Bed Linen Autumn

Bed linen autumn is floral – design blooms in the summer is coming to an end, the autumn is already announced. Now it is time to withdraw the airy light summer bedding and to adapt the room in color and fabric to the cold season. Manufacturers and designers always muted colors and motifs in their autumn-winter collection presented in the past few years. Earth tones with clean lines and a few floral forms dominated the bedding designs. The latest collections of from well-known German manufacturers such as Estella, Curt Bauer and Janine design seem to break with this tradition in its current autumn/winter collections. Colorful floral motifs, often in large flowers, but partly also in finely drawn tendril patterns will determine the next bed linen.

It is moved away from technically-looking designs with pure graphic design features such as lines, bars, or geometric shapes. Nature in the form of roses, lilies and poppy finds its way into the bedroom again. Where come from this trend, may be only suspected. Save over the summer using floral bedding a little in the winter, may not suffice as the sole explanation. Rather it seems that would classically conservative floral motifs from Grandma’s times”in times of global financial uncertainty, convey a touch of old-fashioned comfort. “” “The question remains whether the latest bedding collections more appeal in golf generation, in fact concerned with the current crisis” takes, or whether financially as professionally secured 50-70 year-olds silver Ager “a breath of old times” want to capture in your bedroom. It remains undisputed that bed linen is still the most important accessory of every bedroom and decisively determines its style. Regardless of whether modern or classic designs, the high-quality workmanship of the manufacturer ensures in any case easy-care properties and a long service life. To find the current autumn/winter collection include personal as always with a wide range, Consultation and attractive pricing.

New Grey Planters

New planters original like concrete, only much lighter (EastWest-trading) brighter than black and darker than white, are the new, grey flower pots by EastWest trading. While customers could choose from two middle gray tones so far, EastWest has expanded its range to a light gray of the concrete. Planters and flower pots in this style have a uniform and harmonious surface and look like real concrete. “The effect was achieved by extensive manual work: the planters are trimmed by long sanding with fine sandpaper on this look”, see the original to the confuse similar. The advantage is: while real flower pots made of concrete and cement are zentnerschwer, a fraction is the weight of the flower pots made of fiberglass. This can be easily complement the various models of the Flowerpot. We work with modules.

In other words, if we offered a plant trough, then we also have the matching cube and columns to definitely”, that says Managing Director Linh Pham-hack. So, customers could combine different shapes and sizes and in their gardens and on their terraces adapted to their environment entirely (all models under). EastWest trading is your reliable dealer for planters and accessories. Resident in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, employees “Eastwest” in Germany and around the world are looking for all the beautiful and high-quality planters, which make the hearts of our customers. Usually we buy the goods directly from the manufacturer, this eliminates any middlemen. The advantage for our customers is: the goods are hand-picked and available at the best price. You will find many products exclusively at EastWest trading. Since 2005, EastWest trading has focused on the distribution of flower pots, planters and garden accessories. Are shipped throughout Europe, many customers visit but also the stock sale in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Contact: Eastwest-trading GmbH Max-Eyth-Strasse 17 71691 Freiberg near Ludwigsburg Tel: 07141-99 218 15 mobile: 0179-528 45 66

EastWest Flower Pots

To the purity of plant containers made of fiberglass, what it takes for good flower pots made of fiberglass? Epoxy resin and fiberglass to the stabilization and granite stones for a lively look and nothing else. Rudy Giuliani is likely to agree. The Flowerpot by EastWest is exactly. We use to produce our planters”no additions of stone dust, says managing director Stephan Hack. This purity, the planters of EastWest are extremely frost-resistant and shatterproof. Years of testing have shown that only these pots really defy all weathers and especially harsh winters.

