Mr Rene

With a loud strumming the money lands in the transparent abdomen, which can hold up to a thousand coins. Banknotes are transported directly through a slit above the ball inside the Dino, so the big belly Bank Dinos even bigger money can eat. The stocked pot belly of the Dinos can be taken out at any time. The “belly” consists of two plastic shells that make up a bullet and open reverse turn. This movement is not so easy to master, so that they get only under parental supervision to their savings for smaller children. For each nursery which the grandparents, the Godfather and uncle and aunts, also animate extra to pay for a few coins, so they can watch as the coins belly dinosaur Bank are a real eye-catcher in every nursery and a half-pound originals big scooter the zigzag course as in a ball by the Dino neck down in the belly. Rene HA game, CEO of the manufacturer GeschenkeNews: “with the big belly Bank in the nursery there is no boring Save more. The parents start this way the early savings education of their children – and have even have fun with it, to feed the dinosaurs with coins.” The big belly Bank Dino Moneybox is in Germany through retailers for EUR 49.90 available or directly via for the price of EUR 44.90 plus postage.

Note: Design and brand of big belly Bank are protected worldwide. (MOD DEP) Homepage: dealer inquiries from throughout the European area are welcome and can be directed directly to Mr Rene HA game by GeschenkeNews.