UN Secretary General

And show UN and the West in general, that the opposition has nothing to complain about. Saakashvili gave a kind of surprise, having decided to amend the electoral code to update the election commission and even change its chairman. Law provides for nomination of candidates for CEC members of the public sphere than they should primarily deal with the ruling and opposition parties and activists of various NGOs. If you look the part, you might think that the search for unbiased and honest people who can best ensure a free and legitimate elections without major violations. Still, the opposition does not trust the team too Saakashvili, who categorically unwilling part or with the authority of the urban and district authorities, nor the regalia of a higher level, and does not hide this, insisting its highest rating, and moral and political right to remain at the helm of the state. The opposition has reacted nervously and trying to mislead the public. For example, one of the news agencies reported that the UN Secretary General's Spokesman mouth Nesirki Martin denied Georgian opposition to the request to take the municipal elections and the subsequent control.

But is this true? The report was distributed on January 6, while the message of the opposition parties were sent to New York only the day before. "How could a letter within days to reach the United States and be read, not to mention the fact that it is impossible to decide in such a miserable time?" – Outraged the leaders of the Labour Party at a special briefing. However, theoretically possible to admit that the UN so could comment on reports of news agencies based in Tbilisi. Meanwhile, the opposition-minded public expects favorable response from the corridors of this international organization. The letter did not accidentally noted that no civilized country in the electoral area.

This applies not only to the CEC, and other issues. Georgia, according to opposition policy, the only country of the UN Security Council, which has not yet made full and complete lists of voters – the so-called electoral lists, which allows the authorities to manipulate the amount and distribution of votes in its sole discretion. Polutoramilliardny China, recalled how expert Ramaz Klimiashvili tuned skeptical about the UN response, has managed to make them, and Georgia, where the population is less than four million, I could not. This issue, among others, as suggested by the political opposition, should be the real reason to get out of New York's positive response. "If this does not happen in the near future, thanks to the regime of Saakashvili, Georgia's not left one stone upon another, "- said Natelashvili.

New York

Whatever the reason, if I had a gun to my head, I spent about an hour a day on the computer and the remaining 7 hours calling, talking to your partner. Why are those who can hire you. 2) Do only what works. Dump the rest. Last week I received an email from an angry man in New York has been unemployed for almost a year. a l wrote: "I sent 430 resumes and received only one interview since September last year!" To which I might have replied: "Why wait almost a year and 430 resumes to bring this to my attention?" Do more than 400 times and expect the results to improve the qualify of a sudden, I think, the mild dementia. It is what can happen when you lose sight of what is really trying to accomplish in your job search. Want to send as many resumes as possible, or you want to be hired as soon as possible? If this is your goal, then you should analyze what you are doing at least once a week.

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