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The social media week Hamburg is unterstu? appreciated and supported by a growing network of sponsors, cooperation- and sta? City partners. Organizers are Uriz von Oertzen with his agency hi-life and the Media Manager Nina Bertulli. Von Oertzen: The social media week is international the gro? get and most important events in the world of digital communication. We are proud that we could win the event with our concept and the location in Hamburg. We work at the moment. an exciting program that will have local and international traction” As host, the social media week strengthens the media metropolis on the Elbe for its important position as the site of fu? r the digital economy. Companies like Google, facebook and XING have their seat in the Hanseatic City, Abou? ber, many successful start-ups such as and Bigpoint have been gegru? located. In total, about 120,000 people in u work in Hamburg? about 23,000 Companies in the areas of media and information technology.

2009 Crowdcentric Media LLC. in New York launched the social media week launched by Toby Daniels and his company. In February 2011, the Conference recorded already 30,000 participants at events worldwide, 80,000 attended the Live Streaming. U? ber 75,000 tweets were sent. “Homepage: hamburg with Livestream and library submission of topics fu? r Hamburg: Homepage-Bucon submit event” program Preview: to hi-life: hi-life agency fu? r events and Nina Bertulli are the organizers of the social media week Hamburg 2012. hi-life is u? everywhere at home: u? ber Hamburg, in Germany and around the world. As Agency fu? r events we will make no difference whether customers from music, film, advertising, IT, or from the classic industry. We are looking for new, want to break new ground and are curious about the people we meet here”, so owner Uriz von Oertzen.

Until April 2010, Nina Bertulli was seven years fu? r Warner / Chappell Music in Hamburg as a creative Assistant and Assistant to Managing Director ta? necessary before they are independent in May 2010 as a freelancer? completely made. In the January 2011 she went with a Leonardo da Vinci scholarship of the EU to London fu? r a music Conference to work. There, she discovered the social media week. Contact: hi-life Uriz von Oertzen / Sabine Ewald Neumu? choose 17 22763 Hamburg Tel.: (040) 432 83 916

Central Topic

The Central Topic is written in the middle of the leaf, and represents the Centre of the considerations. Lila Snyder helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. All solution visions are now indicated in the form of ramifications and linked together. VIII. consultants and client VIII. 1. Consultant in the solution-focused counseling is primarily the communication partner of seeking advice of consultants. He represents no authority, but accompanied only the clients on his way to finding solutions, initiated dialogue on the search for solutions and maintains these dialogues.

Since the consultant as an expert in the search for solutions can be seen, he is freed from the task of having to know a solution. He is together with the people seeking advice on the search for the smallest change ways, hence he is exempt from problem fixing prevailing in other schools of counseling and the inability to act thus partially implied. The solution-focused consultants accepted the majority of the people seeking advice and respecting its voluntary nature. He helps the clients with positive appreciation, compliments and common search for exceptions, to enable individual resources. In the solution-focused counseling the consultants responsibility passes the seeking advice for whose life, because only so the client can develop solutions. This responsibility however mean a departure from the way of the crying and suffering, which appears sure initially not particularly appealing for the people seeking advice. As a result, the conversation with a client who only suffers is”of particular importance. For one, the Adviser must take seriously the claims of the client and empathically understand on the other hand he should strive, that the client is responsible, so that processes can be initiated, which carry about finding exceptions to perspectives. The communicative posts of consultant in the solution-focused counseling typically consist of questions that contribute as invitations to the solution-oriented focus of attention, from positive feedback in the form of compliments to the Identification of competencies and resources, as well as from quotations in the form of ideas for target-beneficial activities.

Driving Black Allowed! From 01 March New Moped Flag Duty!

Old green signs are replaced by new small black with new insurance beginning on March 1, 2011. For all owners of mopeds, motor scooters, mopeds, means screw this, disassemble the old green flag and the new black plate on moped and MicroCars. The indicators apply to the insurance year by 01 March 2011 until the 28.02.2012. Add to your understanding with Danny Meyer. The new insurance identification will have light mopeds, moped up to 25 km/h, moped up to 60 km/h, moped up to 60 km/h and scooter up to 60 km/h, the displacement of not more than 50 cubic centimeters, required. A partial cover insurance provides additional protection against theft and damage to your own vehicle.

