Flowers And Health

Why we love to give and receive flowers as a gift? We like the perfection of their forms, their pure colors or bright colors, their smell, their relationship with loved ones and dear to us people, finally, we are pleased to receive thanks or thank you. In other words, the impact of colors on our body is a complex – and at the physiological level, through the senses, and mental – through images, and on a social level through the establishment of new contacts and strengthening existing relationships. On the other hand, we often hear the view that direct material benefit communication with the colors does not work. This is not so – many medical studies indicate – Flowers are good for health! The effect of healing the body is achieved, in particular, due to the stimulation and stabilization of metabolic processes. Many types of flowers are medicinal plants in the traditional sense – they used in the form of decoctions, tinctures, teas or used in the pharmaceutical industry. Thus, the flowers of chamomile are the usual powerful natural antiseptic, with rose oil and syrup treat diseases of the heart, blood vessels, stomach and intestine, eye and skin diseases, including eczema. Japanese chrysanthemum flowers are used as a salad, add the petals of sake in order to achieve the rejuvenation and longevity.

Positive impact on organism floral scents. Aromatherapy, known in the East for hundreds of years, has received official recognition in the official medicine. German researchers found in an experiment that inhaling fragrance of roses, especially during slow phase of sleep activates the function of memory. It is hard to overestimate the positive impact of flowers on mental health. Bouquets, flower arrangements reduce the level of emotional stress, evoke positive emotions, relieve stress.

Increased emotional and overall body tone, normal blood pressure, improves sleep. Green friends are vital to man in large metropolitan areas such as Yekaterinburg. Indoor plants saturate the air of our home oxygen, like filters, clean it from harmful substances isolated biologically active volatile killing harmful microorganisms. Shops colors of course, are no substitute for people pharmacies and clinics, but we have every reason to say: "Give the flowers to health!" Flowers