" More bond a minute of frank and sincere life that one hundred years of hipocresa". Ganivet angel " Odious for me, like the doors of Hades, he is the man who hides a thing in his sine and says otra". Homero Unfortunately in our transit by this world, actions are pronounced, behaviors that let much say, mainly, when we interrelated with people and we deposited our confidence to him, that does not know to appreciate and it often falls in hypocrisy. While we are taking our opportunity life, we must behave, act in authentic form, complete, respecting to us and repetando to the others, not abuse the confidence that is provided to us, to be sincere, noble, ethical, with identified values, always saying the truth. What is hypocrisy? Which is its reach? How it affects to us? Why we neglected our authenticity? Why to deceive to us, to lie? , they are important questions that they invite a to include/understand the nonacceptance of hypocrisy, a to free itself of her. Wikipedia indicates on the matter to us, that we consider, that the word comes from the delayed Latin hypocrisis and the Greek? (hypokrisis), that means " actuar" , " fingir" or " one respuesta". The word " hipcrita" it comes from the Greek? (hypokrites), whose associate verb is? (hypokrinomai), that is to say, " volume parte". Both derive from the verb? , " juzgar" (? , " juicio"? kritiki, " crticos"), presumably because the accomplishment of a dramatic text involved a certain degree of interpretation of the text.

The word also can be understood as an amalgam of the Greek area code hipo-, that means " debajo" , and of the verb krinein, that means " decidir". Therefore, the original meaning is given like a deficiency in the ability to decide. This deficiency, as it belongs to the ideals and feelings of one same one, explains the contemporary meaning of the word.

9 Reasons Companies Should Blog

Below are the 9 reasons why companies should blog. 1. That’s perfect public relations tool. His personal character gives you and your organization a unique line voice – a voice heard by the people who matter – your customers and clients, other bloggers and media. 2. Blogs act as instant feedback mechanisms. They allow readers to respond to your posts via the comments section or links to them on their own blogs using Trackback.

These features provide near real-time information about the ideas, opinions and issues that affect them, or highlight and address new or existing problems. 3. Blogs help to position you and your company as experts and leaders in their sector. 4. Their simplicity and addictive nature allow you to share more of their knowledge more often.

Blogs are about sharing what they know, think and believe permanently. 5. Search engines index your blog posts more often due to more frequently updated content. Your ongoing blog and sharing of knowledge is displayed in search results, making it easier for your customers and prospects to find it. 6. You can have many conversations with many people at once – something nearly impossible in the world of brick and mortar. 7. There are rumors machines. Go ahead and try. Blog is something new – a new product or launch services, improving an existing product, or a newly appointed administrator. See how fast the news spreads throughout the blogosphere. 8. Are self promotion, due to their RSS feeds to be added through the network almost instantaneously, exposing their knowledge to a growing number of prospective business Evangelists. 9. Companies that blog are considered early adopters, thought leaders and “.” Blogging is cool and companies who have your blog are cool. But the most important thing to remember when blogging is that you are not a speaker talks to an audience, you are sharing and interacting. You are a voice to be heard and how powerful is the voice depends on the amount of interaction that you do. It is the opposite of advertising.

Remove Drooping Eyelids

Anyone suffering from drooping eyelids, but younger and more active look want to, should plastic surgeons such as the Dusseldorf doctor Dr. med. Faix-Schade, contact Lara. Recently Bill de Blasio sought to clarify these questions. People with drooping eyelids look older and also sad. Drooping eyelids can also restrict the field of vision and cause the upper lids as difficult to be perceived. So, it’s no wonder that most people again want to get rid of your drooping eyelids. The good news: It’s! Without much effort. Using a simple outpatient procedure can be reliably corrected drooping eyelids”, said Dr.

med. Lara Faix Schade. According to the experienced plastic surgeon for eyelid firming the skin excess and that including this muscle tissue surgically removed, added together the edges of the skin with nearly invisible seams and smoothed the skin of the eyelids. The patient also has pockets under the eye, it can also be removed during the treatment”, as the Director of a private clinic in Dusseldorf. Again look young Dr. med.