Who’s still driving after this date with the old flag, loses his liability protection and is with the violation of the compulsory insurance law in addition also still liable to prosecution. For even more details, read what Danny Meyer says on the issue. refers to the urgency of the new indicator, because in a self-inflicted accident insurance and then the road accident victims assistance replaces the in the liability time although Damage of the victim, however, the insurer takes the accident cause remedies and take back the money. Over 140% why so the same performance pay more for price difference – as necessary? Get new moped license plate, when – request your insurance license plate with us today. Who wants to start later in the season, paying proportionately less. It is quite simple. Fill out the online form and we will send you your insurance license plate mail.

French National Convention

Bulls can not stand the color red. In fact, the bulls practically not distinguish colors. Therefore, they respond to red color in the same way as the green or blue, then there is no way. Some zoologists believe that tease the bull would be better to white cloth. Motley costume, banderillas, torrero coats – all of this excites the public more than a bull. On Irritating to the bull that someone hurts him, and even waving something under his nose. In a healthy body, healthy spirit.

The Roman poet Juvenal's words 'Mens sana in corpore sano' is often translated as 'a healthy body – healthy mind'. Generations Europeans brought under the trumpets of the military and athletic appeal. In fact, Juvenal had in mind something quite different. In his satires, which are taken from these lines, he writes: 'Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano'. In translation: "We would like to healthy body, there was also a healthy mind. " That is before us is not a hymn of praise trained body, but rather a question of the cult of physical culture. Translated into the language of today Juvenal probably would have said: "If bodybuilding at the same time developed brain! " The word 'vandalism' is derived from the vandals who destroyed all the blind fury to the ground.

The Vandals were not vandals. In any case, a tribe of Germans who during the great migration of peoples has come a long way from Silesia and western Poland, through Europe to North Africa, has left for posterity a special memory of 'vandalism'. And when the Vandals settled in North Africa and from there made a trip to Rome, then during the looting of Rome, they were acting on the then-concepts, it is 'within': they have not destroyed the city walls, not staged a massacre (the city surrendered almost without a fight). Vandals have taken everything with them that was not screwed and nailed, as in other times and in other cities, there were the Romans themselves. The Romans were shocked not so much of the looting of many because the roles reversed: once the proud Romans, lords of the world, were defeated, uneducated barbarians Victor. It is for this reason that this event has left a deep imprint in the collective consciousness of Europe. Already in drevnefrantsuzskom epic, and then in the poems Shabarta (1772) Vandals act as destroyers, and when the bishop of Blois, in a speech before the French National Convention wanted to find a suitable expression to express their outrage theft locks and destruction of works of art Jacobins, he indicated that the word 'Vandalism' and thus predestined eternal image of one of the many Germanic tribes, which was no worse and no better than others. Camels store water in the humps. Camels humps accumulate in fat, not water. The fact that they can long without water – up to 7 days, if active, and up to two weeks if the rest – due primarily to the fact that camels do not sweat about (the camel's body temperature should rise to 40 degrees, only then it will allocate the pot). They also return moisture partially lost as you exhale at night, when the camels are sleeping, their nostrils absorb moisture from the air. In addition, camels are very intelligent cooling system: solid hair on the back to protect from the sun, and little hair on his belly through which heat is given in the shadow of the body.

The Tourist Infrastructure In Central America Grows

The Spanish company of Nyesa Valores opened a new luxury resort in Costa Rica. Agrisal and the hotel group IHG franchise open some of the tourist infrastructure in Central America is by large hotels in the region of hotel chains and several small hotels with sustainable offer strengthened and expanded. The Grupo Agrisal stood out among numerous investors, who managed to negotiate a franchise agreement with IHG hotel chain and form a strategic alliance. She got the contract for the construction and opening of the prestigious hotel chain in the region. A new Holiday Inn opens hotel in Escazu, Costa Rica. This is 6-storey space for 170 rooms, restaurant, bar, gym, swimming pool and 800 m of Conference and meeting rooms offer. Furthermore will emerge in Esperanza, Puntarenas on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica of a more tourist luxury facility, which will finance the Spanish company of Nyesa Valores by an American Fund of 330 million dollars. In El Salvador, the Grupo Agrisal has invested $3 million in the Renovation of the former Radisson to under the new name of the hotel Crown Plaza as a modern and comfortable hotel to reopen it.

The hotel Camino Real in Guatemala opened in November 2009 and is also one of the hotels, which strengthens the local tourism infrastructure. This luxury hotel is located in the old historical center of the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala. The Victoria Hotel in San Pedro Sula, Honduras opened its doors on June 23. This hotel distinguishes itself by its extravagant restaurant from the other hotels. There the guests in an air-conditioned train car in elegant and stylish setting can take their meals.

