Freedom Without Religion

The power of men and women to act according to their own devices, the power of the citizen to think according to their feelings to their authority exercised with responsibility for their own actions, is called freedom, individual liberty in human activity is divided into two distinct meanings: moral and political. Moral freedom, expressed from the internal perspective, that is, from the outward-sensitive spiritual reasoning, and political freedom in their relationship with social life, customs and standards. This can reveal that gives freedom and guarantees the right, which in turn has Limite for expression and function in everyday life. Plus, the situation becomes chaotic, confused, anarchic freedom when stripped of ethics, and the contrary, making tricks and politicking that floats in the whirl of bad events, and from that worn belief change forget the basic rules and ethics for the existence ofcommunity. Is that the progress of civilization is only in not distorting the nature of free will, not to invite the extremism that suspiciously intertwined personal conviction who have already left the company total backlog, and have kept them under the yoke Master of Time. Respect the lifestyle of each of the citizens is vital to good living, freedom of thoughtis an omen of civilized progress claim, otherwise, incurred only contempt, so unnatural to force a citizen to have a thought without delay, without opposition. Ed Young Confession to a necessary review of procedures must be performed quickly and effectively, as well as move away from thoughts to build an absolute power as wasted and utopian ambition. Measured pronouncements, spaces for discussion and reconciliation of ideas, vocabulary and not hurt your ears, and transparent audit, are testimony to everyday people with their wisdom, willdemanding as a precept of their sovereignty. Is that reflection is already on her lips of every citizen, and is the light of human awareness that will face any prospect of constitutional inconsistency like the breaking of freedom in all its assertions. The repeated assault on the media, journalists, is creating animosity in the village, and in turn, divided opinions that inevitably lead to confrontation, which makes us forget that the press and journalism are the foundation of a platform democratic and independent, which is the dissemination of ideas that complies with the big goal, that is, reach a large analysis of views that as a result has to reflect. Thirty years of return to democracy, must be experienced to find the correct answer to the benefits of good living, collective welfare, without interference to exercise decision-making of a people, because we know that the people we all are.