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Successful Inhouse Exhibition

1,600 visitors on the dokuTRENDS 2010 Hannover, March 10, 2010 also this year presented Ricoh Germany at the in-house exhibition innovations in the areas of Office solutions, consulting services and production printing dokuTRENDS 2010 in Hannover from March 3 to 5 again. Around 1,600 visitors, of which nearly 500 from the retail sector, took advantage… Read more Successful Inhouse Exhibition

Call Center Club Relies On Growth

almato, supports development of the independent industry forum in Tubingen / Wimsheim, February 11, 2011 the call center Club, the emerging Branchencommunity for professional customer relationship management, continues its growth course and is supported by the almato GmbH, which. The company from Tubingen is a provider of software for quality monitoring, real time interaction management… Read more Call Center Club Relies On Growth

Young Professionals

They are necessarily loyal, not only to their employees, but also to their sites.” Also, the family-owned company points according to the Economic Journal-author by relatively short decision paths and permeable structures. This makes agile in the competition and open to innovation.” This flexibility may be it, making the owner-managed companies according to industry experts,… Read more Young Professionals

Sustainable Retailers

Toys shipping promotes the sustainable consumption sustainability a word of many meanings. But it is on everyone’s lips. Sustainability involves things such as social and environmental responsibility. To proactive with regard to the quality of life of future generations. The globalized world is increasingly opaque to the consumer. No more really knows where and under… Read more Sustainable Retailers

Switzerland Vesterling

“The existing salary lower for immigrants of 66,000 euros often a hurdle too high especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Also employers should benefit in the future, that no priority checking is required. He says no proof is required so more, that no suitable applicants from the EU for the respective place was available”. Still… Read more Switzerland Vesterling

New York

However, innovations must be also some development scenarios and a lot of persuasion. Innovations take place within social systems. Are subject to their laws, must be understood in this context and creating sense”, so the experience of Omar Khorshed, Chief Executive of Dusseldorf acoreus AG, awarded with the Innovation Award 2008 the Initiative Mittelstand. In… Read more New York

International Association

“He is exactly right, with his keen sense of cooperative teams and strategic development potentials continue to secure a leading position as an international meeting specialist Dolce hotels and resorts.” Steven A. Rudnitsky: Rudnitsky could increase sustainably at Wyndham Hotel performance and also after the slump in the hotel market by 9/11 he expanded successfully… Read more International Association

The Swiss Premissimo AG

The Premissimo AG has received from the AGENDA2021 GmbH & Co.KG, Bremen, capital to finance further market development and business growth. “In the AGENDA2021 GmbH & Co.KG, several entrepreneurs have teamed up, the it as business angels” have written on the flag, to support young growth companies. With their help, the companies financed by them… Read more The Swiss Premissimo AG

Mr Rene

With a loud strumming the money lands in the transparent abdomen, which can hold up to a thousand coins. Banknotes are transported directly through a slit above the ball inside the Dino, so the big belly Bank Dinos even bigger money can eat. The stocked pot belly of the Dinos can be taken out at… Read more Mr Rene