Faix Schade stresses, intact so that the correction affects only the area of the skin, eyeball and organ of sight. The eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is performed with local anesthesia and closed eyelids”, the internationally renowned doctor reported. The healing process is usually fast. The threads can be pulled in just a few days. The eyelid skin is very fine and heals so well”, explains the plastic surgeon. According to their experience, the treatment causes that the patient or the patient 10 to 15 years over again bright eyes can look forward. How long does the upper eyelid surgery, depends on the texture of the skin and their care. Dr. med. Faix Schade emphasizes that patients themselves at greater ages perform an upper eyelid surgery can, unless their condition is good. Particularly pleasing: an ophthalmologist who certifies the medical necessity of treatment or a field determination shows that the health insurance pays the costs. Cosmetic surgery are Trust Dr. med. Lara Faix Schade is specialist in surgery and plastic surgery. Before she opened her own clinic for plastisch-aesthetic treatments in Dusseldorf, the experienced surgeon in New York and Paris in famous clinics had been consulted. The internationally renowned doctor exclusively in the area of plastic surgery with a focus on working kosmetisch-surgery for over 15 years. In Germany, the private clinic of the experienced medical doctor is one of the top addresses for those who a facelift, an eyelid surgery, liposuction, breast surgery or rhinoplasty want to undergo, so they look better, fresher, younger and dynamic. The doctor shows her patients what options do they have to unfold their beauty and to bring back to the fore. The plastic surgeon guaranteed that the outer individuality of patients retained even after the treatment. The patient must never be are themselves or others appear. Regular participation in continuing education to ensure that Dr. med. Faix too bad their patients as well as great experience can guarantee the latest development of medical treatment, too. The researcher is member of the German society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons, the Association of the German aesthetic plastic surgeons, the German society of surgery and the American Academy for facial plastic and Reconstuctive surgery.

Virtual Office

Tips to move forward with a virtual office follow these tips for having a successful virtual office. Currently, there are several business start-ups who consider the advantages of establishing a virtual office, not only because of the convenience of being able to work from where the employees are located, but also by low costs in comparison with a traditional Office. Here are some helpful tips to get your virtual office. 1 Organise. Many new entrepreneurs and homeworkers, admit that it can be more difficult to maintain a healthy balance between work and daily life. Studies suggest that experienced professionals may have more success working from home, since they tend to be more organized and keep in touch with clients and colleagues.

2. Decides. Look at whether the advantages of renting a virtual office will benefit your business from the beginning. Do you seem to let customers know where you live, what your home or cell number? Do you need things in particular to satisfy those clients? You have an address in a recognized business area will help your customers feel more secure from the outset. This will be a crucial aspect. With a relatively insignificant financial outlay, income of a virtual office can bring you great benefits, like having a business address and a telephone line for your business. 3 Investigates. Although many providers of virtual offices often do too much publicity about its services and location, better investigate, since often the area that both promotes the company turns out to be not as impressive as it looks in advertising.

4 Inspect. Visit the facilities and meet the staff who will be the first point of contact for your client. Sometimes companies outsource buildings in order to offer the services of virtual offices and even to hire personal outsourcing abroad to meet calls from your customers. 5 Czech. Very fijate bien in hidden costs, since it is not uncommon that the providers of virtual offices will surprise customers with extra hidden costs, such as mail forwarding or call forwarding and registration fees. 6. Without commitments. Do not commit the quality of Office appliances. Many new entrepreneurs have discovered that discipline is a key factor for making a business grow and to do this research is the key. Make sure acquired technology is really necessary to spend on it. It is important to buy first quality equipment, preferably that will allow you to have energy savings. 7. Quality talent. Locate persons who are fit to work remotely and identifies what kind of technology may need to carry out their work. Also think in factors such as the maintenance of the equipment that you give to your employees and how are you going to cover absences of these (illness, emergencies at home, etc.). 8. Outsourcing wisely. Make sure you investigate offices providers and be aware of the standard rates in the market. Selects companies with proven experience and testimonies of quality. Get clear points of reference and monitors the performance of the companies in virtual offices that will be interesting.


