Western Siberia

Hemlock. Two-year glabrous, herbaceous plant with thick white spindly roots and erect stem bluish up to 200 cm, which is covered with purple spots. In the first year of life, above-ground part has only bunch of basal leaves. In the second year grows tall naked stem. The leaves are large (Z0-60 cm), glabrous, triangular, with long segments. Hemlock can be easily discerned by the unpleasant (a mouse) the smell of the leaves. Plant spread throughout the European part of Russia, just an opportunity to clean the pads on the equipment for cleaning pillows, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Western Siberia, Ukraine.

It grows like weeds in landfills, along roads, among the bushes on the banks of rivers. Hemlock – a very dangerous poisonous plant. Toxic substances are found in all plant organs, especially numerous in immature seed. Fruits contain up to 2% of alkaloids, of which the main are koniin, metilkoniin, kongidrin, psevdokongidrin. The highest toxicity is different koniin. In the leaves of hemlock alkaloids are found (0.1%), essential oil and caffeic acid, quercetin isolated from the flowers and kaempferol. Need cleaning pads.

Hemlock poisoning is most often due to incorrect use of its roots in the food instead of parsley, parsnips, etc. It is accompanied by several characteristic features: central nervous system depression, salivation, a decrease in temperature, enhanced the release of sweat, zhguchestyu in the mouth, vomiting, dilated pupils, weak, and weakening pulse, difficulty breathing, paralysis, which starts with the feet. Death occurs in 30-60 minutes, sometimes after 2 hours from respiratory paralysis, with full consciousness. To assist the victim to give him laxatives. Unsafe hemlock and animals – horses, cattle, sheep and pigs. Symptoms of poisoning vary in different animals, but during the restoration of almost all of paralysis of the nervous system. Hemlock – drug plant. Preparations made from it is used as a painkiller, in the treatment of epilepsy, tetanus and other diseases.


Norbekov Institute (also known as self-healing Rights Institute) was established in Moscow in 1998. Its founder and longtime leader, it is not difficult to guess, MS Norbekov. During its existence the institute opened Norbekov offices in 28 countries around the world: in Russia, CIS countries and Baltic States and abroad – in the U.S., Britain, Germany, Israel and Canada. In total, more than three hundred cities around the world conducted studies on improving Academician Norbekov system, employing over 600 teachers. In 2002 he founded the Institute Norbekov in New York, which today has 14 branches in different States. As educators are fond of repeating the Institute, currently over 2 million people in the courses of the Institute Norbekov able to improve their health and well-balanced life to get the mood. But is this true? No statistics the agency does not provide.

Rather, we mean that More than two million have been paid and courses on the system Norbekov. Further description of the fully cite the work of this institution found on the website of the Institute Norbekov: For more than twenty years has accumulated vast experience, we find new techniques, made scientific discoveries, a number of awards and international qualifications. Clinical studies have confirmed the excellent results in chronic respiratory, digestive, urinary, cardio – vascular, nervous, endocrine, immune and other systems. Author’s method of work Norbekov vision revolutionized modern medicine. It allows you to restore eyesight without drugs and surgery intervention, and a number of diseases which are incurable official medicine. Among them – optic atrophy, myopia, astigmatism, different types of dystrophy, cataract, glaucoma, color blindness. Here impossible to list all the diagnoses, which are engaged in the Institute Norbekov.

However, it is important to note that due to work on himself, of 97-98 100 people are beginning to restore health even during the ten- educational and recreational courses. So what I want to say after reading this? Only one, the institute Norbekov able “to squat on the ears.” Essentially speaking, the “teachers” of the institution, to the notion that the Institute has irrelevant. Just cheat their customers! In – first raised questions about the authenticity “of prizes and international diplomas.” Rather institutions to lend. In – the second, which means “good results in chronic diseases of the respiratory, digestive, urinary, cardio – vascular, nervous, endocrine, immune and other systems? ” Excellent results – a concept rather vague and imprecise, and science concepts such are not interested. Here we need FACTS. Where is irrefutable evidence of the improving health of two million people? B – Third, what kind of statement about the alleged coup in medicine? Techniques that are used in the institute has long Norbekov known and used throughout, just in slightly different form. Finally, phrases like “thanks to the work on himself, out of 100 people 97-98 start to restore health even during the ten-day educational and recreational Course “at once make it clear that the institution Norbekov primarily aimed at enriching its creators, since they are absolutely meaningless and does not guarantee the words are designed to attract people. A sick man this is such a person, which is why – it is ready to implement the recommendations of anyone, even a charlatan, but would not follow doctor’s recommendations!

Colombia Plan

To the president of Mexico they return to him as boomerang its own declarations of hand lasts against the drug trafficking when it assumed the presidency in 2006. The executive of the United States begins to shuffle a possible cooperation with his neighboring country to do against the fight against the drug trafficking. To speak of cooperation poses the problem like which it is: problem where both countries play a role and have a responsibility. A military solution on the part of the United States or of the international community would cost thousands of million dollars in (more) armament and military training. For that reason president Caldern insists on which cooperation is not equivalent to new Colombia Plan . The part of responsibility of the United States in the subject is exposed by investigations of The New York Times. These relate how arms seized after a shooting took to the investigators until a store of arms in Phoenix, Arizona. To the owner I tend of it is accused to him to sell hundreds of arms to smugglers with the knowledge of which they would finish into the hands of narcotics traffickers.

