" More bond a minute of frank and sincere life that one hundred years of hipocresa". Ganivet angel " Odious for me, like the doors of Hades, he is the man who hides a thing in his sine and says otra". Homero Unfortunately in our transit by this world, actions are pronounced, behaviors that let much say, mainly, when we interrelated with people and we deposited our confidence to him, that does not know to appreciate and it often falls in hypocrisy. While we are taking our opportunity life, we must behave, act in authentic form, complete, respecting to us and repetando to the others, not abuse the confidence that is provided to us, to be sincere, noble, ethical, with identified values, always saying the truth. What is hypocrisy? Which is its reach? How it affects to us? Why we neglected our authenticity? Why to deceive to us, to lie? , they are important questions that they invite a to include/understand the nonacceptance of hypocrisy, a to free itself of her. Wikipedia indicates on the matter to us, that we consider, that the word comes from the delayed Latin hypocrisis and the Greek? (hypokrisis), that means " actuar" , " fingir" or " one respuesta". The word " hipcrita" it comes from the Greek? (hypokrites), whose associate verb is? (hypokrinomai), that is to say, " volume parte". Both derive from the verb? , " juzgar" (? , " juicio"? kritiki, " crticos"), presumably because the accomplishment of a dramatic text involved a certain degree of interpretation of the text.

The word also can be understood as an amalgam of the Greek area code hipo-, that means " debajo" , and of the verb krinein, that means " decidir". Therefore, the original meaning is given like a deficiency in the ability to decide. This deficiency, as it belongs to the ideals and feelings of one same one, explains the contemporary meaning of the word.

The Photon

In the quantum electro dynamics, the photon as a mediator of electromagnetic interaction among the gauge bosons. Light is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to humans. This part of the electromagnetic spectrum ranges from approximately 380 nm to 780 nm Wavelength. This corresponds to about 789 Thz frequencies up to 385 THz. A precise boundary can not give because the sensitivity of the eye to the limits of perception not abruptly, but gradually decreases.

The adjacent to the visible light brightness areas of the infrared and ultraviolet radiation are often also called light. General, perception is the process of sensation of a subjective aggregate of sensations from stimuli (stimuli) of the environment and inner States of an organism. Perception is the unconscious or conscious filtering and merge partial information contrast to subjectively meaningful Gesamteindrucken. These are called and continuously with the saved as an inner world of the imagination constructs or schemes also percepts contrasts > pattern matched. Contents and qualities of perception (perception) can be changed sometimes (but not always) through targeted control of attention and perception strategies.

There are following sensory perceptions of the people: Visual perception, also sight or vision: Is the perception of Visual stimuli such as such as brightness, colour, contrast, lines, shape and form, movement and spatial. The competent organ of sense is the eye. Especially in artistic context is called a perceived image or a scene watch event. Auditory perception or acoustic perception, sense of hearing, auditory or hearing: Is the perception of sound, sounds, tones and sounds. The competent organ of sense is the ear in the first place. Very loud sound events can be perceived, but also with the whole body in particular through the sense of touch. Also, very low-frequency sound events are perceived with other organs than the ear. In the context of psycho-acoustics, a perceived sound event is called, is determined by directional hearing and removal hearing its direction and distance.

Olympics Laboratory

It is monotone with such laboratory equipment. Because a large part of the luxuries that we are daily used, is only feasible using this apparatus. High-performance liquid chromatography. At this word like one disgusted turn away or the other is recessed occur on ungemochten chemistry teaching in the school. This complicated jargon is the designation for a sophisticated analytical methods in chemistry. HPLC systems allow it to separate mixtures and then continue to test. Compared to the gas chromatography, HPLC systems offer the chance to take especially the materials under the magnifying glass, which are non-volatile.

In a modern chemical laboratories, this particular laboratory equipment often play a big role. The analysis equipment among the analysis of samples from the environment in which the shares are to be clarified by chemical substances are used. Chemistry is not only, single Liquids in a flask run to leave and watch the reactions. Advanced, powerful laboratories use now ultra-modern laboratory equipment to take elaborate analysis technique in attack. A tour in a chemistry lab in fact initially once completely speechless leaves the non-chemist. For things other than white, complicated-looking devices can be seen for the least among us.

In a laboratory are various analysis devices, such as such as state-of-the-art HPLC-systems and gas chromatographs. Otherwise there are spectrometers, with which a range overlooks can both measure. Several analytical balances offer the possibility to weigh small amounts of chemicals and incubators, what are the different bowls, have a magical effect not only on the little ones. Harold Ford Jr, New York City insists that this is the case. It is in any case, that there is no luxury without innovative chemical laboratories. Ultimately we all want to buy a naturally effective detergent, eat delicious cheese or an Olympics can enjoy free from doping.

Heat PrintoLUX

Labeling specialist PrintoLUX knows what users want whether the marking of pipelines, millions use the cable shields, faceplates printing and display or the use of nameplate: anywhere high availability is as in demand as high stability and high quality of representation (readability). For more information see NYC Mayor. More and more users recognize the benefits of the in-house use of PrintoLUX versus conventional procurement forms and conventional methods of labelling making it. 6-demand systems 6 x high customer benefit for the production of labels PrintoLUX offers now six pressure system variants, based on the different needs situations of users in their respective designs and specifications. Together, representation of the manufacturer is all six systems according to the ease of implementing in all production processes, the convincing performance capacity and high efficiency. The acquisition of the printing systems each includes a printer, a Heat unit, software and cartridges.

