The Personages Of The Great Wars

Most of the participants of the World War I the problems considered it solution of all. Euphoria in front of battle, that all judged that it would be fast and efficient, then were wasted ahead of the atrocities and the end of an age that if esvaia, the Victorian Age. Inside of this context, a new appeared harnesses world-wide, U.S.A., that if raised under the paper of supplier of primary goods of the old world that at this moment total was come back toward the battlefield. After the conflict, the Europe if found ruined, social economically and politically. The frustration was evident in the society.

The United States then, of supplier of foods and manufactures, appear at this moment as world-wide power, passing of debtors the creditors inside of the world-wide economy. The Europe if reconstructed through the American money, as much the Axle as the Allies depended at this moment of the firing pin of the liberal democracy. In the society, the occured changes in the postwar period affected the European way of life, these if had become depressed rancorosos and. In America the transformation if gave in technological advance that together went of domestic goods the high buildings that if raised, with its demographic growth. The industry of the entertainment (radio and cinema mainly) if developed. The art searched liberty of speech in the cinema, that passes in this instant to dictate the life way.

This growth brought social euphoria second, leaving in plain the perigos that this raised tax of growth could bring to all. The Europe if reconstrua and U.S.A. produced more than what it spent what caused the stock market in addition of New York in 1929. The crisis reached the whole world. The consequences in the scope politician also were spread for the planet, unemployment and manifestos if they had become a constant.