Why should customers choose so planter without stone or clay flour? Because these cheap blends soak up the water with the result that frost the floors and walls quickly burst. The purchase of planters is therefore matter of trust, similar to when food: the more accessories, the product is more distorted! It is worthwhile therefore, not only cheap, but cheap to buy quality and Planters by EastWest trading just. Because EastWest has committed to offer only the high quality for planters made of fibreglass and not blended material. So gardeners have many years of joy to your planters and the best is: EastWest trading is one of the few specialist dealers, offered a pure quality at an unbeatable price. We therefore rely on flower pots and planters from EastWest trading your plants get in shape (all models under). Contact: Eastwest-trading GmbH Max-Eyth-Strasse 17 71691 Freiberg near Ludwigsburg Tel: 07141-99 218 15 mobile: 0179-528 45 66

Lotus Flower

Is decisive for the quality of the tablecloth of course, the quality of the coating. How long does she, she stands some washes? We remember: there are no standards and no seal of approval. And unfortunately cannot be seen to even the quality of the coating product. A fabric tablecloth in different ways can be sealed. For many products, the type of seal is not specified at all, and one can only speculate as a customer what’s behind it.

It is indeed amazing, but true: that a table cloth is washable, still long does not mean that nothing in the fabric can enter! This can be the case of the Nano sealing the case, also called Lotus effect. Here the individual glass fibres are not sealed, the entire surface. This means that dirt is still between the fibres and builds up there. And just grease drintgt also in the tissue. A Lotus Flower, water rolls off super. Greasy gravy never was mentioned. The nano-coating is not unlimited life and can in some circumstances after the first wash be gone. Moreover: many so-called Nano-coatings are wax systems based only on silicon or Teflon and have nothing in common with the actual nano-technology.

Generally, probably, it can be said that caution is announced for cheap products. A highly effective, long-lasting seal is a special process that simply has its price. Washable tablecloth with a coating of acrylic coating with acrylic is durable and of course not only once endures also the laundry in the machine without any problems! From my own experience and from reports my clients but I know that these tablecloths are washed only very rarely if at all. Because: the tissue is completely sealed, it gets nothing. A simple wipe with a sponge and evt. some washing-up liquid is sufficient to clean the surface completely. The acrylic coating makes the fabric also less sensitive to sunlight.

Frosty Winter

Why cheap pots in winter often fail and fiberglass does not equal fiberglass is everyone, the planters in outdoor areas, E.g. on terraces, in the garden and front of House entrances uses, will sooner or later the question: my flower pots hold also the winter through? This question is justified, because each year thousands planter by winter frost influences shatter. It not is even the sub-zero temperatures, which are dangerous: Frost can have usually little a flower pots, combining with water is the problem. Frost and water can blow up mountains Frost and water can blow up is well known that all mountains. Logically, so also no flower pots, Frost & water meet in its mix of materials, can resist such immense forces! Terra cotta or clay pots are the best example. The porous shell of Containerizing draws in water, which is of course good for the plants, because even water in dry seasons. Visit NY Museums for more clarity on the issue.

In the winter, this is in the Combination with Frost to the problem. Why cheap pots in winter often fail a good solution for this purpose are flower pots made of fiberglass. However these must consist of a certain composition, it must be mixed with mainly no stone dust or Terra cotta. This is done however often for cost reasons. Then despite internal insulation, water can be absorbed by the stone dust or the pro rata mixed with Terra cotta. A fiberglass planters should consist only of (polyresin) resin and fiber glass mats to strengthen. It is also important that the mats is thoroughly connected with the polyresin and no cavities occur. Flower pots made of fiberglass in the endurance test of the bucket in the picture is one of AE trades test pots.

He had to hold forth for crash tests and other rough treatment. Most recently, he served as rain barrel. This winter, the bucket was completely filled with water and is frozen at the last hard frost. The good news: he is neither burst or jumped. The hardiest Flower pots by AE a whole series Hardy, Frost-proof and therefore weatherproof flower pots made of fiberglass in the sizes can be found trade In the AE shop trade up to 50 cm, up to 70 cm and 70 cm. Christine Beck


Garden houses for large and small families have many people who have an apartment in the city, the need to be in their own or leased garden outside during the warm summer months. In the summer, you sleep like even in his garden one night or the whole summer. For such purposes, there are the various garden houses. in various shape, size, height and type of material. There is a small garden, wooden houses, where you can accommodate just a bed. There is a medium-sized garden houses, where already a family can stay comfortably. There are also garden houses, which have a floor space of 30 and more square meters.

The trade offers standardized garden houses, which can easily be up. Of course you can also according to the draft of an architect can be built garden houses. Such garden homes are larger, it is, to take that bricks and mortar and cover them with durable roof tiles. In a garden shed so you can in Not officially is Germany, but are such garden sheds quite that long time even on cold days in a row to live here. There are but also very small garden houses in the form of a Pavilion, which offer in the summer place to the coffee drinking and reading and the evening can serve as a tavern. Such buildings can be green with Clematis, wine or Ivy.