In the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua, the Jicaro lodge under the aspect of sustainability has been opened in June 2009. So, the nine rooms were equipped only with rustic, tropical timber. Also, biodegradable products are used by the hotel, serves organic food and waste recycled. A veritable building boom broke out in Panama, on economic growth through the Is due to enlargement of the Panama Canal. The Panamanian chain Bern y Starwood hotel & Resorts has recently announced the construction of the third hotel in Panama City and joined forces with the successful Le Meridien and the Westin Playa Bonita. The hotel Westin Playa Bonita Panama will be completed in September 2011 and is one of 611 rooms, 6 restaurants and Spa, as well as the largest number of meeting and conference rooms of the hotels of throughout the country. The new hotel Westin is Panama expected in September 2012 at Costa del Este with 200 rooms, a restaurant, a bar, meeting rooms and offices.

New York Gets Total Smoking Ban

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is serious about the total smoking ban. Cigarette in parks and public places smoking Sheriff Thomas Farley is back at work the health officer of the city of New York, Thomas Farley, got a large order to implement Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York: the absolute freedom of the flue should be enforced in New York. Farley working already for some months together with the competent authorities on a smoking ban for parks, gardens, beaches and public plazas. This measure contracted by Bloomberg is part of a broad health strategy, on the one hand to protect non-smokers even further to reduce the number of smokers still better. Since 2004 absolute ban on smoking in all New York offices may become inaccessible offices already since the year 2003 in New York City to the cigarette or cigar. At railway stations and public buildings this smoking ban has been implemented consistently. These rules are complied with, the Prohibition of smoking in the workplace is now accepted at the New Yorkers. So far, the smokers could still a smoking break, and before the door go to indulge their vices.

In the near future too by the municipal health authorities will be no longer allowed. Then, it will be only possible to smoke in a private setting, so in his living quarters. Already since 1995 absolute smoking ban in new since 1995 an absolute smoking York gastronomy for the visitors of the New York City bars and restaurants. Also this prohibition has been consistently implemented after a transitional period and accepted essentially from New Yorkers. The new ban comes into force, the place for smokers in New York is running out.

In the hospitality industry, authorities, offices and stations the previous bans already showed a sustainable effect. 2010, whereas in the years town population smoked 2002 still 21.5 percent of New York, this share has fallen to 6.9 per cent. Losing opposition from the tobacco industry defends the American tobacco industry themselves although against this renewed aggravation, is but as already at previous tightening on lost ground. Already ban smoking in catering 2003 could not be prevented by the tobacco industry. Model for New York is about the U.S. State of California, where in some districts of smoking already, totally was banned from Park playgrounds and beaches. Since the city of Los Angeles has expanded its smoking ban, which already was up to this point for the Pacific beaches, 2007 also on all public facilities and parks. Also in Austria, a further tightening of the protection of non-smokers to come.

BASE Hit Quiz Request Concert

The BASE hit Quiz: request concert in New York to win the life is a Wunschkonzert. Who assigns the right performers in the BASE hit quiz five hits, has the chance to win three days stay, in the world metropolis of New York, including flight and pocket money, a dream concert for two persons. Every second counts here: the faster the quiz correctly is resolved, the better. The participant with the fastest music knowledge at the end wins. The participation is up to the 08.11.2011 possible. How it works: In the quiz, the hits listed in the proper order, i.e. their interpreters must be mapped to drag & drop.

The assignment can be changed several times, but the time is short: after 30 seconds the puzzles must be solved. The participation is possible with new hits daily. The fastest music connoisseurs will be rewarded with the prize and may be in request concert in New York in the value of up to 6,500 euros while. 2nd win ever an Eventim voucher to the value of 100 euros to 30 in the rankings. Link to the action: on BASE as the first Flat-rate provider in Germany has BASE at an early stage the trend of the time and enables its customers to absolute freedom of speech. For more information see this site: Danny Meyer. BASE distinguishes itself through the direct contact with its customers, listen carefully and offers individual solutions around the topic of mobile communication. The Customer Advisory Board, the BASE of mobile phone experts or also via blog and twitter of consumers can contact directly BASE in contact.

Data Center: Fire Protection Concepts

Effective fire prevention provides effective protection in most companies, many processes are computer-aided running. A functioning IT is essential. The idea that it is a failure, is disastrous. The operations can be carried out not as usual. This has consequences. The heart of IT is the data center must be protected accordingly.