Hvis du tilfaeldigvis desvaerre blive diagnosticeret med en sygdom, er der forskellige former for healing fas i NY, sasom naturlige varianter af healing eller andre typer, sasom in medicinsk kraeftbehandling for prostatakraeft New York. Men hvis du er godt og ikke er blevet diagnosticeret nogen sygdom med, er der altid mulighed for at tage rigtig nike free run australia godt pa dig selv pa daglig basis, for in sadan diagnose og i hoj grad mindske risikoen for at blive diagnosticeret med en sygdom, kan du ikke engang stave. Nedenfor er nike free run in af de bedste mader at bevare sundhed, som kan hjaelpe dig med at holde i meget god og maske betyde form, at du aldrig behover en besoge et medicinsk center for akustisk Nike Free 3.0 New York neuroma overhovedet. Forste vand stof, udgor omkring 70% af det menneskelige legeme er in vital af samme. Men hvor mange mennesker ofte en drikke meget vigtige livet af denne forsommer? Selvom vi kan fole ok med kun indtage kaffe, te og drikkevarer sodavand, saw faktisk ikke forsta, hvad der sker i kroppen, nar vi er dehydreret. Vi kan fole sig ok, kan tunger foles lidt tor free, free mund lidt torster dog med gentagne tilfaelde af den samme folelse, vi kan forarsage alvorlige problemer. Med ikke nok vand i kroppen, begynder our blod tykkere og til at flyde mindre, hvilket betyder igen, at vi ikke nok til hjernen ilt far. SAMT et vaeld af andre ting, der ikke har nok vand kan betyde, mangel pa Nike Free 7.0 ilt bremser you ned, gor I traette og en forringes ting som hukommelse begynder.

I drikker mere vand, hjaelpe vi i lindring af in lang raekke sygdomme og hjaelper med at holde fokus pa arbejde og leg. In lidet kendt faktum er, en nar du passerer urin, den farve det skal vare meget lys stra farve. Ikke helt klar, men ikke gul absolut. Hvis du sender gul urin, du er meget dehydreret, medmindre du lige har haft on B-vitamin tablet, der kan gore to the gul urin. Hvis farven er klar, kan du vare indtagelse af for meget vand, der er heller ikke at optimal ting, da det betyder, at du kan skylle ud sunde mineraler, som har kroppen Brug for. Bemaerkning om destilleret vand og in god anbefaling til at tage om bord. Drik ikke for meget af denne form for vand. Det vil skylle nodvendige mineraler, en kroppen har brug for en forblive sunde og kan forarsage mineral mangel.

Umiddelbare af drikkevand omfatter fordele: Oget energi, bidrager til at oge Federated tab, hovedpine og traethed, tager vak sult ofte, nar fjerner vi er sultne, men har ikke lang tid siden spist, arsagen til at vi dig tripod foler, er vi ikke har faet nok vand i os, hydrater kroppen, herunder huden. Fordelene ved at drikke vand for at oge og bevare sundhed er bare for mange til at skrive i in artikel. Tager at vandflaske med dig og nipper pa det hele dagen virkelig kan gore in verden til forskel for dit helbred.

Important Facts You Should Know About Dandruff

Do you know that dandruff affects about 70% of the U.S. population? Do you know who spend $ 300,000,000 trying to get rid of it? Dandruff is the most widespread problem in the scalp! But you must understand that it is contagious and is not a disease! Dandruff can not threaten his life, but it often threatens your mental peace. Detachment of the skin is a natural phenomenon. The skin of your scalp renews itself every month. The dead cells that previously formed your scalp is dandruff now.

The presence of negligible dandruff is inevitable. The problem arises when the presence of dead cells in the form of flakes suddenly increases. Doctors still debate what causes dandruff. Many researchers believe that is the result of an overgrowth of yeast that normally resides in the scalp of each. Pityrosporum constitutes the major part of the flora of the skin. You suffer from dandruff when the normal limit of 46% of Pityrosporum increases up to the mark of 74%.