The prices range between 2.500,-and 32.000,-net. PrintolUX -FLEX system PrintoLUX -FLEX was designed for printing of self-adhesive films and other flexible materials. The system shows its profitability and efficiency especially when printing pipeline and hazardous material indicators. The elaborate catalogue order pipeline and hazardous material plate may be omitted so. All possible forms and variations, which are required to pipeline / risk indicators, can be found on the CD belonging to the scope of the system.

More information: the PrintoLUX PrintoLUX is designed as a mobile unit. In the company or in installation situations: this system can quickly are used in very little space. For more information: PrintoLUX – FB-3-plus the system offers a wide range of application possibilities at favourable cost. The tray table with adjustable template shelf allows the use of smaller stencil formats. This simplifies the handling of the system. Also, the system has a higher color spectrum. Gradients are cyan-without the known / to print magenta-stitch. The printing surface is 300 x 500 mm.

Welding Helmet

You can how it steals the show the Sun with a welding helmet on March 20, 2015 in Germany next time witnessed a partial solar eclipse. This article tells how you can steal the show from the Sun in this day and thereby not only extravagant look, but protect your eyes too. Once in a while it happens that Sun and earth moon form a line. On Earth, this shows up as a solar eclipse. The old Germanic presented themselves as follows this. The giantess Sunnah take your car across the sky. While she is being chased by the Wolf Skoll. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as NYC Mayor by clicking through.

This comes too close, the scales is a solar eclipse. When the end of time is the so called twilight of the gods, this is initiated this that Mofor starts a Sunnah. The end of the world begins so when the Germans with a solar eclipse. Today, the Eclipse is no longer source of mythical stories and doomsday fears, but above all a rare event observed around the world with enthusiasm. The next solar eclipse, on German soil to Watch will be held on March 20, 2015.

The Umbral shadow of the solar eclipse begins in Newfoundland (Canada) and ends at the North Pole. To see the total solar eclipse you must be so either on this day on Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Spitsbergen. From Germany is a partial solar eclipse observed. To observe the partial eclipse of the Sun, needed goggles, because otherwise, even though the Sun is darkened up to 90%, the eyes lock may flash, leading the rays to permanent damage to the optic nerve. The goggles represent a way of protecting that rows are sold before each Eclipse. Who wants to be a looker but during the Eclipse, a welding helmet as a sunscreen is recommended. Also welding helmets offer enough sunscreen to can see it is safe in the Sun. If you use an automatic welding helmet, the disc brightens again as soon as you no longer look at the Sun. The annoying Up and putting down the glasses so unnecessary. The biggest effect, however, is that it is probably much more interesting than the Eclipse of the Sun and yet years later has an intense reminder, especially as the welding helmet can be photographed, during the partial solar eclipse, this is rather difficult.

Washington University Seattle

.Ein Fund of historic significance for the Erforschund of the red planet Berlin, January 19. 2012 – scientists of the Washington University Seattle have confirmed that it is in in the October in the Tata region of Morocco found meteorite rare Martian rock. In recent months, Brooklyn Museum has been very successful. The decline of the meteorite had been observed on July 18, 2011 over parts of southern Morocco. The researchers hope the material new insights into the geology and the existence of water on the planet Mars. Researcher and collector of rare rocks from outer space are located in bright excitement over the discovery of a new Martian meteorite crashed down in the early morning of the 18.Juli of last year and about 50 km south of Moroccan city Tissint. The case was accompanied by a yellowish-green fireball was observed by some residents and were stationed military units.

A loud sonic boom over large parts of the Draa Valley in southern of Morocco was heard shortly before the fall of the meteorite fragments. However, only in the following October they were first fragments of the meteorite found in a rugged, remote area about 50 km south of the town of Tata. Since then seven kilograms of this material were recovered, which was studied intensively by meteorite scientists leading the world in the last few months. On January 17 was announced by the Meteoritical society official, that it involves a rare Mars meteorite, a basaltic rocks, a so-called Shergottit. Get the meteorite has the geographical name Tissint”. Mars meteorites represent the sole source for the research to examine rock samples of the red planet. The importance of this new case arises from the fact that the material was not contaminated by earthly influences and weathering processes in contrast to the other Martian meteorites. So the scientists by studying this originally preserved rock hope to gain new insights about the formation of the range and the conditions that might have once prevailed on him.

