" More bond a minute of frank and sincere life that one hundred years of hipocresa". Ganivet angel " Odious for me, like the doors of Hades, he is the man who hides a thing in his sine and says otra". Homero Unfortunately in our transit by this world, actions are pronounced, behaviors that let much say, mainly, when we interrelated with people and we deposited our confidence to him, that does not know to appreciate and it often falls in hypocrisy. While we are taking our opportunity life, we must behave, act in authentic form, complete, respecting to us and repetando to the others, not abuse the confidence that is provided to us, to be sincere, noble, ethical, with identified values, always saying the truth. What is hypocrisy? Which is its reach? How it affects to us? Why we neglected our authenticity? Why to deceive to us, to lie? , they are important questions that they invite a to include/understand the nonacceptance of hypocrisy, a to free itself of her. Wikipedia indicates on the matter to us, that we consider, that the word comes from the delayed Latin hypocrisis and the Greek? (hypokrisis), that means " actuar" , " fingir" or " one respuesta". The word " hipcrita" it comes from the Greek? (hypokrites), whose associate verb is? (hypokrinomai), that is to say, " volume parte". Both derive from the verb? , " juzgar" (? , " juicio"? kritiki, " crticos"), presumably because the accomplishment of a dramatic text involved a certain degree of interpretation of the text.

The word also can be understood as an amalgam of the Greek area code hipo-, that means " debajo" , and of the verb krinein, that means " decidir". Therefore, the original meaning is given like a deficiency in the ability to decide. This deficiency, as it belongs to the ideals and feelings of one same one, explains the contemporary meaning of the word.

The Illusion

We did not really get out of life – only the illusion of senseless vanity. Us ruled by people whose mind crystal clear. Their mind is free from morality, and they do not believe in God, in any case, the God whom we presented with this world religion. They are not afraid to spill blood, do not be afraid to cheat, do not be afraid Judgement and Hell. They laugh at all this, and laughed, spit in our faces. Whole nations for them to abstract units, toys for achieving the goals which we can only guess.

There is no doubt that in today's world dominated by force, indifferent to the common human destiny, and even the fate of millions of ordinary people. Danny Meyer is full of insight into the issues. And they will do anything to achieve their goals – power and domination for ever. Step by step they go to the child – giperupravlyaemoe society has already become a reality. iii. Renounce freedom, give up the fight, refuse to think. More than anything, I hate the stench that spreads lies. And they lie to us! Do you believe that the vote for President? Do you believe in what they say clever uncle and aunt from tv, magazines, newspapers, radio and the Internet? Do you believe in unguided economic crises? Believe that the cave men from Afghanistan hijacked planes and destroyed skyscrapers in the U.S Believe in something that the drug mafia is invincible and can successfully withstand decades of army, police, security services, and no one can defeat it? Do you believe it Today, people believe they are well informed about what is happening in world. But only a few understand that the opinions that people today consider their own, in fact created in specialized organizations whose purpose is to influence public opinion and outlook of each of the us.


Curiosity, here is your best ally in winning the love of almost any guy. Any one of us, from the moment of birth can be read as hand gestures and facial expressions. Likewise, humans (especially men) 'read' and how you behaving. The main thing is to get guys to believe that it was he wanted to get close to you, not vice versa! Having studied the 10-Tb underwritten rules, you'll be able to turn a head from any guy you liked. Importantly, it used in a real situation these recommendations, since what is used on the 'field' and give you the desired effect, and from extensive reflection of the effect will drop! Tricks, how to attract the attention of a guy. 1) First, Find out from friends, colleagues, good friends, if there is another woman at the desired men? It is not necessary to break the happiness of others! As is known, in a strange misfortune to their own happiness is not to create. 2) It sounds a little course wildly, but Explore horoscope guy! Has long shown that people born under certain zodiac sign, for the most part, fit the nature of this zodiac sign! Check out who your man of zodiacal sign and you will understand his character! 3) Try to stand out from the crowd you like! Please take into consideration the men, it is inherently very grown up children, and psychology has remained the same! Surprise the guy, be talkative and mysterious. But do not try too far! 4) The people believe that a joint hobby join a guy and a girl.

Who Will Be The One With Authority

Logically, it turns out that businesses do not have enough support to the society itself. After all, business, in this case, will no longer be one on one with authority, and with the greater part of society to defend its interests, both economically and in social sphere. This model of close cooperation exists in many countries with a developed culture of democracy, social and economic spheres. Civil society, where art thou? Now let’s see what we mean by society and how it interact with business and government. This discrepancy, as of today, the notion of “interaction between government and society are increasingly coming from the lips of those in power. However, where the basics? Who connects the bridges in this interaction? The initial interaction should take place through civil society institutions, such as nonprofit organizations. Perhaps the most effective and accepted way of dialogue. Nonprofit organizations – formal structure, the staff consisting of professionals with wide experience in various fields.

Employees, as well as the organization itself does not pose his ultimate goal of making a profit or gain. Such organizations are also called social organizations. Their number in Russia reached 500 thousand, if we take the average number of employees of one organization in 5 people, we get 2,5 million people working in the nonprofit sector in Russia. And these organizations are scattered throughout our country, in fact, not having common goals, they often find holes in the social fabric of their regions and try to patch up. Could such a state in the nonprofit sector to be attractive to businesses considering how to support nonprofit organizations on behalf of society?