Colombia Plan

To the president of Mexico they return to him as boomerang its own declarations of hand lasts against the drug trafficking when it assumed the presidency in 2006. The executive of the United States begins to shuffle a possible cooperation with his neighboring country to do against the fight against the drug trafficking. To speak… Read more Colombia Plan

Russians Sunflower

It turns out that this must be "razgryzt shell teeth, eat the kernel spit out the husk and be happy." What a pity that the Russians had not read that statement. Ordinary glass roasted seeds could suddenly make them happy. Let's all get back to our subject, namely, whether there is good seeds? Here they… Read more Russians Sunflower

Flowers And Health

Why we love to give and receive flowers as a gift? We like the perfection of their forms, their pure colors or bright colors, their smell, their relationship with loved ones and dear to us people, finally, we are pleased to receive thanks or thank you. In other words, the impact of colors on our… Read more Flowers And Health