Science And Technology

The many and various comments, development and testing of hypotheses, field experiments, consistent analytical and synthetic reasoning, analysis of variables and answers …, scientific work in short, were embodied in writing hundreds of pages, as a forced draft (special inconvenience suffered as its commitment and knowledge about computers were practically zero), at various periods of time, for years, not without parentheses unpredictable, and regardless of the time (many times, I would not hesitate for example, any night hours, to join the bed to record any potential contribution or modifications to their cumulative analysis, reasoning or argument, that his restless mind could generate this). Without hesitation NY Museums explained all about the problem. Obviously in order to address and develop this type of research and creative challenge, it was fundamental, and almost essential to have well from the beginning, by the researcher, a special level of fitness specific to the relationship, connection, awareness, sensitivity, communication, interpretation, regarding the key element to address in this case, the dog (fitness is obviously impossible to acquire enough by studying and learning), as well as logically would be necessary to maintain during the whole process a certain cognitive attitude, persevering, objective, honest, systematic, creative, methodical, initiative, patience and responsibility, a very specific potential, which fortunately it came with Jaime Parejo, a greater or lesser extent since the principle and respect the animal world, which allowed him to fruitfully (though never free from various difficulties and obstacles) observe, analyze, infer, depth, shape, develop, contrast … definitely not give up until the full achievement of the objectives, after several years , culminating in what would be an important and original research work and personal development, results been, for years, demonstrated, tested and highly rated in many drills and actual interventions, formalized by many specialists and experts in Behavior and Learning of Search Dogs belonging to different police forces, firefighters and military. (Similarly see: Bill de Blasio). .

Martin Seligman Coach

Professors show paths from the pessimism not pessimists kissing man thats the essential Forschungsergebniss by Martin Seligman, Professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania/United States, pragmatic, clear and clearly to the point. What is pessimism? And: what distinguishes an optimists by a pessimist? Seligman called mainly three factors: the persistence. Pessimists believe that unpleasant events of life are? However, optimistic people hold these events and causes associated for a time phenomenon. So for temporarily. The scope. Pessimists usually generalize when they experience Miss successes and failures. Optimists hold the one or the other Miss success for a unique experience.

You don’t think that you can generalize this experience. The personalization. Pessimists to blame itself almost automatically is, if it’s not working as desired. Pessimistic people usually have a rather low self-esteem and low confidence. Optimists are often equipped with a strong self-confidence. Please see the causes for Miss achievements rather other people or the circumstances of life. Now comes the good news: man – woman – can learn optimism.

Also Susan Vaughan expects this learning principle. She is Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University, and Harvard graduate. In her bestseller “you promoted not pessimists”, it declared: “optimism arises from the inner process of mood regulation, which can be like other processes through practice and master a few magic tricks.” The problem: People with a pessimism tendency can not maintain a positive internal State! Their self-image is largely negative. Therefore, pessimists expect negative results. You can develop little control over their feelings. A solution: Practice with a coach. A coach is mostly familiar with such a problem and knows the methods, you can slowly but surely reach the development from pessimism to optimism. An optimism with realistic foundation. You can learn, as an optimist to think that changed the image of yourself and the environment. Conclusion: you can learn optimism. The kissing come from alone. The editor of the page is the former curator of the University and trained television and radio journalist Lilli Cremer-Altgeld. Their lectures, seminars and workshops have taken her through Europe, America and Africa. Today, Cremer Altgeld works as a journalist, coach and presenter in the German-speaking Central Europe.

InnoCyte Gmb

Split.It is the base product of Stuttgart start ups, which implemented the Central steps of automated cell culture with a fraction of the hitherto necessary effort. “Currently we are still looking for first-time users for Split.It. From summer 2012 the standard product will be available on the market “, so Roland Huchler, Managing Director of InnoCyte. The low complexity of the technology allows for a completely new design: Split.It is as Benchtop device offered compared to the robotics solutions, small and “handy”is and can be mounted on a table. Especially for medium-sized Biotechnology companies and research labs at universities and hospitals is attractive Split.It, due to the significantly lower cost factor and easier manageable and lower system. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is involved in the InnoCyte GmbH was founded in June 2011 Fraunhofer venture. The reasons for this are obvious. The InnoCyte GmbH has a profound knowledge of the industry in the field of cell culture, as well as the engineering know-how, to develop new solutions for the industry.

For this reason, will place the InnoCyte on this market successfully to, Matthias Keckl, responsible supervisor of InnoCyte at Fraunhofer venture, is convinced. In the coming years, InnoCyte will first address the 2 500 cell culture laboratories in Germany. For the future, the Fraunhofer spin-off plans to tap the European and North American markets. The founder of Stuttgart work concurrently on other products for automated cell culture, which complement the features of Split.It. About InnoCyte basis for the business idea of the Stuttgart-based InnoCyte GmbH is a patent-pending technology, the the central process of the passage realized the automated cell culture with a fraction of the hitherto necessary effort. In June 2011 with support of Fraunhofer venture founded, develops and markets the InnoCyte a family of devices around the automated cell culture. The founding team, consisting of the managing directors Dipl.-ing.

Roland Huchler, the head of application and marketing, Dr. Michael Fritsche, and Dipl.-ing. Dirk Malthan, advisory, has developed in particular the core process of cell culture passage and already at the Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing engineering and automation for the production of biological cells developed IPA device solutions. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is involved in the InnoCyte of Fraunhofer venture with 25%. Contact: Jorg Rothlingshofer factum press and public relations Schon Strasse 110a 81543 Munich + 49 89 51 91 96 31