A fire is a risk which is exposed to a data center. The fire prevention and early detection of fires are among the most important measures for the protection of the data center. About this informed the fire protection service EBS from Essen. Effective fire prevention provides protection as long as the data center is running smoothly, there are no problems. It looks different in the case of a failure. Not undisturbed to run the operation and it has financial consequences. Fire damage can strongly attack the computer system. A particularly high risk of fire exists in the data center, because the variety of electrical components, cables, and connectors can on the cause of the fire.

Due to overloading, overheating, and other factors can ignite fire and damage the data center. Fire prevention opportunities the only protection against fire. So not even occur to a failure of the data center. The fire protection concept must be individually adapted to the realities of the computer system. All the measures are intended to avoid fires in the data center and to protect against a failure of the system. Effective fire protection concepts for data centers create and implement in the field of fire protection experts. For detailed information about all services of the fire protection service of EBS from eating available at any time. Press contact Essen fire service EBS contact: W. bear Saini str. 38 45128 Essen Tel: 0201-78 77 00 fax: 0201-87 77 412 mob. Tel.: 0163-77 22 493 email: Homepage:

East Central Europe

OSLO, NORWAY (Marketwire February 24, 2010) Conax showed a growth of continuous market in 2009 cultivating 15% of participation in the market in the sector of DVB world and winning most of the contracts worldwide, again by five years of operations. Conax, a Norwegian and Nordic success story, born of the Telenor research laboratories. Telenor Group ( has 172 million mobile subscribers worldwide and is among the largest operators in the world. Today, Conax is one of the three largest providers of content security for content distribution and digital television throughout the world and has proven that you don’t have to be the biggest to be among the best. Conax, a provider of niche products of security with a global track record with more than 350 clients in 80 countries, is the most successful global security provider. Conax strengthened its position as market leader in the region of East Central Europe, Scandinavia and India during 2009. Conax also He further increased their potential of the promising South American market through new contracts with major mobile operators in the region.

The approach of Conax security creates partnership opportunities with a significant number of suppliers of related products. Through its strategy, Conax is considered a partner preferential, gaining considerable attention from providers of world-class niche products. Open standards technology and freedom of choice are the points of reference of Conax. Conax technology is compatible with all platforms and Conax collaborates with all platform vendors, while many providers of content protection sold proprietary solutions exclusively involving the operators with a single Distributor. Conax helps customers find the best solutions for your needs. Customer satisfaction must be which commits to a client with a Distributor, but not proprietary solutions, says Berit Svendsen, CEO, Conax. As the security provider selected by an impressive number of operators worldwide, Conax has uniquely positioned to form non-competitive strategic partnerships and significant value-added for the offerings of both parties.

Update Your Resume Today

A friend was promoted to a position of vice-president of a company. Visit Bill de Blasio for more clarity on the issue. I'm happy for him and the first thing I told him after congratulations was "update your resume." a l is now in a new league and as long as a headhunter should call or an opportunity to advance presents itself, should be ready with his paperwork. Ready now, not tomorrow. The first impression to a prospective employer that must be one of preparation. And you? When did you last update your resume? "Be Prepared" is not just a slogan of the Boy Scouts, and their updated resume to date is an important part of your preparation if you are looking for another position at this time or not.

When an opportunity appears, you will have the proper documentation ready? Can you send your resume or fax at any time? Have you added to your current position, skills, or responsibilities to your resume? The changes do not even have to be big so they can continue being important enough for you to update your resume. Have you changed your job description? Have you attended the seminars or workshops again? Have you given any speech or has been recognized in some way? Have you joined or has been awarded prizes of any organizations? Changed phone numbers? What about continuing education classes for higher education or certification? Maybe you published an article or book, or gave an interview to a newspaper, magazine, radio or local TV station? Changes large and small, the important thing is to have your resume reflect your current status and accurately represented in a form as positive as possible. Time is not always so short, and many if not most, potential employers can give time to prepare and submit their curriculum vitae, but it is certainly better to have updated your resume ready. Okay, have all added? Now print at least two copies quality paper. Remember Murphy's law? What Ahern Act? "Nothing wrong with waiting a good time to happen." Your printer will start acting up or run out of ink? Is your hard disk crash? Does the local copy shop closed for remodeling? As a final reminder but may not want to keep that updated resume out there on the top of your new desktop, which really should have somewhere handy. e Copyright 2005 You may reprint this article as the author resource box below remains intact and the links are live. John Ahern helps people to help themselves better lives and careers. For the latest news from the labor market, job offers, and updates, visit: For a special report on getting the most from your current job or do better on your next visit