbuch. Darmstadt, August 24, 2010 AMC24 GmbH & co. KG Robert-Bosch-str. 7, 64293 Darmstadt Tel: 06151-5007354 Web:

Marco Mehn

As the name already indicates, the space frame uniting morbid cult and glamour shows an oversized skull, reborn with the artistic Adaptation. Special eye-catcher: the eye sockets, which are completely decorated with white gold plated glass crystals. The 4D-Space frame the spectacular 4D-Space frames consist of two, 3 cm above vertically-mounted stainless steel plates. The upper is extremely delicate, organically shaped from lase changes that share the view on the bottom of the stainless steel. The two space frames, every man for himself an intense paintings, are in the new 4 to the total work of art. The effect is underlined coated glass splinters by the artistic use of LED lighting elements between the flat and reflective materials such as Swarovski crystals, gold leaf, gilt sand or with Platinum. Also, parts of the filigree metal patterns were drawn up to 5 cm outwards to make the overall look still plastic. “The first Marco Mehn sculpture with his sculpture El Diabolo” Marco Mehn interpreted the game with the dimensions for the first time in sculptural form.

In cooperation with Franz Sattler bronze specialist he has a monumental, 120 Kg heavy bull head designed and realized. The imposing work of art was made in one of the best European foundries in solid bronze cast and also has a pedestal designed by Marco Mehn rust steel. Find Marco Mehn of residential design”in the Ballroom (as of 50). There is more information about the artist at. Born in 1967 in Landstuhl in the Palatinate, Marco Mehn started the artist and designer Marco Mehn many years ago as an autodidact. The breakthrough came in 2004 with its innovative space frame”a completely new art support made of stainless steel with worldwide patent.

International exhibitions from New York via Dubai and Moscow, as well as collaborations with various companies testifies to the success of the exceptional artist. Marco Mafre images is the emotional expressiveness. The space frames are made from a single sheet of stainless steel: first, the shape is drawn in, which is then cut out using a laser. Marco Mehn with different filling techniques, working on this Edelstahlkonstrukten diverse materials, such as oil, acrylic, pastel, silver, gold leaf or Swarovski crystals. By dieAuslaserungen the wall Shimmers so that the viewer Gets the impression that the image in the frame floats. With the design of his MINI Cooper S by Marco Mehn”with up to 20 layers of paint and almost 40,000 Swarovski crystals expanded his work the artist 2008 the fourth dimension? the movement. A year later he endowed a Benetti luxury yacht with exclusive space frame images and thought the King of pop with a Michael Jackson-space frame. It followed the own Marco Mehn Designhaus, the first Marco Mehn sculpture, as well as the spectacular 4D-Space frames? and it does not stay that way: currently designed Marco Mehn under a Harley Davidson and is working on several new collections.

Paramount Pictures

On October 6 the crafty penguins of Madagascar with “The secret of Christmas” create atmosphere every year is the December under the sign of Christmas – in the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Since this will be closed on Christmas Eve, the animals the opportunity to make an animal Christmas celebration on the legs. Above all the lemur King “King Julien”, as well as the four penguins, skipper, Kowalski, Rico and private. Usually as the elite unit of Super agents in the field, they want like all other Zoo animals enjoy the magic of Saint and celebrate together. This requires of course a tree, Santa and festive decoration. But the various groups that are responsible for the music, the decoration of the Zoo and of the tree, can not agree. With a large snowball fight should be finally decided who may now take on the task.

Skipper is, however, entirely different worried: he was chosen for this year’s Santa of zoo animals. He has not however I know what exactly for it to do. And what does Christmas mean? HO HO HO, SKIPPER! Two penguins – a mission: Skipper I gasp in his quest for the magic of Christmas, along with private, in the city of New York. When they see two men with beards and Red suits, they simply start with the accurate observation and follow: at once they face hundreds of Red-clad men! Free according to the motto “The end justifies the means”, kidnap skipper and private one of them, to learn more about the mystery of the Holy night from him. Meanwhile, the purest chaos in the Zoo. Instead of harmony, festive atmosphere and peaceful coexistence, the Zoo residents fight to extremes. The planned celebration ends in disaster, and the disappointment is great. There is suddenly a Santa Claus in the Zoo. He is the real and it succeeds to save the Festival? Technical data:-genre: children’s TV animation series original title: penguins of Madagascar all nighter before Christmas volume 5 country/year: United States 2011 image format: 1.78: 1 anamorphic widescreen language: English, French Dolby Digital 5, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch in Dolby Digital surround subtitles: German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish runtime: 102 minutes of FSK: from 6 years left: paramount ParamountGermany paramount_de about paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH was founded in January 2000.

New York Times

Because each one asks how it was your day without it, what did they in school with notebooks for each, which will require that will be stacked on the kitchen table without dissimulation and she conscientiously look to sign all the papers releases arriving hand. Verify what was lost or what needs to be reset with haste for tomorrow and with kids or without them, is she, in a coexistence, which will review the agenda of the all and will organize tomorrow. For when you is a free on the desktop while she is using to change and put on some more comfortable slippers and something to release clothing that could not rid so far. Will continue to very carefully the results and sports summaries and there Yes, if she is not too tired to say, may choose to entrench in the p.c. provided an ma, or Meow or bark not alert of some overlooked detail. For example, remember suddenly that he has not yet released the dog, everything will continue as planned and perhaps she can write a posting. That will never be regular but altered by domestic emergency more indispensable, that usually assumes she and not the companion of shift.

To an article of the New York Times of 2008, blogging Glass Ceiling spoke of the existence of a cibertecho glass, which would prevent women reaching the top of the ranking of blogs and against which is organised each year the Conference Blog Her, seeking that women earn notoriety. Another, encouraged women to continue with the blog under the title: affection, don’t bother MOM, I’m busy with the blog on bloggeras and mothers of women. Well, slowly but surely, the women go blocking. Maybe we have to have a little patience and should give men a little of our intuition to suspect to reach and to let them know that we write something more than diets and fads and about the latest trend in hairstyles for our heads, we also illustrate our brains reading and writing or rewriting in two separate blog topics that nourish it.

Felix Ramiro

Under the brand name Felix Ramiro the potential investor benefit of many advantages over a trade traditional retailer as having a single provider, which provides all the commercial offering through the logistics network, simplifying the day-to-day management of the store, maintain a competitive product cost, obtaining savings and affecting the final price to the customerBesides more than 20 years in the market in all areas (designs, manufacture, sale) of fashion for the Knight, explains Miguel angel Ramiro, son of the founder and director of brand expansion. Since its inception, the Felix Ramiro brand has been very aware of that prestige and reputation are shown every day; maintaining a permanent effort to achieve maximum performance and demand in the work of the workshop, developing articles of first quality and with a confection of authentic luxury, using selected raw materials to get the applause in the form of loyalty of customers, who appreciate a job well done, and the rigorous care of all the details, and who know that Felix Ramiro is a style. Information corporate Felix Ramiro is very well positioned for more than two decades in the sector of fashion and the masculine design, achieving leading market of tailoring and bridal fashion in their areas of influence. Stores are different spaces of fashion where they have a common denominator: the style and elegance. Bright but warm spaces, an exhibition of product clear and defined, a rational space usage to prioritize the operational and, above all, a cost of implementation adjusted are essential characteristics. They currently have 4 own units from which have been unable to verify the feasibility of the model..