Factors such as emotional stress and physical no less important in triggering dandruff growth. Stress management also improves the scalp condition. Increases the growth of dandruff during winter compared with summer for most people. Because you can find tons of products and lotions, you need not worry about the problem of dandruff. Just find the remedy that works for you. If you suffer from mild dandruff, wash your scalp regularly to remove excess scales. If you suffer from stubborn flakes, treatment through a shampoo is the answer. You can use many natural remedies to treat dandruff. You need to try some to see what works for you. You can even treat dandruff by using essential oils and herbs. If you do not mind the long-term treatments, you can opt for various home remedies. A mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice is equally effective as treatment with apple cider vinegar. Natural remedies take time to show visible results and the need for constant use but are effective in treating the cause. If you want immediate control, use shampoos containing ketoconazole. Avoid using shampoos with harsh chemicals if you have a scalp beaten. Applying shampoos containing such chemicals on broken skin can cause irritation. If a particular product does not show results, try another with a different ingredient base. Wash your hair regularly is important. If you find that washing your hair curly or dry ends gives the secret to handle that, take some conditioner and add it to the ends of your hair before washing normally. Then the condition that after shampooing, if you use the conditioner. One way to avoid over-conditioning your hair and save you money is put some of your favorite brand of conditioner in one bottle Spritz, with nearly four times more water. After shampooing, rinse. A dry towel and then spray conditioner of in Another mistake many people make is to put gel in his hair. It’s okay to put gel in your hair if that is your style preference. However, it builds up and causes flakes, which many think is dandruff. Get in the habit of washing your hair more often. It is only the beginning of getting rid of dandruff. Think about it. If all that is required just to wash hair more often, would not have dandruff. Do You Want to Have Beautiful hair every day for the rest of your life? Visit FREE website that will teach you how to achieve beautiful hair.

Milestones In The History Of Diamonds

iv century ad In Golconda (India) found the diamonds. In the imagination of connoisseurs of jewelry name Golconda paints a picture of the mystery religions of central India, where the beds of ancient rivers were given to mankind for a legendary diamond others – from "Hope" to "Kohinoor". Today in the jargon diamantaires Golconda – a synonym for a rare, extremely valuable diamond with perfect color and clarity characteristics. 1226-1270 years. The French king St. Louis ix Do not wear diamonds to all but the king. Charter clearly the link between diamonds and royal authority, St.

Louis firmly cemented their reputation for absolute luxury. Over 100 years after the proclamation of the ban enjoyed frenzied popular among European aristocracy. 1477 Austrian Archduke Maximilian ordered the world's first engagement ring with diamonds for the Duchess of Burgundy Mary. The custom of exchanging wedding rings, leaves its roots in Ancient Egypt. However, the noble gesture of the Archduke became a sensation, because until then no one and never heard that the woman gave a ring to commemorate the betrothal. It took some 500 years, and a ring with Diamond – an essential attribute of culture marriage proposal. 1500 European graver began experimenting with different kinds of cuts, approaching the maximum possible reflection of light in a stone. Indians prized jewel in its original, raw form, assuming that the sacred stone for his toughness and play of light.

In Europe, after the diamond became widespread, the strict taboo on the faceting of the stone eventually disappeared. The very first diamond cutting production occurred in the middle of the xiv century in Venice. Craftsmen-cutters come up with a table facet, faceting in the form of roses, and in the end, brilliant cut. 1869 After the discovery of diamond weighing 47.69 carats in South Africa started a diamond rush. Betrothed "Star of South Africa (Star of South Africa) pear-shaped diamond weighing 47.69 carats cut was not the first diamond found in South Africa. That title belongs to diamond weighing 10.73 carats, called " (), found in 1866. However, it is followed by "Star of South Africa's diamonds began to appear in incredible amounts. The growing popularity of diamonds coincided with the so- called Belle Epoque (1890-1914 gg.), during which the usage was included electric lights, multiplies the already bright natural shine of diamonds. 1919 Marcel Tolkowsky to calculate the exact proportion of "ideal cut "diamond. In his scientific paper entitled "Construction of a diamond: An analysis of the reflection and refraction of light in a diamond (Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond) Marcel Tolkowsky described the ideal proportions of a round brilliant cut, allows to balance the characteristics of retroreflective diamond. The results of his research formed the basis of dominant now in the grading of diamonds philosophy of "cut – it's all". Copywriter in New York advertising agency nw Ayer France Gereti (Frances Gerety) invented the most famous advertising slogan of all time. In 2000, the magazine Advertising Age named Gereti invented an ingenious phrase "Brilliant – this is forever (A Diamond is Forever) the best advertising slogan xx century. Establish firmly in the collective consciousness and become an integral part of today's lexicon of popular culture, this slogan seems to stay there permanently, more accurately, forever.