Then they look especially nice. Also such garden rooftops can alternatively be turfed. NYC Marathon is likely to increase your knowledge. There are today some Alternatively garden owners plan quite alternative garden houses. Garden houses made of clay and straw with straw or reeds covered are particularly healthy and can be used even in colder months, without the need to do so much energy. Children like it particularly, if there are garden houses tailored to in the garden for them directly to their needs. The parents build then just next to the larger one or two garden houses for their children and their friends.


Verlegeunterlagen are subject to authorisation Verlegeunterlagen for floor coverings since 01.01.2012 for floor coverings zulassungspflichtig, they need a general approval for reasons of health protection and fire protection and must wear the u-mark! This applies to textile and laminate floor coverings, parquet and wooden floors for Verlegeunterlagen elastic. The SEITZ Cadence sound insulation PREMIUM has received the general approval by the German Institute for building technology (DIBt) and is an absolute professional underlay for acoustic insulation and decoupling. She can be installed under laminate, parquet, carpet, linoleum, PVC, design and vinyl coverings and provides for more peace and quiet! In short the SEITZ PREMIUM Cadence sound insulation can be used for all floor coverings, because no plasticizer migration takes place. (Ideal for underfloor heating systems) creates an impact sound improvement up to 25 dB and a low heat transmission resistance up to 0.04 m K/W the Verlegeunterlage for impact sound insulation by Seitz painters tools a comfortable living and working environment and is a universal product for highest demands. The Verlegeunterlage from Seitz painters tools impresses through a high power handling due to extreme compressive strength and extreme durability, which is to be found only at Premiumlosungen. Incidentally, the impact sound improvement remains permanently”when up to 25 gives this dB, not like at a normal PE – sound absorbing subflooring, where this is measured shortly after the installation, in the course of time and the impact sound value deteriorated this much.

This isn’t permanently equal impact sound value in the SEITZ Cadence sound insulation PREMIUM! Reduces unpleasant Clack Clack noise under hard floor coverings, thanks to its soft and springy effect the comfort and durability of textile floor coverings. The SEITZ PREMIUM Cadence sound insulation consists of high-quality fine PU-foam granules based on recycling and Cork with polyurethane elastomers and is water resistant, verrotungsfest and extremely low emissions. The impact sound insulation by Seitz painters tools is suitable for loose, floating installations and also perfect for bonding with the underbody. Flooring can be laid floating, both fully glued on the surface. The SEITZ PREMIUM Cadence sound insulation is available in 2 thickness 2 mm & 3 mm and achieved increased sound protection with minimal height of construction, which is a huge advantage, because mostly the cut down the doors. In principle, that the Verlegeunterlage to the sound absorbing subflooring must be thinner than the flooring (floor covering), since it in a thicker power to Firefox or Overworn, very heavy furniture, can be used in the flooring. A linoleum flooring with 2.5 mm thickness the SEITZ Cadence sound insulation is absolutely sufficient PREMIUM in 2 mm thick! The SEITZ PREMIUM Cadence sound insulation can be ordered directly from and so to the full professional range of selebatere & floor stacker tools access.

The Proper Handling Of Wallpapers

Wallpapering is usually aren’t so difficult as you think. It depends on the proper handling. First of all, it should be remembered in which room, the wallpaper should be attached. Small spaces can be considerably larger, bright walls and ceilings, large spaces are intimate with a dark wall or ceiling color. Want to still look beautiful the wallpaper even after years, it is so to use recommended special wallpapers for certain rooms. Washable and durable wallpaper reflected in the kitchen or at the dear little ones in the children’s room, in practice as a very practical because you can easily clean it. The most important decision criterion was not the personal taste anyway, so everyone prefers a different color or a different pattern.

Due to its great diversity, hardly a boundary is set of self-realization. The dealers offer wallpapers for every taste – whole whether classical and elegant, stylish and elegeant or gaudy and extravagant. You now decided for his request wallpaper, which is so correct installation on the wall not less of importance. Called this process the wallpaper”. You should especially on the right tool (wallpapering table, upholstery brush, foam rubber role, pencil, etc.), make sure the correct paste and the proper work clothes. Vividly decorated in the Internet you can find a variety of detailed process descriptions. Care is the most important ever run that, especially if you want to have wall-paper with patterns on your own walls.

