Central Topic

The Central Topic is written in the middle of the leaf, and represents the Centre of the considerations. Lila Snyder helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. All solution visions are now indicated in the form of ramifications and linked together. VIII. consultants and client VIII. 1. Consultant in the solution-focused counseling is primarily the communication partner of seeking advice of consultants. He represents no authority, but accompanied only the clients on his way to finding solutions, initiated dialogue on the search for solutions and maintains these dialogues.

Since the consultant as an expert in the search for solutions can be seen, he is freed from the task of having to know a solution. He is together with the people seeking advice on the search for the smallest change ways, hence he is exempt from problem fixing prevailing in other schools of counseling and the inability to act thus partially implied. The solution-focused consultants accepted the majority of the people seeking advice and respecting its voluntary nature. He helps the clients with positive appreciation, compliments and common search for exceptions, to enable individual resources. In the solution-focused counseling the consultants responsibility passes the seeking advice for whose life, because only so the client can develop solutions. This responsibility however mean a departure from the way of the crying and suffering, which appears sure initially not particularly appealing for the people seeking advice. As a result, the conversation with a client who only suffers is”of particular importance. For one, the Adviser must take seriously the claims of the client and empathically understand on the other hand he should strive, that the client is responsible, so that processes can be initiated, which carry about finding exceptions to perspectives. The communicative posts of consultant in the solution-focused counseling typically consist of questions that contribute as invitations to the solution-oriented focus of attention, from positive feedback in the form of compliments to the Identification of competencies and resources, as well as from quotations in the form of ideas for target-beneficial activities.