October 2014

2002 Onwards

Mike Portnoy on the promotional tour of the album Train of Thought.In 2002 Launches Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, disc marking the beginning of a new stage in the band with the musical aspect is concerned. This album contains 2 CDs, the first of them with songs like “The Glass Prison”, with a line similar… Read more 2002 Onwards


Back in Hollywood, Valentino joined an operetta company that traveled to Utah where it disbanded. Then traveled to San Francisco where he met the actor Norman Kerry, who convinced him to try his luck in silent films. Until then, Valentino had only made silent movie extra in New York.He began to work in several films… Read more Hollywood

Goldman Sachs Group

Until June, the fund manager had rejected shares of Goldman Sachs Group … times invest when many investors are abandoning hedge funds. … The Superintendence of Health defines which organizations qualify as a private company providing Health (EPS) based on the infrastructure, capital, number of affiliated users, functionality and coverage. Corey is a leading hedge… Read more Goldman Sachs Group