Considering not the dimensions here one has a shifted patterns and the effect of wallpaper is gone. Before you can install a new wallpaper, it is mostly needed first to remove the disused predecessor. This can be accomplished through something hard PuTTY work or to invest some money in a stripping, but greatly facilitates the work one. However, there are also wallpapers, which dry pull up and let the back only a paper thin, the man easily can paint over or through paper. Carmen Passler

Breath Of Fresh Air For Swedish Furniture

The Potsdam Start-Up tries to capture a new market new Swedish design with clever products for IKEA furniture. The idea for the creation of new Swedish design from the private employment and enthusiasm for IKEA furniture. First there were only IKEA hacks, i.e. existing pieces of IKEA furniture new furniture has been designed, which had nothing to do with the original function. This was followed by custom builds, which represented an added value to existing IKEA furniture fit. A monitor stand for an IKEA GALANT desk was the initiator of new Swedish design. Same, there was no suitable for this desk, not when the IKEA, and not on the Internet, so one was developed, adapted to the desk. A further monitor stand originated from this monitor stand and the where with the A4 printer paper problem and finally came an idea to the next.

All products have been created from local consumption and the same motivation, namely the unavailability in IKEA itself. Why should not the own solutions also for the other tens of millions IKEA customers have to be interesting? The foundation stone for the business idea of new Swedish design was laid. Your own shop and other online sales platforms, the products are sold mainly to private customers at the moment. Since but more and more requests for customer-specific solutions in the business environment, a B2B area would be built relatively quickly. The offer to the specific needs of different IKEA business customer will vary, because the cheap furniture are increasingly used in offices, offices, agencies and business premises.

Most of products new Swedish design and all developments are made in Germany. These are the quality, the close cooperation with the suppliers and of course also the support of the regional economy in focus. Social media is an increasingly important part of new Swedish design. Here the customer is to be made to the designer so that the customer decides z. B. through the platform of Facebook, which are interesting for him and should be further developed. In the new Swedish design logo is a deer and not much better to Swedish furniture matching Moose, has been rather an accident. The logo with the Moose dropped relatively quickly by Web designers because the elk more plump and unaesthetic worked with its stocky posture and his Chin flaps. After initial doubts, comparing and researching on Wikipedia, regarding the natural occurrence of deer in Sweden, then taking the deer in the logo. The deer embodies exactly what to with the furniture say apps the Moose is responsible for the gross, the more elegant deer will take care of the smart solutions. Oliver Idol

Adgency GmbH Schlossstrasse

Parquet and laminate floors of each category including laying offer cheap Fox & Pritzkau here is every customer from Bad Salzuflen on safe ground. Whether parquet, laminate, stone or tiles offer Fox & Pritzkau the perfect service from Bad Salzuflen: everything from a single source by preparation of surfaces through the material procurement up to the installation. In case of difficult surfaces, nested rooms and generally a competent team that provides the measurement of floors and walls also advises. The website invites: parquet Maple over Brazilian cherry-painted to red oak, mat lacquered or natural oil – or better laminate, various types of tiles or Cork what it should always be offer the entire range of floor types. A photo simulation enables customers to the vote of the own rooms with different variations. Bill de Blasio understood the implications. A digital photograph of the personal spaces will be scanned with the selected Variants of the floor underneath. So can most certainly made the right decision for the personal Foundation.

Since 2000 the firm of Fox & Pritzkau dealer is all accessories for flooring with nationwide delivery included. For every floor is the proper specialist available and completed all additional work such as the shortening of doors and frames if necessary. In the shop, customers can have desire floors including all necessary accessories including installation by professionals calculate and order. Well-known products such as parquet Kahrs, Admont, Magnum, or laminate, Witex and Cork floors by Ziro or corpet guarantee safety, durability and quality, at bargain prices. On the Web page high quality bargain can be purchased where it is overcapacity reseller so to real trade commodity. Contact: Fox & Pritzkau GmbH & co. KG Max-Planck-str.