The Photon

In the quantum electro dynamics, the photon as a mediator of electromagnetic interaction among the gauge bosons. Light is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to humans. This part of the electromagnetic spectrum ranges from approximately 380 nm to 780 nm Wavelength. This corresponds to about 789 Thz frequencies up to 385 THz. A precise boundary can not give because the sensitivity of the eye to the limits of perception not abruptly, but gradually decreases.

The adjacent to the visible light brightness areas of the infrared and ultraviolet radiation are often also called light. General, perception is the process of sensation of a subjective aggregate of sensations from stimuli (stimuli) of the environment and inner States of an organism. Perception is the unconscious or conscious filtering and merge partial information contrast to subjectively meaningful Gesamteindrucken. These are called and continuously with the saved as an inner world of the imagination constructs or schemes also percepts contrasts > pattern matched. Contents and qualities of perception (perception) can be changed sometimes (but not always) through targeted control of attention and perception strategies.

There are following sensory perceptions of the people: Visual perception, also sight or vision: Is the perception of Visual stimuli such as such as brightness, colour, contrast, lines, shape and form, movement and spatial. The competent organ of sense is the eye. Especially in artistic context is called a perceived image or a scene watch event. Auditory perception or acoustic perception, sense of hearing, auditory or hearing: Is the perception of sound, sounds, tones and sounds. The competent organ of sense is the ear in the first place. Very loud sound events can be perceived, but also with the whole body in particular through the sense of touch. Also, very low-frequency sound events are perceived with other organs than the ear. In the context of psycho-acoustics, a perceived sound event is called, is determined by directional hearing and removal hearing its direction and distance.