As far as the drug, into the hands of whom it finishes once it crosses the border? It distributes who it? As well as nobody force to the North American citizens to consume drug, costs to think that the logistic capabilities of the FBI and the DEA does not have reach sufficient to act in territory North American. Without those answers, it would be in doubt the paper of the North American police and the judicial power. For the cooperation that proposes Obama, the United States will also have to reframe their slackness in the sale of arms, something that appears difficult in a country where the facility to buy armament considers a right of the citizens. In addition, the militarization as much of the Latin American States as of the organized crime benefits the main exporter from arms: The United States, Russia, France and Spain, among others. Nevertheless, no of these expositions exempts to Mexico nor to the Latin American countries of its responsibility at the time of facing its own corruption, impunity and weakness of its institutions. Questions that will only be able to eradicate deep educative reforms, institutional and of fight against the poverty so that it does not have to always armor to the same elites of the violence, a fruit of the social injustice. Carlos Migulez Monroy Journalist ccs@ solidarios.org.

Russians Sunflower

It turns out that this must be "razgryzt shell teeth, eat the kernel spit out the husk and be happy." What a pity that the Russians had not read that statement. Ordinary glass roasted seeds could suddenly make them happy. Let's all get back to our subject, namely, whether there is good seeds? Here they are useful features: Sunflower seeds contain as much as the body needs calcium, as there are in the fruit yogurt or sour cream. They are rich in substances that enhance our skin and normalize acid-base balance in the body. Not without reason, to remove the heartburn, enough to gnaw a little seed. Men beware! Seeds – a storehouse of vitamin E, which nourishes your potency. At half-cup of cut properly roasted seeds already contained his daily rate. "Guys, the one who eats seeds, – worth it." That's our slogan, as opposed to foreign Viagra.

In order to be healthy and shiny hair, the body needs a certain amount of zinc. Click Gary Shteyngart to learn more. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are rich in them. Eat sunflower seeds. biting sunflower seeds – a great way to stay awake for driving. Repeatedly tested in practice. Like everything else in our lives, sunflower seeds have a downside. Note their harmful side: Seeds Husks, you destroy tooth enamel.

But, believe me, not the worst. Sunflower sucks its roots from the soil lead and cadmium, and fills their core seeds. Given the current environment, this stuff gets into our bodies in the process of biting. Information for fans of "semok" excess cadmium causes kidney disease, hypertension, and mental retardation. Kuban grandmother treat their rheumatoid feet, dropping them into a bag of hot sunflower seeds, then go to market and sell them (no legs, and seeds) in small kulechkah parties. After a dose of useful information everyone is free to decide, it is helpful or harmful is still nuts. Those who read this article, was not disappointed in this product, we give some practical tips on how to properly cook seeds, so they were really a treat. Before the hot seeds should be rinsed under cold water to remove dust from their surface and coloring pigment, and immediately pour onto a hot griddle, cast iron better. Fry sunflower seeds should be properly, ie, constantly stirring with a wooden paddle. Once they begin to "crack", remove the pan from the heat, but do not stop stirring. Then, after a short pause, again set on fire and this procedure was repeated 3-4 times. At the end of roasted sunflower seeds should be emptied on a flat wooden surface and cover with a linen or cotton cloth for 10 minutes to "ripen". Only in this way they become fry real "Kalenkov" – known in Russia treat.

Flowers And Health

Why we love to give and receive flowers as a gift? We like the perfection of their forms, their pure colors or bright colors, their smell, their relationship with loved ones and dear to us people, finally, we are pleased to receive thanks or thank you. In other words, the impact of colors on our body is a complex – and at the physiological level, through the senses, and mental – through images, and on a social level through the establishment of new contacts and strengthening existing relationships. On the other hand, we often hear the view that direct material benefit communication with the colors does not work. This is not so – many medical studies indicate – Flowers are good for health! The effect of healing the body is achieved, in particular, due to the stimulation and stabilization of metabolic processes. Many types of flowers are medicinal plants in the traditional sense – they used in the form of decoctions, tinctures, teas or used in the pharmaceutical industry. Thus, the flowers of chamomile are the usual powerful natural antiseptic, with rose oil and syrup treat diseases of the heart, blood vessels, stomach and intestine, eye and skin diseases, including eczema. Japanese chrysanthemum flowers are used as a salad, add the petals of sake in order to achieve the rejuvenation and longevity.

Positive impact on organism floral scents. Aromatherapy, known in the East for hundreds of years, has received official recognition in the official medicine. German researchers found in an experiment that inhaling fragrance of roses, especially during slow phase of sleep activates the function of memory. It is hard to overestimate the positive impact of flowers on mental health. Bouquets, flower arrangements reduce the level of emotional stress, evoke positive emotions, relieve stress.

Increased emotional and overall body tone, normal blood pressure, improves sleep. Green friends are vital to man in large metropolitan areas such as Yekaterinburg. Indoor plants saturate the air of our home oxygen, like filters, clean it from harmful substances isolated biologically active volatile killing harmful microorganisms. Shops colors of course, are no substitute for people pharmacies and clinics, but we have every reason to say: "Give the flowers to health!" Flowers